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Google Stadia: A Platform for Gaming Enthusiasts

Google Stadia: A Platform for Gaming Enthusiasts

What is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia, the future of gaming is a platform for the gaming enthusiasts. It is not a box, but according to Google it could be a virtual stadium. It is in effect a game console running in cloud, built for the YouTube generation. The Stadia is the future for games to be played anywhere. The best part is that one will not require a game console or either an expensive gaming PC.

With Stadia, one essentially requires access to Google Chrome’s browser in order to play games on one’s phone, tablet, PC or TV. Google Stadia is a cloud streaming service and the future of gaming.

Google Stadia cloud streaming services

YouTube and Chrome will be the main Google Stadia cloud streaming services. Google is relying on YouTube which is popular with gaming clips and also the creators who stream games to people on services like Twitch. It is on these platforms, where kids love to spend time to chat, play or even watch streamers.

YouTube will help push Google Stadia in a big way. With Stadia, when you watch a clip, you can instantly play it. The streamers will create lobbies whereby the fans can join and play along with them on YouTube with Stadia supporting instant clipping to the video service.

Google Stadia will be available through the Chrome browser, Chromecast and initially only on the Android devices.

Stadia games and operating system

Google unveiled Stadia games and Entertainment studio for creating exclusive Stadia titles. Not much is known with regards to the details on what games they will be creating.

If Google is planning to dominate the gaming field, then they need to get games on its platform.

Linux will be the operating system that will power its hardware on the server. In other words, the developers will have to port their games to Stadia. The big challenge for Google is to convince big publishers to join their bandwagon. There is not much details with regard to the cost for developing, publishing and running games on Stadia.

Information regarding Google Stadia

The cost of the this service for the consumers is still not known. As regards the launch, it is slated to be in 2019. Important information regarding the Google Stadia like ‘Can the consumer own their own games?’ or ‘Will it be based on subscription?’ has still not been answered by Google.

As for the games streaming, Google will use its own technology to stream games in 1080p or 4K to devices. Latency will be reduced with the game client and server being on the same machine. All this definitely requires an internet connection to access Stadia which should be approximately 25 Mbps for 1080p resolution at 60fps.

There will be no scope for gaming offline, since Stadia service is completely cloud based. The image quality will be based on your internet connectivity.

Google has hired a lot of talented people in the industry to make Google Stadia the future in gaming.

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Best Mac Games for 2019

Best Mac Games for 2019

Firstly, we all know that there is a vast difference between Mac Games and Windows Games. Windows always have the upper hand in a wide variety of games. But, many of them don’t know that Mac also has a stunning gaming experience. Here are the list of Best Mac Games for 2019 follows.

Most of the Mac Gamers are already experiencing these, but still, some are in an unknown zone. So, if you are one of them then don’t worry, in this post, you will find some great Mac games for 2019.

In this post, we are sharing the greatest and the best mac games for 2019. So, let’s get quickly into the list of best mac games for 2019 without digging into the controversy between windows games and Mac Games.

So, let’s start our journey of the best Mac Games 2019.

Best Mac Games for 2019:

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Starcraft has been a buzz word for movie lovers and game lovers since its release in 1998. Its recent sequel came in 2010 with the addition on all the latest elements. This game was played by most of South Korea, and many of them have self-proclaimed it as the national sport.

Best Mac Games for 2019: StarCraft II

This is one of the fabulous game where you can take control of three separate factions like protoss, terran, Zerg. Although the wings of liberties main tagline have come from the command of the Terran but you can play. You can take any role you need, and you can even play it in multiplayer as well.

Stardew Valley:

This is one of the cool framing simulation game. It has arrived with an utterly gorgeous look and charming characters, along with combat options and other support tracks as well. The developer concerned Ape has promised online that he will release the online multiplayer experience to its fans. As he promised that feature has arrived.

Best Mac Games for 2019

This game allows three players to join you in the game as farmhands to help you operate the farm. They will play through the storyline and get married in the game as the game processes ahead. This game is better for role-playing, and you can do a lot in this game such as mining, fishing, unlock new areas, the dangerous cave filled with dangerous monsters, Animal Crossing and more. You will find all the aspects of this star-drubbed game. So, this standard game has bee on this list of best Mac games for 2019.

Portal 2:

Portal 2 is another addictive game which has some best puzzles. It is a personal puzzle game where you will play as the protagonist. Here Chell attempts to break out from the research facility of the large aperture. So, you have lots of unique puzzles and you are armed with nothing but with just a portal gun. Here you have to use your brain and objects from surroundings to advance through the facility.

Best Mac Games for 2019 Portal 2

This game is full of exciting aspects so you will never get bored when while you are playing this game. Portal 2 is one of the best and unique games which has Actors J.K. Simmons and Stephen Merchant voices. For the individual and best comedic experience, you have to play this game.

The Rise of the Tomb Raider:

If you want to go adventurous, then you have to play this epic movie cum game “Rise of the Tomb Raider.” This game has superb graphics which is impressive. Tomb Raider game is one of the favorite game in 2018 and so as in 2019 as well. The gaming experience of this extraordinary game is splendid when compared to the other games.

The Rise of the Tomb Raider

The game starts with the same storyline as the movie of tomb raider. It begins with Lara Croft, and it will run through the beautiful snowy mountains with a wide range of puzzles and action sequences. If you are striving to play the best adventure game, then you will have to play this in your mac although it is a premium game, but it’s worth playing. As the craze of this game went peaks in 2018, I am listing this game in the best mac games for 2019.


Sid Meier’s Civilization is another fabulous game you should play to enjoy Mac Gaming Experience. Its previous series was average, so its developer Firaxis has given himself some time and has made this awesome game. Its new Civilization VI was built on the tag line of 2010’s game, but it adds lots of challenging levels, dynamic choices, more insights about the other aspects.


This is a serious game which has lots of challenges, and it shows previous civilization including Australians, Persians, Nubians, Aztecs and more. Some of the famous historical figures led these regional civilizations. This game is frequently updated so we feel that we have to list this game in Best Mac Games for 2019 post.


Most of you might know about this blizzard multiplayer card game. Because it has blown up on mobile devices and has even turned into a sensational game. It is perfect for all screens, and it gives a massive gaming experience in Mac devices. So, this game is a must try game in Mac.

Best Mac Games for 2019: HearthStone

The interface of this game is quite easy, it has several battles in just one sitting. This games matchmaking helps you to pair with the skilled players quickly. So, every battle is hard and intense on this battlefield. This game will look like a Warcraft and its quite famous for stunning attacks. If you want to experience the best gaming feel means then there is no better game then Hearthstone.


I think I really don’t have to explain about this game because it is one of the favorite game on the internet. It has immense popularity ever since it has launched its basic version in 2009.

Best Mac Games for 2019 Minecraft

As a player you will start with just a pair of hands, while you move on you will be given a chance to get more objects through the randomized map. You’ll start with deep mining for diamonds and golds. In this process, you will face several enemies including creepers, zombies, and more. The characters you will face in this game will blow off your minds.

This Minecraft is one of the addictive game which helps you to build towering skyscrapers and mine shafts in just minutes. Its graphics are cool and lovely to watch. So, it’s one of the best game you should play. That’s the reason why we have listed this game on the list of Best Mac Games for 2019.

Gone Home:

Gone Home is a rare game which has lots of strange aspects hovering around the game. In this game, you will start your game as a college student who is returning to the home from a year abroad. Then you will arrive at your family’s guesthouse, and you will find there is no one in the home. Now, it’s up to you how to trace your family members with small clues left all over the house.

Best Mac Games for 2019 Gone Home

This game will start slowly, but it moves very fast when you adapt the game situations. It just an incredible game where you have to trace different aspects. This game relieves dark mysteries and horror play when you start exploring. It’s just a unique game with a different style of gameplay. While playing this game, you will simply get stick to it because it’s that addictive. So, this is a best mac game you should play.


Firewatch is pretty much similar to the other battlefield games, but it has its own feel when you will experience the battles, unlike other games. Its mainly focused on battlefields and other areas of conflicts. You will have to move according to your plan to complete the most stringent levels in this game. This Firewatch is entirely different from the old 90’s game.


This game has a new fire on it, and it looks strange, you will start as Henry who thinks his job will be very dull. Then he will watch the world is set on fire from his tower. Then he will discover the reason and start exploring the wilderness in this special game. There is no dull aspect of this game. You will love playing this game as it blends as realistic characters appear in the game. The visual of this game are attractive than anything else.

Dota 2 & League of Legends :

The name itself sounds attractive, and it has its own story too. This game from Riot has been a global phenomenon. Millions of people love playing this game. You can find your friends who are playing these battles online as well. Here every player has their own strategy and has to coordinate with their teams properly. This game works perfectly on the Mac and its also completely free to play.

Dota 2 & League of Legends

If you want to play this game, then you can play this by downloading it from the official site. This game is an exciting game for players who love playing hardcore battles. This game is similar to Warcraft III, but it’s more interesting than that. If you start playing this game, then you will get addicted to it. So, you should be cautious in that aspect. As this is one of the best mac games for 2019, I have listed this game on our list.

World of Warcraft- Battle for Azeroth:

Most of people love playing this game. I’m definitely one in that list because I love playing this game. As the movie suggests the conflict between the Alliance and Horde in the warcarft universe will lead this war. It will turn into the war in the world of Warcraft, and you will see the battle for Azeroth at this level.

World of Warcraft- Battle for Azeroth

Powerful enemies will destroy all the popular areas in the world of Warcraft. Your entire world will be under attack in this situation you and 19 other players will work together to attempt the overrun, and you have to make way into the battle for Azeroth with combining the unique allied races. This battle is just amazing as you will play with some great gaming experience. In this game, you have to discover hidden treasure and more. The leveling up of the characters are just amazing. Totally you will love to play this game on Mac. So, it’s one of the best mac games for 2019.

The Witness:

Want to play mastermind games, then you have to play the witness game. Its created by Jonathan Blow, he has created this best mind game ever. It has gorgeous graphics with and the world of the witness is filled with challenging puzzles and philosophical musings. Its a different game one can think off. This game has happened only because of its mastermind Blow. It has unthinkable myths and puzzles.

The Witness

Most of you might find these puzzles harder to solve and it could even take a lot of time to complete this game. To complete these puzzles, you have to keep a closer eye on the game, and if you like playing the challenging game, then this is for you.

Diablo III:

Diablo IIIDiablo III is the coolest game in Mac. Its the sequel of favorite Diablo II game. This game has developed a lot from its previous version. Diablo III is a challenging game to master. It’s not like a regular game where you can quickly complete all the levels. This will take time to finish the game. Once if you are addicted to this game then you will always love to play this game mainly because of its gameplay. it’s that addictive, so we have listed in this best mac games for 2019 post.

Fortnite- Battle Royale:

If you are thinking to play the biggest game? Then Fortnite Battle royale is one of the biggest game. It can be said that it is the largest game on the planet right now. This is free to play game where shooters mixers together. Here the last man standing in the shootout is the winner. Its always identical to PUBG but it has some variations. In this game its quite easy to pick the targets but its harder to kill them.

Best Mac Games for 2019

With blazingly faster fights its quite a competitor of PlayerUnknown Battleground. Just like PUBG, you will get addicted to this incredible game. You can easily pass your time with this game. Playing this game on Mac gives a unique experience so this is one of the best mac games for 2019.

Banner Saga 3:

You might hear about this Banner Saga 3 Game because it is nothing short of the epic game. This is the conclusion to the best tactical game of role-playing series of all times. People love to play this game as it builds on decision focused. You will have two ways to move forward, and game sticks to your own way of playing.

Banner Saga 3

This is a game you should play after in your Mac because its combats are perfectly shown in mac. You will love this gaming experience as it has enhanced its combat operations in this game with the “Waves” system. They have also upgraded their options and adding animation effects to the game to attract users. So, this is a must try the game. That’s why we have included that in this best mac games for 2019.

These are some of the best Mac games for 2019 you have to play. Watch out this post for more updated list on the special games for Mac.

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How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password with a QR Code in Android 10

How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password with a QR Code in Android 10

In this modern world, we all love cool stuff which will amaze us. We like to share things on our phone to our friend’s phone and do lots of crazy things. Do you know, How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password with a QR Code in Android 10. Now, if you love to get some cool tricks on tech means you will enjoy this QR code trick in Android 10.

Android 10 is having a unique capability to share your Wi-Fi password with a QR Code. Most of you might be amazed by what I have said. But it’s true, if you are techie means, you will know about these easily.

Now if you are running your phone on Android 10 means, you can quickly share your WI-FI network with your friends and family with a secured and handy QR code.

Most of you might be stuck with a question that how to share your Wi-Fi password with a QR code in Android 10 and some might even think that to access Wi-Fi another person should also have Android 10 or not? If you are struggling with these types of questions, then don’t worry.

I have got you covered in this post on how to share your Wi-Fi password with a QR code in Android 10.

Let’s dive into the questions:

To access, should another person must have Android 10?

To access shared Wi-Fi other person doesn’t have to be running on Android 10 OS. So, it is one of the coolest features in Android 10.

The best thing about these features is you can even share this QR code with iPhone users as well.

Now, by listing this most of you might get excited right?

You should be because this is one of the ravishingly fastest ways to share your Wi-Fi password.

By, using this method you can share your Wi-Fi with your friends without sharing your original Wi-Fi passwords. There are some times we often keeping our passwords as the combination of our dear ones and we don’t want to share those with others. In that case, this Wi-Fi QR Code technique will come into place.

So, let’s find out how to share your Wi-Fi password with a QR Code in Android 10.

How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password with a QR Code in Android 10:

Follow the below steps to learn how to share the Wi-Fi password with QR code on Android 10.

Step 1: Firstly Get the QR CODE:

The first thing you have to do for this is to get the QR Code ready. For that, you have to open your smartphone which is running Android 10. Then click on the settings app and head over to the “Network & Internet” option.

  • After that, tap on the word “Wi-Fi.”
  • Now click on the “Wi-Fi.”
  • Then select your current Wi-Fi network from the list of connections.
  • Remember this works for your current network.
  • So, tap on the “Share” Button which has an icon that looks like a QR Code.
  • Then you will be notified to Enter your PIN Code or even ask you to scan your fingerprint.
  • You have to complete that process — After that, your QR code will be revealed.

Now, you are good to start sharing QR Code.

Step 2: Share your Wi-Fi Password:

As you have generated your Wi-Fi password, now is the time to share your Wi-Fi password with your friends. This process can be done within seconds.

All you have to do is ask your friend to scan your QR code to connect to your current Wi-Fi Network.

If your friends are using Google pixel phone or iPhone means they can simply open their camera app and the phone will automatically be connected to your network because those phones can recognize the QR code as soon as its view the Code. Just scan them they will be connected within a second.

How your friends can scan QR Code:

Most of you might get the same question as my friends asked me. That how your friends can scan the QR Code. If you are facing that question means, say the below process.

If they are using different Android phone means they will not have a built-in QR Scanner functionality and features like Google Pixel and iPhone.

So, they have to download a QR Scanner App. There are the number of third-party QR scanner apps hovering over the internet.

You can use one of them to complete the scanning process and get connected to the Wi-Fi network.

If you want to consider our recommendation, then we recommend — Kaspersky Lads — QR code reader and scanner. It’s good it’s fast and its reliable app.

  • Now, after downloading the app install the app and open it.
  • Then just point their camera at the QR Code screen.
  • Within seconds, they can connect with your current Wi-Fi

That’s it; we hope you all enjoyed this cool trick from Android 10. It is just of the cool feature of Android 10 you can see hell lot of features in the near feature. That’s everything about how to share your Wi-Fi password with a QR code in Android 10.

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A Guide for Every TikTok User

A Guide for Every TikTok User

Most of the people today must have come across a TikTok video either on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter. It is a short video which has become quite addictive. Users may join up or may even want to create their own videos.

The user can recreate dance routines or lip-sync to a song or portray TV actors. It can even be addictive just watching such videos that have been recreated on TikTok.

There are a few tips that can help a user with the TikTok app whether it is on Android or iOS. It will be useful in case you want to safeguard your account or in case of any interaction.

TikTok videos can be downloaded and viewed offline.

The TikTok app has a sharing option which can be used in case you come across a video that has caught your attention and you want to share with your friends. There is also the option of downloading a video you like and view it offline at a later time. You need to tap the share icon on the video, then click ‘Save Video’ in order to download it to your device. The video will now appear in the default photos app.

TikTok videos can be turned into GIFs

If you want to turn your videos into GIFs, tap on the share icon on the video, then ‘Share as GIF’ todownload the video to your default photos app. Once the download is complete, the GIF can be shared via a text message, WhatsApp or anything in the share menu.

The videos could be used as a Live Wallpaper

Any of the videos that you fancy, can be changed into a Live Wallpaper that works on the Android or iOS devices. You will get an animated TikTok background for your home and/or lock screen.

You can stop others from saving your videos

To stop others from saving your videos, tap the profile icon in the navigation bar and then on the ellipsis in the top right side. Select ‘Privacy and Safety’ and then click the ‘Allow Download’and select ‘Off’.

You can connect with other TikTok users

Using TikTok codes, you can connect with your friends, other users or brands. Go to your profile and on top is the code icon. By tapping on it, you see your own TikTok code, which can be saved on your device or sent to others. To scan another user’s code, tap on the ‘Scan’ at the bottom and your phone’s camera will begin scanning.

Maintain the privacy of yourTikTok account

To maintain privacy, tap the profile icon, then the ellipsis on the top right. Select ‘Privacy and Safety’ and click on the ‘Private Account’. Only those who you have accepted as friends can view your videos.

Delete any of your videos

In order to delete any of your videos and stay live on the service, select the video, tap on the ellipsis icon and select ‘Delete’.

Option of viewing your favorite Songs and Videos

Tap on the profile icon and select the favorite icon next to the ‘Edit Profile’. All your favorite videos, hashtags and songs will be stored in ‘My Favorites’.

Actions you can take when pressing on the TikTok video

When viewing a video, you can long press anywhere on the video. You have a choice of saving the video, adding it to your favorites or not interested in seeing other videos like the one you are watching.

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How to Use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad in a perfect Way

How to Use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad in a perfect Way

Wondering how to use Google lens on iPhone and iPad in a perfect way? But don’t know about the Google lens. Then don’t worry, i got you covered.

Google Lens has made its initial debut at Google’s I/O 2017 event, which lets you obtain text and hyperlinks from images, and it can also identify a number of landmarks around the world.

Earlier in 2018, Google has released Google Lens feature to all non-Pixel Android devices and later it has started rolling the update to the iOS devices as well.

For people who are confused with what actually Google Lens does, here is the straight and simple answer.

“Google Lens is a comprehensive photo recognition tool built into Google Photos that can provide additional information about the pictures you are taking.”

How to use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad

Let’s get into few examples for clear understanding.

Example 1: For instance, taking a picture of Burj Kalifa will show the reviews, contact information and any additional information that found useful to the user.

Example 2: Taking a picture of an invitation will automatically be added to your calendar and marked it as an important date.

I hope with these examples you can get a clear view on the Google lens. Now, lets have a look at how to use Google lens on iPhone and iPad in a perfect way.

How to Use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad

If you are not using the Google Application on your iPhone/iPad yet, go to the App Store and download the latest version of Google app and launch it.

Make sure to Sign-in with your existing Google account or create a new account to effectively use this application.

How to use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad

Once you are done with signing in, locate the search bar and tap on the Lens icon on the right corner.

Suddenly it prompts a popup, click on the blue button that says “Turn on camera to use Lens”. Also, you need to provide permission access to utilize the Google Lens to the fullest. Tap “OK” in the permissions alert on your settings menu to allow Google to access your camera.

That’s it, just locate a picture that you want to know more information about, and click on the circle that appears on the bottom.

This feature is not limited to only the photos that you are taking currently, but also the photos that you have taken previously and stored in your device. To know more information about the photos that you have previously taken, simply tap on the picture icon located at the top right of the camera.

How to Use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad

And repeat the same permission access step that you have done for providing access to your camera. But this time it asks to grant access to the photo library. Once you are done with giving access, simply select a photo you want.

How to delete Google Lens history?

Are you striving to know about how to delete Google lens history? Then don’t worry it’s not that difficult at all. You can simply delete Google lens history by using this post. Check out the below content.

  • Simply log in to your same Google account on your PC/Desktop.
  • Go to, where you can find all the images that you have snapped using Google Lens.
  • At the top right corner of every image, you will find the “More Options” icon. Click on the icon and delete the photos.
  • Or you can directly delete all the activities you have done with Google Lens with one click.
  • At the top of the My Activity page, you will find “Today”. Similar to the process of deleting an individual photo, you will find the “More Options” icon on the right corner.
  • Click on that and you can find an option to delete all at once.

This is how you can delete Google lens history. So, just check the above process and do it in perfect way. Now, are you keen to learn more information about the Google lens then check out this guide.

More Information on Google Lens:

As you are interested to learn more about the Google lens you can check it out here in this article. Google lens has some best features which helps you to learn about the product from its history. While its visual character recognition powerhouse has been optimized to read more product labels, Google has also sharpened its machine learning and AI to recognize more animals, which suggests common pet breeds as well.

Without stopping its limitations to that, Google Lens can now also recognize a person, Wi-Fi network names for auto-connecting, and geometric shapes. And if cannot able to grab the exact information, it will offer up similar photos that match the picture that you are looking.

Curious to know what other things Google Lens can do? Or wondering how to use Google lens in iPhone and iPad perfectly? Then its Ok, here is the information you are looking for.

What can you do with Google lens?

  1. Collect contact information:

Place your Google Lens-equipped camera at any business card, and it has the ability to capture both the phone number and address present in that card. Also, It will add that info to a contact on your phone as well. That feature works with email addresses and URLs.

So, if you are keen to collect the contact information of a product then just take out your Google lens and have a glance at the product to learn more about the contact information and details about the pic or product.

  1. Books, music, movies:

If you scan a book cover or a music album cover, Google Lens will identify the title and give you reviews sourced from the web, and also adept at pulling up information about music albums, movies just by scanning their covers. If you are music freak who loves to know about the music albums and more then simply use this scan the cover with Google lens to find out more interesting aspects about those music albums and more.

  1. Details about things:

Want to know information about a landmark or building? Just take a picture of it, and Google Lens will provide you with information about the structure’s construction, architect and more. If you are walking through a museum, the Google Lens feature in Google Photos can give you information about the art pieces you see. That’s handy right?? It replaces the tour guide, as it offers even more information that one can provide. If you know what we mean(every minute detail).

  1. Scanner:

Google Lens offers more features than just collecting phone numbers and email addresses. It also scans barcodes and QR codes on products and shows up more informative results. If you strive to get more details and collect more information then you shouldn’t miss this tool.

  1. Recognize images:

Google states that Google Lens can identify the common plants and animals and shows you the necessary information when you point your camera at one of them.

Well, if you are an Android user, but still reading this article to know exactly what Google Lens does, you may be still in a disappointing side.

It’s not compatible with all Android devices and if so but not equally. For example, while it will work with the Samsung Note 9, it won’t play as nicely with the Samsung Galaxy S9. Some of the users have also noticed that the app doesn’t work on the Moto Z Play, Nokia 7 Plus, Xiaomi Mi A1, and many other phones. You’ll have to be running Android Marshmallow and above in order to access the app.


By the end of this article, you might have come to the conclusion that “How to use Google lens on iPhone and IPad” is not a tough task to deal with. Speaking about the application itself, Google Lens is a handy application that lets you know about the things around you in just one snap. But the only concern with the application is with the consistency. We all know that Google is a masterpiece in making the useful technology, let’s hope Google Lens will also get better and better with the updates.

I hope you all got a clear view over how to use Google lens on iPhone and iPad in a perfect way. So, start using Google lens and enjoy its features.

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15 Popular Free Android games of 2018

15 Popular Free Android games of 2018

If you’re any kind of gamer, you already know about the frustration of finding the best free and popular Android games online. There’s nothing quite like the stress of finding the best free android games to play around in this vast android apps world.

In General, you’ll probably know that free android games aren’t always free these days because you will have lots of in-app purchases and so on and they often test our patience as well. Now, if you are the one who is striving to get free and popular android games with no in-purchases then don’t worry we got you covered.

You don’t have to test and play a hell lot of games on the play store to get that list. In this article, we have covered the best free android games of 2018. Let’s get into the list of the popular free android games.

15 Popular Free Android games of 2018 that don’t cost a Dime:

  1. PUBG:

    Player Unknown Battel Grounds which is also known as PUBG has been an enormous hit in recent times. I bet most of you got addicted to that game as well. I’ve seen most of the people who strive to play that game even in office sessions as well.Tencent has delivered a great port of PUBG to the Android Devices. From the day of its launch, it has been a huge sensation, and millions are people playing this game on Regular basis. The Action packed battle royal game has compromised on Smart screen size.

    PUBG Free Android games

    This action hasn’t had large graphics or other aspects, so it smoothly runs on basic Android devices as well. PUBG action runs around an 8×8 km battlefield, and in that, you have to look out for 99 other opponents and have to kill them to get the job done.

    This game has customizable mobile orientation controls and other gameplay tweaks such as auto picking ammo, smartphone, and other facilities. Along with that the frequent updates in the game has earned a lot of reputation and millions of dollars for the designer as well. This is one of the best free android games in 2018 you should play.

  1. Asphalt 9 Legends:

    Most of the people love to play racing games. If you do like racing games, then you should be playing this free Asphalt 9 Legends game. I bet most of you might already playing this game, but if you don’t, then you have to try this awesome game.This Asphalt 9 is a brand new game, and it updated version of the previous version Asphalt 8. New edition is having lots of racing series and has stunning looking cars, and blazing fast vehicles from top brands like Porshe, Ferrari, Lamborghini and more and also lets you customize your car with materials, colors, and rims as well.

    Asphalt 9 Legends Free Android games

    This game has multiplayer and single player options as well. The graphics of this game are absolutely amazing to watch. You can quickly take your ride out of a spin in the career mode. This mode has 60 seasons and over 800 events. You will also have nitro pulse boosts, knockout turns, HD visual effects and more in this new version. This is an excellent game which you should try in this list of best free android games of 2018.

  1. Critical Ops Game:

    Critical Ops is another best free android game in 2018. It is a 3D game which supports multiplayer FPS and especially builds for mobile. You can experience some great action stunts in this game of Ops.They have included the newer generation of person shooters in this game and its one of the best game type you can play. At the start, you will see the battle of terrorists. In this, you can play like a terrorist or you can, or you can play as a standard player.

    Critical Ops Free Android games

    This game has a robust online community where you can play with most of your friends. Critical ops is the game which has competitive combats, maps, and challenging modes as well. If you love to be a first-person shooter than you can happily enjoy this game. This is one of the best free android games in 2018.

  1. Alto’s Odyssey:

    Alto’s Odyssey is a sequel to the popular game Alto’s Adventure. It is just a simple game with a good user interface. Gamers always love the simplicity of this game, apart from that you can enjoy trades snowy landscapes & desert vistas and more in this beautiful game. Although it is some best visuals and has different locations but to change them you have to spend coins.

    Alto's Odyssey Free Android games

    In this game, you can always collect good amount coins to use in the game. The new version of this game has environmental elements such as balloons, tornadoes and more. Alto’s Odyssey is a free android game which has some in-app purchases but trust me, you don’t have to purchase them as you can get more coins while you play.

  1. Clash Royale:

    Clash Royale Free Android games
    Clash Royale is yet another free game which is having lots of popularity. It came from the family of the Supercell, and the makers of Clash of Clans made this game. In this new Clash Royale, you have to collect cards and have to build decks, and more in one-on-one deals fights with the online opponents. You can earn coins and trophies when you win any trophy in Clash Royale.In this game, you can also get to the form clans and even share challenges and combats with your friends and opponents. This is one of the best free android games to play to relax. If you love playing games like clash of clans and other similar type games means you will enjoy this clash royale game.

  1. EA Sports Game:

    Most of the people love playing EA sports games such as cricket, tennis, boxing, etc. So, I have included EA sports on this list of free android games in 2018. All the sports games released under the EA brand in Google play store are free games. You can happily choose the best one you like in the EA sports games.EA sports is the only provider who launches yearly updates for all the sports. The most popular EA games are FIFA Soccer, NBA, EA Sports UFC, NFL overdrive and more. These EA games have high graphics and best control over the Gameplay. Most of the EA games are having sim mechanics.

    EA Sports Free Android games

    So, you can have the best control over the game. However, these EA Games do have some frustrating in-app purchases, but as a gamer, you can quickly overcome them by simple tactics. The best and most impressive games I often use in EA sports is Dream League Soccer, Motorsport, and cricket game.

  1. Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery:

    Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

    From last few months, harry potter: Hogwarts mystery game has been one of the trending game. Most of the people love to watch harry potter series, so they have converted that in a game. And it has been insanely popular among the free android games in 2018.You can experience the boy character in this game. As you’re the hero of your own story over there you can simply create a new avatar, learn spells and you can form groups and compete for your house cup. Now, you after completing the challenges you will slowly try to resolve the mystery of the Hogwarts. This game has some exciting elements, so I have mentioned this in the list of free android apps in 2018.

  1. Fantasy Brave Exvius:

    Fantasy Brave Exvius
    Want to play interesting fantasy games for free? Then you should try Final Fantasy Brave Exvius game. It is a freemium game which has tons of featured elements in the game. This game has elements such as explorations, hidden treasures, and tongs of lore and secret passages as well.The Gameplay of this fantasy game is relatively easy when compared to the other games. Here you need to think like a boss to beat the hard-fought opponents. In this game, you’ll get more rewards by playing this game every day. These coins will be helpful to fill all your purchases in the game. You will definitely love playing the free android game.

  1. HQ Trivia:

    HQ Trivia

    HQ Trivia is more like a quiz. It is a neatly designed game for mobile. It has taken mobile gamers by the storm, and you can see most of the people playing this game quite often every day. Some people are missing this game because of the timings as the trivia contest normally held at 9 p.m. Along with that, you will find ET daily at different times on the day. By playing this quiz players stand a chance to win daily prizes.Every game features some multiple choice question where the player should answer one question in the span of 10secs. Once you complete the quiz, you will get your daily prices. Cash prizes will be paid to your PayPal accounts.

  1. HearthStone Game Heros of Warcraft:

    If you like playing battlefield games & Warcraft games, then check out the Hearthstone: Heros of Warcraft game it is an action-packed game which has lots of challenges.You can unlock the cards, build a deck and you can also duel other players by using the bridge you have created. In this game, you can build as many layers and blizzards as you can to dominate this game.

    HearthStone Game Heros of Warcraft

    This is a multi-platform game so that you can access this in PC or Mobile as well. Its free to play and it is very much accessible for everyone. So, I have included this in this best free android games.

  1. Shadowrun Legends:

    Interested in playing important shooter games in mobile? Then check out the Shadowrun legends game. As it one of the best shooting game, it is having a good mix of weapons and armors as well. You can even play multiplayer event games in the game.

    Shadowrun Legends

    You can even find social hub areas in the combat locations, and you can find wide varieties of characters in this game. If you strive to play mobile shooting games means you should give shadow run a shot.

  1. Pokemon Go:

    Pokemon Go is one of the biggest mobile game in 2016. Later on, it has been slightly on the lower side just because of its in-app purchases and its server problems.

    Pokemon Go

    But, now it is slowly increasing its graph again. People are used to playing this game, and they are continuing it slowly. In this game, gamers can explore the real world around them while catching the pokemon and also by battling in the gyms and finding other spots such as poke stops and so on.

    There are a hell lot of things in pokemon to talk about, but if you have enough knowledge of pokemon, then you will understand everything easily. you can also trade the pokemon with each other as well. Due to its popularity, I have mentioned this game in best free android games in 2018.

  1. Nova Game:

    Nova Game

    Nova is one of the oldest and first successful- first-person shooter games on the android devices. The Nova legacy is its updated version of the game and its already been a massive hit around the other android games.The story line of this game is impressive than its Gameplay and graphics. It is having a multiplayer mode and also has a rudimentary crafting system as well. Nova Legacy is all about the sci-fi story line and its few challenging levels. If you love to play games like the first-person shooter, then you should try this game.

  1. MAD Fingers Game:

    MAD Fingers Free Android games

    This is one of the best free android games in the first person shooter games. Although there is already a massive list of first-person shooter games, I am listing it because of its concept.It is a merely the family of zombie shooters with a ton of missions in their hands. You have to play this game online, and it also has the sci-fi shooters campaigns as well. Almost all features in this game are free, so you can happily play this game.

  1. Plague:

    Plague Free Android games

    Plague is another best free android game you have to try in 2018. It is a strategy game where you will mutate diseases and use them to destroy the world.Your goal is to infect as many people as possible before the level completes. You should have your own strategy in this game, and it is very much related to the real game. So, you can enjoy playing this best free android game.

These are the 15 best and popular free android games in 2018. Hope you like the list of these games. If you have any other best game which needs to be included in this list. Then let us know.


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Playtime 2018: Helping You to Build Better Apps

Playtime 2018: Helping You to Build Better Apps
This time around at Playtime 2018, Google has brought out better ways in which app developers can make apps. These new features are meant to increase downloads and lessen losing subscriptions rates for app developers.

Playtime 2018: Making Smaller Apps:

At Playtime 2018, Google brought about Android app bundle which is Android’s new publishing format. Basically, with this new feature or tech or whatever you’d like to call it, developers can now give the same app experience but at a smaller size. Smaller apps have high conversion rates and studies conducted by Google show that size is a main factor when it comes to app deletions on devices.

With this new Android App bundle, explained at the Playtime 2018 conference, developers can deliver features on demand instead of all at once at the time of initial download by the user.

The Android app bundle is already in production with a success rate or size reduction rate of 35%.

At Playtime 2018- Google plans on adding further features to the Android app bundle which will make more developers shift onto the platform.

With the newer version of Android App bundle, app sizes will be 8% smaller on download and a further 16% smaller in size on devices with M+ with no additional developer work required. The additional savings coming from uncompressed native libraries, which means that multiple copies of the same files do not have to be stored on device.

Playtime 2018: Building Instant apps:

Google has responded to developer’s feedback to enable better features for making instant apps and so taking that into consideration, Google has increased the size limit to 10MB and removed the URL requirement.

Google has partnered up with Unity on Google play instant plug- in and has built instant apps directly onto Cocos Creator. Google has further been able to use the Android app bundle to further improve the process of making instant apps. Previously, developers were required to publish both the instant app and installable app. Then with Android 3.2 developers were able to publish instant enabled bundles but with a primary app bundle.

Now with Android Studio 3.2, developers won’t require all that much coding. Developers can just publish a single app bundle and classify it as instant enabled rather than having multiple versions of coding for different things.

Try out before you pay out- Playtime 2018

At Playtime 2018, Google has now come out with a new feature whereby users can try out a game before going in to download it or pay for its subscription.

Google Play Instant will now be available on Premium Tiles and pre- registration campaigns where users can try out the game before its initial release and generate more buzz for the actual release of the game.

Umiro by Developer Digital and Looney Tunes World by Scopely are a few of the games to take advantage of Google’s new features launched this time at the Playtime 2018 conference.

Developers will also get a chance to learn more about play and its policies for better app success at Playtime 2018.

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Take control of your commute with Google Maps

Take control of your commute with Google Maps

Travelling to work becomes easier with Google Maps

Google Maps have made travelling to work much simpler. Commuting daily to work could be quite cumbersome if you get caught in the maze of traffic. Getting stuck in endless traffic jams especially when it is hot and humid could really put one off. Commuting to work also becomes stressful as one does not know whether they will reach work on time.

Just the thought of being caught in traffic, could result in people skipping their breakfast and leaving for work early in order to get to their office in time. Missing appointments is another factor which comes into play if you find yourself caught in traffic.

Here is where Google Maps come to the rescue. The new features on Google Maps help you to take control of your commuting to work. With Google maps you can personally plan your schedule in advance and also take account of all the disruptions you could face. You can take control of your travel plans and avoid all the hurdles you may possibly face while travelling to work.

Google Maps to the rescue

The Google Maps feature is just a one-tap access. You will be able to get information regarding the traffic you are likely to encounter on your way to work. It gives you the live update of traffic on your route to work. In the eventuality of any excess traffic or even in case of an accident, there could be undue delays. In such cases, Google Maps will provide alternative routes to help you reach your place of work faster and avoid the routes that have traffic jams along the way. With Google Maps you will receive notifications on your Android phone. It will inform you of any delays on your commute to work as and when it happens. It will send notifications about any untoward incident that has taken place even before one gets caught up in the delay.

New Feature of Google Maps

Google Maps have a new feature for those who travel by their own vehicle as well as use public transport. The greatest advantage is that it provides information for various legs of your journey. You can get information right through your trip from home to your place of work. Information regarding when you should set out from home and every leg of your journey can be obtained by accessing Maps. You can know the volume of traffic when driving in your own private vehicle, the timing of the train you need to catch and also your walk from the station to your place of work. When all the time is factored in, then you can figure out your ETA at your workplace.

Every leg of your journey from your home to your workplace can be scheduled by you just by accessing Google Maps. You become the master of planning your whole trip with the new features from Maps.

Planning your day with Google Maps

With Google Maps, the commuters in 80 regions around the world will know about the timing of their train or bus in real time. In case your commute is delayed, then there is no need to rush and you can even relax and have your favourite snack with a cup of coffee.

In Sydney they have partnered with Transport New South Wales and Google will let you know whether your train or bus is full and if you will get a seat or not.

Spotify, Apple Music and Google PlayMusic will also feature within Google Maps so that you can even listen to music and your favourite tunes, making your commute to work more pleasant.

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Top 5 Best two-factor authentication Apps for Android and iPhone

Top 5 Best two-factor authentication Apps for Android and iPhone

I am sure you will agree with me when I say this:

Protecting yourself from cyber threats is hard.

Although there are many cybersecurity tips and apps hovering over the internet but still most of the people are finding it hard to secure their phones and other data.

In this cyber world, people often need the extra layer of protection for their mobile phones and other accessories to protect their data from the hackers.

As there is, a tremendous increase in online frauds and other login issues users are protecting their accounts safely with the two-step authentication factor. However, generally, no one cares and know about the two-step authentication.

Now, in the article, I am going to speak about the two-factor authentication, andI will provide the top 5 two factor authentication apps for your mobile phones.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is nothing but the extra layer of security to protect users account information. By using the two-factor authentication, you will be the only person who can access your account anytime. No one can access your account even when the other person have your account credentials.

 two-factor authentication

Now, this is the basic definition of two-factor authentication.

Let move into the best two-factor authentication apps for Android & iPhone in 2018.

How two-factor authentication app works:

To secure your account from malicious login attempts and other hacking stuff. Generally, People use these two-factor authentication apps. Although they keep a complex password, it does not last too long in protecting your account because hackers can crack your password at any moment.

Therefore, it is always best to use this 2FA, which is nothing but the two- factor authentication. In 2FA, to login to your account, you have to do two things that are you have to authenticate that it is you: “something you have” or “something you know.”

As you have a password with you, so you have something, that is the first step ” you Know something:” and then the two-factor authentication app is the second one “something you have aspect” now your phone will prove the ” something you have” then you can log into your account.

Now, to prove something you have, you should have a device such as a phone to log into your account.

If your password has been compromised means, you don’t have to worry because they should have physical access to your phone. Unless they have your phone, they cannot log in to your account.

Usually, your phone will get a passcode where you have to enter that to login to your account in other devices. That’s why without the passcode no one can open your account.

In general, not all apps provide these advanced features, but I have compiled a list of best two-factor authentication apps, which you can trust and have advanced features in it.

Top 5 best two-factor authentication apps for Android and iPhone in 2018:

We have compiled this list of top five two-factor authentication apps just by comparing its key points such as “Offline mode,” “Open Source,” “Encrypted Backups,” “Passcode Protection,” “Multi-Device Sync” & “Desktop versions.” Along with that,we have also seen the other aspects such as adjustable OTP time, Code Length, and other features like push notifications, sync, etc.

To compile this list, we have removed all the single platform apps such as AND OTP (Android) although it is an excellent choice for android, it is not having iPhone app. So we have removed those type of apps and while choosing the 2FAs we have carefully checked all the functionalities by testing all the apps.

So, we strive that this is one of the best & top lists of best two-factor authentication apps presently available for Android and iPhone in 2018.

  1. Authy:

AuthyAuthy is one of the best two-factor authentication apps, which adds an extra layer of protection beyond the password. This is one of the tree apps which on this list which is having the encrypted backups which are very useful. Authy two-factor authentication app is having good reviews on both the app stores and thousands of people trust it.

Restoring your account is incredibly easy in this user-friendly app when compared to the other apps. You can quickly restore your account just by connecting your account with the phone number. Although this is one of the vulnerable points in this app, but it takes proper care to safeguard your account.

By using authy, you can quickly give access to your other devices with the multi-device synchronization option. If you do any changes in any device, it will automatically synchronize across the devices, so you don’t have to worry about anything. This two-factor authentication app is available in the Android store and iPhone store as well.

This app has an easy user interface, and you can quickly add a new account by scanning the QR code. With all these best features, we have listed this app in the first place of the 2FA apps.

  1. LastPass Authenticator:

This is one of the popular 2FA’s presently available in the app stores. Most of you might have already heard about this 2FA, but if you don’t, then it is the best and favorite two-factor authenticator apps. LastPass has extra protective layer beyond the password, and it also has the encrypted backup features.

LastPass Authenticator two-factor authentication

This password manager is free to use, and it is easily the best app, which is present in both google play store and app store. LastPass has a special ability to adjust all the parameters of the token. This app requires manual code instead of scanning QR code. In this app, you can quickly modify the duration of the code and length of the code.

Although LastPass doesn’t have the desktop version, and it can be configured with the smartwatches and other devices. All the features in this LastPass are almost similar to the Authy, but that app is having additional features like “desktop version” “smartwatch configuration” and so on.

If you want to use the best, free 2FA means you can use this substantial authenticator, which has an extra layer of defense. This app is having decent ratings in the google play store and app store.

  1. Duo Mobile:

Duo mobile is another two-factor authentication app which is useful to protect your devices. It is specially designed for the office and enterprise that offers multiple plans that are perfectly suitable for different users.

Duo Mobile two-factor authentication

This Duo mobile is a complete package of the security platform where you can directly manage all your accounts. Along with that, you can even authenticate multiple user accounts as well. This is one of the best premium apps, which has everything to secure your data.

It also has a free app, which has some essential features, which are quite popular. Duo mobile supports the third party services and social media sites as well.

Duo mobile is continuously improving its range by regularly updating their app. This even supports the multi-devices option, and you can use this in Apple watches as well. The Duo two-factor authentication app also supports encrypted backups, and those backups will be stored in iCloud for iPhone and google drive for android.

This app has a decent rating just because of the lack of passcode protection, and it cannot synchronize. These points has made us to give this app “third position”.

  1. Google Authenticator:

Google authenticator is falling day by day just because of the lack of proper features. Most of the other apps are performing better than the google authenticator app just because they are having their own backup database.

Google two-factor authentication

Although Google Authenticator is having high-level security and multi-device support its main limitations are the reason why I have included this tool in the 4th place of in this list.

Google authenticator isn’t having a backup database option, so it only exists on one device. Whenever you upgrade your device your app will automatically logged out from that device apart from that it also logged out from the other devices as well. You have to reconnect with your account on each app. Therefore, it is a bit tricky task for people who hate all these kind of things.

If you are mainly depending on security means, you can happily use this app because google authenticator is one of the best in protecting you from malicious attacks. Firstly, google has launched it google authentication via app. It has been nearly two years since its last update so we are thinking that google is slowly abandoning the app. that’s the reason why I have included it in 4th place. Even though they have not updated, it has best security parameters that’s why I have included it in this list.

  1. Microsoft Authenticator:

Microsoft Authenticator is almost identical to the google authenticator app. As google is not having cloud backups Microsoft is also not having any cloud backups. It exactly follow the google authenticator in this feature.

Microsoft two-factor authentication

However, Microsoft authenticator supports push notifications which google don’t offer. This two-factor authentication app is having active directory account to prompt the notifications. Instead of typing a code this app will notify you all you have to do is just approve or deny the token, which is sent to your device.

If you approve your token, you will be signed into the other device whereas if you reject the token means you can’t login into the other device. Although the other apps are better than this app but if you want to try this only for security purpose means you can use this two-factor authentication without any useful features.


These are the top five two factor authenticator apps you should be using in 2018 for both Android & iPhone.

Which of these apps you are going to try?

Which one do you like most?


You will use any other apps for two-factor authentication.

Either way let us know in comments section right below.

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How to Use Google Trends to Find Untapped and Popular Keywords

How to Use Google Trends to Find Untapped and Popular Keywords

Do you feel like your time and energy are exhausted by doing keyword research? Google trends can improve your strategy.

Well, the formula for keyword research success is not complicated, but all it requires is smartness and exploring tools to find best keywords. Along with that, you have to make use of some platforms to make some profitable keyword lists.

Now, if you are in the digital marketing field means you’ll undoubtedly come across google trends for your keyword research. But, if you are a starter to this field means you’ll never utilize the full potential of this excellent tool.

So, today I am going to discuss about the google trends platform.

In this post, I’ll cover all the best possible ways to use google trends for keyword research.

if you don’t know about google trends means, don’t worry I’ll explain to you.

Google trends:

Google trends is a free online search tool which allows you to see how often keywords, phrases, and subjects have been searched in Google over a specific period.

You can quickly analyze any keyword search graph over a period of time. This tool is regularly updated, and you can quickly find a lot of best and new keywords from the google trends.

Now after knowing about this tool, most of you might think about how to use this tool right?

How google trends works and how to use it?

When you first come across this tool, you can see what searches are currently trending along with the latest stories and insights with maps. When you scroll down, you can even see what was trending on google by year.
Now, when you enter a keyword, you will get the metrics of that keyword.

In that, most of the people think that the trend curve is the direct and proper representation of search volume over time similar to the Google, keyword planner.

But that’s not how Google Trends works:

Here the trends graphs will work differently. When you search for a keyword in google trends, it will show you the interest over time graph whereas coming to google keyword planner you’ll get Average monthly search volume.

So, these both results are entirely different.

“ Google trends always adjust the search data to make comparisons between keywords easier. Here every data point is divided by the total searches of geography and time range to compare relative popularity merely”.

“To simply it, the relative popularity is the ratio of a keyword search volume to the sum of all possible queries search volumes”.

After the metrics, the result then gets scaled on a range of 0 to 100 just based on the topic ratio to all the searches.

This google trends tool eliminate repeated search queries from the same id over a short period of time to give accurate results.

Note: Google Trends only shows data for popular and trending terms. Other low volume keywords will be shown as 0.

Ex:  Have a look at the google trends graph for the search term “ twitter” over past 12 months

Now, to clearly explain to you how Google trends give its “Interest over time” graph. Let’s assume that i have google date. ( No can have one but let’s pretend)

Let me take the assumption values to explain to you.

Assume: Total monthly search number of google searches is around 10-11 billion.

Assume: Now, Search volume of the query “twitter” in us is 80 million.

Here is the assumption table:

May 2018 June 2018 July 2018
Avg total Monthly searches in the USA 10,000,000,000 10,000,000 11,000,000,000
Avg twitter monthly search volume in the USA 90,000,000 85,000,000 75,000,000
Relative Popularity 0.0090 0.0085 0.0068
Interest Graph 90 85 80

Now, these are the example results just to show you how it works. Most of these values are inappropriate and assumed Value.

If you want to build a graph in the way Google trends do you have to follow few steps:

  • Firstly, calculate the relative popularity ratio of the keyword / the total search queries.
  • Then scale these values proportionally to the maximum value 100.
  • Put the dots on the graphs to measure results.

Until now, I have shared the working mechanism of the google trends. Now, let’s check out the proper ways which are useful in finding out the best keywords.

  1. 1. The best ways to use google trends for keyword research:

In this post, I am going to share seven best ideas to use google trends for keyword research. Along with that, I will show how you can refine your searches as well.

Discover seasonal trends:

If you want to get massive traffic to your website means you have to follow this step. Here in this step, you’ll discover all the seasonal trends, and you’ll create excellent content around that keyword and start promoting to get massive traffic.

Seasonal trends example:

 Google Trends

Have a glance at the screenshot; you can have a look at the trends of “Raincoats.” These are mostly purchased in the rainy season so you can see an upward graph in rainy seasons. Medium traffic in another season, so google trends is helpful in discovering seasonal trends.


Google Trends 2

Here is another example, in this report I used a keyword 2018 FIFA world cup. You can see a massive graph when the FIFA world cup is running. After that, you can see the decrease graph.

So, by using this way you can explore the best trending and popular keywords. If you are running a sports website, then make use of the ongoing popular tournaments. But, if you are selling Raincoats as a seasonal business, then you can make use of the google trends to find the time where people are laboriously searching for best raincoats.

Points to keep in mind:

  • Carefully discover the trends of the keyword.
  • Then create relevant content which is focused on the topic which you choose.
  • If you have that page means to optimize and refresh the content and publish that before the season starts to get massive traffic.
  1. 2. Make Sure you stay away from “ Keyword Unicorns” by checking data Skewing popularity spikes:

When you are trying to create excellent content for your next blog post or your website. Always make sure you checked the topic on Google trends before you start writing it.

By checking the topic, you can get the trends of that keyword. So, it will be useful for you to save your time by not creating content for falling topics.

Usually, when you consider writing about some keyword, you will have multiple options. Choose the best one which is moving upwards or having some decent traffic don’t go with old trends.


Google Trends 3

Previously there is massive popularity for “spinners,” and it has also touched 100 in google trends interest over time. But since that, it has fallen massively and not even getting minimum traffic.

So, it is always best to shift your focus on upcoming trends rather than going for download trends.

  1. 3. Discover Relevant topics that are currently trending:

Are you striving to get traffic?

Then why don’t you explore google trends to get untapped keywords for your site? By using google trends “ trending searches” option, you can quickly find lots of search queries which have a significant upward graph in popularity over the past 24 hours.

Google Trends 4

So, target those keywords to get massive shares and traffic to your site.

Most of you might be wondering why you should be choosing that option right?

Well, let’s assume that you run a sports blog.

You have gone through trending searches on FIFA World Cup.

For Suppose at the time you see FIFA world cup it has already reached the finals stage, you might think that you are too late?

But that’s not too late.

People also search for that term for some days, and you might even get an upward spike after a couple of days as well. After a few days or months, you will again see a downward spike, but that doesn’t matter to you because you have already achieved lots of traffic for that keyword in that small time.

So, it is always best to capitalize on the trending topics. Here you have to remember one thing don’t go for that keyword after a couple weeks or months because you will not get any traffic.

  1. 4. Make use of google trends data:

Now, Are you having a long-term blog or website?

Then you can make use of google trends data to get a good amount of traffic.

Whenever you see the google trends for the term “ Oscars”. You can see increased graph at the time of Oscar awards every year.

It is because the Oscars program will take place in March every year. So, you can make use of that google trends data if you have a long term.

Points to consider:

  • Although this is a useful point, you have to be smart in executing it.
  • Write your content and specify the next year’s date or month in that article.
  • Impress people with updated content and be quick in updating the content.
  • Create a remarkable piece of content and create a user-friendly page to attract users towards it.
  • Only consider this point when you have a long-term blog.
  1. 5. Explore untapped keywords by using “ Related Queries” and Steal your competition business:

Google trends usually let its users reveal untapped queries people also search for in trends when they search for your term.

So, you can make use of them and include them in your keyword listings. Most of the popular brands always do this to improve their chances of buying products.


Google Trends 5

when people are searching for “Shoes” they also tend to search for “curling shoes” and red bottoms shoes.”

Not only that they also provide some other search related topics and queries which are useful for website owners to know what the searcher is searching for.

Now, by using those keywords, you can simply do your keyword research on tools you generally use. So, by doing keyword research, you will explore even more new keyword ideas for your sie.

Things to consider:

  • Always make sure you go through the search related topics & Queries in google trends.
  • Then don’t stop there, bring those list and do your keyword research in proper keyword research tools like SEMRUSH, Ahrefs, etc.
  • Explore more untapped keywords and create content around that and improve your sales & traffic.
  1. 6. Discover which cities and subregions mostly need & search for your products or Services:

Watching is always best when it comes to SEO.

Now, carefully watch google trends “interest by subregion” to get the list of “ Country, Cites, subregions” you search term is most popular in and take advantage of that.

You can explore lots of examples for these here I am taking “flooring.”

Google Trends 6


When I am searching for flooring, I can see Montana has 100%. So, I measured a place where there is the need for my products and services. Now, I have to focus on SEO aspects to reach people and sell my product or services.

All you have to do:

  • Target highly demand areas with PPC Ads
  • Then create awesome content which mainly aims at people in those popular areas.
  • Do you seo correctly to get good results?
  1. 7. Redefine your Video Strategy according to People’s Interest:

Most of the people these days target youtube, and I think I don’t have to say that because almost all of you know about the popularity of youtube.


If you want to get more views on your videos?

Then redefine your video strategy by analyzing what people are searching on youtube with the help of google trends.

You can do a specific search for youtube queries by hitting scroll down option on web search and select youtube search.


Google Trends 7

Here I searched for “Fortran,”I can see both upward and downward graphs, but presently it has no searches. So, as a YouTuber, you have to smart and skip this result.

google trends 8

Instead of “Fortran,” I opted for “Javascript” then I got consistent upward trends. So by this, I got to know that people are mostly searching for Javascript so, i am happy to create a video on that and do my SEO.

Now, this is it.

These are the best and practical techniques which you can use to find the best and untapped keywords.

Here’s the Next Step:

Now, I want to turn it over to you:

Which of these seven keyword research techniques from today’s post are you going to try first

Are you going to start exploring Google trends for related topics?

Or Maybe you want other tactics.

Either way, let me know by simply leaving your comment in the comment section right below the post. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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