Oculus Go is the first VR gadget you might actually buy

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Give serious thought to VR and buy first true VR gadget from Facebook called Oculus Go

The age of virtual reality has finally arrived. The virtual reality platform has grown by leaps and bounds in less than a decade and we had seen almost every other tech firm or consumers electronic manufacturer coming up with its own version of virtual reality headset. So far the most advanced and dominant offering in this field has the Hololens from Microsoft but Facebook has taken the crown from by unveiling the Oculus Go.

How VR goggles has evolved?

VR tech for the home use has made it to the consumer market quite early. Just two years we had $600 worth of goggles being placed on the face with a cable running down right to a computer to enjoy the newfound VR environs. Then came the cardboard box based VR goggles which simply required your premium smartphone to be placed in the holder to enjoy the VR like output.

And finally it came to the consoles with the launch of the PlayStation 4 VR which simply changed the game for better.All of these invention or unique products have helped in making the VR gadgets better and creating niche segment for it in the overcrowded consumer electronics market. Facebook’s latest VR headset Oculus Go is primed take a good shot at this market as well.

Oculus Go is affordable, trendy and desirable

Facebook has spent a quality to develop its every own VR headset even when the competitors were aggressively churning out their own versions with each passing year. But the headset designed by Facebook is simply way above the competition and it offers such cool features and functionality for the price that other will find it difficult to provide.

The best thing about the Oculus Go is that it doesn’t have any kind of cables. It’s cable free and extremely easy to use. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac or any other PC. And it comes at a price of just $200 which acts as an icing on the cake. Oculus Go is designed for everything extraordinary.

You can play games or watch TV shows or movies with friends living continents apart with ease. It can also act a cosy private theatre on the long flights. Facebook has been kind enough to make it so immersive that you don’t need to bother about the fellow passengers and just enjoy your visual treat in air.

Oculus Go is for everyone

Oculus Go allows you the opportunity to teleport to new exciting places and explores things unimaginable. However in order to bring an affordable VR headset in the market Facebook did have to cut some corners and this can be felt in the VR experience which happens to be less sophisticated that it earlier counterparts. But the good thing about Oculus Go is that being affordable makes it better accessible to millions of prospective customer who aren’t super rich or being into this kind of thing.

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