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TS Video File Format: Discover Its 10 Incredible Benefits

TS Video File Format: Discover Its 10 Incredible Benefits

When you work with DVDs or videos, the TS video file is something you will face. Do you know what a TS video file is? Every file format contains an encoding that helps in specifying the way users view the video file or how the apps will open it. Let’s go through the article to learn how to open a TS Video File, convert it to MP4, etc. Moreover, in this article, you will get to know the difference between TS and MP4.

What is a TS Video File Format?

It refers to a video file that is saved in the Video Transport Stream format. It can store the video data to compress which standard MPEG-2 video compression is used. People often save videos using this format on a DVD disc. In addition, it is possible to store videos that are broadcast or streamed in this format. There are several video players which are able to play these video formats and convert them to other formats.

Usually, you can see these formats when you work on DVDs. Suppose you are viewing a video file that is burned onto a DVD. In such scenarios, you can see the Transport Stream formats available in a sequence, which are as follows— moviename1.ts, moviename2.ts, moviename3.ts, etc. In the 1990s and 2000s, this format became very common when the DVDs were used widely. But now, this format has dimmed because of the progress of multimedia formats, including— .M2TS, MP4, etc.

How to Open a TS Video File:

Once you store the files on a DVD, you can play them in a DVD player and there is no need to use a software application. However, if your computer has a TS video file, you are able to play this with many different system media players.

Play TS Video Files Using the VLC Media Player:

VLC media player is available for free. Besides, it runs on different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. So, it should be your first option when it comes to playing Transport Stream video files. This media player is able to play a lot of media formats like audio and video files you have downloaded from streaming media and the internet. Also, you can play those files you have stored on discs. These are the steps you have to follow to play the file with this media player:

  • Your first job is to download the VLC Media Player and install it thereafter on your device. If you have already downloaded and installed this, you now have to update VLC to its most recent version to allow its codec to function properly.
  • Then, you have to find the file on the computer. Then, your job is to load it into the media player you are using.
  • Your next job is to launch VLC. After launching the media player, you need to drag the file to it. There is another option that you can follow. You are able to tap on “Open File,” which is located under the “Media” option at the top menu bar. Then, your job is to add this to VLC Media Player.
  • Now you can see it on the media player. After you import the file successfully to VLC, you are able to instantly watch this.

Play TS Video Files By Renaming It:

To play the file, you can rename it to something that your media player is going to be compatible with like MPEG. In most cases, multimedia players have MPEG files. TS files are considered a format of MPEG files; so the same program will be able to play a file in Transport Stream format.

What is a TypeScript TS File?

The .TS extension indicates a file that is written in TypeScript for programmers. You should know that TypeScript is considered a superset of JavaScript which is gaining popularity in web development. You can save JavaScript code with the .JS extension. But the Transport Stream becomes different from plain JavaScript by using the TS extension. It is possible to use a TypeScript compiler to compile the TS files into standard JavaScript. Thus, these can run easily in any JavaScript environment.

How to Open a TypeScript TS File:

Suppose you have found a .TS video file in web development. It may happen that it is containing TypeScript code. If you are willing to open such a file and edit this, you have to use a code editor or IDE, which should be compatible with the TypeScript syntax that can be used to highlight with the TypeScript compiler. There are some popular options you can use, like Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, and Sublime Text with the proper TypeScript plugins. Moreover, you are able to use online code editors to edit these files.

These files don’t get converted directly into other formats. To convert them, following a process known as compilation or transpilation is necessary. After taking the Transport Stream, the TypeScript compiler is capable of creating standard JavaScript code that will be possible for the internet browsers to understand and execute. When you are willing to compile the code, you need to navigate to the TypeScript download page, where you can view the instructions, letting you learn how to set up this.

You should understand what type of Transport Stream file you have to work with so that you can choose the correct tools & processes. You can use VLC, one of the popular media players, to handle them. If you want to handle TS code in web development, you have to use code editors and the TypeScript compiler.

How to Convert TS Files:

Sometimes, it can be difficult to play this file. Even sometimes you may not be able to play it according to your wish. You need to use the best converter to convert them to MP4.

  • Your first job is to download the best video converter to convert these into other formats and install it. After downloading the software, your job is to follow the instructions given on the screen to install this on your system.
  • Now, you need to open the program. After opening this, you have to add the files. After you install the software, you need to open it. Then, you are allowed to add the Transport Stream files. In order to add them, your job is to tap on the Add Media button in the app window’s top left part. Next, you have to tap on Add Video, which is available in the dropdown menu. Then, you have to search your device to add them.
  • After you load them into the app, you need to configure the settings of the converter to get the benefits of its features and configure the quality of output files. Otherwise, you need to keep using the default settings. It is possible to choose from different outputs, for example, MP4 and AVI. In order to suit the file type you wish to create, you need to select from different profile presets. Using this converter is possible to extract audio from the files. After that, you have to save this in different formats like FLAC, MP3, OGG, etc. Moreover, you will be capable of using advanced settings. For example, it will be possible to add subtitles to the converted files.
  • Your final job is to hit the Save button to decide where you are willing to save your new files. Next, you have to hit the blue Convert button which is located in the bottom right. Now, you have to wait until the software completes the process.

How to Trim a TS Video File on Desktop: 

Open a TS Video:

Once you install the best video editor, you need to launch it. Your first job is to navigate to the Add Files menu located in the upper left corner. In order to open the video you wish to edit, you have to choose Add Files or Add Folder. Do you need to process multiple files? Then, you have to open all of them in a batch.

Trim TS:

In order to enter the Cut window, you have to tap on the cut icon under the video title. Then, you can get the trimmed clip moving both the beginning and end sliders to the new positions. If you want to trim in a better way, you have to do several things; for example, you need to adjust the Set Start. Moreover, you can adjust Duration, & Set End fields. After that, you need to tap on the split icon, which is located above the Timeline. Now, you can have a shorter clip. In order to add other clips, you need to tap on Add Segment on the left panel.

Convert TS:

Once you complete trimming, you need to confirm by tapping on the Save button. After coming back to the main interface, you have to select the output format available in the drop-down list, which is adjacent to Convert All. Now, you need to set one folder in the Save to field. After that, you have to save the trimmed video by tapping on Convert All. You need to use a desktop video trimmer to complete the job within a few seconds. However, to trim a short video on both mobile and computer, it is better to go with an online trimmer.

Where Are TS Video Files Used?

You can use them in real-time streaming or video content broadcasting. These are a few of its common use cases, including:

  • Live Sports Broadcasting:

You can use them for streaming live sports events, giving the opportunity to people to view the live action in real-time.

  • Video-On-Demand Services:

Video-on-demand platforms use them often and stream TV shows & movies smoothly.

  • IPTV (Internet Protocol Television):

The Internet Protocol Television services use these files to deliver traditional broadcasting over internet networks.

  • Video Surveillance:

Video Surveillance systems use these files to monitor in real-time, along with recording security footage.

There are several reasons due to which TS video files are used, such as:

  • Error Correction:

The design of these videos allows you to handle errors more easily than other available formats. It is a vital factor for data which is streamed or broadcast over networks, because data loss can be experienced in these scenarios.

  • Multiplexing:

These videos can have many audio and video streams, metadata, etc. Thus, these videos become perfect for broadcast applications where you have to add subtitles, many languages, or additional data services.

  • Synchronization:

The format contains timing information. It ensures that you can synchronize audio and video streams properly on playback.

  • Compatibility:

This format is a part of the MPEG-2 standard that is compatible with hardware & software widely. Thus, it becomes a suitable choice for broadcasting.

  • High Quality:

These videos have the potential to maintain top-quality video and audio. Thus, it becomes the best choice for professional broadcasting and production.

Are You Still Unable to Open the File?

It may happen that you have misread the file extension and are thinking of a different file as a TS video file. For example, TSV files refer to the tab-separated values files and contain two same letters, “T” & “S”, that are in the name of TS files. But there is no relation between these formats and video content, TypeScript, or the Qt SDK. So, you will not be able to open such a file using the software that we have mentioned in the article or following the process described above.

And the same thing happens for other file formats; for example, ADTS, TST, TSF, TSC, TSP, GTS, TSR, and TSM. Do you have a file having any of these extensions? Then, you need to research that particular file extension to know which programs will be capable of viewing, editing or converting that file.

TS Vs MP4:

  • MP4 is mainly used for storing a file. On the contrary, the other one is used for broadcasting a video stream.
  • When it comes to the Transport Stream format, if you don’t close the recording file properly or the transmission is interrupted, the whole file becomes unreadable. However, file recovery can be done for MP4 to maintain the transmission process, and all credit goes to the error correction and synchronization pattern features.
  • For MP4, you need less space for content. For the other one, extra space is necessary for the same content.

The Bottom Line:

Transport Stream format is popular for streaming video, audio, and data over different networks. When it comes to broadcast live sports events or implement video surveillance systems, TS video file can provide an efficient solution.


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Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 Mobile Platform

Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 Mobile Platform

Qualcomm has recently unveiled its mid-range 5G SoC, known as the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 Mobile Platform. It comes with the SM6375 part number like the Snapdragon 695 that was launched three years ago in the year 2021. Therefore, it can be said that instead of being the successor to the Snapdragon 6 Gen 1, this one is an overclocked version.

With improved capabilities based on artificial intelligence, it allows you to use voice assistants to gain better productivity. If you are a gaming fan, you will definitely fall in love with the impressive graphics. Meanwhile, the smooth gameplay will definitely impress you. In addition, this chip is compatible with 5G connectivity. Besides, a special credit should go to advanced camera features and image processing, which ensure that you will be able to capture every moment with precise details. Let’s dive into the article to learn more about the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3.

Launch and Availability of Snapdragon 6s Gen 3:

It is ready to make its debut with the Motorola G85, as well as with other upcoming mid-range phones.

Features of Snapdragon 6s Gen 3:

The features of the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 are as follows:

  • Upgraded Performance:

It can offer smooth performance powered by the Qualcomm® Kryo™ CPU and has the potential to offer enough processing power for regular activities like multitasking, browsing the web, etc. As a result, you will get a lag-free experience that can easily meet your requirements.

  • Amped-up Gaming:

You will be able to enjoy smooth gameplay for the phone games you like, and all credit goes to the Qualcomm® Adreno™ GPU.

This platform ensures that you will get an amazing gaming experience with up to 120 FPS, whether you play a quick puzzle game or dive into an adventure.

  • Intelligent Assistance:

With enhanced AI capabilities, it will help improve your mobile experience and make everyday interactions more intelligent. Besides, the Qualcomm® Sensing Hub can boost productivity by recognizing routines.

  • Spectra Triple ISP:

With the help of Spectra triple ISP, this chip ensures that you can capture photos and videos with impressive quality and clarity. Along with supporting multi-camera photo and video captures, it can provide AI-enhanced low-light imaging capabilities. While this processor is compatible with up to 108MP cameras, it can allow you to record 720p videos at 120 fps.

  • Connectivity:

When it comes to connectivity, the first thing you need to know is that the chip supports 5G connectivity with Sub-6 and mmWave. Additionally, it comes with a Qualcomm FastConnect 6200 WiFi card. This chip is compatible with NFC and WiFi 5. Besides, it supports the 5.2 version of Bluetooth. Regarding positioning, you will be able to get QZSS, Galileo, beidou, GONASS, and NavIC. Dual-band GPS is also one of the technologies supported by the chip. What makes the chip impressive is its support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ technology.

Other Features:

  • Instead of using the 2.2 GHz prime cores used in the predecessor, the chip uses a Qualcomm Kryo CPU with up to 2.3 GHz clock speeds. Therefore, it will be only a 4.5% boost. According to a leak, the chip is going to be available with the same Adreno 619 GPU.
  • This mid-range chip launched by Qualcomm is compatible with the company’s Quick Charge 4+ technology that has claimed to deliver a 50% charge within 15 minutes.
  • The company has included an advanced Qualcomm AI Engine in Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 to support all AI features. This AI engine sports the Qualcomm Sensing Hub that is capable of delivering enhanced microphone quality, and security.
  • Along with these exceptional features, this chip gets a FastConnect 6200 modem. Besides, this chip is compatible with LPDDR4X RAM and UFS 2.2 storage.
  • This chip is compatible with full-HD+ displays, which can deliver up to 120Hz refresh rate. If your smartphone comes with Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 SoC, it will be able to support up to 108-megapixel sensors. Besides, the chipset is able to playback videos at 1080p maximum resolution with 60fps.
  • It is equipped with the Snapdragon X51 5G Modem-RF System that is compatible with both sub-6 and mmWave. Besides, it comes with FastConnect 6200 Mobile Connectivity System for 2×2 Wi-Fi 6.

The Bottom Line:

The Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 chip is available in two variants— SM-6370 and SM6375-AC, supporting 4G and 5G connectivity, respectively. Users are able to get a big hint about the source of the chipset from the model number. In this case, you should know that SM6375 is the Snapdragon 695 chip, rehashed three years ago from now as the Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 (SM4375). The first smartphone equipped with this chipset could be Moto G85 5G. This smartphone will come with an octa-core processor and an Adreno 619 GPU.

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What is Esif_uf.exe File in Windows?

What is Esif_uf.exe File in Windows?

If you want to keep your PC or computer secure, you must be conscious of potential threats, which could compromise your system’s integrity. The esif_uf.exe is one of those files which can make you concerned. Let’s dive into the article to learn what is esif_uf.exe file, whether you should remove this or not, and other related details.

What is Esif_uf.exe File?

Esif_uf.exe refers to an executable file that belongs to the Intel DPTF or Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework. Intel Corporation is the developer of this software. Its location is in the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 directory. In order to manage the communication and UI between the DPTF driver and OS, this file is crucial.

Is Esif_uf.exe Malware?

The file is not a malware. Instead, this one serves as a legal file that is linked with Intel’s DPTF software. But you need to know that malware can disguise itself as an executable file with the purpose of evading detection.

Are you suspecting esif_uf.exe as malware on your system? Then, we will advise you to use popular antivirus software to perform a scan thoroughly. Running a scan using antivirus software ensures that your system is not affected by any potential threats and is secure.

Should You Remove Esif_uf.exe File?

Whether you should remove this executable file or not depends on what particular circumstances you are facing. Generally, we do not advise you to remove this manually. However, you can do so when you suspect this to be malware. You can manually remove this when you experience any trouble related to the DPTF software.

Have you faced any problems like system crashes, abnormal behavior, or high CPU usage? Then, you can investigate to learn if this executable file is the reason behind the issue. These are the steps you need to perform to resolve the problem.

  • Your first job is to hit Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Windows Task Manager. Otherwise, you can right-click on the taskbar. Then, you need to select “Task Manager”.
  • After that, your job is to move to the “Processes” tab. Then, you have to search for esif_uf.exe, which you can see in the list of running processes.
  • Suppose you see the file consuming huge system resources. Or it may happen that the file is creating problems. In that case, it is essential to right-click on the process and select “End Task” to terminate this.
  • Now, you need to monitor if you see any changes or improvements in the behavior of your system. If you are experiencing the problem still now, you need to reinstall the DPTF software. Or you can seek assistance from someone who has knowledge and prior experience in this matter.

Ensure that you are not removing the file if you don’t know how to do this accurately. Otherwise, it can make your system unstable. So, you should get advice from a professional if you are not sure.

Can Not Delete Or Remove Esif_uf.Exe— What to Do Now?

These are the steps you need to follow if you face any problems while removing the executable file:

  • You have to check whether the file is a virus or a core system file. In this case, you need to use updated antivirus software to scan it.
  • Suppose this one is a system file. If this is the case, we don’t advise you to delete this. The reason is that you may experience problems with your computer OS because of deleting this file. Ensure that you are using an updated antivirus software for performing the full system scan in order to detect viruses and remove them.
  • Your antivirus software should be capable of removing the file if it is a virus. In order to remove the file completely, you should ensure that you are following the guidelines the software has given.
  • Are you unable to remove or delete the file? Then, you need to use the “Safe Mode” feature on the OS. It lets you delete this executable file without interference from other software.
  • When you see none of the above-mentioned method works, you have to take help from any technician or professional software developer. They can guide you further and let you know how to remove this file.

Is esif_uf.exe Safe to Continue Running?

Yes, the file is safe to use. You should know that it is not malicious software, instead this one works as a legal file, which Intel Corporation has signed. You only need to make sure that the file is located in the correct folder path, and it should also be signed by Intel. If you are willing to verify the signature, your first task is to browse the file in Explorer. Then, you have to right-click on the file. Once you see the Digital Signatures tab, you need to verify the signer.

The Bottom Line:

In this article, we have discussed what is esif_uf.exe file, and other details about it, such as whether you should remove this or not, etc. Usually, removing this file is not recommended unless necessary. Whether you are facing any issues related to the DPTF software, it is better to terminate the process. But if you are unsure about how to do it, you should take help from a professional.

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Unlock Power of EPS File: 5 Essential Tips for Success

Unlock Power of EPS File: 5 Essential Tips for Success

EPS, which stands for Encapsulated Postscript, is basically a type of vector image file. Instead of pixels, these consist of curves and lines. As a result, it becomes suitable for logos, illustrations and other graphics that you have to resize while maintaining the quality. However, this type of file can be a mystery for those who are unaware of vector graphics. Let’s go through the article to learn about the EPS file.

What is an EPS File?

EPS file indicates a vector file format which is greatly used for professional and top-quality image printing. In order to generate detailed pictures, image setters and PostScript printers use it in large posters, billboard advertising, and attention-grabbing marketing collateral.

A Brief History of Encapsulated Postscript Files:

In the early days, graphics were mainly produced in a program known as Adobe Illustrator. The file format this program used is called AI. In the late 1980s, Adobe invented the Encapsulated Postscript format to be a standard used to exchange pictures across various platforms. Many apps have already adopted this format. However, there are a few image formats, like .JPEG and .PNG, which overshadow it.

This format was never used widely as Adobe wanted. However, graphics professionals still prefer to use the format to save their artwork, like icons and drawings. You can see graphic designers using professional vector image editors to save artwork for large print tasks like banners, posters, etc.

AI files might be a bit large. Besides, these did not always support other programs. That’s why Adobe came up with this lightweight alternative. In this case, it is important to know that Encapsulated Postscript files are based on AI file format. But these are compressed to consume less space.

What Are EPS Files Used For?

These have a lot of uses for designing and printing graphics.

  • Legacy Format:

PDFs and other modern file formats have overtaken them. However, these files are still capable of working as a legacy format and support all software and systems.

  • Printing:

Several professional printers use these formats to accomplish their large-scale jobs. Due to the backward compatibility feature, it becomes ideal to use for different printers, even those which can outdate PDF or other modern formats. Encapsulated Postscript data is easier to render in detail in computer-controlled engraving machines.

  • Billboards:

In vector files, every image data that remains stored indicates that Encapsulated Postscript files are able to retain resolution regardless of scale. Thus, these become suitable for expanded images like billboards.

How to Open an EPS File:

We have given here the steps you need to follow to open an Encapsulated Postscript file using a third-party tool:

  • Your first task is to find the file you want on your PC hard drive.
  • Then, you need to tap on it. Now, your job is to drag this into the above field
  • Next, you will see this opening automatically. The tool will convert the file in the background.
  • After that, you need to open the file in a new window by tapping on the button.
  • Finally, you are capable of downloading the file. In order to convert it into other formats, you can use both free and paid tools according to your demands.

How to Create and Edit EPS File System:

Bitmap info and vector data make an Encapsulated Postscript image. If you use appropriate software, you can only edit the vector information. These are the steps you need to follow to create a file:

  • Your first task is to navigate to File after completing the image’s design in illustrator or a similar programme.
  • Then, you need to press Export.
  • Now, your job is to choose Export as EPS.
  • You need to specify the location where you are willing to save the document.
  • Then, you need to select the pages you are willing to export when prompted.
  • Next, you have to set some extra options.
  • You have to make sure that your graphics are within the page trim area or the border image.
  • Finally, your job is to press Export.

Let’s learn how to edit this using specialized software.

How to Edit EPS File System:

Do you want to edit them? Then, you will definitely require a program which is compatible with vector graphics.

You first have to open this in the specific program you are using. Then, a screen that is full of lines and curves will appear. It is the Vector graphics that can make up the file. You are capable of editing this graphic as you wish. For instance, you can add or remove curves and lines as required.

How to Convert:

Whether you are willing to convert this to another format, you need to use any specific program. First, you have to head toward File. Then, your task is to navigate to Export. After that, you can select the format to which you are willing to convert your file.

In order to convert this file, you can use online converters. First, you have to upload the file you wish to convert. Then, your task is to select the format to which you are willing to convert. After doing these, you can download them to your PC or computer. Converting them is possible to different image formats like PNG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF.


  • This format helps to scale images. It retains image data which ensures that the resolution is high when it is expanded to larger proportions.
  • While this format is perfect for printing, it is ideal to use for logo creation and large-scale designs.
  • Encapsulated Postscript image data can get advantages from a lossless form of compression. Thus, it can make sure that the image quality is high while getting downsized.
  • It supports most OSs and vector-editing software.
  • In modern times, the professional printers are able to handle the files easily. As a result, it becomes a universal option for larger print tasks.


  • These formats contain mathematical data that helps to determine the look of the image in a thumbnail preview. You may need a lot of time to set up the image settings before you create this file. As it is time-consuming, it may be inconvenient for fast-paced working environments.
  • After saving a file, you are unable to edit this. In order to change any mistakes and edit, you need to go back to the original design file.
  • You have to use specialized software to open it. An app is essential to view and edit Encapsulated Postscript images.

What is The Difference Between an EPS and an SVG File?

Although both of them are vector graphics formats, a few key aspects are there that differentiate these two.

An SVG file refers to an XML-based format which provides you more control over the graphic elements within the file. You can see the use of these ones usually on web pages. In addition, major web browsers support this format.

An Encapsulated Postscript file can describe graphic elements using PostScript. As a result, these files become less portable than the previous one. You can see the use of Encapsulated Postscript files in graphic design and desktop publishing. The reason is that these are able to contain high-resolution images and fonts. However, you should know that generally web browsers don’t support this format.

What is the Difference Between an EPS and a PDF File?

EPS is used for logos and illustrations and can scale images to any size and you do not have to worry about losing quality. You need to use some specific software to open these files.

PDF files come with a lot of versatility. You can open these files in most software. Besides, due to the smaller size of them, it is possible to send them very easily. Remember that you can’t edit them like you do with Encapsulated Postscript files. Also, you can not scale them while maintaining the quality. The most effective format you need to choose relies on your particular requirements.

Encapsulated Postscript File Still Not Opening? 

If you are unable to open or view files with this extension, the first thing you need to do is to check your computer to confirm if there are any issues. You need to check first if the system is equipped with the requisite software that allows you to open and view these files. You should try to update your system to the most recent version to fix the problem.

You may need to scan your system for malware when you can’t fix the problem by upgrading the system. It may happen that viruses and Trojans are hindering the system from operating normally and creating issues while opening these files. So, try to use an updated and reliable antivirus for securing the safety of your system.

If you can’t fix the issue even after removing the malware, then you might be viewing a corrupted EPS file. Check if you can open the files on another PC. If you cannot open them, you should try to have a fresh copy of the files. But if you can open this on other devices, then the issue is within your computer.

The Bottom Line:

In this article, we have discussed what is EPS File and other details about it, for instance, the advantages and disadvantages of it. Moreover, we have elaborated the difference between an EPS and a PDF file and the difference between an EPS and an SVG file so that you can decide for which kind of format you need to go.

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Pixel 8a Specification

Pixel 8a Specification

After almost a decade and a lot of innovations, most of the smartphones hardly come with a differentiating edge. In this kind of market, you definitely want to have a device that will work for every type of activity — whether it’s gaming or photography. So, if you are looking for a smartphone with a perfect balance of all features, Google Pixel 8a should be the ideal pick.

Price and Availability of Pixel 8a:

There are four different models of pixel 8a. The price of the GKV4X and G8HHN models are $ 499.00 and £ 499.00, respectively. On the other hand, the G6GPR model is available at C$ 679.99. Besides, the G576D model costs € 549.00. The cost of Google Pixel 8a is three-tenths less than the price of Pixel 8. However, its pricing is nearly 25% higher than its 7a version.

Google debuted Pixel 7a on stage at an I/O 2023 event. So, people expected Google to repeat it this year. But the company could not wait. So, it launched Pixel 8a already on May 7th, 2024.

Design Of Pixel 8a:

This new model resembles Pixel 7a and Pixel 8, which are the closest predecessors of Google Pixel. The materials used in this model are the same as the A-series lineage. Besides, this device comes with more rounded corners, which were introduced in Google flagships 2023. This model is equipped with a rounded frame and comes in a more curved design.

However, the Pixel 7a’s boxy design is gone, while creating a gap between the Pixel 8 and the upcoming Pixel 9 series.

This model comes in the same colors as Pixel 8, including — Obsidian (black), Bay (blue) and Porcelain (white), however slightly modified. This model is powered by the Google Tensor G3 chip. In addition, it is equipped with up to 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. Moreover, the device has 18W wired and 7,5 watt Qi1 wireless charging.


This smartphone comes with a 1080p OLED display, which is 6.1 inches in size. In addition, the device comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor. It may sound quite similar to the Pixel 8’s Actua display and all the usual connectivity options that we expect from a modern smartphone model.

The display of this Pixel 8a is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. Besides, the frame consists of aluminum, which protects the device from accidental drops and dings. Gorilla Glass 3 is much more brittle compared to the Gorilla Glass Victus ( used on Pixel 8 smartphones) or Gorilla Glass Victus 2 ( used on the Pixel 8 Pro smartphones).

This model comes with a plastic back, which can provide a matte finish and offers extra grip. However, using a durable case is recommended. This device’s IP 67 rating makes it resistant to dust and water.


It is equipped with wide and ultrawide sensors, which are quite the same as the phone from the previous year. While the main camera is 64 MP, it comes with a 13MP camera and can provide you with a 120° field of view for group shots. This company is always working to improve its post-processing prowess. This new model is expected to come with the capability to capture great photos like the 2023 A-series device.

Software And OS Updates:

It runs Android 14. Later in this year, the device will be updated to Android 15 like other modern pixel smartphones. Google has recently rolled out several new AI features such as Magic Editor, Audio Magic Eraser, and Circle to Search— all of which are available in the updates. However, the company is not expected to come up with anything new for this specific rollout.

But in this model you can see the Gemini Nano feature for on-device AI tools. However, the device may be limited behind developer access like the Pixel 8 smartphone.

A significant software change with this model is the updated policy of it. Google offers seven years of OS upgrades along with security updates like the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro models.

This new model includes Feature Drops also. In addition, this model guaranteed software support until 2031. Thus, the smartphone has become the cheapest one that comes with such a long road ahead of it, as the A-series lineup of Samsung can offer a maximum of 5 years of security patches and four OS upgrades.

Important Features That Pixel 8a Is Available With:

  • Google One Included For Three Months:

This new model has 100 GB of cloud storage, which Google One provides for three months. Besides, it is capable of offering automatic phone backup for videos, images, contacts, etc.

  • Enjoy Three Months Of YouTube Premium:

This new model offers three months of YouTube Premium. Therefore, you can easily enjoy the YouTube videos you prefer and listen to more than a hundred million songs without any ads in the YouTube Music app. Moreover, you are able to play songs and videos in the background and when you are offline.

  • Enjoy Six Months Of Fitbit Premium:

You can enjoy Fitbit Premium for six months. This plan helps to motivate you by letting you access different wellness content like workouts, mindfulness sessions, healthy recipes, etc. Besides, the free app comes with several enhanced features that can be used to track steps and log activity on this model.

8 Things You Will Definitely Love About The Pixel 8a:

This most recent A-series model is the latest addition to the family of Pixel smartphones. Let’s see the eight things you would love about this model.

  1. Excellent Screen:

You will find photos on this smartphone even better than you used to. This new Actua display of this smartphone is 40% brighter than the Google Pixel 7a. There is also an option to add text to your lock screen. You can announce who your phone belongs to, add a nice hello to yourself, write out your most favourite lyric, or leave a gentle reminder.

  1. Setup Tips And Setting Prompts:

The thing you will definitely love about this model is how it helps through the setup process. You are able to start using your smartphone right away with the different prompts and suggestions. Once you buy this new model, you need to place it near the old Pixel phone. Then, you should allow it to transfer all important data wirelessly to Google Pixel 8a.

As soon as you complete the initial setup, you will be asked if you wish to enable any setting for different apps when you use them for the first time. You can even see various suggestions to trigger apps. Remember that these tips and prompts will not remain forever. These are just intros you get while using your device after setup.

  1. Gemini— The Built-in Personal Assistant:

Once you download the Gemini app, you need to choose how to activate the feature. Hence, you can hold down the power button easily. Then, you can ask the app to do simple activities. For instance, the app can summarize inbox or surface info from Google Drive. You can also do creative tasks with the app, like writing a note or featuring a meal plan.

With the help of the app, you are capable of attaching images to a question. This app allows you to get more info about something you view online or in your gallery, or the photo you captured in real-time.

  1. Incredible Photos And Image Editing:

Generally, Pixels can capture awesome images. It is the first A-series phone with outstanding photography and editing features using AI like Magic Editor and Best Take. Remember that AI editing is not only for images, this model comes with Audio Magic Eraser that was already available on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro models. This feature is capable of removing unnecessary background noise from videos.

  1. Pixel Tips Are Front And Center During Setup:

Pixel Tips refer to a collection of suggestions available on Pixel to provide you with an idea of everything you have. The welcome screen of this new device during initial setup comes with a simple link directing to Pixel Tips with a “Tap for Tips” option. When you open Pixel Tips for the first time, you will get a pop-up which will ask you if you are willing to connect to any nearby Pixel device in order to get the most out of using the family of the device.

  1. It Fits Perfectly In Pocket:

This model can get fitted in your pocket perfectly. The engineering team aimed to make the model the most durable so that it would last for a long time. The most incredible news is that the A-series phone has seven years of software support. The upgraded matte back of this model will feel very secure in your hand.

  1. A Lot Of Storage:

Generally, when you buy an A-series phone, you get a smaller and inexpensive model with less storage. If you want to buy a pocket-friendly phone, then you will be glad to know that this latest model is available in a 256GB option. So, you are able to take many and many photos and videos.

  1. Makes Scanning Simple:

You can use this smartphone as a scanner to photograph receipts, financial documents, passport photos, etc. After that, you are able to save the documents as text or PDF. You can get this feature available in a Feature Drop. As soon as you point your camera to scan the object or anything else, you will see the scan option automatically to take an image and separate the document from the thing, which is behind it.

After that, you will be able to use the Clean tool and drag your finger over areas you are willing to fix. In addition, you can see an option allowing you to remove shadows. Finally, you are able to save it to your Drive folder. Then, you can download or share it.

The Bottom Line:

In this article, we have covered almost all the features of Pixel 8a, like its design, software updates, display, camera, etc, while mentioning the eight things that you will definitely love about this model. We are assuming that the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro would be the best Android smartphones that Google has ever released. If Google is able to replicate that success with this latest model, which is a mid-range variant within the Pixel 8 series, it can be one of the best devices that people can buy this year and save some cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will there be a Pixel 8a?

This model was announced on May 7, 2024, and set to ship on May 14.

  1. What is the body material of the pixel 8a?

The frame of this model consists of aluminium, and the back part is made of plastic. This model comes with Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

  1. Will the Pixel 8a have seven years of updates?

Yes, this device comes with seven years of updates from when it was first available in the United States on the Google Store. Besides, like other devices like Pixel 8, and Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel 8a comes with OS and security updates for seven years. Moreover, the model could have new and upgraded features with Feature Drops.

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Apple Unveils iOS 18 Accessibility Features, Including AI-Powered Eye Tracking

Apple Unveils iOS 18 Accessibility Features, Including AI-Powered Eye Tracking

Apple recently unveiled some new and exciting accessibility features in iOS 18. Apple Unveils iOS 18 Accessibility Features, Including AI-Powered Eye Tracking. These new features, such as Taptic Engine, Eye Tracking, Vocal Shortcuts, Music Haptics, and more for iOS and iPad OS can empower people with disabilities.

The company said that these features are ready to hit the market later 2024 and are expected to be a part of the iOS 18 update. You can expect the features to be available with other future software updates such as iPadOS 18, and visionOS 2. When it comes to talking about accessibility features, this tech giant never fails to impress its users. This year again, these new and exciting accessibility features are announced by Apple in order to help users with disabilities. Among the beneficial features that Apple previewed, eye tracking grabs the most attention. It is a unique feature of Apple Vision Pro and will be available on iPhone and iPad.

What Did Apple Say?

In order to enrich lives, Apple always tries to bring innovative features while having faith in the transformative power of innovation. That’s why this tech giant has championed inclusive design while embedding accessibility at the core of their hardware as well as software. Their intention is always to push the boundaries of the technology level and through these new features, Apple is trying to provide the best experience to its users.

iOS 18 Accessibility Features To Look For:

Eye Tracking:

Eye tracking is a feature powered by AI. This feature enables you to navigate your device with your eyes if you are an iPhone or iPad user. It is similar to what was seen on the Apple Vision Pro. This Eye Tracking feature on iPhones and iPads is mainly designed for people with physical disabilities to allow them to control their devices by looking at them.

In this case, a front-facing camera is used in order to determine the element you are viewing. As a user, you only need to gaze at a button to make this highlighted. After that, you need to hold the gaze for a few seconds so that you can select the button using your eyes. You can see every data stored on your device because of the on-device machine learning technology. The best thing is that all data will remain protected and will not even be shared with Apple.

This feature can work across iOS and iPadOS apps. So there is no need to use extra hardware or accessories. If you are willing to activate any element and also access functions including swipes, physical buttons, and other gestures with eyes, your job is to use the Dwell Control.

Music Haptics:

This feature is designed especially for people with hearing disability. It helps them to experience music on their iPhones via haptic feedback (powered by Taptic Engine). Once you enable this accessibility feature, the Taptic Engine will begin playing textures, taps as well as refined vibration to the music’s audio. Developers get this feature as an API because of which music can be accessed more easily in their apps. It can work for many songs in the Apple Music catalogue.

Vocal Shortcuts:

iPhone and iPad users are capable of designating Siri with verbal instructions using the feature. Thus, they are able to launch shortcuts and complete actions. Atypical Speech is one of the features which let you widen the scope of speech recognition. Apple says that the vocal shortcut feature has the ability to recognize vocal patterns via ML technology.

Vehicle Motion Cues:

For iPhone and iPad users, it is a new experience. With the help of this feature, reducing motion sickness is possible for those people who are in moving vehicles. According to research, a sensory conflict between your view and your feelings causes motion sickness. As a result, users may not use their iPhone or iPad comfortably while in a moving vehicle.

With this feature, animated dots on the screen edges help to represent changes in vehicle motion so that it can reduce sensory conflict without interfering with the actual content. This feature uses the built-in sensors of iPhone and iPad to recognize when you are in a moving vehicle and according to this, it will respond. In order to show the feature on your iPhone automatically, you can set it. Moreover, you are able to turn the feature on or off in the Control Center.

Enhanced CarPlay Accessibility:

CarPlay is going to be available with three new accessibility features, including sound recognition, color filters, and voice control.

  • Voice Control:

With the help of voice control feature, you can navigate CarPlay. It allows you to use your voice in order to control apps.

  • Sound Recognition:

This feature is able to alert drivers to nearby sirens and is mainly designed for the deaf or those who have hearing issues.

  • Color Filters:

This feature improves the CarPlay interface for color-blind users.

These features, which can be launched with iOS 18, give a hint at a major focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence technology at the future WWDC event.

VisionOS Accessibility Updates:

VisionOS is expected to bring new accessibility features such as Smart Invert, Live Captions for FaceTime, and a Dim Flashing Lights feature to boost usability for all users.

  • Live Captions: It can help you to follow spoken dialogue in apps and live conversations.
  • Apple Vision Pro Updates: These will enhance the caption control. Also, it offers support for more hearing devices.
  • Additional Vision Accessibility Updates: It comes with Smart Invert and Reduce Transparency features which are useful for people with low vision.

These features are already available in the Apple Vision Pro in order to provide a flexible input system as well as an intuitive interface that is designed to aid the maximum number of users. With the help of VoiceOver, Zoom, and Color Filters features, blind people or users with low vision can access spatial computing. Moreover, you are capable of controlling Vision Pro with your hands, eyes or voice. In this case, you need to use accessibility features such as Switch Control, Sound Actions, etc. In addition, a feature called Dwell Control exists that is beneficial for people with physical disabilities.

Additional Updates:

  • VoiceOver: This feature will come with new voices, custom volume control, a flexible Voice Rotor, etc which are advantageous for blind people or the users with low vision. Besides, Mac users can use the feature to customize VoiceOver keyboard shortcuts.
  • Magnifier: The Magnifier will be available with a new Reader Mode. In addition, it will include an option allowing you to easily launch Detection Mode with the Action button.
  • Braille Screen Input: Braille users will be able to get a new way in order to start as well as stay in Braille Screen Input for faster control & text editing. Moreover, the Japanese language will be available for Braille Screen Input. It will be compatible with multi-line braille with Dot Pad. There will be an option letting you choose different input and output tables.
  • Hover Typing: People with low vision can use the hover typing feature to see larger text when they type in a text field and in their preferred font & color.
  • Personal Voice: If you are one of those who is at risk of losing speaking ability, then you should use the Personal Voice feature, which is available in Mandarin Chinese. If you can’t pronounce or read full sentences easily, you should create a Personal Voice using shortened phrases.
  • Live Speech: This feature will be available for non-speaking users. It adds categories as well as simultaneous compatibility with Live Captions.

More iOS 18 Accessibility Features:

  • Virtual Trackpad for AssistiveTouch: This feature is useful for people with physical disabilities, as it allows them to control their devices using the screen’s small region as a resizable trackpad.
  • Switch Control: This feature comes with an option with the help of which using camera to recognize finger-tap gestures as switches in iPhones and iPads will be possible.
  • Voice Control: It is one of the features that provides support for complex words and custom vocabulary.
  • You can see the Hover Typing experience and the new Reader Mode in Magnifier on iPhone 15 Pro.

Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day With Apple:

Apple brings new exciting features along with some curated collections to celebrate the Global Accessibility Awareness Day:

  • Apple Store locations can host free sessions, allowing the customers to explore these accessibility features.
  • You can visit Apple Support to learn the way of customization using default accessibility features. Apple Accessibility playlist allows users to learn the way of personalizing Apple Vision Pro, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac by helping them to adapt the gestures to customize the way in which information is presented on the screen of the device.

The Bottom Line:

Apple, the tech giant has previewed a few accessibility features which are expected to arrive with iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and visionOS 2 later 2024. Some important accessibility features of iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 include— Eye Tracking, Vocal Shortcuts, Vehicle Motion Cues, Music Haptics, and CarPlay improvements. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you can navigate your device with your eyes using the eye tracking feature.

Frequently Asked Question: 

  1. Do iPhones track your eyes?

Yes. The eye-tracking feature of iPhones, which is useful for people who are disabled physically, uses Artificial Intelligence and the front-facing camera in order to calibrate in seconds to permit the users to navigate their iPad and iPhone with their eyes.

  1. Which iPhone is best for blind users?

The iPhone 15 Plus is considered the best model for visually impaired users as this model comes with a large screen and extensive accessibility features.

  1. Can you use Apple Vision with one eye?

Yes, you are able to adjust the settings to use Apple Vision with only one eye.


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How to Set Up Stolen Device Protection in iOS?

How to Set Up Stolen Device Protection in iOS?

A new feature is introduced by Apple for iPhones and the feature is called Stolen Device Protection. If someone is attempting to access your iPhone, it will provide additional security to your iPhone. Besides, the feature offers security when anyone tries to change the sensitive settings of your iPhone. This crucial security feature is introduced with iOS 17.3 and helps to keep your device protected when it is stolen. If you are away from any location like your workplace or home, it helps you by offering a security layer. Therefore, if someone has stolen your iPhone, the feature ensures that your accounts and personal information remain protected. Now, let’s learn how to set up Stolen Device Protection in iOS.

What Is The iPhone’s Stolen Device Protection?

It is an optional security setting which has introduced extra steps when you or someone will try to access your personal data in an unfamiliar location. Suppose you are using your device in your home or workplace. You will not see any change in your iPhone. But once you use it in a less frequent location, you get to see iOS adding more steps to accessing sensitive information, including different Apple ID details or payment information.

About Stolen Device Protection:

If you are not in any of your familiar places and have turned on the feature already, a few actions and features will have extra security requirements. With these requirements, you can ensure that no one can make any critical changes to your device or account despite knowing your passcode or stealing your iPhone.

  • Face ID Or Touch ID Biometric Authentication:

    A few actions need a single biometric authentication with Touch ID or Face ID. For instance, accessing credit cards or stored passwords need this. And there will not be any passcode alternative or fallback option.

  • Security Delay:

    If you want to change your Apple ID password, you need to wait for an hour. After that, you need to perform a Touch ID authentication or a second Face ID.

When your device is stolen, you can stop a thief from doing some unwanted things using the security delay feature. It allows you to mark the iPhone as lost. Thus, you will be able to ensure that your Apple account is secured. So you need to know what are the essential things to do when your device is stolen or lost.

If you are using your device in one of the common places, you do not need these extra steps. So, using your device passcode is possible like normal. Some of the familiar locations are your workplace, home and some locations where you often use your iOS device. If you want, then set up the feature to always require these extra security measures also when you are using your iPhone in a familiar location.

The feature was introduced with the release of iOS 17.3 or later. Ensure that you enable this feature before your device is stolen or lost. Now, let’s learn what stolen device protection can do and how to set up this protection in iOS.

What Does Stolen Device Protection in iOS Do?

As soon as a person accesses your device, they are able to change your Apple ID password. Therefore, you will be unable to unlock your account. It is not even possible to turn on the Lost Mode on your device using Find My. In order to prevent this, the feature limits the locations where it is possible to take specific actions on your iPhone. Suppose your device is not currently in a familiar location.

Biometric authentication:

In that case. Biometric authentication is necessary for the following actions, which are not possible to be performed with only a passcode:

  • Seeing Apple Card virtual card number.
  • Using passwords or passkeys that are saved in Keychain
  • Disabling Lost Mode
  • Trying to apply for a new Apple Card
  • Auto-fill payment methods in Safari
  • Erasing all content and settings
  • Using the iPhone in order to set up another new device
  • Taking Apple Cash and Savings actions in the Wallet

The security is capable of adding a security delay for other actions when you are not using an iPhone in a familiar location. You should use Touch ID or Face ID, and then you need to authenticate it.

Security Delay:

Thereafter, you need to wait for an hour before doing the actions mentioned below:

  • Turning off Stolen Device Protection
  • Signing out of your Apple ID
  • Changing the Apple ID password you have.
  • Updating the security settings of your Apple ID ( for instance, adding or removing a reliable device, Recovery Contact or Recovery Key)
  • Changing the iPhone passcode you have
  • Adding or removing Touch ID or Face ID
  • Resetting All Settings
  • Turning off Find My

In order to mark your iPhone as lost, the one-hour security delay is more than sufficient when your iPhone is physically stolen. As a user, you are capable of using the Find My app on your device or on another device of yours or you can use the device of someone else.

How To Set Up Stolen Device Protection In iOS:

If you want to use this, you must require iOS 17.3 or later. In addition, it is necessary to have a device where you have enabled Touch ID or Face ID and turned on the Significant Locations settings. When you have done these tasks already, you can turn on this extra security within a few steps.

The below steps are especially for iOS 17.4 and later. The company added an option which lets you use the additional protection while you are even at familiar locations. People who are on 17.3 can toggle on the security without any extra steps. Let’s learn now how to turn on the security feature on your iOS device.

  • Your first job is to open the Settings application.
  • Then, you need to tap on Face ID & Passcode.
  • Next, typing in the passcode is your task.
  • After scrolling down, your job is to tap on the security.
  • Finally, you need to toggle on the Stolen Device Protection.

You need to choose Always, which is available under Require Security delay if you need extra delay time everytime. Or you can choose Away From Familiar Locations if you need the delay only when you are away from any common place.

How To Turn On Or View Significant Locations On An iPhone:

This security needs to use Significant Locations. This setting uses the most frequented location of your phone to add features in Car Play, Maps, etc. But now, it is impossible to customise the data. Based on the location of your device, Significant Locations data has been generated over time. It is possible to see the data’s summary or you are capable of clearing the data when you move to a new house.

If you are willing to access your Significant Location settings, these are the steps you need to follow:

  • Your first task is to open the Settings app.
  • Then, your job is to tap on Privacy & Security.
  • After that, you need to tap on Location Services.
  • Now, selecting System Services is your job at the page’s bottom.
  • Your task thereafter is to find Significant Locations and tap on it.
  • Then, you are capable of turning on or off Significant Locations. You can also view the location of your home or clear out the existing data.

Stolen Device Protection in iOS has Its Caveats:

But this security has a drawback which is that it does not remain active in familiar locations. Suppose a person has got your passcode and then he or she is attempting to change something to the device at your work, home or other familiar locations. If it’s the case, the security feature will not prevent them from doing this. So, ensure that you are not entering your passcode when someone is near you or seeing you to do this.

When another person gets access to your device with the passcode, they can access even your other accounts except your Apple account, where they may be unable to make any changes. However, they might try to access your social media accounts and say that they forgot the password. Then, the site is going to share a new password to the given email ID. Thieves can access the email addresses on the iPhone and get the new passwords. Thereafter, they are able to buy different things and access accounts and social media history. 

Issues That Can Be Created By Security Delay:

The security delay might pose an issue. Suppose you have traded in the old models of iPhones at Apple stores. And you need to turn off Find My and erase the device. In order to do so, you need to disable the security feature before you proceed. But you may need to wait for an hour after trying for the first time, in case the Apple Store is an unfamiliar place.

That’s why it is recommended to turn off Stolen Device Protection at work or home when you are willing to trade in or sell the iPhone. Ensure that you do this before navigating to an Apple Store or another place. So, if you ask, should you need to turn on Stolen Device Protection? Then, you should know that turning on this security setting is a good idea.

Good Practices In public:

Although you have turned on the feature, these are the practices you should remember always:

  • Ensure that you are not giving your iPhone over to strangers to connect on social media, get contact details, etc.
  • You should not enter the passcode of your device in public places. Rather than that, you need to use Face ID or Touch ID.
  • When you are not using an iPhone, you need to put this in your bag, pocket or purse.
  • You must not connect to open public WiFi networks.
  • Ensure that you are not using any public phone charger.

What Happens If Your iPhone Is Stolen?

It is an extra layer which is added to an existing suite of tools. Stolen Device Protection security feature doesn’t allow thieves to steal sensitive information or erase your iPhone. 

Apple’s Find My permits users to use a web browser or another device in order to locate a missing device. When you realize that your iPhone is stolen, instead of being misplaced, you need to use the Find My tool to mark the device as lost. Thereafter, you are able to use a passcode to lock your iPhone. Additionally, the tool showcases a custom message. For instance, it is possible to see a message saying where to return the phone in case it is lost.

You can also use a web browser in order to change the Apple ID password. Also, Apple lets you erase your iPhone or iPad remotely. Remember that although the warranty can’t recover theft or loss, you can get theft protection from AppleCare+ With Theft and Loss.

The Bottom Line:

When your device is stolen, you can not ensure that your sensitive information remains safe only by enabling the security feature. As soon as someone has stolen your iPhone and accessed your passcode, they are capable of making changes easily in third-party apps. Here, we have discussed How To Set Up Stolen Device Protection In iOS. For any doubts or confusion, you can ask us via comments.

Frequently Asked Questions  

  1. What Devices Does It Apply To?

It is applicable to devices like

IPhone XS and other newer models— second- and third-generation SE models.

  1. How can you stop someone from using your stolen iPhone?

With the help of Lost Mode, you are capable of locking your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple Watch or Mac. It allows you to prevent others from accessing your personal information.

  1. Why is stolen device protection not available?

In order to enable this feature, it is essential to enable the two-factor authentication for your Apple ID. Besides, your device should have a Face ID, a passcode, or a Touch ID. Also, ensure that you have enabled Find My.

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Unlocking Hope: Digital Signage in Rehab Marketing

Unlocking Hope: Digital Signage in Rehab Marketing

Welcome to a journey of transformation, a path paved with perseverance, and a beacon of hope flickering in the darkness. If you or someone you know has wrestled with the grip of addiction, you understand the pain, the struggle, and the longing for a way out. In this digital age, where connectivity is at our fingertips, the realm of rehab marketing has embraced a powerful ally – Digital Signage.

Navigating the Depths: Understanding Rehab Marketing

Rehab Marketing Unveiled

Imagine this scenario: a person, let’s call him Jack, is trapped in the suffocating grip of addiction, desperately seeking a lifeline to pull him ashore. This is where rehab marketing steps in, extending a compassionate hand, offering a path to recovery. Drug rehab marketing, a subset of this field, focuses specifically on guiding individuals towards the specialized assistance they need.

The Wad of Despair

Let me share a brief anecdote that paints a vivid picture of despair. Picture a crumpled wad of paper tossed carelessly into the corner of a room. Each crinkle, a metaphor for the emotional turmoil of someone entangled in the web of addiction. Just like that wad, there is a longing to unfold, to smooth out the creases, and find a renewed sense of purpose. Rehab marketing is that guiding force, gently unfolding the layers of despair and offering a path to recovery.

The Digital Signage Revolution

Digital Signage: A Beacon of Light

Now, imagine stepping into a rehab facility, and instead of cold, sterile walls, you are welcomed by vibrant, dynamic displays. Digital signage has revolutionized the way rehab centers communicate, creating an environment that is not just about healing but also about empowerment. It’s more than just screens; it’s a lifeline of information, connection, and motivation.

A KTH Moment: Embracing Technology

Let me take you back to a moment – a KTH moment, if you will. KTH, an abbreviation for “Keep The Hope,” symbolizes the transformative power of embracing technology in rehab marketing. Picture this: a group therapy session, where individuals, previously isolated in their struggles, find a shared sense of strength through a digital display showcasing success stories, encouraging quotes, and reminders of the journey ahead. In this moment, the power of technology becomes a catalyst for change, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

Weaving Digital Threads: The Impact of Digital Signage

Unveiling the Healing Canvas

Digital signage transforms the rehab space into a healing canvas, weaving together threads of inspiration and guidance. From informative videos highlighting the rehabilitation process to real-time testimonials from those who have conquered their demons, every pixel on the screen contributes to the tapestry of recovery. It’s more than just advertising; it’s a lifeline, a promise of transformation.

Breaking the Silence with Digital Voices

In the silence of addiction, voices often go unheard. Digital signage amplifies these voices, turning silent struggles into powerful narratives. YOU, the person seeking recovery, are not alone. YOU are part of a community that understands, empathizes, and believes in the strength within YOU. Drug rehab marketing through digital signage bridges the gap between isolation and community, reminding individuals that their stories matter.

Navigating the Digital Landscape: A Guide for Rehab Marketing

The Power of Personalized Guidance

In the realm of rehab marketing, personalization is key. YOU are not just a statistic; you are an individual with a unique journey. Digital signage allows for personalized guidance, tailoring information to specific needs, ensuring that YOU receive the support necessary for YOUR journey to recovery.

Digital Signage: More Than Words

Consider this: a digital display not only communicates vital information but also serves as a visual anchor for motivation. YOU walk into a rehab center, and the screen welcomes YOU with a personalized message, reinforcing the commitment to YOUR recovery. It’s more than words; it’s a gesture, a virtual hand reaching out to guide YOU through the challenging yet transformative path ahead.

Embracing the Future: The Role of Digital Signage in Rehab Marketing

A Constant Companion in Recovery

As technology evolves, so does its role in rehab marketing. Digital signage becomes a constant companion in the recovery journey, adapting to the ever-changing needs of individuals seeking transformation. YOU are not static, and neither is your journey. Digital signage, with its dynamic capabilities, evolves with YOU, offering relevant information, motivation, and support at every turn.

The Ever-Growing Community of Hope

In the expansive landscape of rehab marketing, the community of hope continues to grow. Digital signage connects YOU to this community, creating a network of shared experiences, triumphs, and encouragement. As YOU walk through the doors of a rehab center, the screens become a window into a world where recovery is not just a destination but a continuous journey shared with others who understand.

In conclusion, the fusion of digital signage and rehab marketing is more than a partnership; it’s a lifeline, a beacon of hope in a world often overshadowed by despair. YOU, the individual seeking recovery, are at the heart of this transformative journey. As the digital threads weave together, may they create a tapestry of healing, strength, and resilience, guiding YOU towards a brighter tomorrow.

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Triple Monitor Setup

Triple Monitor Setup

Multitasking has become necessary to the daily work routine in today’s fast-paced digital world. However, it is challenging to manage multiple tasks simultaneously with a single monitor. It is where many monitors come into play. In order to increase productivity, multitask efficiently, and smoothen workflow, you need to set up multiple monitors. You are capable of displaying many windows, apps and documents side-by-side with more screen estate. Let’s dig into the article to learn more about the Triple Monitor Setup.

What Is A Triple Monitor Setup?

A triple monitor setup refers to three monitors that are connected to a single source — a computer or laptop — in order to display one image. Several cables are able to connect a laptop to three monitors like HDMI, BGA, or Thunderbolt three.

Is A Triple Monitor Setup Worth It?

Yes, it is able to increase productivity & improve your work or gaming experience. Whether you are a creative freelancer, a professional who works from home or a gamer, you are capable of reaping the advantages of a laptop with multiple screens.

Why Do You Need To Use Multiple Monitors?

Multiple monitors can offer several advantages, such as:

  • Increased Productivity:

With multiple monitors, it is possible to open many apps simultaneously. Thus, you can switch between them seamlessly. Therefore, you do not need to switch between windows. It helps to save time & increase productivity constantly.

  • Multitasking:

Multiple monitors enable you to work on many tasks simultaneously and make multitasking simpler to do. Remember that it is beneficial for professionals who work on various projects simultaneously.

  • More Screen Real Estate:

Multiple monitors can offer more screen real estate, the result of which is that you get more space to work with. It is useful for programmers, designers, and professionals who work with many apps and Windows.

  • Enhanced Viewing Experience:

Multiple monitors deliver a better viewing experience so that you can see various apps and windows side-by-side. It is beneficial for video editors & photographers who are willing to compare many videos or images.

These are the advantages that you can get while using multiple monitors. However, a few users can find more benefits in particular fields like live streaming, data analysis, & video conferencing.

Cons Of Triple-Monitor Desk Setup: 

  • Expensive – Undoubtedly, a triple monitor setup is costly with all the hardware requirements.
  • Space Required – If you are planning to set up three monitors, remember that it will require enough space on your desk. In fact, you need to have a very spacious desk so that there will be enough space to keep other items as well.
  • Time For Adjustment – If you are going to use the triple monitor setup for the first time, it will take a certain time to get used to. Although it seems great from the outside, to adjust your eyes to different dimensions of the monitors, you will require some practice.

Features To Consider When Choosing The Triple Monitors For Laptops:

You have to look for particular features to ensure that your selected portable monitor is the correct fit for you.


This factor is paramount. You need to select the ideal size, which depends on the size of your laptop’s screen. Besides, you have to consider for which purpose you require this. If you are willing to design or edit multiple code lines, you can go with a slightly bigger size. 


It is another factor which you have to think about. You have to determine whether you need the monitor at home or lug this around with you to school, a coffee shop, etc. Ensure that the monitor you will carry has to be comfortable. Besides, it must not seem like a burden while making longer or more frequent trips.

Screen Clarity:

It is essential for a second or 3rd screen. As meetings in the office are common, the screen needs to be clear when a person shares the screen with you. You have to give importance to screen clarity when you code, edit images or videos, or design logos. On the flip side, a 4K resolution isn’t a must for gaming.

Multi Connectivity:

The screens must be capable of connecting to your laptop & other devices. It will be best, if you select a USB C or USB A connection. The reason is that it is the new standard for most devices.

Screen Protector:

You should keep your tri-screen laptop protected from being scratched at home or on the go. The longevity of your portable screen relies on the existence of the screen protector. Try to cover the bases when you make a big investment.

Power Supply:

Ensure that your screen has to be battery-operated. Or it does not leech on too much of the laptop’s power.

Multiple Monitors Increase Your Productivity:

Within this setup, you are able to boost your productivity in different ways. When you work, the additional display will assist you in performing different tasks. It lets you create a more efficient workflow. Besides, when you multitask, there will be no need to flip between screens.

Why Should Triple Monitor Setup Be Done?

These are the tasks that multiple screens can make easier.

  1. Work And Conferencing:

Are you a professional who is working from home? Then, you must be familiar with the meetings on your laptop with team members. Whenever it comes to remote work, communication plays a vital role. The job can be easier with the help of triple monitors. You are capable of conducting a Zoom call with team members on a screen & using the other in order to polish up a few of your work or share a screen.

Tri-screen laptops help you in multitasking. You don’t need to switch between screens. Besides, you are able to listen in on the meeting while ticking something off the to-do list.

  1. Gaming:

A triple-screen setup can easily help you to enhance your gaming experience. The reason is that it can generate a more wholesome experience.

  1. Video Clips Or Programming:

Sometimes, you may have to learn a new technique or need to take the help of a tech guy to explain how a problem is solved in a video. A triple-screen setup enables you to pull up the video on one screen, and fix the issue on the other, or you are able to follow along with what the guy is doing. It makes the procedure more seamless to get through.

  1. Streaming:

What could be better than one screen for streaming? Three! You are able to create an immersive experience with a triple-screen setup.

  1. Sharing:

Several people need to present physically at work, share collected data or anything else. It relies on your role. You are capable of sharing your screen & communicating with the team more efficiently using this setup.

  1. Creating:

If you are a graphic designer and illustrator, you will benefit by having multiple screens, as these let you look closely at your work. The reason is that you need to ensure that each detail is perfect.

Connecting Multiple Monitors:

You first have to check the number of monitors that your GPU is able to support. In addition, you have to check the available number of graphic ports like DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA. If you do not have a discrete graphics card, you will only get to see two ports.

In most cases, motherboards are able to run with only two monitors set up while they have their integrated graphics. But when you have a discrete graphics card, at least three ports will be there, excluding those available on your motherboard.

For a multi-monitor setup, users are capable of using ports on their graphics card & motherboard. While moving Windows between monitors, performance drop or lag is something you will experience.

Your graphics card may have three or more ports. However, it does not indicate that you are able to use them all simultaneously. You have to check if the available graphics card is compatible with multiple monitors.

If you are willing to find the graphics card’s name on Windows 8, these are the steps you should follow:

  • Your first task is to tap on Windows+I.
  • Then, you need to head toward the Control Panel.
  • After that, your task is to tap on Device Manager.
  • Now, your task is to tap on the arrow beside Display Adapters.
  • You will see the name of your graphics card under this.

For Windows 10:

Windows 10 users need to follow these steps:

  • First, you have to navigate to the Control Panel.
  • Next, you need to tap on Display.
  • After that, your task is to move to Screen Resolution.
  • Then, you have to tap on Advanced Settings.
  • Now, you should tap on the Adapter tab.

As soon as you have found the graphics card’s name, you need to do these steps:

  • Your first task is to Google the graphics card’s name.
  • Now, you should look for its product specifications.
  • The number of monitors supported by your GPU is available under Processor Graphics information.

Alternative Way:

It is possible to daisy-chain those monitors that have DisplayPort and are compatible with multi-streaming from a single DisplayPort connection on your Graphics card. There is no need to have displays of the same size. For instance, the size of the main display is 27 inches, whereas 24″ is the size of two other displays with a super-thin bezel. They work together in an exceptional way.

Know Your Ports:

Let’s know about different ports on systems and monitors.

DisplayPort: It is the latest digital standard for ports. You can use them to connect monitors & computers. These look like a USB but with one angle on one side. You should use this if the PC & monitor have one.


This standard port is used to connect different video devices. It can provide similar video quality to DVI. Besides, it is able to offer audio through cable.


It stands for Digital Video Interface. This digital standard port is used to connect monitors to computers. These come in color-coded with white labels or plastic. It can provide video quality similar to HDMI.


This term stands for Video Graphics Array. It refers to an analog standard port that you can use to connect computers & monitors. They come in color-coded with a blue label or plastic. As these are analog connectors, they are capable of creating considerably fuzzier images with less vivid pictures. So, you need to use this only when no other connectors are available.

Time To Pick Your Monitors


After ensuring that your system is compatible with many monitors, let’s learn about picking monitors before knowing how to set up multiple monitors with a single laptop. Generally, monitors are available at reasonable prices, and have a good display.

Do you not want to go for a second-hand monitor? Then, you need to go with a 24-inch Acer with an IPS display. But gamers would require a full off-axis view with a slower response time. Hence, you can choose a 24″ Asus with a TN screen. You are even capable of selecting a smaller IPS monitor from the HP Pavilion of 21.5 inches. If you want a budget-friendly option, a bigger 27″ monitor from ViewSonic will be a great option.

No monitor is perfect. There are several factors to consider, such as available space, current monitor, etc. In addition, determining what you are willing to do with your extra monitors is crucial in selecting the ideal one. Do you not like to play games? Then, you can choose monitors of different sizes, and make the bigger monitor your primary one. But, those who want to play games on a multi-monitor setup can have less pleasant experiences because of the variable sizes.

Before you plan to purchase a monitor, you have to ensure its input ports correspond to the ones on the output port of your system. You may use a conversion cable, but it is a hassle. In addition, you should avoid VGA ports because these are analog connectors. It makes the display less sharp & less vivid in colour. 

Triple Monitor Setup Guide

If you want, you are able to just put the monitors side by side. Definitely they will work fine. But it is not the only option. You are able to maximize your multi-screen setup based on your needs.

  • Side By Side:

Several users prefer this option for 2 or 3 monitor setups. It is the easiest setup, mainly for double or triple monitor setup. You will be able to keep an eye on many tabs and you will not need to move your head from side to side. But, it will take a lot of space on the desk. The issue can be overcome by mounting them. The best thing is you will not need a lot of planning for this very easy and functional set up.

  • Stack Them

Although this setting is the preferred option for the 4 monitor setup, it is possible to use this setting for the 3-screen monitor setup. This setting helps to free up a lot of desk space, but you need to crane your neck up in order to look at the other two screens. If you use this setting for triple monitor setup, you need to mount one or two screens, and keep the primary monitor at the desk.

Most of the users find this setup useful with one ultrawide monitor alongside secondary displays for 3 monitor setup, as it is difficult to put them side by side.

However, you are able to put the secondary monitor below the main one. But it may occupy a lot of space. However, it will be more comfortable for you to look at. In order to stack the monitors, you will require a stand that is capable of supporting stacking. Otherwise, you are able to mount them.

  • Landscape or Portrait

You may find a few stands that allow you to rotate the screens to 180 degrees. This setting is very useful for specific types of work, such as programming. The extra vertical view will be helpful for reading and writing the code. Does your work need more vertical space compared to horizontal space? Then, go for this setup. Do you need a lot of vertical space? Then, you need to go for an ultrawide monitor with a rotatable stand.

  • Setup for Non-Monitor Monitor

A lot of people are there who use tablets or TVs as the primary monitor. You definitely do not want a massive TV resting on the desk. Isn’t it? Then, you are able to mount the TV monitor above or beside the desk setup. You can use an extendable wall mount for pulling it closer or move it away as per your requirements. Although tablets are smaller, these are very useful. You are able to connect multiple tablets to the PC and then you can use their touch screen function for different tasks.

How to Set Up Three Monitors?

Configure Your PC:

In order to use multiple monitor setups, you have to configure your PC. It can be done in several methods.


  • Your first job is to hit the Windows logo key & P simultaneously.
  • Then, you have to select Computer (Or PC Screen) Only in order to view the pictures on your PC’s monitor.
  • You can make a duplicate to view the same pictures as your PC. It will deduct the resolution on other screens. You are able to use the option for lectures or presentations.
  • Then, you need to click & drag the title bar to extend. Now, you need to extend your windows across your screens.
  • If you are willing to use a higher resolution on the external monitors, you can use Projector (or Second Screen).

Screen Resolution Menu:

  • Your first job here is to right-click on the void space on the desktop.
  • Now, you need to choose Screen Resolution.
  • Then, you have to tap on Multiple Displays.
  • You have to choose to Extend these displays or duplicate these display options.
  • Now, you need to tap on Identify these monitors so that you can understand which of the monitors are labelled as 1,2, 3, and so on.
  • You should record them by dragging the icons in order to match the settings.
  • Next, you need to choose the screen resolution by tapping on the Resolution menu.
  • Now, you need to tap on OK.
  • Finally, your task is to restart the system.

Connecting Two Monitors to a Laptop with a Docking Station:

The process you need to follow to set up multiple monitors with a laptop using a docking station is:

  • First, you have to connect the laptop to a power outlet. Next, you need to turn on this.
  • Then, you have to connect monitors to the docking station.
  • After that, your job is to turn on the monitors.
  • If you use external USB devices or ethernet cables, you have to connect them to the docking station.
  • Now, your task is to connect the power cable to the docking station, and later, you should turn on this.
  • Next, your task is to connect the docking station to the laptop.
  • Finally, your task is to download drivers and install them for the docking stations.

How To Set Up Multiple Monitors In Windows 11:

It is simple to set up three or more monitors in Windows 11. These are the steps you have to follow:

  • Your first job is to right-click on the Desktop. Then, your task is to choose “Display settings.” Once you see the settings window, you get to see the current display(s) & some options to change them.
  • In order to set up many monitors, you need to choose the “Extend these displays” option. It lets you use both displays as separate screens instead of duplicating the same content on both.
  • As soon as you have chosen the displays that you are willing to use, you need to apply the changes by tapping on “Keep changes.” Now, you can see that your monitors are set up and ready to use. However, you are able to adjust a few things in order to optimize your multi-monitor setup.

Rearrange Monitors & Select A Main Display:

Suppose you have set up many monitors & are willing to adjust every display’s position. Then, these are the steps you have to follow.

  • You can see the monitors’ position relative to each other by looking at the boxes labelled “[1]” and “[2]”.
  • Now, you need to tap on “Identify” in order to identify which number corresponds to which display. You get to see a number on the screen of the display.
  • Thereafter, your task is to choose the display & drag it to the selected position.
  • Save the changes by tapping on the “Apply” option. You will always get to see the Windows 11 task tray, Quick Settings, & calendar on the main monitor. There are a few apps that run best on the main monitor with optimal display settings. In order to ensure this, you need to open the “Multiple displays” menu. Next, you should choose “Make this my main display.”

Thus, you are able to make sure that the important apps run on the main monitor with the optimal display settings.

Change The Size Of Text, Apps, and other Objects:

When you deal with many monitors, you can see a few text, icons, & other objects that may appear too large or too small on the screen.

  1. Automatic Scaling:

Windows 11 is able to adjust the text size and apps for the display of your monitor automatically with the purpose of optimizing it. It indicates that you will not need to adjust the settings manually for every app or text.

  1. Changing The Size Of Text, Apps, And Other Objects:

Are you willing to customize the text size, apps & other objects? Then, you should know that it can be done in the “Scale” menu. Right-click on the desktop, and thereafter, you have to choose “Display settings” to access it. Then, you need to tap on “Scale and layout” from there. You have to use the given slider to adjust the size.

  1. Changing The Display Resolution:

Do you want to change the display’s resolution? It can be done in the “Display resolution” menu. Right-click on the desktop, and thereafter, your job is to choose “Display settings” in order to access it. From there, your task is to tap on the “Display resolution” option. Then, you need to select the resolution from the given option. Once you change the resolution, it will affect the screen’s text size & apps.

How to Set Up Three Monitors In Windows 10:

As soon as you create a triple monitor setup on your Windows laptop, it will increase productivity & expand the workspace. Do you have all the essential hardware? Then, you know that it is simple to set up multiple monitors.

These are the steps you have to follow to set up a 3-monitor display on your Windows laptop:

  • You need to open Settings from the Start menu. Otherwise, you are able to hit the Windows + I keys simultaneously.
  • In the Settings menu, your task is to tap on the “System” option.
  • It is essential to make sure that you are on the “Display” tab. Next, you need to hit the “Detect” button. It enables Windows to detect all the connected displays.
  • Three monitors can be seen now that are possible to be arranged in any order. If you are willing to rearrange them, your job is to tap & drag every monitor to the chosen position.
  • As soon as you arrange your monitors, you can save the changes by hitting the “Apply” button.
  • Tap on the “Identify” button in order to identify the position of a monitor. You can then see a number on the display screen to which it is assigned.
  • You have to scroll down & then check the box adjacent to “Make this my main display” in order to turn a monitor into your primary display.
  • When you navigate to the “Scale and Layout” option in the Display settings, you are able to change the orientation or the screen resolution.

How to Set Up Three Monitors for Macbooks: 

  • First, you need to go to Finder.
  • Then, you have to go to “system settings”.
  • Now, you need to click on “displays’ ‘ that you can see in the sidebar. Otherwise, you can search “displays” in the search bar.
  • After that, your task is to select the “+” pop-up menu, which can be seen on the right, below the Mac’s name.
  • Now, your job is to choose your display.
  • In case a display isn’t showing, you need to click “detect display” on the right. Otherwise, you are able to put your Mac to sleep and then wake it.

Can Your Computer Support Three Monitors?

Remember that a computer must have proper software & hardware to support three monitors at a time. You should know that computers with even enough physical video outputs won’t even support three monitors when the driver for the graphics hardware does not have enough support for multiple displays.

Do you know what the incredible diversity of PC hardware means? It indicates that no easy and fast rule is there to determine if your PC is compatible with three monitors or not. Rather than that, you should test the physical connectors. In addition, examining the published specifications is possible for your PC’s graphics hardware.

You are able to tally the physical video outputs at the ports of your PC. But a common exception is there. Most desktops are able to handle video connections from a graphics solution at a time. Using video output is not possible from a motherboard & video card in case you have installed one.

It is necessary to check the published specifications for the available graphics hardware. You should determine the hardware used by your PC with a Windows Search for Device Manager. Your first job is to open Device Manager. Next, you need to find Display adapters in the drop-down list. You can see the graphics hardware used by your computer in order to expand the option.

Once you get to know the graphics hardware, you are capable of hitting your favourite search engine. It is essential to find a specification page or support on the company’s official website that produced the graphics hardware of the PC.

You can face difficulties in looking for the official specifications for hardware more than five years old. In this case, you need to be aware of the results from the unofficial websites. Several 3rd-party websites try to compile graphics hardware specifications. But in most cases, these are unreliable.

How Do You Connect 3 Monitors With an HDMI Splitter?

Three monitors can be connected using an HDMI splitter. However, you might not get the results you desire. Hence, you need to know what an HDMI splitter is. It refers to a video adapter that is capable of taking a single output, and then splitting it into many duplicate outputs. On multiple monitors, it is able to only display a single video output.

In simple terms, on all three monitors, you can see the same picture. So, it does not have so much use on a PC. You need to know that no simple way exists to expand a PC’s display output limitation with an adapter or a splitter. An external graphics card is the only option that can be used to extend the display output of your PC. It bypasses the default graphics hardware. This one is a costlier option and supports a small selection of PCs.

Connecting 3 Monitors With a Daisy Chain:

A daisy chain is an option used to connect three monitors. It is supported by DisplayPort 1.2, Thunderbolt 3 (or newer), and USB-C connections that include DisplayPort mode. Remember that HDMI is not compatible with daisy chains.

In a daisy chain, the first monitor is used to connect to the PC through a video output. Next, the first monitor lets you connect to the second & then the second monitor to the third. You need to know one thing: the daisy chain has limitations, though it is functional. The 1st and 2nd monitors need to have video connections that work as an output. This configuration is very rare. Therefore, you have to carefully check the specifications of the monitor you are willing to use.

Make sure that your PC supports this feature. PCs that people bought in the last few years will, but the older ones often don’t. It is essential to check the manufacturing website of your PC or the website of the company (producer of the graphics card) in order to check if Daisy chains are supported.

Tips for Better Productivity With Multiple Monitors:

Once you learn how to connect many monitors, these are the steps you should follow to increase your productivity with them.

#1) Reduce Multi-Tasking:

When you have a larger screen, you can easily access multiple things, which can increase productivity. You must organize screens in a way that shows things that are relevant to the task at hand.

#2) Take Out Distractions:

Ensure that you are not working on one screen & filling others with games or social media feeds. Several monitors enable you to see all at a time. But it does not indicate you should. You should not open anything which is not related to your work.

#3) Use Desktop Cloud-based Apps:

Cloud-based apps generally use a browser. It indicates that you need to open many browsers. Hence, you have to toggle back and forth. It can waste plenty of time. When it comes to desktop-based cloud apps, these enable you to use many monitors effectively. And the interesting thing is that you don’t even need to toggle back and forth.

#4) Adjust According To Your Eyesight:

If you are unable to see things clearly at a distance, ensure that the monitors are placed at a comfortable distance. Do you have trouble reading the small fonts? Then, you should try to make them big. When you spend less time focusing on adjusting your eyesight to the monitors, you could be able to get more done.

#5) Pick A Proper Monitor Setup:

Ensure that you set up your monitors in a way that assists you in getting a seamless view of the tasks. In addition, there is no need to use one monitor per app. If you are able to access your application on half the screen, you can use the other half for another application, which will be useful for ongoing work.

What To Look For In Triple Monitors For A Laptop? 

You have to keep in mind several things while choosing your second and third monitors. Let’s check it: 

  • Suitable Screen Size For The Laptop:

You have to find a screen that will not look awkward next to the laptop’s. Generally, the sizes of the screen range from 3.5 inches to 22 inches. So, make sure that you are choosing something that is neither too small nor too big for the size of the laptop. Basically, the screen size needs to be between 12 to 17 inches. Most of the users go for something that is the exact same size as the laptop or just a little bit smaller. 

  • High-Resolution

You need to either go for a high-resolution screen to get a better viewing experience or you can opt for something similar to the native resolution of your laptop. Generally, the extra monitors tend to be dimmer compared to a laptop at the maximum brightness levels. 

  • Auto-Rotation Display

Is this aspect important to you? Or do you need to read large chunks of text? Or do you need to work on a creative piece? Then, you have to check if the monitor that you have chosen comes with an auto-rotation display. 

  • Eye-Care Mode

You should know that harsh glare of the screen can damage your eyes, mainly if you are using it for a long period. So, it is essential to protect your eyesight from damage. Therefore, you need to look for eye-care modes when you are buying additional screens. Make sure that the screen comes with a blue-light filter in order to protect vision as well as to reduce eye strain by reducing the contrast. 

  • Multi-Device Compatibility

Are you willing to switch between devices with your monitor? Then, you should go for a screen that has multi-device compatibility. It means the screen will be able to support several devices like regular laptops or the Samsung DeX, Macbook, or Nintendo Switch. 

  • Hybrid signal input

Remember, hybrid signal input will allow you to quickly set up the screen with any laptop. In a few cases, it means quick connectivity with those laptops that have USB C or USB A port.

How To Wall-mount Multiple Monitors In Tight Workspace?

 Can’t you squeeze a second or third monitor on the desk? Then you can mount one on the wall. It is possible to do so when the desk is pressed up against the wall that can support a mounted monitor. Do you have an HP monitor? Then, it is possible to mount it on the wall using an HP B300 PC mounting bracket. You are able to easily install this bracket with the help of some simple tools. It will help to keep the monitor securely fastened to the wall.

A few brackets are available that can hold multiple monitors which are possible to be mounted onto the desk’s back edge when the wall is not an option. Choose that one, which will fit the brand as well as size of the monitor in order to confirm that the monitors are held securely in place.

 Use A Standing Desk With 3 Monitors

 These desks are one of the most popular office accessories nowadays. You definitely know that sitting for long hours is not good for health. If you use a standing desk, it will allow you to quickly transition between sitting and standing when you are working.

 Can You Close The Laptop And Still Use The External Monitor?

Yes, you can do so. You just need to tweak the settings a little.

  • First, you need to right-click on the battery icon of the laptop.
  • Then, you need to tap on Power Options.
  • Now, your task is to choose the “When I close the lid” option.
  • Next, your task is to click on Do Nothing.
  • Finally, you need to tap on Save Changes.

The Bottom Line:

When you set up multiple monitors, it allows you to enhance workflow and improve productivity. In addition, it lets you generate more space for your apps. In this article, we have discussed in detail how Triple Monitor Setup can be done. Still, if you have any queries, let us know via comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up three monitors?

An HDMI cable or DisplayPort can be used to connect three monitors. Otherwise, you are also able to use Daisy chains. Navigate to the screen resolution. Next, you should tweak the settings under the display option in order to extend or duplicate the monitors. Then, you have to select the main monitor.

  What cables do you need to set up dual monitors?

You will require an HDMI cable for a standard connection. In addition, it is also possible to use a DVI or VGA cable to set up the dual monitors.

How do you connect three monitors to your laptop with one HDMI port?

Connecting three monitors to your system is possible using an adapter or splitter with an HDMI port.

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How to Sort By Date in Excel?

How to Sort By Date in Excel?

Do you have a large data set to analyze? Then, you may need to sort them in chronological order. And Excel can do this job easily with some of its default tools. But sometimes they are unable to do what we want. Go through this article to learn about how to sort by date in Excel.

Let’s learn how to use the default functions of Excel. Then, you have to move on to the usage of the combination of built-in functions and formulas.

The built-in sort options of Excel are effective and powerful tools. But regarding sorting dates, these may not work sometimes. In this article, you will get to learn some useful tricks that will help you to learn how to sort by date in excel without mixing data.

How To Sort Excel Columns By Ascending Or Descending Date:

You can easily sort an individual column in Excel into ascending or descending date order:

  • Your first job is to select the data you are willing to sort.
  • After that, your task is to choose Sort & Filter from the menu bar at the top of your screen under the Home tab.
  • Next, you have to select Sort Oldest to Newest or Sort Newest to Oldest.

Alternatively, if you select your data and right-click to choose Sort, you will get the same result. Now, you have to select the order which is the most suitable for your data.

It will work when you want to sort a list of dates that will not need to correspond with other data. You are able to order your dates chronologically by sorting this way, especially by year first, then by month, and then by day.

Do you have tables of data or use Excel spreadsheet templates in order to organize your life? Then, you need to use other ways through which you can sort by date in Excel. Let’s learn how to sort by date in Excel table.

How To Sort Entire Tables By Ascending Or Descending Date In Excel:

If you want to sort dates in a table, you need to add headings in the top section of every column. For instance, when you create a basic Gantt chart in Excel, you will get to see a list of tasks corresponding to a list of dates. Here, we will discuss how you should use these headings as categories to sort your data.

Your first job is to make sure that you have selected your data correctly. Highlight all data while sorting in a table. Suppose you have highlighted one column. If so, then only one column will be highlighted. Other corresponding columns will remain in their original order. Therefore, you can see the dates do not match up with the correct data.

In order to go back to the original arrangement, you have to tap on Undo when you catch the error.

Otherwise, you can revert to your document’s old version or may need to re-enter the data. However, Excel is able to catch the error and prevent it in time.

You will receive a warning from Excel when you try to sort with the chosen dates only. Excel will ask you if you are willing to expand your selection. As soon as the error message pops up, your job is to choose Expand the selection. Then, you have to tap on Sort. Now, make sure that you do not forget to re-highlight the data’s entire table, not just one column.

After that, your job is to choose the headings & data that you are willing to sort. Now, you need to tap on Home > Sort & Filter. Next, your job is to choose your sort order.

You need to know that it works only when the data is in the first column of the table. Whether you are willing to sort by date once the dates are listed in a different column, you have to use Custom Sort.

Using Excel’s Custom Sort To Sort By Date:

It is one of the useful ways to sort by date in Excel. Whether your data has headings, you are capable of using them as categories in order to sort entries, though they are not in the first column.

A simple sort can help to sort your items alphabetically in the Transaction column rather than placing the dates in order. If the date is available in the second column, a Custom Sort needs to be used to tell Excel to sort the dates in Column B.

In order to do this, you need to highlight the headings along with the data below them.

  • You need to tap on Home, then Sort & Filter, and then click on Custom Sort in the Excel ribbon.
  • After that, in order to use your data headers as sorting categories, your job is to check the box in the top-right corner.
  • Then, you have to select Date from the dropdown menu adjacent to Sort by.
  • After heading toward the Order drop-down menu, you need to choose Oldest to Newest or Newest to Oldest.

Custom Sort allows you to select many sorting categories. For instance, the function can be used when you are willing to see the transactions listed first by one column and then by another.

You have to choose Sort by > [First Column] in the Custom Sort box. Next, your task is to tap on Add Level > Then by > [Second Column]. Now, your job is to sort your table by tapping on OK.

How To Sort By Date In Excel:

You can use the Excel sort options to rearrange the whole table, not one column. You have to expand the selection once prompted in order to sort records by date, keeping the rows intact.

These are the steps you need to follow to sort data in Excel by date:

  • You first have to choose the dates without the column header in the spreadsheet.
  • Then, your job is to tap on Sort & Filter on the Home tab. Now, you have to select Sort Oldest to Newest.
  • Next, you will see the Sort Warning dialog box. After choosing the default Expand the selection option, you need to tap on Sort.

Thus, you can sort the records by date by keeping the rows intact.

How To Sort By Month In Excel:

You may want to sort dates by month several times, ignoring the year, mainly when you group the anniversary dates of any relative or colleague. Hence, you can see the default Excel sort feature not working as it considers the year despite your cells being formatted to display only the month or month and day.

You can fix the issue by adding a helper column, extracting the month number & sorting by that column. In order to get a month from the date, the MONTH function has to be used.

Suppose you extract the month number from the date in B2 using the following formula:


You need to sort data by month by extracting the month number.

When you see the result as a date instead of a number, you are able to set the General format to the formula cells.

  • Now, your task is to sort the table by the Month column. In this case, you have to choose the month numbers (C2:C8).
  • Then, you need to tap on Sort & Filter > Sort Smallest to Largest.
  • After that, you have to expand the selection once Excel tells you to do it.
  • Once you do everything properly, you will get the result.

You need to be aware that the data is sorted by month. It ignores years & days within every month. Whether you are willing to sort by month & day, you have to follow the instructions from the next example.

If you enter month names as text, you need to sort them by a custom list.

How To Sort Birthdays In Excel By Month And Day:

If you are willing to arrange dates for a birthday calendar, sorting dates by month & day is the best solution. Consequently, a formula is required to pull months & days from the birth dates.

Hence, you can use the Excel TEXT function, which allows you to convert a date to a text string in the specified format. Sometimes, you can see the “mmdd” or “mm.dd” format code works for you.

The formula takes the following form with the source data in B2:

=TEXT(B2, “mm.dd”)

After that, your job is to sort the Month & day columns from largest to smallest. Thus, you are able to arrange the data in order of the days of every month.

You can get the exact result while using the DATE formula:

=DATE(2000, MONTH(B2),DAY(B2))

Hence, a list of dates is created by the formula. It extracts the month & day from the actual date in B2. Besides, it replaces the real year with the fake year. For instance, we have taken the year 2000, but you can take any year. The idea is that the same year needs to be there for all the dates. After that, you have to sort the list of dates in chronological order. As you are having the same year, you can sort the dates by month and date. To learn how to sort by date in excel with different years, don’t forget to go through the entire article.

How To Sort Data By Year In Excel:

Regarding sorting by year, arranging dates in chronological order using the ascending sort (Oldest to Newest) option of Excel is the simplest way.

It helps to sort dates by year, month, and day. Whether you are not happy with this type of agreement, you are able to add a helper column with the YEAR formula used to extract the year from the date:


Once you sort data by the Year column, you are capable of viewing the dates, which are only sorted by year, not by months and days.

Disregarding months & years, if you are willing to sort dates by day, you need to use the DAY function to extract the day. After that, your job is to sort by the Day column:


How To Sort By Days Of The Week In Excel:

When you want to sort data by weekday, remember that you will require a helper column. Hence, you have to populate the helper column using the WEEKDAY formula. It will return a number that corresponds to the day of the week. After that, you have to use the helper column to sort.

If a week begins from Sunday (1) and ends with Saturday (7), you have to use this formula:


When a week begins from Monday (1) to Sunday (7), you have to use the following formula:


In this case, A2 represents the cell containing the date.

When you see the weekday names entered as text instead of dates, you are able to use the Custom Sort feature.

How To Sort Data In Excel By Month Names (Or Weekday Names):

If you have a list of month names as text instead of dates, which are formatted to display only months, you can face issues while applying the ascending sort of Excel. It helps to arrange months’ names alphabetically rather than sorting by month order from January to December. Hence, you can take the help of a custom Sort.

  • You have to choose the records that you are willing to sort by month name.
  • Then, you need to tap on Sort in the Sort & Filter group on the Data tab.
  • Now, you have to do the following things in the Sort dialog box:
  • Your task is to choose the name of the column where the month names are available under Column.
  • Then, you need to select Cell Values under Sort.
  • Next, you have to choose Custom List under Order.
  • You can choose full month names (January, February, March, etc.) in the Custom Lists dialog box, or you can select short names (Jan, Feb, Mar…) based on how months are listed in the worksheet.
  • Now, you have to tap on OK twice in order to close both dialog boxes.
  • Finally, you can sort your data by month name in chronological order instead of alphabetically.

Whether you are willing to sort by the names of weekdays, you have to choose full names (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc.) in the Custom Lists dialog box. Otherwise, you need to select short names (Sun, Mon, Tue…) in the Custom Lists dialog box.

How To Auto Sort By Date In Excel:

You might have noticed that the Excel Sort feature has faced several challenges. It’s not dynamic, which is its only disadvantage. It means that you need to resort to your data with each change and every time when new information is added. Are you wondering whether there is any way to sort data automatically to keep the data in order whenever a new date is added?

Then, you have to know that using a macro is the most effective way to accomplish it. You can see here some code examples that you need to use to auto-sort the following data by date in chronological order.

Macro 1— Auto Sort With Every Worksheet Change:

When a change occurs in the worksheet, the macro is executed.

Suppose your data is available in columns A through C. The dates you are willing to sort by exist in column C, starting in C2. Row 1 has headers (Header:=xlYes). Whether you see that the records are in different columns, you have to adjust a few things:

You need to change the A1 reference to your target range’s upper left cell (including headers).

You have to change the C2 reference to the topmost cell, which contains a date.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

On Error Resume Next

Range(“A1”).Sort Key1:=Range(“C2”), _

Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlYes, _

OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, _


End Sub

Macro 2— Auto Sort When Changes Are Made To A Specific Range:

Whether you need to work with a big worksheet with plenty of information, then you will face issues in resorting to any change in the sheet. Hence, you have to limit the macro’s triggering to the changes that can occur in a particular range. If you have made a change in column C containing the dates, this given VBA code helps to sort the data only.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

On Error Resume Next

If Not Intersect(Target, Range(“C:C”)) Is Nothing Then

Range(“A1”).Sort Key1:=Range(“C2”), _

Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlYes, _

OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, _


End If

End Sub

You are able to use these macros to auto-sort by any data type, not only dates. Whether you are willing to sort descending, change Order1:=xlAscending to Order1:=xlDescending.

How To Add The Macro To Your Worksheet:

These macros are capable of running automatically on a worksheet’s change. Therefore, you need to insert the code in the sheet where you are willing to sort data. The process you need to follow is:

  • You first have to open the VBA Editor by tapping on Alt + F11.
  • Double-click the sheet where you are willing to sort automatically in the Project Explorer on the left.
  • Finally, you need to paste the code in the Code window.

Auto Sort Dates With Formula:

Let’s assume that there is a list of dates that you want to be automatically arranged in a separate column chronologically, side-by-side with the original list. You can do this with the array formula:

=IFERROR(INDEX($A$2:$A$20, MATCH(ROWS($A$2:A2), COUNTIF($A$2:$A$20, “<=”&$A$2:$A$20), 0)), “”)

Hence, A2:A20 represents the unsorted or real dates that include some void cells for possible new entries.

Once you see a blank cell near the column, you need to put the formula with the original dates ( hence, C2 is shown). Then, you have to complete this by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys simultaneously. After that, your task is to drag the formula down to the leftover cells.

If you want to sort the dates, which are newly added, ensure that you add enough blank cells in the preferred range. In this example, the list of dates is available in the range A2:A7. However, after supplying $A$2:$A$20 to the formula, you have to populate this into the cells C2 through C20. You can use the IFERROR function to prevent errors in the additional cells that return a void string (“”) instead.

What If Sort by Date Is Not Working In Excel?

Are you wondering how to sort by date in excel doesn’t work? If Excel still doesn’t work after applying all the processes mentioned above, check that you have entered this in a format that Excel will recognize. Whether all numbers are left-justified in their cells, it could happen that you have stored them as text. In order to solve the format, your task is to tap on the Text dropdown menu in the Excel ribbon. Finally, you should choose a date format.

The Bottom Line:

Although sorting dates looks like a simple task, it is something that you need to do accurately. So, you have to leave it to the sorting feature of Excel in order to sort your dates effectively. Excel has a great capability of sorting by date and comes with several built-in applications. In addition, a lot of useful spreadsheet templates exist that help to complete every task, like wedding planning, budgeting, and expense tracking. You can realize now how simple this is to sort by date in Excel. Still, if you have any queries or confusions, feel free to ask us via comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t you sort by date in Excel?

Sometimes, the date sorting feature may not work properly, and the reason may be your cells are formatted as text. Remember that Excel doesn’t sort cells that are formatted as text. Therefore, you have to convert the cells into the data format of Excel.

What is the shortcut to sort by date in Excel?

The steps you have to follow are:

Your first task is to head toward the data tab. Then, you need to open the sorting option by tapping on the sort button. The keyboard shortcut A ➤ S ➤ S can also be used.

Next, you have to choose the column which you are willing to sort in the SORT option. Then, you have to choose the order you want to follow to sort.

How do you filter date-wise in Excel?

These are the steps you need to follow to learn how to sort by date in excel pivot table:-

  • You first have to move to a PivotTable or PivotChart in the same workbook.
  • After that, your job is to add a column to the Power Pivot field list’s Column Labels or Row Labels area from the Date table.
  • Then, you need to tap on the down arrow adjacent to Column Labels or Row Labels in the PivotTable.
  • Finally, you have to point to Date Filters. Next, you should choose a filter from the list.
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