Best iPhone Apps: The Ultimate Guide

One thing when it comes to iPhone Apps and choosing the right ones is that there are just so many to choose from. So how do you select the best ones for you? It does not matter if you are an experienced iOS user or someone who’s new, looking for an app to cook or play a relaxing game is no easy task. There are plenty of apps to choose from across all genres. Plain and simple there are just too many apps to choose from. This problem is made even worse by the fact that Apple keeps showing ads for all the latest apps. So the best way to get the best iPhone apps – simply let others do the hard work for you and we’re here for just that. So without further ado let’s see what are the best iPhone apps that are out there

The List of Best iPhone Apps Available Right Now

Google cardboard:

google cardboard iPhone apps

This apps lets you set up a cardboard viewer. It is compatible with both the iPhone as well as Google’s own VR headset. Besides helping you set up your own cardboard viewer it also has a few VR experiences to get you started up.

Giphy World as one of the best iPhone Apps to install:

Giphy World Apps

Like GIFs? Who doesn’t? This iPhone apps allows you to match your creativity with your love of messaging. You can create your own GIFs and then overlay them on the real world. Then just press share and you’re done. You’re GIFs can now be enjoyed by friends and other loved ones.

IKEA Place:

IKEA PlaceDon’t know how that particular sofa set is going to look in your space? Then IKEA has this cool new iPhone apps to help you do just that. IKEA’s app allows you to see what a particular piece of furniture will look in your living space through AR technology. This apps will help you take an informed purchasing decision. So no more going wrong with sizes or furniture anymore.

Ink Hunter, one of the best iPhone apps to get when planning a new Tattoo:

Ink Hunter iPhone appsJust like the IKEA apps above, you can plan your next tattoo using AR tech and this new apps. Just lay the tattoo you’re planning on getting on the body part your panning to get it on and done. You now what tattoo looks best for you.

MeasureKit as one of the best iPhone apps to measure stuff:

MeasureKit AppsApple does offer you a measuring apps directly on iOS but this iPhone apps is another good option if you’re not satisfied with that one. With this app you get five tools to measure- Trajectory measuring, face Mesh, Angles, a person’s height, laying of marker pins, Cube and Level tools.

Apple iCloud Drive to meet all your storage needs:

icloudAs you’ve probably guessed form the name itself, this is Apple’s very own baby. You can store your documents, pictures, music files and all that you have on iCloud Drive. Besides just storing stuff, iCloud Drive keeps everything up to date across all platforms- iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and whatever i you can think of. To start of you get 5GB of free storage.

Dropbox as one of the Best iPhone apps to install:

Dropbox AppThis one may already be familiar to you- Dropbox allows you to store files and folders on the cloud and also to share them. You can also scan documents, collaborate with others and get all your files updated across all platforms with Dropbox. To start of you get 2GB of space.

Google Drive- Another Guaranteed Hit on the list:

Just like Dropbox above, Google Drive is another of the same type of apps. The only thing different with it is that you get 15 GB of space to start of with and it is applicable across all Google platforms. This means that you can see Google Photos, Google Docs on the Drive as well as invite other to do so as well.

Bumble- A Dating app that’s not your ordinary Dating app:

Bumble iPhone appsThis iPhone apps is similar to tinder but here the woman makes the first move. According to them and feminists around the world- why not?

Tinder as one of the best iPhone apps to install:

Tinder appsYou don’t have to know much while using this iPhone apps- just swipe, chat and then date. Like someone- swipe right and get the ball rolling. Not interested- swipe left to check out the next hot pick. If the other person too swipes right- It’s a match.

Acorns for the new Investor:

Acorns iphone appsAcorns is an investment apps that is great to use when you have spare money. Is there such a thing? If it is, then this iPhone apps is for you. It invests your spare dough into the market even if you don’t understand heads nor tails of it.

Coinbase as one of the best iPhone apps to install:

Coinbase appsLike to dabble in cryptocurrency then Coinbase is your best bet. This iPhone Apps has all the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on it. You can securely buy, sell and accept Bitcoin or whichever cryptocurrency you wish to use.

Mint a great money management tool to have:

This iPhone apps helps you see how you spend your money and helps you avoid the more wasteful spending excursions you might have. It brings together your bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investment areas to see what you’re spending and where you might save some money.

Alto’s Odyssey as one of the best iPhone apps to install:

Alto’s Odyssey appsThis is the sequel to Odyssey Adventure. In this iPhone apps one you play the role of an adventurer who snowboards across gorgeous landscapes. While the previous version had players on a cold mountain this one puts you on pastures and desert landscapes.

Clash Royale:

Clash Royale appsWith this game you can play solo or join another player sitting elsewhere in the world. The objective of the games apps is to destroy opposing towers. You can play one on one or two on two to meet this objective.

HQ Trivia as one of the best iPhone apps to download when you’re bored:

HQ Trivia appsWin cash money with this one. Play the game, answer right and stand a chance to win cash prizes is the core of the game.

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