15 Popular Free Android games of 2018

If you’re any kind of gamer, you already know about the frustration of finding the best free and popular Android games online. There’s nothing quite like the stress of finding the best free android games to play around in this vast android apps world.

In General, you’ll probably know that free android games aren’t always free these days because you will have lots of in-app purchases and so on and they often test our patience as well. Now, if you are the one who is striving to get free and popular android games with no in-purchases then don’t worry we got you covered.

You don’t have to test and play a hell lot of games on the play store to get that list. In this article, we have covered the best free android games of 2018. Let’s get into the list of the popular free android games.

15 Popular Free Android games of 2018 that don’t cost a Dime:

  1. PUBG:

    Player Unknown Battel Grounds which is also known as PUBG has been an enormous hit in recent times. I bet most of you got addicted to that game as well. I’ve seen most of the people who strive to play that game even in office sessions as well.Tencent has delivered a great port of PUBG to the Android Devices. From the day of its launch, it has been a huge sensation, and millions are people playing this game on Regular basis. The Action packed battle royal game has compromised on Smart screen size.

    PUBG Free Android games

    This action hasn’t had large graphics or other aspects, so it smoothly runs on basic Android devices as well. PUBG action runs around an 8×8 km battlefield, and in that, you have to look out for 99 other opponents and have to kill them to get the job done.

    This game has customizable mobile orientation controls and other gameplay tweaks such as auto picking ammo, smartphone, and other facilities. Along with that the frequent updates in the game has earned a lot of reputation and millions of dollars for the designer as well. This is one of the best free android games in 2018 you should play.

  1. Asphalt 9 Legends:

    Most of the people love to play racing games. If you do like racing games, then you should be playing this free Asphalt 9 Legends game. I bet most of you might already playing this game, but if you don’t, then you have to try this awesome game.This Asphalt 9 is a brand new game, and it updated version of the previous version Asphalt 8. New edition is having lots of racing series and has stunning looking cars, and blazing fast vehicles from top brands like Porshe, Ferrari, Lamborghini and more and also lets you customize your car with materials, colors, and rims as well.

    Asphalt 9 Legends Free Android games

    This game has multiplayer and single player options as well. The graphics of this game are absolutely amazing to watch. You can quickly take your ride out of a spin in the career mode. This mode has 60 seasons and over 800 events. You will also have nitro pulse boosts, knockout turns, HD visual effects and more in this new version. This is an excellent game which you should try in this list of best free android games of 2018.

  1. Critical Ops Game:

    Critical Ops is another best free android game in 2018. It is a 3D game which supports multiplayer FPS and especially builds for mobile. You can experience some great action stunts in this game of Ops.They have included the newer generation of person shooters in this game and its one of the best game type you can play. At the start, you will see the battle of terrorists. In this, you can play like a terrorist or you can, or you can play as a standard player.

    Critical Ops Free Android games

    This game has a robust online community where you can play with most of your friends. Critical ops is the game which has competitive combats, maps, and challenging modes as well. If you love to be a first-person shooter than you can happily enjoy this game. This is one of the best free android games in 2018.

  1. Alto’s Odyssey:

    Alto’s Odyssey is a sequel to the popular game Alto’s Adventure. It is just a simple game with a good user interface. Gamers always love the simplicity of this game, apart from that you can enjoy trades snowy landscapes & desert vistas and more in this beautiful game. Although it is some best visuals and has different locations but to change them you have to spend coins.

    Alto's Odyssey Free Android games

    In this game, you can always collect good amount coins to use in the game. The new version of this game has environmental elements such as balloons, tornadoes and more. Alto’s Odyssey is a free android game which has some in-app purchases but trust me, you don’t have to purchase them as you can get more coins while you play.

  1. Clash Royale:

    Clash Royale Free Android games
    Clash Royale is yet another free game which is having lots of popularity. It came from the family of the Supercell, and the makers of Clash of Clans made this game. In this new Clash Royale, you have to collect cards and have to build decks, and more in one-on-one deals fights with the online opponents. You can earn coins and trophies when you win any trophy in Clash Royale.In this game, you can also get to the form clans and even share challenges and combats with your friends and opponents. This is one of the best free android games to play to relax. If you love playing games like clash of clans and other similar type games means you will enjoy this clash royale game.
    1. EA Sports Game:

      Most of the people love playing EA sports games such as cricket, tennis, boxing, etc. So, I have included EA sports on this list of free android games in 2018. All the sports games released under the EA brand in Google play store are free games. You can happily choose the best one you like in the EA sports games.EA sports is the only provider who launches yearly updates for all the sports. The most popular EA games are FIFA Soccer, NBA, EA Sports UFC, NFL overdrive and more. These EA games have high graphics and best control over the Gameplay. Most of the EA games are having sim mechanics.

      EA Sports Free Android games

    So, you can have the best control over the game. However, these EA Games do have some frustrating in-app purchases, but as a gamer, you can quickly overcome them by simple tactics. The best and most impressive games I often use in EA sports is Dream League Soccer, Motorsport, and cricket game.

  1. Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery:

    Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

    From last few months, harry potter: Hogwarts mystery game has been one of the trending game. Most of the people love to watch harry potter series, so they have converted that in a game. And it has been insanely popular among the free android games in 2018.You can experience the boy character in this game. As you’re the hero of your own story over there you can simply create a new avatar, learn spells and you can form groups and compete for your house cup. Now, you after completing the challenges you will slowly try to resolve the mystery of the Hogwarts. This game has some exciting elements, so I have mentioned this in the list of free android apps in 2018.

  1. Fantasy Brave Exvius:

    Fantasy Brave Exvius
    Want to play interesting fantasy games for free? Then you should try Final Fantasy Brave Exvius game. It is a freemium game which has tons of featured elements in the game. This game has elements such as explorations, hidden treasures, and tongs of lore and secret passages as well.The Gameplay of this fantasy game is relatively easy when compared to the other games. Here you need to think like a boss to beat the hard-fought opponents. In this game, you’ll get more rewards by playing this game every day. These coins will be helpful to fill all your purchases in the game. You will definitely love playing the free android game.
    1. HQ Trivia:

      HQ Trivia

    HQ Trivia is more like a quiz. It is a neatly designed game for mobile. It has taken mobile gamers by the storm, and you can see most of the people playing this game quite often every day. Some people are missing this game because of the timings as the trivia contest normally held at 9 p.m. Along with that, you will find ET daily at different times on the day. By playing this quiz players stand a chance to win daily prizes.Every game features some multiple choice question where the player should answer one question in the span of 10secs. Once you complete the quiz, you will get your daily prices. Cash prizes will be paid to your PayPal accounts.

  1. HearthStone Game Heros of Warcraft:

    If you like playing battlefield games & Warcraft games, then check out the Hearthstone: Heros of Warcraft game it is an action-packed game which has lots of challenges.You can unlock the cards, build a deck and you can also duel other players by using the bridge you have created. In this game, you can build as many layers and blizzards as you can to dominate this game.

    HearthStone Game Heros of Warcraft

    This is a multi-platform game so that you can access this in PC or Mobile as well. Its free to play and it is very much accessible for everyone. So, I have included this in this best free android games.

  1. Shadowrun Legends:

    Interested in playing important shooter games in mobile? Then check out the Shadowrun legends game. As it one of the best shooting game, it is having a good mix of weapons and armors as well. You can even play multiplayer event games in the game.

    Shadowrun Legends

    You can even find social hub areas in the combat locations, and you can find wide varieties of characters in this game. If you strive to play mobile shooting games means you should give shadow run a shot.

  1. Pokemon Go:

    Pokemon Go is one of the biggest mobile game in 2016. Later on, it has been slightly on the lower side just because of its in-app purchases and its server problems.

    Pokemon Go

    But, now it is slowly increasing its graph again. People are used to playing this game, and they are continuing it slowly. In this game, gamers can explore the real world around them while catching the pokemon and also by battling in the gyms and finding other spots such as poke stops and so on.

    There are a hell lot of things in pokemon to talk about, but if you have enough knowledge of pokemon, then you will understand everything easily. you can also trade the pokemon with each other as well. Due to its popularity, I have mentioned this game in best free android games in 2018.

  1. Nova Game:

    Nova Game

    Nova is one of the oldest and first successful- first-person shooter games on the android devices. The Nova legacy is its updated version of the game and its already been a massive hit around the other android games.The story line of this game is impressive than its Gameplay and graphics. It is having a multiplayer mode and also has a rudimentary crafting system as well. Nova Legacy is all about the sci-fi story line and its few challenging levels. If you love to play games like the first-person shooter, then you should try this game.

  1. MAD Fingers Game:

    MAD Fingers Free Android games

    This is one of the best free android games in the first person shooter games. Although there is already a massive list of first-person shooter games, I am listing it because of its concept.It is a merely the family of zombie shooters with a ton of missions in their hands. You have to play this game online, and it also has the sci-fi shooters campaigns as well. Almost all features in this game are free, so you can happily play this game.

  1. Plague:

    Plague Free Android games

    Plague is another best free android game you have to try in 2018. It is a strategy game where you will mutate diseases and use them to destroy the world.Your goal is to infect as many people as possible before the level completes. You should have your own strategy in this game, and it is very much related to the real game. So, you can enjoy playing this best free android game.

These are the 15 best and popular free android games in 2018. Hope you like the list of these games. If you have any other best game which needs to be included in this list. Then let us know.


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