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TS Video File Format: Discover Its 10 Incredible Benefits

TS Video File Format: Discover Its 10 Incredible Benefits

When you work with DVDs or videos, the TS video file is something you will face. Do you know what a TS video file is? Every file format contains an encoding that helps in specifying the way users view the video file or how the apps will open it. Let’s go through the article to learn how to open a TS Video File, convert it to MP4, etc. Moreover, in this article, you will get to know the difference between TS and MP4.

What is a TS Video File Format?

It refers to a video file that is saved in the Video Transport Stream format. It can store the video data to compress which standard MPEG-2 video compression is used. People often save videos using this format on a DVD disc. In addition, it is possible to store videos that are broadcast or streamed in this format. There are several video players which are able to play these video formats and convert them to other formats.

Usually, you can see these formats when you work on DVDs. Suppose you are viewing a video file that is burned onto a DVD. In such scenarios, you can see the Transport Stream formats available in a sequence, which are as follows— moviename1.ts, moviename2.ts, moviename3.ts, etc. In the 1990s and 2000s, this format became very common when the DVDs were used widely. But now, this format has dimmed because of the progress of multimedia formats, including— .M2TS, MP4, etc.

How to Open a TS Video File:

Once you store the files on a DVD, you can play them in a DVD player and there is no need to use a software application. However, if your computer has a TS video file, you are able to play this with many different system media players.

Play TS Video Files Using the VLC Media Player:

VLC media player is available for free. Besides, it runs on different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. So, it should be your first option when it comes to playing Transport Stream video files. This media player is able to play a lot of media formats like audio and video files you have downloaded from streaming media and the internet. Also, you can play those files you have stored on discs. These are the steps you have to follow to play the file with this media player:

  • Your first job is to download the VLC Media Player and install it thereafter on your device. If you have already downloaded and installed this, you now have to update VLC to its most recent version to allow its codec to function properly.
  • Then, you have to find the file on the computer. Then, your job is to load it into the media player you are using.
  • Your next job is to launch VLC. After launching the media player, you need to drag the file to it. There is another option that you can follow. You are able to tap on “Open File,” which is located under the “Media” option at the top menu bar. Then, your job is to add this to VLC Media Player.
  • Now you can see it on the media player. After you import the file successfully to VLC, you are able to instantly watch this.

Play TS Video Files By Renaming It:

To play the file, you can rename it to something that your media player is going to be compatible with like MPEG. In most cases, multimedia players have MPEG files. TS files are considered a format of MPEG files; so the same program will be able to play a file in Transport Stream format.

What is a TypeScript TS File?

The .TS extension indicates a file that is written in TypeScript for programmers. You should know that TypeScript is considered a superset of JavaScript which is gaining popularity in web development. You can save JavaScript code with the .JS extension. But the Transport Stream becomes different from plain JavaScript by using the TS extension. It is possible to use a TypeScript compiler to compile the TS files into standard JavaScript. Thus, these can run easily in any JavaScript environment.

How to Open a TypeScript TS File:

Suppose you have found a .TS video file in web development. It may happen that it is containing TypeScript code. If you are willing to open such a file and edit this, you have to use a code editor or IDE, which should be compatible with the TypeScript syntax that can be used to highlight with the TypeScript compiler. There are some popular options you can use, like Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, and Sublime Text with the proper TypeScript plugins. Moreover, you are able to use online code editors to edit these files.

These files don’t get converted directly into other formats. To convert them, following a process known as compilation or transpilation is necessary. After taking the Transport Stream, the TypeScript compiler is capable of creating standard JavaScript code that will be possible for the internet browsers to understand and execute. When you are willing to compile the code, you need to navigate to the TypeScript download page, where you can view the instructions, letting you learn how to set up this.

You should understand what type of Transport Stream file you have to work with so that you can choose the correct tools & processes. You can use VLC, one of the popular media players, to handle them. If you want to handle TS code in web development, you have to use code editors and the TypeScript compiler.

How to Convert TS Files:

Sometimes, it can be difficult to play this file. Even sometimes you may not be able to play it according to your wish. You need to use the best converter to convert them to MP4.

  • Your first job is to download the best video converter to convert these into other formats and install it. After downloading the software, your job is to follow the instructions given on the screen to install this on your system.
  • Now, you need to open the program. After opening this, you have to add the files. After you install the software, you need to open it. Then, you are allowed to add the Transport Stream files. In order to add them, your job is to tap on the Add Media button in the app window’s top left part. Next, you have to tap on Add Video, which is available in the dropdown menu. Then, you have to search your device to add them.
  • After you load them into the app, you need to configure the settings of the converter to get the benefits of its features and configure the quality of output files. Otherwise, you need to keep using the default settings. It is possible to choose from different outputs, for example, MP4 and AVI. In order to suit the file type you wish to create, you need to select from different profile presets. Using this converter is possible to extract audio from the files. After that, you have to save this in different formats like FLAC, MP3, OGG, etc. Moreover, you will be capable of using advanced settings. For example, it will be possible to add subtitles to the converted files.
  • Your final job is to hit the Save button to decide where you are willing to save your new files. Next, you have to hit the blue Convert button which is located in the bottom right. Now, you have to wait until the software completes the process.

How to Trim a TS Video File on Desktop: 

Open a TS Video:

Once you install the best video editor, you need to launch it. Your first job is to navigate to the Add Files menu located in the upper left corner. In order to open the video you wish to edit, you have to choose Add Files or Add Folder. Do you need to process multiple files? Then, you have to open all of them in a batch.

Trim TS:

In order to enter the Cut window, you have to tap on the cut icon under the video title. Then, you can get the trimmed clip moving both the beginning and end sliders to the new positions. If you want to trim in a better way, you have to do several things; for example, you need to adjust the Set Start. Moreover, you can adjust Duration, & Set End fields. After that, you need to tap on the split icon, which is located above the Timeline. Now, you can have a shorter clip. In order to add other clips, you need to tap on Add Segment on the left panel.

Convert TS:

Once you complete trimming, you need to confirm by tapping on the Save button. After coming back to the main interface, you have to select the output format available in the drop-down list, which is adjacent to Convert All. Now, you need to set one folder in the Save to field. After that, you have to save the trimmed video by tapping on Convert All. You need to use a desktop video trimmer to complete the job within a few seconds. However, to trim a short video on both mobile and computer, it is better to go with an online trimmer.

Where Are TS Video Files Used?

You can use them in real-time streaming or video content broadcasting. These are a few of its common use cases, including:

  • Live Sports Broadcasting:

You can use them for streaming live sports events, giving the opportunity to people to view the live action in real-time.

  • Video-On-Demand Services:

Video-on-demand platforms use them often and stream TV shows & movies smoothly.

  • IPTV (Internet Protocol Television):

The Internet Protocol Television services use these files to deliver traditional broadcasting over internet networks.

  • Video Surveillance:

Video Surveillance systems use these files to monitor in real-time, along with recording security footage.

There are several reasons due to which TS video files are used, such as:

  • Error Correction:

The design of these videos allows you to handle errors more easily than other available formats. It is a vital factor for data which is streamed or broadcast over networks, because data loss can be experienced in these scenarios.

  • Multiplexing:

These videos can have many audio and video streams, metadata, etc. Thus, these videos become perfect for broadcast applications where you have to add subtitles, many languages, or additional data services.

  • Synchronization:

The format contains timing information. It ensures that you can synchronize audio and video streams properly on playback.

  • Compatibility:

This format is a part of the MPEG-2 standard that is compatible with hardware & software widely. Thus, it becomes a suitable choice for broadcasting.

  • High Quality:

These videos have the potential to maintain top-quality video and audio. Thus, it becomes the best choice for professional broadcasting and production.

Are You Still Unable to Open the File?

It may happen that you have misread the file extension and are thinking of a different file as a TS video file. For example, TSV files refer to the tab-separated values files and contain two same letters, “T” & “S”, that are in the name of TS files. But there is no relation between these formats and video content, TypeScript, or the Qt SDK. So, you will not be able to open such a file using the software that we have mentioned in the article or following the process described above.

And the same thing happens for other file formats; for example, ADTS, TST, TSF, TSC, TSP, GTS, TSR, and TSM. Do you have a file having any of these extensions? Then, you need to research that particular file extension to know which programs will be capable of viewing, editing or converting that file.

TS Vs MP4:

  • MP4 is mainly used for storing a file. On the contrary, the other one is used for broadcasting a video stream.
  • When it comes to the Transport Stream format, if you don’t close the recording file properly or the transmission is interrupted, the whole file becomes unreadable. However, file recovery can be done for MP4 to maintain the transmission process, and all credit goes to the error correction and synchronization pattern features.
  • For MP4, you need less space for content. For the other one, extra space is necessary for the same content.

The Bottom Line:

Transport Stream format is popular for streaming video, audio, and data over different networks. When it comes to broadcast live sports events or implement video surveillance systems, TS video file can provide an efficient solution.


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