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Google Earth vs Google Maps- Know the Differences

Google Earth vs Google Maps- Know the Differences

In earlier days, people used paper roadmaps to find directions for long trips. But Google Earth has changed the way of searching for any direction after its release in the year 2001. Now, we can see the location of the places before we started traveling. It helps us from getting misguided by the wrong directions. It was known as Earth Viewer 3D. A CIA-funded company named Keyhole, Inc innovated it. Google acquired it in 2004. In this article, we will discuss the topic of Google Earth vs Google Maps.

However, these two web applications are completely different. But the main purpose of these apps is to explore the world. In the year 2005, Where two technologies turned the desktop-based map of google into a web application.

What is Google Maps?

If you want to see your destination whenever you want, then Google maps can help you in this case. According to Wikipedia, this digital map service is a web mapping service. It enables users to get images of satellites, road maps, aerial photography, etc. Moreover, this app lets you know about the traffic conditions each time.

Using this app, you can learn about route planning, such as by which transport you will be able to reach the place by car, foot, bicycle, or public transportation, where 2 Technologies used this web app as a C++ desktop program earlier. Later they convert it into a web application. This app was launched in February 2005.


According to the Daily Express, it is a fundamental navigational app that lets you know about the easiest and fastest route to go from one place to another. If you want to find any place where it is, this web app is a perfect choice.

Each detail you can get from this app is up-to-date. Google Maps’ GPS is beneficial in this case, as it guides you properly by giving the right directions. That’s why if you want to make a trip to Paris or any other place, then it is a good option.


  • It helps the users by giving images street by street.


  • The graphics of this app are not so detailed.

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth that was released in 2001 is a 3D representative of Earth. It shows the directions with satellite images’ help, aerial photography to give the proper direction of any place. Besides, this program can allow you to watch different locations from different angles. Even, you can explore the world only by putting addresses in the app. Users can download this app on their smartphone or tablet.

According to the Daily Express, this app is made especially for explorers. If you want to know about the place before traveling, it is a nice one to select. This app is not designed in a way so that you can navigate anywhere. But, it assists you to search for local landmarks before your arrival. It is an ideal web app to get an excellent view of the entire world.


  • You can get high-resolution images, detailed maps of any street, any business address, etc.
  • As well as this app offers the users to get Geospatial data, 3D cityscapes, panoramic pictures at street level, historical Imageries.
  • It also allows you to know about the weather details.


  • You are unable to use this app without accessing the network. Moreover, it needs a fast connection.

Google Earth vs Google Maps- What are the differences

Let’s have a look at the comparison of these two web apps.

1. Google Maps assists in finding out the local landmarks and share your location.

This web app is popular due to its incredible turn-by-turn navigation feature. This app lets you know about the real-time traffic details. You can learn about the location, nearby petrol stations, restaurants by using it. This app also helps to share your location. As a result, your friends can track your location by using the Google Maps application.

2. Google Maps can track the history of the location

Google tracks the entire location history of the users. You can see your daily activities and visited places using this app like driving, walking, visiting a market, etc. Besides, it also enables you to explore different bodies in the solar system. Recently, the app also allows viewing the images of the Moon and Mars.

3. Google Earth assists in exploring

This apps allows the users to get a satellite view. But if you are willing to get the details of the things, you should use Google Earth. These satellite images of the Earth app have high resolution compared to the other one. You can explore the topography of any area and size of any building by using satellite data. It can guide you with fly-by tours of specific buildings and full cities. Besides, you can get details here more than the Wikipedia information. However, it doesn’t offer you the detailed data experience that you can get from Google maps.

This app also offers images of Street View. You can assume this app as a part of Google maps. Recently, Google released the Earth’s v9. since the last two years, developers have been working on it. Now, this app comes with a new feature called Knowledge Cards. When you tap on a card, you can see a page describing more details about the place.

However, for the zooming purpose of any location, you should not use the Earth app. This app comes with a new feature that we know as Voyager. With this new feature’s help, the app can allow the users to take virtual tours by including hand-picked places in the map-based stories formation. You can get high-quality landscape pictures of any area with the help of this new feature.

4. Google Earth contains the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button

In the latest version of this Google app, you can see the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. It is available on Google Search. When you tap on the button, it takes you to any place in the world. It can track the user location with the help of a GPS chip and IP address. But the disadvantage is that it cannot save the record of those places that you visit. And it can’t give high-resolution images. Google Maps can provide about 95 % of that information that most users want to get in any mapping app. However, you can get the most details by using Google Earth.

Which is Best?

We know that Google Earth is mainly for the explorers, whereas Google map is for those who want to use it daily. Google Earth can enable you to travel to various locations, virtually in 3D.

Google Maps are helpful for daily users. As per the the online sources, most people prefer to choose the Google Map app to find out the right direction of any place. They also said that it is an app that can give you up-to-date information. From walking, biking to driving, Google Maps cover all updated details for turn-by-turn navigation.


We hope, after checking this article based on Google Earth vs Google maps, you can understand the major difference between these two apps.

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RCS vs SMS- Know the Difference Between Them

RCS vs SMS- Know the Difference Between Them

If you are an adrent Smartphone user, then you definitely have used any of these new messaging protocols such as iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Or the Short Message Service namely SMS defined as per the 1990 GSM standards. Let us see the advantages over RCS vs SMS

With the help of Rich Communication Services, the users can interact with their favourite brands, effortlessly.

In Rich Communication Services, you can send files of up to 100 MB. But the Short Messaging Service is unable to do it. In this article, we are going to elaborate the topic based on RCS vs SMS.

What is RCS 

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services. It is a protocol that used for communication between mobile-telephone carriers and phone carriers. The main target of these services is to replace SMS messages with a text-message system. With the help of these services, you can transfer any contact by choosing it from a phonebook and move all the multimedia data. Rich Communication Service is a part of the broader IP Multimedia Subsystem.

A group of industry promoters formed the Rich Communication Services in 2007. The GSM Association was the project planner named as ‘home’ in February 2008.

These services are a compelling messaging platform. According to the details of last week, people in the United States who have Android phones can get access to the Rich Communication Services. It is a great alternative to the widely-used text messaging protocol Short Message Service.

What is SMS

We know SMS as a short message service.  You can send messages to any recipient by using the Service.

At the time of sending a text message, you need to connect the Rich Communication Services with a nearby cellular tower over a pathway of 400. It is the control channel Short Message Service centre (SMSC).


Advantages of Rich Communication Services in business: 

Delivery and read receipts: Rich Communication Service helps you to know whether the recipient has read your message or not. The services help to analytic and see the read rate.

Verified sender: The Rich Communication Services help to let you know about the difference between the fraud and verified users. In this Service, the blue tick is mandatory similar to Twitter. It is helpful for business purposes, as it helps to identify a ‘Verified Sender’ quickly. Therefore, when you get any Rich Communication Services message from a business account, you can understand that the message is legitimate.

Include images and videos: This Service allows the participants to add pictures and videos within the body of your messages. As a result, it becomes very interesting for users.

These Rich Communication Services allow the users to share different types of dynamic pictures. As well as it offers the customers various options, QR codes, and so on.

Share your location: Rich Communication Serviced help customers to find the location of them quickly.

Make payments: The Rich Communication Services Messaging app contains a purchase button. It helps the users to not leave the screen while using the messaging app. Therefore, people can buy these services only by clicking on the button.

Rearrange appointments: Usually, other businesses give us appointment reminders through Short Message Service. The most attractive case for Rich Communication Service is that users can fix the timing of the meeting themselves. In addition to this, this service also allows you to add the meeting into the specific date of a calendar. You only need to tap on a button.

Advantages of Short Message Services in business: 

Simple messaging: Short Message Service allows you to communicate with other users with a text message. The character size of the Short Message Service is from 1 to 612 characters in length.

Include links: Using the Short Message Service, you can add links in the body of the message.

Include preview images: In the Short Message Service, you can’t directly add the photos as these are not appropriately instructed. What you can do is that you can add a link to the picture. It will

the preview image of the linked page.

Which is better between these two

RCS comes with an essential upgrade in recent times over Short Message Service. Using this services, one can send GIFs and high-resolution pictures and videos. The RCS services have no character limit, but Short Message Service characters are limited to 160 characters.

Designers made the Rich Communication Services Chat so that it can replace SMS and MMS. It is the only difference between Rich Communication Services and short message Service.

When it comes to defining RCS vs SMS, you need to compare these two on the functionality of WhatsApp and Short Message Service. As we can send images with our friends on WhatsApp, Rich Communication Service also has the same rule. On the other hand, the Short Message Services was made for simple communication. But the purpose of Rich Communication Services is to increase communication and bring it into the modern world.

According to Google, the use of RCS is increasing as a first-party texting app after it’s upgrade. As soon as people will download Android Messages from the Play Store, they can use this app on their phones.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How will you be able to take the benefit of RCS messaging?

If the option Chat Features exits, click on that. Then, you need to enter the phone number. And then, watch for the “Status” that you have given to move from “Setting up” to “Connected.” As soon as you do it, you can get the benefits of Rich Communication Services.

  • Do you need to take the help of WiFi while using Rich Communication Services?

It uses a mobile network or WiFi as a data connection for sending messages between two RCS-enabled Android devices. In this case, both receiving and sending devices need to support Rich Communication Services.

  • Is it safe to use Rich Communication Service?

The messages we do are encrypted between our phone and Google’s servers. And that’s why it is safe and secure to use. Whether messages are decrypted, it is unsecured as Short Messaging services.

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Ensuring Network Performance and Resiliency for a Global Enterprise

Ensuring Network Performance and Resiliency for a Global Enterprise

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the need for resiliency in the modern enterprise. Without systems and solutions in place to maintain operations in the face of unexpected events, a business may not survive business disruption.

When discussing resiliency, the focus is often on endpoints. Organizations need to ensure that their websites remain online, databases are accessible, and workers have access to their computers.

However, in the modern distributed enterprise, the resiliency and performance of the network is as important as that of the endpoint. The enterprise WAN has superseded the enterprise LAN, and companies need to ensure that their employees and customers can access resources that are geographically distributed at multiple sites and in the cloud.

When designing a business continuity strategy, it is important to consider network performance and redundancy and be aware of the different approaches to achieving them. Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) performance and redundancy guarantees differ significantly from that of software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), and the wrong approach can leave an enterprise unprepared for the next “black swan”.

Different Approaches to Network Performance Redundancy

High network performance and resiliency are essential for any modern organization. The increased adoption of cloud computing, transition to remote work, and other factors have placed organizations in a position where connection speed between geographically distributed locations is essential to productivity and efficiency.

MPLS and SD-WAN offer two ways to achieve these necessary guarantees. While they can provide many of the same benefits, they do so in very different ways.

MPLS’s Dedicated Circuits

MPLS takes the approach of using dedicated circuits to offer high, guaranteed network performance. MPLS is especially well-known for its middle-mile performance. Since network traffic on MPLS circuits has dedicated links in ISP’s infrastructure and uses special network routing functionality, MPLS offers especially high middle-mile performance and resiliency.

Where MPLS starts to have issues is at the last mile. Organizations need to lease dedicated MPLS circuits, and this network bandwidth is expensive. As a result, MPLS connectivity is geographically limited, a potential issue for remote users and sites.

The cost of last-mile MPLS circuits also impacts resiliency. Purchasing and deploying redundant circuits is cost-prohibitive, meaning that an enterprise’s MPLS deployment often relies on a few links from a single carrier. A severed cable or an outage at the ISP can render the MPLS circuits completely unusable.

SD-WAN’s Optimized Routing

SD-WAN takes a different approach to network performance and resiliency than MPLS. Instead of investing in dedicated circuits, SD-WAN attempts to optimize the use of existing infrastructure, such as broadband Internet and mobile networks.

SD-WAN appliances are designed to sit at the end of an organization’s network and act as a single point of contact between the internal network and the public Internet. All outbound traffic is routed to the SD-WAN appliance, which selects a route for it based upon:

  • Link Health: SD-WAN appliances constantly monitor the health and performance of the various transport media that they are connected to (i.e. broadband Internet, mobile networks, and MPLS circuits). The routes selected by an SD-WAN appliance will be designed to avoid congestion, severed links, and other issues.
  • Application Requirements: Different applications have different performance and reliability requirements. SD-WAN appliances can identify the application source of traffic and route traffic accordingly. For example, limited MPLS bandwidth may be reserved for latency-sensitive Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.
  • Priority Rules: Application identification can also be used to implement prioritization and other application-specific rules. For example, videoconferencing traffic may be assigned a higher priority than visits to social media websites.

SD-WAN optimize the route of all of the traffic sent to it and has very high resiliency due to its ability to route traffic over multiple transport media. If an MPLS link is down, an SD-WAN appliance can route traffic over broadband Internet or mobile networks until normal operations are restored.

The main limitation of SD-WAN is that it cannot always provide the same performance guarantees as MPLS. MPLS’s dedicated circuits work differently than broadband Internet links. While SD-WAN can optimize its use of the available media, it is limited by the capabilities of those transport media. If the slowest MPLS link is faster than the fastest broadband Internet link, then no level of optimization will allow SD-WAN to compete with MPLS (unless SD-WAN uses dedicated circuits). However, SD-WAN’s greater bandwidth and increased affordability can help to make up for this.

Pursuing the Best of Both Worlds

MPLS guarantees network performance by routing traffic over special, dedicated links but suffers from high costs and resiliency issues. SD-WAN is cheaper and more resilient but is limited by its transport infrastructure.

As network performance becomes critical to enterprise productivity, the best solution is a mix of the best of MPLS and SD-WAN. A global network of dedicated Tier-1 network links over multiple providers with SD-WAN optimization can provide unmatched network performance and resiliency.

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4 High-Value Tech Skills You Can Learn This Winter

4 High-Value Tech Skills You Can Learn This Winter

As we look to winter most of us are facing a fairly quiet season. People have cut back on holiday plans, and it’s expected that there will be a lot of “sheltering” at home as we look to avoid what we hope will be the last significant surge of COVID-19.

Naturally, people will use this quiet season at home in different ways. Some will use the opportunity to catch up on work (or studies). Some will read books or watch films they’ve been meaning to get to. Others still may use the time to get a few jobs done around the house, or try out some new hobbies. But for the tech enthusiasts out there, this winter may also represent a perfect opportunity to learn a new skill — and potentially even one that’s highly valued!

There are a lot of skills that fit this description in today’s tech-oriented world, and while you’ll of course need more than a couple of months to become a true expert at something new, you can gain a good bit of proficiency in a given tech skill in relatively limited time. For those to whom this may appeal, the following are some of the interesting and high-value tech skills we’d suggest considering this season.

1. Video Animation

Video animation is a skill that’s actually in very high demand today. Between media companies “pivoting to video” to showcase their content, and the use of video animation in marketing, it’s a skill that you can actually make a career out of — and in fairly short time. Furthermore, while it’s quite difficult (and time-consuming) to gain true expertise in this area, learning the basics is relatively straightforward. A number of easily accessible programs and tutorials (from the likes of Udemy, Adobe, and more) can walk you through the basics and get you started on your own projects. By the end of the season you may well be confidently producing your own animated videos.

2. 3D Printing Design

3D printing design is still a relatively new concept, at least for ordinary consumers. This is both good and bad. On the good side of things, it means not that many people are that good at it yet — so when you learn a little bit, you’ll already be fairly advanced in a relative sense. On the other hand, because 3D printing is still new(-ish), there aren’t quite as many ways to learn as there are, say, video animation. As one overview of starting up with 3D printing points out, there are actually some apps that will basically help you build products in a streamlined way. But as you advance, you’ll essentially have to start teaching yourself CAD (computer-aided design), through which you’ll be able to custom-make wholly original blueprints for 3D-printed products. Master this though, and you’ll be in rare company with a truly valuable skill.

3. Digital PCB Design

The design of printed circuit boards is actually not entirely unlike 3D printing design, in the sense that it’s another opportunity to use software to create something that is ultimately rendered in physical form. In fact, you may even combine the ideas — designing a device via 3D printing that can be powered by a printed circuit board. Where this specific skill is concerned though, you’ll be focused less on big-picture design and more on intricate schematics for a functioning electronic board. It’s work that definitely takes getting used to, but getting started with PCB design is as simple as learning how design layouts work, familiarizing yourself with the relevant software, and bringing an idea to life. In fairly short time, you may well be producing functioning circuit boards for actual products.

4. Web Development

Web development remains a high-value skill also. While it’s true that a lot of people and companies are more focused on apps and social platforms than websites today — as well as that there are better and better ways to create a website without knowing how to code or develop — there’s still nothing quite as effective as a well-built site. Furthermore, this is arguably one of the easiest major tech skills to learn today. You can learn through video channels, blog tutorials, books, and even podcasts, and develop a basic understanding of coding and development quite quickly. From there you can build out your skill gradually, and reach a point at which you feel comfortable piecing together entire websites.

If you consider yourself a tech enthusiast and one of these ideas appeals to you, we suggest giving it a shot! You’ll feel proud and accomplished if you reach the end of winter with a degree of proficiency in one of these areas.

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Progressive Robotic Systems in Automobile Manufacturing

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The automobile industry is possibly the most automated of all supply chains. Robots have been used in the industry for decades and the robotic technological advancements have been monumental.

The introduction of collaborative robots (cobots) has further launched automation to new heights. They are designed to work alongside humans on the production floor. Cobots take over tasks that are deemed dangerous, tedious and unpalatable by the human workforce.

Robotic development has created a smooth synergy between robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and humans. With the help of robots, workers can perform manufacturing tasks with precision and flexibility.

The robotic systems used today are advanced and equipped with sophisticated technology. They include the following:

  • Robotic vision
  • Exoskeleton Devices
  • AGVs
  • Automated welding
  • Collaborative robots (Cobots)

1.    Robotic Vision

Some robots have vision sensors (2D and 3D perception) to enable them to ‘see’ as they work. This helps to enhance the accuracy as well as precision. Industrial robot manufactures have advanced robotic vision using Open Source Computer Vision (OpenCV).

OpenCV provides free software libraries to enable computers to develop vision using real-time imaging. Robotic vision makes robots intelligent as they can perform tasks more adaptively. The software also enables the robot to process the data it sees to perform tasks correctly.

Moreover, it perceives and understands where the different car components are fixed. These include fenders, door panels, and more.

2.    Exoskeleton Devices

Some tasks are not performed by industrial arms. These were hitherto performed manually by humans. To lessen weariness on the human hands, workers wear exoskeletons which are wearable robots.

The exoskeleton allows the hand to have more strength and grip. It comes with a wearable mechanical delivery system that is worn on the back like a backpack. The device is fitted with actuators, tendons, sensors, muscles, and simulated nerves. These help to boost manual ability as well as significantly lessen fatigue.

3.    Automated Guided Vehicles

These are self-guided vehicles that are created to transport loads and parts along the work floor. They are best utilized in large industrial facilities. They are fitted with software that helps them to find their way around manufacturing and assembly floors.

They have magnetic strips and lasers to assist in movement and other operations. They are designed to lug heavy parts and objects over short to medium distances.

4.    Automated Welding

Conventional robotic welding in the automotive industry fell into two categories:

  • Arc welding
  • Spot welding

Contemporary six-axis robotic welds are designed to perform several welding techniques. These range from laser to whole bodywork solutions.

Collaborative robots work with other robotic systems on assembly lines to keep the line moving. Hence, there is a boost in automation as well as speed on the production line. This in return helps to improve not only quality but also production volume.

5.    Collaborative Robots

Cobots have helped to take automotive manufacturing to a whole new level. They are built to work alongside humans in the workplace. Collaborative robots are fitted with sensors that enhance safety making them safe to work with humans.

They can sense the presence of a human or react to touch and adjust their speed to avoid injury. Cobots are relatively easy to program and can be used to assist human workers. They take up repetitive, dirty and dangerous tasks allowing humans to take up more cognitive tasks.

Additionally, they do not require much supervision. They are small; hence do not take up much room, unlike the gigantic industrial robots. Also, they can work nonstop and with precision, therefore, improving both productivity and product quality.


Robots have become increasingly human-friendly. They are no longer the huge, frightening and complicated contraptions that humans could barely decipher. They not only make things easier for human workers but work collaboratively with them on the production floor.

Enabled by AI, today’s automotive robot allows the industry to accomplish a lot more. Moreover, they help to cut down manufacturing costs and give car manufacturers a competitive edge.

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Google adwords account management Guide

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If your business has made the decision to recruit an adwords management agency, you have made a wise decision. When done correctly, adwords can be a highly rich source of leads and revenue into your company.

How to recruit an agency can be undoubtedly tricky though, and because it is the nature of their business, even a Google search will not help you narrow your list of options down! In this article we give you some key things to look out for when you search for and choose your agency, and how you can make a flying start to your online advertising campaigns.

Finding the right adwords management services for your firm

The first job is to come up with some kind of shortlist of agencies or consultants. The best way to do this is ask some companies what their experience is of managing adwords campaigns, and how they present their results to their clients. It is crucial to establish this, because while well-done adwords campaigns can deliver good results, less effective campaigns can quickly churn budget and become a source of frustration.

How to get the best results with your campaigns

Whether this is your first foray into adwords campaign management, or if you have previously been carrying out the activity in-house, there are some things to consider when preparing your campaigns with your new chosen agency.

It is best to spread your adverts into a number of groups to spread your bets. Also, place a lot of emphasis on getting your keywords right, and ensure that you have at least 50 setup to give your campaign the optimal chance of success. By only focusing on one campaign, you will also pigeon hole yourself into too narrow a field, and you will have a lack of data to analyze at the end. So the message is to create a number of different campaigns and get your adwords right, and you’ll be on the right course.

Making the decision on your agency

First and foremost, you need your chosen adwords management company to be your trusted advisors on everything to do with your online advertising. They should want to understand your business and the products and services you offer.

From this they should be able to guide your strategy for your campaigns, advise on the popularity and effectiveness of your keywords, and provide detailed estimates of traffic and click numbers to help you plan your lead follow ups and budget.

Following each campaign, you should also be able to expect your agency to run over the results, make recommendations for fine-tuning future campaigns, and help you optimize future campaigns even more effectively.

Getting your budget right

Plan your budget based on how much return you need to get from your campaigns, and your capacity for following up leads. There is no value in ploughing lots of cash into adwords campaigns if you don’t have the time or resources to follow them up. Likewise, if you are expecting hundreds of clicks from your paid advertising to keep a hungry telesales team fed, you need to think about increasing your budget accordingly.

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Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers Android

Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers Android

Nowadays, there are many Bluetooth devices available in the market like Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. If you want to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers Android at a time, you can take the help of apps such as AmpMe, Bose Connect, etc. These Apps also allow you to send any audio at the same time.

In this article, we are providing a procedure by following which you will be able to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers Android.

By following the method, you can pair multiple Bluetooth speakers with ease.

Using AmpMe app to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers Android

Among all types of Bluetooth devices, AmpMe is the most helpful app as it can be used in a versatile way. And while using this app, you don’t need to have any specific brand Bluetooth. It is one of the special benefits that AmpMe offers to its users.

  • First, you need to install this application.
  • Next, use your Facebook account or Google account to sign up.
  • After that, check whether any of your contacts are using this AmpMe app or not.
  • Then, you can start enjoying with your friends and family.

Apple HomePod Stereo Pair:

The setup procedure of a HomePod stereo pair:

While setting up a HomePod, you get to see an option. It asks you to use both speakers as a stereo pair. Besides, if you are an Apple user, you can fix a stereo pair with HomePod speakers.

  • First, you need to place two HomePod speakers in the same room.
  • Then, go to the Home app. And press it for a while.
  • After that, make a stereo pair.
  • Next, you need to select the second HomePod that you use as a stereo pair.
  • Then, click on the HomePod on any side to identify it. And then, swap these two.
  • At last, click back option. And then, click on the ‘Done’ option.

Samsung’s Dual Audio Feature:

Want to pair two Bluetooth earphones into a single Samsung device? Then, Samsung Dual Audio can help you in this case.

 The process of using Samsung Dual Audio with dual:

  • First of all, you need to pair each headphone with the Samsung device.
  • Then, open the settings.
  • After that, what you need to do is to click on the Bluetooth option. And then, you need to switch on the slider.
  • After that, enable Bluetooth pairing mode available in your headset. Sometimes, thou may need to press and hold it for some time.
  • After that, go to the notification option. And then click on the media.
  • Then, you need to go to the Samsung device that you are going to use.

Android pie features

  • It helps to line up all the apps in a horizontal row.
  • For the pixel users, Android Pie allows us to copy and share it easily.
  • It has improved battery life. As a result, it can detect which apps we use most.
  • Besides, the battery saver mode closes all the apps that can consume much battery life.
  • Can you connect 2 Bluetooth devices to Android?

Yes, you can connect two Bluetooth devices at a time to Android. People who have Bluetooth devices like Android Auto; Smartwatch, Bluetooth headphones must get advantage from this latest update.

  • Is there any app to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers Android?

Yes, there are a few apps that can assist you to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers. The names of the apps are AmpMe, Bose Connect, Ultimate Ears. However, if you keep your Bluetooth headphones and smartwatch with you always, you won’t require any app.

  • Can my phone connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at once?

Whether it is any smartphone, laptop, computer, or any tablet, thou can connect your phone to any Bluetooth devices at a time. For doing this, you have to go to the settings app available on your device. If thou are using Windows 8.1, you also have to follow the same procedure for setting up many Bluetooth devices.

  • Can you connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to TV?

The smartphone you have can quickly help you to manage the paired Bluetooth devices. The models of the speakers and TV sets are different. You should have a efficient app on your phone that can help connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to TV.

  • Can you Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers Android?

If you are using any old versions of Android, then click on the option’ menu’. You can get it at the top of the right side. Then switch on the dual audio toggle button. If thou want to use it, you have to connect it with two other speakers. But if you are using any Android pie, then you can experience an advanced process.

  • Can we connect 2 Bluetooth devices to one laptop?

Usually, you can pair your device with one headphone or music stream. But you cannot connect two speakers at a time with your device.

When you are using a laptop, you can pair it with multiple Bluetooth devices at once. But it is only for those devices that contain the “multipoint

functionality” option. In this case, it doesn’t matter which type of adapter you will choose.

  • How do I connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to my laptop?

To connect many Bluetooth speakers with a laptop, you can follow these steps given underneath.

  • At first, you need to collect some speakers which are of similar brand. If you get the same model, then it will be helpful for you.

However, you can use various models of the same brands. It doesn’t make any significant issues.

  • Then, charge the speakers to connect these laptops you have. Sometimes, people face difficulties while pairing their speakers with the computer. That is why we have given some simple but effective steps by following which you can pair Bluetooth devices with your laptop.
  • If you want to access the Bluetooth settings quickly, you should have an updated windows version. In case you have an old version of windows, then you need to press the Windows key. And click the “F” button at a time.
  • After that, you get to see a windows search option. Here, you need to write the name of the device that you want to connect. After that, tap on the ‘enter’ button of your laptop.
  • At last, you get to see an “Add Bluetooth

device” option. Tap on it.

  • How do I stream music to multiple devices?

If you want to stream music to many devices, then you can follow the instructions that we have given below.

Step 1:

At first, you have to pair all the devices.

Step 2:

Then, sync the clocks.

Step 3:

After that, you need to choose any time while going to start this process.

Step 4:

Next, share the starting time to all those devices where you want to stream.

Step 5:

Then, keep all the devices in sleep mode. And keep it until the time that you have set up will begin.

Step 6:

At last, you can play or stream music.

In case you face any problem in this entire process, thou have to fix it again. Besides, while using multiple devices, you should not keep many background apps in running condition. It is because these can reduce the playback speed of streaming music.

  • Can you play 2 Bluetooth speakers at the same time on an iPhone?

According to the latest updates, the iPhone is coming with a new double Bluetooth system. With the help of this system, one can send any audio or music to the other two connected devices. However, now Apple also allows us to connect multiple Bluetooth earphones, speakers, etc. But the difference is that you cannot play the audio in two devices at a time.

  • Can you use 2 Bluetooth headphones at the same time?

Yes, you can use and pair two Bluetooth earphones in a single time. Bluetooth multipoint can help you to use two Bluetooth earphones easily. For example, you can use your laptop or computer and your phone at the same time.

  • How do you connect two Bluetooth headphones at the same time?

Bluetooth multipoint is helpful in this case as it allows you to connect many devices at a time easily. Thou have to go to the settings option and click the Bluetooth multipoint option.

  • Can you pair 2 Bluetooth headphones at once?

It is a simple method. For this, the only thing you are required to do is to switch on the Bluetooth device at first merely. Then, connect these with Bluetooth multipoint earphones. You have to keep these both earphones in pairing mode. Then, pair the first earphone. Next, you have to keep these in pairing mode again to connect the second one.

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Save Space with the Industrial Robotic Arm

Save Space with the Industrial Robotic Arm

When one thinks of a factory, the image that comes to mind is a large complex. A large building with a lot of space, machines and a large number of people is what we know as a factory.

In the modern world, factories are no longer the large complexes. This is brought about by the fact that amounts needed for rent and lease are quite high. Further, with low employment rates, many would-be entrepreneurs cannot afford the large complexes.

There are many in the same situation.

For those who want to start manufacturing and are facing space challenges, robots can help save the situation in the following ways.

They are compact in size

The industrial robotic arm enables you to start manufacturing since it is a small in size and compact.

You do not need to have your manufacturing process in a large complex, when you have a collaborative robotic arm. With a small footprint and reach, you can buy and install your robot even in your bedroom and carry out numerous manufacturing processes.

Easy to use

The collaborative industrial robotic arm is also very easy to use. It is computerized and comes with a large screen on which you can issue your commands. You do not need any specialized knowledge to operate the collaborative robot. All you need, is a little training. If you can use a smart phone, you will quickly understand how to use a collaborative robot.


If you have a small working space, you will need a small working robot. The collaborative robot is suitable for this task. Even with a small footprint, you can trust your robot to reach up to sizable surface with its long arms.

Solve your labor shortages

With a robot, you are sure that you will not need a large labor force. With a smaller labor force and a robot, you are guaranteed that you will get as much production as you need, at a lower cost and less time.

Robots carry out tasks faster than human workers. They are also more accurate thus ensuring higher quality goods which means more customers and higher financial returns.

With a robot, you will not need a lot of space to hire hundreds of workers.

Can be moved around

Another advantage that you gain from having a collaborative industrial robot arm in your small factory, is that you can move it from one area of your factory to another. This is especially important if you need it to carry out multiple tasks in the factory.

You can have it complete one task in one section of your factory and another task in another section. With its lightweight, it is easy to carry it around and thus, you will not need a lot of space to operate your factory.

Automatic production

This is another feature of the industrial robotic arm that allows you to save on space for your manufacturing factory.

This feature allows your robot to work independently without the need for human supervision. As such, you can ensure that the robot can keep working for as long as possible on its own. All you need for this to happen is a small room, your raw materials and your robot.


One of the main reasons why factories were and still are and occupy large spaces, is to ensure safety of those who work there. Traditional robots, needed their own fenced off spaces where they could work. They were kept out of bounds for human workers as they caused fatal accidents.

Collaborative robots on the other hand are intrinsically safe. This goes a long way in ensuring that factories no longer need large factory spaces. Resulting in lower production costs.


Robots help greatly in the manufacturing sector. One of their many advantages, is the fact that they help space for manufacturers, thus lower manufacturing costs in terms of lease and rent space costs.


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CFexpress- Know More about Future Media Cards

CFexpress- Know More about Future Media Cards

Technology is showing its new colors every day. Thanks to technology that our lives are becoming so smooth. It has worked wonders for the professionals, whose lives revolve around gadgets. CFexpress one such new addition to the tech world. Let’s find out more about this new kid on the block.

If you are a professional photographer/videographer, you must have felt the need of a much-advanced memory card. CFexpress comes in with high speed and higher resolution when compared to the existing formats. It comes with a higher bit rate image capture in devices. It has a faster off-load speed.

What is CFexpress?

CFexpress is proposed by CompactFlash Association. CFexpress memory cards have three formats – Type A, B, and C. With a different internal connection, CFexpress Type B utilizes the form factors 38.5 mm x 29.8mm x 3.8mm. The form factor is similar to that of XQD. The goal of CFexpress is to create removable storage with highly used PCI Express interface and NVM Express rules.

CompactFlash Association announced CFexpress on the year 2016. A year after that it introduced the specifications for CFexpress 1.0 which uses XQD form factors. The association announced CFexpress 2.0 in early 2019 with Type A and Type C on board.

The two new formats have more specifications. Type A has one lane and is more compact than Type C. However, Type C is a bit bigger and thicker than Type A with four lanes. They have plans to improve the speed further by introducing PCIe 4.0 interface.

XQD Vs CFast

CFexpress is the successor of XQD and CFast formats. Many of the manufacturers have stopped making XQD cards. CFexpress Type B cards have the option of backward compatibility to XQD cameras. XQD has one lane whereas new CFexpress cards use two lanes of PCIe. While XQD evolved from CFast, providing higher speed, CFexpress has come to conquer them all.

Type A is pretty similar to the SD cards but is a bit smaller and thicker. Sony a7S III was the first device to use this format. Type A will be best for cameras with smaller form factors. Hopefully, this format is going to be the most popular one in the coming years.

CFexpress Type B and XQD use the same form factors as well as the same connector. Devices like Panasonic X series and Nikon Z series, come with XQD card support. But now Firmware updates enable us of CFexpress in the same device. It has a conventional look with many benefits to look up to.

On the other hand, Type C is very close with respect to the size of a CFast and Compact Flash. Type C offers a much higher speed. It has not been used in and devices to be used by the consumers. Hopefully, this particular format will play a major in cameras that are used for cinema.

Is CFexpress worth it?

The answer to this question will always be yes. The latest generation media card support recording of high-resolution raw video. If you use it for shooting cinema, be assured to have a flawless video. It includes 4K, 6K, and 8K at high bitrates and frame rates and Raw continuous burst photos. CFexpress is compatible with most of the news devices like Canon (C300 Mark III, C500 Mark III, 1D X Mark III, R 5), Nikon (Z6, Z7, D6), Panasonic (Lumix DC – S1, Lumix DC – S1R)

Top three brands to go for

Type B cards are going around for quite some time now. Most of the memory card manufacturers are into making the advanced removable memory card. Here are the brands to look out for:

SanDisk – The brand name says it all, one of the pioneers of memory card manufacturer offers Extreme PRO CFexpress Type B Cards. The 128 GB and above cards reach 1400 MB/s speed to write and 1700 MB/s to read. However, the 64 GB version has 800 MB/s speed to write and 1500 MB/s to read.

Cobalt – Cobalt stands out among the crowd with its minimum sustained speed to write at 1300 MB/s. Working with raw videos will be a cakewalk with Cobalt until the card is full.

Sony – With a strong brand value, comes a huge commitment. Sony lives up to it. They offer both Type A and B formats. Sony’s CFexpress Type A card is a direct replacement of SD cards with 700 MB/s writing speed and 800 MB/s reading speed. Type A has only 80 GB and 160 GB at the moment. Sony’s Type B has variants of 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB.


Above all, the best part of working on this format is that you are a step ahead in working with new PCIe 4.0 spec which will speed up quite drastically. In addition, CFexpress is going to take the position of an SD card and will soon become the standard removable memory card for many users.

So, ready to give CFexpress a try? Let us know what you think about it?

In conclusion, CFexpress is the next generation removable media card. In no time, it will become the standard memory card for the professionals, here’s everything that you must know about CFexpress.

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What Are Shipping Tech’s Systems?

What Are Shipping Tech’s Systems?

Shipping Tech is an ongoing evolution of the way that transportation technology can help in the protection of ships in transit. The technology that is being introduced is being designed so that the ship itself will be protected, while allowing the safe and secure transportation of goods and cargo from point A to point B.

How to Ship Fragile Cargo

Ship Fragile Tech has developed into a number of different systems for shipping. Some of these systems will be described in this article and others will be explained in further detail in future articles.

These safety systems are designed for cargo in the form of cargo containers and crates. In many cases, the cargo containers will be made of special reinforced plastics that will be used to make the container more stable and to avoid damage to the container. The use of these plastic crates, when used to transport cargo, is intended to make the cargo much more safe and secure, in addition to being easier to transport.

The use of cargo containers to transport goods is often seen as being the most secure way of shipping cargo. The cargo containers will be able to be secured by the weight of the goods that are in them. When the goods are lighter, they can be placed in the containers more easily and the containers can be locked so that they cannot be opened until the goods are ready to be transported. The containers can also be locked when the goods are not being transported.

Shipping Technology

Shipping Tech will also have many other systems in place to protect the goods being transported. The most important system is that of the tracking systems that will be used. The tracking systems will be used to keep track of the location of the ship, as well as the movements of the container along the way.

These tracking systems will be able to tell the container’s position and to keep track of the container’s exact movements. The tracking system will be able to tell the container’s position at a specific point in time. If something should happen to the container, it will be able to tell the person who is in the tracking system what should be done to save the cargo. The tracking system will also be able to inform the person on the container’s location when the container will need to be refilled.

Tracking System

Tracking systems are also useful in protecting the cargo that is being shipped. The tracking systems will allow the container to be identified and to be protected from damage.

Tracking systems will also be used in the event of a fire. The tracking systems will be able to warn the container about the fire and to prevent damage from occurring.

The tracking systems will also be able to help the container to be identified. This will be helpful in the case of a fire or in the case of a natural disaster.

Tracking systems are also useful for the purpose of protecting the goods being shipped. If there is damage to the container, the tracking system will be able to alert the container owner so that they will know about the damage to the container.

Tracking systems will also be able to alert the shipping company to the damage to the container. When the damage is identified, the shipping company will be able to contact the shipping company that is handling the container to take back the damaged container and to provide the container with some of the goods that were being shipped to that particular shipping company.

The tracking systems will also be useful for identifying the damaged goods. as the shipping company will be able to provide information about the goods that were being shipped to a particular shipping company, including the type of goods that were shipped, the value of the goods, and the destination of the goods.


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