About was born in the year 2005, after several tests on other blogging platforms as an initiation until we discovered that we liked it a lot, since that date has not stopped growing and has only given me satisfactions.

We usually describe it as a blog of dissemination about technology, science, the Internet and many other things, but the truth is that it is more complex than all that: it has many annotations of humor and other very varied subjects that we are interested to the authors, as astronomy and aviation, urban legends, gadgets, large or small conspiracies or puzzles.

The authors call us “a group of geeks” or “crazy about technology.” We do this blog because we like it and have fun. As a blog is somewhat handmade is subject to all kinds of limitations and bias; the most obvious are that the annotations usually incorporate personal appreciation, touches of humor sometimes strange or that the fact of telling something or make it fun and fun sometimes prevails over rigor. This is not the New York Times or Scientific American: it is a blog written by ordinary people in a language with the advantages and disadvantages of all this.

Occasionally we publish annotations similar to those we write in other thematic blogs, newspapers or magazines with which we collaborate. This in addition to in this space we write for agencies, companies and other blogs and specialized or professional journals. We also occasionally conduct radio, television or round-table discussions and conferences. When it is possible and we have time we usually republish those contents also in the blog, indicating where they come from.

Mainly a blog oriented to topics of technology, blogging and online applications, but lately they are touching many topics of gadgets and mobile phones. We can proudly say that in participated and won in the category of technology in the contest of blogs.

But we imagine they will be wondering (or not) who is behind the blog and writes every day in it. My name is Henry Porter but on the internet I am better known as a technology blogger.

For a while I worked as a freelance Digital Marketer until I decided to dedicate full time to blogging, and luckily I did it. Nowadays my work is focused on blogs, being File edge the most important of all.