What is an INSV File?

Want to use an Insta360 camera to shoot 360 degree videos? You should know that Insta360 helps to save the shots as INSV files which are actually an internal format. You are capable of exporting them into a standard format like MP4 or JPG. Let’s dig into the article to learn “What is an INSV File?”

You can record INSV videos through H.264 or H.265 (HEVC) video codecs. With the help of these codecs, you are able to reduce the video size. Also, the codecs allow you to maintain the video quality. That’s why videographers use these files so much. In addition, these files are popular among sports enthusiasts. The reason is that they are able to record plenty of top-quality video footage and store them in a 360-degree camera.

What is an INSV File?

An INSV file refers to a file format which you can use to store panoramic video that Insta360 cameras capture. In order to capture outstanding videos and images, these cameras are designed and permit you to generate such types of content which can offer a 360 degree view of their surroundings.

Photographers and videographers love to use these cameras. In addition, these are useful for those people who look for unique ways to capture moments to tell the story of the content in an innovative way.

Insta360 camera series includes Insta360 ONE, ONE X, Titan, EVO, Nano, Air, etc. These allow you to capture 360-degree videos in INSV file format. You can also capture Virtual Reality HD videos in this format. In order to view or open these files, you have to use some apps, but it depends on what device you are using.

If you are working on Windows or Mac, you need Insta360 Studio to see them. On the other hand, you have to use the Insta360 Players app when you are using an Android or iOS device. With the help of this app, you are capable of editing your camera footage. Also, it lets you share and manage the footage. The app syncs the camera footage automatically from the camera. That’s why it becomes simple to edit videos or export them.

How to Open an INSV File:

If you are willing to open INSV files, you should use some particular software offered by Insta360. For instance:

  • Insta360 Studio: This software is used in macOS and Windows. It lets you play and edit those videos which you can capture using Insta360 camera models, for instance, ONE, Nano, Nano S, and Air.
  • Insta360 Studio 2019: This one is mainly for those videos which you capture using ONE X or EVO models. If you are a user of Windows or macOS, you should use this.
  • Insta360 Player: This app is mainly designed to use for iOS and Android devices.

Convert INSV File To MP4:

When you are willing to make these files more widely compatible, you need to export them to .MP4 video format. And in this case, you need to use Insta360 Studio to do so. If you see that the Insta360 Studio isn’t available, it is possible to rename the file extension to .mp4 from .insv. You can use VLC and other MP4 players in order to open the file as an MP4 file.

Remember that you can only change the format when you convert INSV format files. It is not going to flatten them automatically. Therefore, in order to process the footage, you have to use software.

Convert INSV Format Files To MP4 Format By Renaming The File:

Renaming the file is the easiest process to convert Insta360 video to MP4. These are the steps you need to follow to convert these INSV files to MP4.

  • When you are using your PC, your first job is to right-click on the INSV format file. Then, clicking on the Rename option is your task.
  • Then, removing the.INSV extension at the end is your job. Now, you have to include the .MP4 extension in order to convert INSV to MP4.
  • After adding the extension, your task is to press Enter. Then, you need to open the file using the software which supports MP4 format.

Convert Insta360 Video to MP4 with Insta360 Studio:

This free software lets you edit the video files and export them to .MP4 video format. These are the steps you need to follow in order to change the file to MP4.

  • Your first task is to drag the .insv file into this app. Then, you need to click on the Export option.
  • After clicking on the option, your task is to open a new Video Export Settings tab. Now, you need to switch this to the 360 Video. After that, your job is to adjust the export quality settings.
  • Next, your task is to set the bit rate between 70 and 100mbps.
  • Now, your job is to select the format of encoding— H.265 or H.264. Try to use H.265. The reason is that it can provide advanced compression.
  • Colour Plus and Remove Grain are examples of AI effects options. These offer enhanced colour vibrancy to the video. Additionally, these are able to delete the noise in darker areas.
  • As soon as you adjust the settings, you need to export the .instv file to .mp4. by clicking on OK. In order to save the video, you have to ensure that you have chosen the destination path.

A Brief Overview of the INSV Video Format:

In order to facilitate the recording process of 360-degree videos, Insta360 cameras made the INSV video format. Mainly, photographers, as well as those who love extreme activities, use INSV files. With the help of the Insta360 Studio 2019, you can view, play and modify these videos on your Windows or Mac.

Using Insta360 Studio, it will be possible to convert INSV files to MP4 format. However, the registry sometimes can’t allow the video files to open. Moreover, because of issues with the files or the problems with the OS, sometimes it may happen that you can’t open INSV files. Now, check these problems:

  • If space is not enough, it is not possible to preserve identifying data.
  • If the software is missing or corrupted, the system will not play the videos.
  • The files can be corrupted because of the copies, transfers, decompresses, and compressions.
  • A mistake in production can corrupt the video file. Some of the video files can contain malicious software and viruses.

To fix the problems, you can change the media player. Besides, you can change the format of the video to MP4. Or you are able to install the third-party antivirus software.

What Causes INSV Video Files to Get Lost?

If you do not handle the Insta360 camera properly, the INSV file can get lost. These are a few reasons for losing these video files:

  • Logical damage to the SD card
  • Formatting of Insta360 camera SD card
  • You didn’t handle the camera properly
  • Malware or virus infection
  • You are shooting on low space or low battery
  • Intentional or accidental deletion.
  • Interruption when you transfer files to a computer from the Insta360 camera.

The Bottom Line:

In this article, we have elaborated “What Is An INSV File” and other details of this file. Keep in mind the facts that can cause INSV video files to get lost. For any queries or doubts, you can ask us via comments.

Frequently Asked Questions  

  1. What does An INSV file contain?

The INSV file has video data that an Insta360 camera captures.

  1. How do you open an Insta360 file?

You first have to select File. Then, you need to select Open Files/Open Folder. Next, your task is to select the folder or the footage. Then, you need to open it.

  1. How do you view your Insta360 footage?

You need to connect your camera to your smartphone. Then, you can see the shooting page opening automatically in the App. After that, clicking on the album icon in the bottom left corner is your job.


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