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Wired vs Wireless Mouse

Wired vs Wireless Mouse

Although trackpads are becoming larger & more responsive on laptops, several people prefer to use a mouse for comfort. If you have a desktop, you need to use a mouse. When you purchase a mouse, you need to decide whether you require a wired or wireless one. This article will let you know the difference between wired vs wireless mouse.

What is a wired mouse?

It connects to your laptop or desktop directly via a USB port & transmits information through the cord.

What is a wireless mouse?

A cordless mouse connects to a computer without use of cables. Rather than that, these use wireless technology such as Bluetooth, RF, or infrared radio waves.

Wired Mouse:


  • The users don’t have to charge their mouse because it is connected directly to the PC through a wire.
  • Because of the direct connection, these can give the quickest response time. That’s why these are perfect for gaming or other tasks needing fast responses
  • Less expensive than wireless counterparts


  • You can use the mouse within the range of the cord.
  • When you keep the wires unorganized, you may need to untangle them constantly.
  • You can not use these in various locations. These are not suitable for specific tasks like presentations.
  • It doesn’t last like a wireless mouse.

Wireless Mouse:


  • These don’t need cords, so you can move them around or take them when travelling.
  • Durable enough
  • These enable you to move your hand freely without getting tangled up in cables.
  • It can cover a longer range than a wired mouse.
  • These are ergonomically designed to fit in hand.


  • Losing the receiver leads you to replace the whole set
  • These need battery power, and their batteries have limited life. It may annoy you when you don’t charge them.
  • These cost more than the wired ones. So, a wireless mouse is not your budget-friendly option.
  • Sometimes, wireless signals interfere with home wireless devices like routers or Bluetooth headsets. It can cause connectivity problems.

Wired Vs Wireless Mouse— Overview:

You should go for a wired mouse if you are looking for a classic traditional option. These models come with a USB cord that plugs into the computer. The main reason why the users prefer to use wired ones is that these models can perform consistently and have a direct connection to the computer. It is important for the gamers or those who require precise mouse movements.

On the flip side, wireless ones provide convenience. These come with more lightweight and compact designs. Several wireless models have a dongle or USB receiver through which you can connect your mouse to your computer without wires. But the battery life is short, which is a drawback of these models. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the batteries frequently.

Difference between Wired Vs Wireless Mouse:

Compared to a wired mouse, a wireless one works more slowly. Besides, users can not notice slight lag. But if you are into gaming, you can feel its slow speed because response time in gaming is a vital point.

Lag, Latency & Interference:

If a mouse uses a cable to connect to the computer, it has a more or less direct connection to the device. But wireless connections go through the air to create communication with your computer. A wired connection is like giving a letter from one hand to the other and these models provide more consistent communication with the computer.

In the world of lag and latency problems, most wireless mice work fine. Several gaming mice use Lightspeed technology which sends out signals constantly to “check in on” neighboring devices.

Freedom of Movement:

Regarding freedom of movement, there is no comparison with wireless mice. A wired mouse lets you use it from the computer as much as the wire length allows. Although the wire length is adequate, gamers using these mice can be annoyed by the snags and the weight of the wire. That’s why you need to use a wired mouse with a long enough wire.

If you play games with a wired mouse, the first setup accessory upgrade you should purchase is a mouse bungee which will help to raise the cable and help to decrease your struggle.


When it comes to talking about a wired mouse, remember that you don’t need batteries as the power travels through the wire. Batteries are essential for wireless ones and most of the time, the batteries come in AA or AAA form.

If it comes to talking about a rechargeable mouse, plugging in things when not in use has become the norm. Like we plug our mobiles and laptops when not using them. If battery life is about to die, the mouse indicates this with a red sign. On average, the battery life is 80-120 hours. However, a few models come with more than 400 hours of battery life.

Speed and Performance:

As wired ones come with enhanced response times & lower latency, these can provide smooth and precise movements. Those who play competitive esports games and many FPS titles need higher response times. For them, these models are beneficial.

However, wireless ones gave a tough competition to the wired ones. But these lag behind slightly. Besides, the difference is negligible regarding response time and latency only when you use a 2.4GHz wireless one, not a mouse with Bluetooth connectivity. If you use a wireless mouse with 2.4GHz receivers, it can provide polling rates up to 1000Hz, whereas the Bluetooth counterparts max out at 125Hz.

The polling rate refers to the speed at which a mouse communicates the position of it (or input) to the PC. If the polling rate increases, the mouse will be faster and more responsive. Several esports players like to use wireless ones, and it proves how much these have developed themselves. However, if your primary aim is not gaming and you are looking for a mouse for productivity tasks, either option can serve you excellently.


People still prefer to use wired mice. You don’t experience connection loss because these communicate directly with your computer via wire and the transfer of information will be very fast.

On the flip side, wireless mice are subject to interference. If you see any obstruction between the mouse and its receiver, you won’t get the signal easily and will experience delays or lag.

Additionally, you should not connect multiple wireless peripherals with wires to your computer simultaneously. Otherwise, wireless signals will interfere with each other. As a result, you will experience signal loss. The issue becomes worse with Bluetooth mice because they have more latency than 2.4GHz wireless mice. Gamers playing a lot of esports and FPS games should not use these. If you want to use a wireless mouse, it is advised to stick with a 2.4GHz wireless mouse.


Compared to wired mice, wireless mice are more simple to use. These are small and portable. Besides, no cables are there to get tangled up in your bag. That’s why wireless mice are perfect for travelling. Wireless mice can be used away from the receiving device. Whereas, a wired mouse works if you are within reach.

If you are using a TV as a monitor, and a wireless mouse, then you will be able to control this from your couch. You can use a wireless mouse as an input device when the tablet doesn’t have a USB port. In case the computer is too far from the mouse & keyboard, like under a desk or against the wall, you should use a wireless mouse.

Batteries are not essential for wired mice as the computer is the power source. A few wireless mouse manufacturers use a docking station to circumvent the problem. However, it will consume desk space. A few people don’t want to lose the receiver or be left with a non-working mouse. That’s why they might turn down a wireless mouse in favor of a wired mouse. A few wireless mice include placeholders which will help to hold the receiver and prevent the mouse from being lost.

Versatility and Aesthetics:

Proponents of cordless mice cite their versatility. The models which come with the Logitech unifying technology usually feature a receiver which you can pair with many devices. It indicates that you should buy Logitech devices for all peripheral requirements. You can move a wireless mouse easily, if you are willing to use the same mouse on your desktop & laptop. But it’s not simple to unplug a wired mouse. However, it should not be a single reason to purchase wireless mice. Although a combo of a wireless keyboard & mouse is better than having cables everywhere.


Hence, the difference between these two kinds of mice isn’t as drastic as it used to be. If you don’t have too much money and are looking for a budget-friendly option, choose a wired mouse. These are usually less expensive. If you want, purchase a wireless variant of that mouse for 10-odd bucks over it.

Who Should Get a Wired Mouse?

People who prioritize performance and reliability factors more than a cable-free aesthetic aspect need to use a wired mouse. As these remain connected directly to your computer, you will not experience interference from other devices. Besides, these perform better according to the price range. Moreover, you don’t need to charge them. Esports players prefer using the wired ones.

Who Should Get a Wireless Mouse?

A wireless mouse will be your priority if you want a clutter-free desk setup. You can easily keep your workstation tidy with this. In addition, you will be able to use a wireless mouse from across the room. That’s why it is an excellent option for media centers or HTPCs (home theater PCs).

There is minimal difference between wired and 2.4GHz connections in response time until you experience any interference. If you are a casual gamer, there is nothing to be worried about.

The Bottom Line:

People who prioritize convenience & versatility should use a wireless mouse which is great to carry while traveling. Whereas a wired mouse is the best if you are searching for an inexpensive and reliable mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you connect a wireless mouse?

If you are willing to connect your wireless mouse to Windows, your first job is to head toward Settings. Then, you need to move to Devices and Bluetooth & other devices. Now, you should click on Add Bluetooth or another device. If you use a Mac, you need to put the wireless mouse into pairing mode. Then, your task is to navigate to the Apple icon. Now, you need to go to System Preferences and then Bluetooth.

  • Why is your mouse not working?

Sometimes, the mouse will not work, and the reasons are irreparable hardware damage, power or connection loss, interference between the work surface & the mouse, outdated software, etc.

  • How do you connect a wired mouse to your iPhone or iPad?

To use a mouse with an iPad or iPhone, you need to connect it to the device’s charging port through a USB-C cable. You need to use an adapter when the mouse does not support USB-C.

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