Finally Facebook Creator App Unveiled Just Made for the Video Creators

Finally Facebook Creator App Unveiled Just Made for the Video Creators

Facebook Creator app for Video Creators

Just a few months ago Facebook made it clear that it is looking forward to establishing its social media platform as dedicated video sharing platform. Facebook simply wanted to give YouTube a stiff by banking on its massive active user’s base and it is trying to woo the video creators on its platform on a serious note with the launch of the Facebook Creator app. It brings a wide range of tools which helps in streaming videos, messaging people on varied Facebook platform as well as for updating stories.

Facebook had already other apps

This isn’t the first Facebook brought a dedicated app for a particular function or feature available on its platform. In the past, people had made use of the Facebook Pages app in order to manage varied pages present on the platform. It even had dedicated app for celebrities which helped in community building. But Facebook Creators app is different from the usual apps as it brings hard-core features for the users to actively manage the videos on the Facebook like never before. But this Facebook Creators app isn’t an original concept rather it is an updated and to be more precise a rebranded version of the app which was set to be named Facebook Mentions.

Exciting features in the new Facebook Creator app

Facebook Creator App boasts some special features which is designed for the Facebook Live. Using this app, users will be able to add intro as well as outros to their live videos and they can even add interactive stickers and custom video frame to make the video more punchy and individualized. This app can even be used for capturing and editing photos which can be posted later on in the Facebook Stories or on other platforms like Instagram.

Facebook has given a priority towards enhancing the communication with it new app. Facebook Creator app brings a unified inbox for the comments having both Facebook, Instagram & Messenger messages in a single place. This ensures that users don’t have to jump in between different apps to respond to other people messages, responses, and requests. Facebook Creator App isn’t free from glitches and shortcoming it happens to be a right step in the direction of efficiently managing to message within the varied Facebook services.

Facebook Creator app: Everything is thought of by Facebook

Since  Facebook Creator app is an app directed towards the video creators then it is essential to bring analytics functionality embedded into to understand the performance of the videos. Keeping this thing in mind Facebook has brought analytics feature in this app so creators can make the best use of their video. Facebook is making this app available at first on the iOS platform followed by the Android platform roll out in the coming months.  Facebook Creator app will certainly help the video creators towards making active use of the Facebook platform to take their video to a massive user base and with it will be strong enough to give stiff competition to the YouTube.

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