Facebook Wants to Merge ParlAI Systems for a Smarter Chatbot

Facebook is all set to Bring Together ParlAI Systems with the Chatbot

The world’s widely used the social media platform i.e. Facebook is going through a rapid of features enrichment. Now Facebook has decided to launch a platform which will help in combining the artificial intelligence with the machine learning. This framework has been named ParlAI which will allow researchers to have simple way at building the conversational ParlAI systems.

Now researchers will be able to combine quite a number of different approaches to the machine dialogue. Making intelligent chatbots which doesn’t get stumped with the unexpected questions is extremely easy and fun exercise using this framework. Over the years the chatbots released by Facebook has been criticized for being quite narrow minded as well as can get easily confused by the users’ unexpected questions. Facebook is trying to improve upon the chatbots by making it work with the artificial intelligence.

ParlAI Greater advantage for the developers

ParlAI has been designed to enable developers at developing highly smart and intuitive chatbots which in the long term will help in reducing the amount of work needed to develop them. This platform has built in support with data sets for more than 20 different natural languages. This platform has been boosted with the question-and-answers examples fetched from the Microsoft and Standard apart from the Facebook.

Future applications of this ParlAI platform

Facebook and a number of other tech firms has stated that development of the ParlAI is great achievement as it will help in paving way for developing highly interactive systems in future with incredible commercial applications. The chatbots built using this platform will be able to perform a wide variety of tasks which weren’t possible for the earlier versions such as ordering products or looking up for some information. Facebook has also brought some of the resources from its upcoming assistant named ‘M’ which is currently being tested by a very specific group of users.

The best thing about this platform is that it is making huge progress in bringing together the machine learning and computer dialogue on a completely different level. It is worth noting that in order to have complete questing and answering system in place one has to being together a number of different components but this new platform makes all of its readily available for the developers. ParlAI will certainly benefit the developers and it will enable them to bring chatbots quite intelligent and intuitive in every manner.

One of the AI expert has stated that this new ParlAI platform isn’t really a breakthrough in itself but it will be act a much needed enabling technology in the upcoming days. He also points out that in the last couple of years tech firms has lost their focus towards developing this kind of platform or system which brings intelligent dialogue between the users and machine. This new ParlAI is making use of the reinforcement learning which works just like the way animals learns through the positive feedback. This will enable them to come up with highly conversational machines with smarter and witty intelligence in future rather the monotonous and machine responses offered by the current generation devices.

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