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Digital Assistant M- Messenger users are going to get utmost help

Messenger app of Facebook has already gained much recognition among the users of social media. Chatting with friends, sharing photos or videos and creating groups with particular names- all these things are really exciting to the users. However, now, Facebook wants to add something more with Messanger. Digital assistant M is an artificial intelligence system, launched by the company to give you a different experience. It will start popping up on the online chat platform of Messenger.

Participation of Other Companies With Digital Assistant M –

The announcement on the release of digital assistant M had already been made few years ago. In the year, 2015, Facebook has started testing out this system. Some other tech companies have taken part in the game of creating the assistant, i.e. M, and these include Siri application of Apple, Cortana of Microsoft and Google Now. In addition to it, Amazon also has joined with Echo, one of the voice-enabled IoT apps.

What Will You Get From Digital Assistant M?

Such web-based assistants could transform our way of interacting with devices and our surrounding world. Originally, M may comprise a number of actions with the identifications of a user’s intent-

  • Request or pay cash
  • Send stickers
  • Share location
  • Develop plans
  • Find some ride
  • Start a survey in any group

According to Facebook, the latest assistant, M may also be able to have progress by controlling the personal data and invisible trainer. With the application of artificial intelligence on your data at Facebook, this assistant will enable you in purchasing gifts or booking restaurant tables.

In other words, M as well as the similar digital assistants may work well, only when they recognize you better. Thus, with more exposure of your information to these assistants, you can have the chance of getting higher effectiveness. If you want the system to do its function perfectly, then you have to rely on it.


Some people have a fear that M, connected with Facebook, has a chance of revealing private data of users. In the present age, hacking of data is one of the common threats. That is why many people raise question on whether M would be able to stay loyal to the users. Usually, all reliable corporations are honest, loyal, and discreet. And these principles are the basis of maintaining privacy. Thus, now it is to be seen whether Facebook would be successful to follow all those values.

It is hoped that Facebook will be sincere to everything, collected by M.

Thus, Facebook has made an attempt to offer you the best concierge solution, which works on the platform of Messenger. Some San Francisco users have already tested the digital assistant M. the plan of Facebook is to make a communication among users. It wants to input something from customer care representation so that M may become smarter. So, enjoy the assistant, when you are able to access it.

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