How Apple and Microsoft are keeping the desktop off its deathbed

How Apple and Microsoft are keeping the desktop off its deathbed

Apple and Microsoft are working silently to keep desktop ‘alive’

Desktop are nowhere nearing their demise but their demise appears to be imminent within next decade. The rise and popularity of portable computing devices ranging from smartphones, tablets to laptops has raised questions on the popularity and usage of the desktops in the long term.

This week Apple brought few minor upgrades to its Mac Pro desktop which has not received any kind of update in last four years. A number of speculations have begun in the industry that the desktop days are numbered and very soon the large tech corporation will move away from it eventually.

However Apple timely upgrade to the Mac Pro desktops has helped in keeping these speculations down to a great extent.

The future of desktop

The rise and popularity of the handheld devices can’t be ignored and working with desktops seriously limits the modern day professionals in varied ways. Some of the industry expert’s believes that we are not going into the ‘Post-PC’ era anytime soon as PC are still the powerhouse for all the business world. However desktop computers will take a new form in upcoming days.

Tech companies will never wish to do away with a product category which helped in building some of the largest tech firms in the world. In order to keep the consumers hooked on to the traditional computers they will try to work with a different form factor, build in new functionalities and take the price further down to make it affordable.

Sliding sales is a sign of worry

Over the years desktops sales are declining dramatically and quite interestingly the most used operating system happens to be Android not Windows at the moment.

This simply add to the fear that Android devices which basically comprises of anything else than desktops are gaining the edge over the desktops. In similar fashion Apple iOS has more users that the Apple desktop OS which means more number of people are products like iPhone, iPods, and iPads than the Mac Desktops.

What tech companies doing to avoid it?

Apple is working towards making Mac Pro desktops highly customizable in order to give flexibility to the consumers in using it. To be more precise Apple is bringing about the marriage between a desktop and mobile which will be seen more prominently in upcoming range of desktops not just from the Apple but also from other manufacturers.

Apple is also trying to make the iPad Pro work better with the desktop in order to make sure people makes use of the both the devices. Microsoft has also started on the same lines with the launch of the Windows 10 just a year ago.

This helps in bringing the best of the mobile technology right to the desktop. Microsoft’s Surface ranges of devices are simply highly sophisticated, portable, advanced version of desktops disguised as a tablet for the users. Likewise Samsung has just launched the Galaxy S8 phones which have the ability to plug in with the desktop using a special dock and it brings a desktop like experience right to the small screen.

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