Announcing Google Cloud Security Talks during RSA Conference 2018

At Bespoke in Westfield San Francisco Centre, Google plans to give a talk on Google Cloud Security. There will be around 15 sessions spread over a 2 day period wherein they will cover up security across Google Cloud, the acceptance and regulations, shared responsibility and all the very best practices adopted by Google with regard to Google’s very own internal security. At these talks, they plan to conduct interactive sessions and demos based on Google Cloud Security and all the security challenges faced including malicious cyber attacks and extraction of data by malicious third parties.

Due to the innumerable security threats that take place, the greatest challenge faced by businesses is to function in a very safe and watertight environment. The Google Cloud Security promises to provide a secure Cloud infrastructure managed by professionals to counteract security lapses.

At the Moscone Centre where the RSA Conference 2018 is scheduled, Googlers will be either giving talks or actively participating on the panel for discussions regarding data protection and secure environments.

Based on security, there will be 20 security updates and enhancements including Access Transparency to enable businesses protect their data and stay secure.

The Google Cloud Security will provide protection against DDoS attacks and will also include increased transparency, API protections and many more.

Features of Google Cloud Security

Security against DDoS attacks and other threats will be provided by the new Cloud Armor tool .

The new VPC Service Controls will protect data in API based storage and big data services.

Google Cloud Security: Cloud Armor

Cloud Armor that is available on the Google Cloud Platform will utilize load balancing to protect GCP users against DDoS attacks. Cloud Armor uses the HTTP(S) load balancing which is found in YouTube and Search. The user has to configure load balancing to get the service activated. Cloud Armor together with HTTP(S) Load Balancing provides IPv4 and IPv6 whitelisting/blacklisting, counteracts application based attacks and provides access control. Cloud Armor will show all the traffic that has been blocked and those that are allowed.

Google Cloud Security: VPC Service

Another Google Cloud Security feature in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the VPC Service. All the data that is stored in the API services in GCP will be secured. In cases where identities are stolen, IAM policies are misconfigured, and then the services such as Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery will provide protection. This will help business establishments to feel less threatened and hence move their data to the cloud.

The Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API enables the users to label, manage and even edit parts of sensitive information.

Google also has the Google Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC) which will check the storage systems for sensitive info, identify the usual web hacks and take an inventory of access rights to your resources. This will bring about transparency in services like App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage and Cloud Datastore.

With regards to administrative access, Access Transparency provides audit logs of Google Support and Engineering access and the reason they needed for the access. With Cloud Identity, there will be further improvement in transparency. The Cloud Identity can increase the level of detail to which managers can grant access to users and groups.

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