Take control of your commute with Google Maps

Take control of your commute with Google Maps

Travelling to work becomes easier with Google Maps

Google Maps have made travelling to work much simpler. Commuting daily to work could be quite cumbersome if you get caught in the maze of traffic. Getting stuck in endless traffic jams especially when it is hot and humid could really put one off. Commuting to work also becomes stressful as one does not know whether they will reach work on time.

Just the thought of being caught in traffic, could result in people skipping their breakfast and leaving for work early in order to get to their office in time. Missing appointments is another factor which comes into play if you find yourself caught in traffic.

Here is where Google Maps come to the rescue. The new features on Google Maps help you to take control of your commuting to work. With Google maps you can personally plan your schedule in advance and also take account of all the disruptions you could face. You can take control of your travel plans and avoid all the hurdles you may possibly face while travelling to work.

Google Maps to the rescue

The Google Maps feature is just a one-tap access. You will be able to get information regarding the traffic you are likely to encounter on your way to work. It gives you the live update of traffic on your route to work. In the eventuality of any excess traffic or even in case of an accident, there could be undue delays. In such cases, Google Maps will provide alternative routes to help you reach your place of work faster and avoid the routes that have traffic jams along the way. With Google Maps you will receive notifications on your Android phone. It will inform you of any delays on your commute to work as and when it happens. It will send notifications about any untoward incident that has taken place even before one gets caught up in the delay.

New Feature of Google Maps

Google Maps have a new feature for those who travel by their own vehicle as well as use public transport. The greatest advantage is that it provides information for various legs of your journey. You can get information right through your trip from home to your place of work. Information regarding when you should set out from home and every leg of your journey can be obtained by accessing Maps. You can know the volume of traffic when driving in your own private vehicle, the timing of the train you need to catch and also your walk from the station to your place of work. When all the time is factored in, then you can figure out your ETA at your workplace.

Every leg of your journey from your home to your workplace can be scheduled by you just by accessing Google Maps. You become the master of planning your whole trip with the new features from Maps.

Planning your day with Google Maps

With Google Maps, the commuters in 80 regions around the world will know about the timing of their train or bus in real time. In case your commute is delayed, then there is no need to rush and you can even relax and have your favourite snack with a cup of coffee.

In Sydney they have partnered with Transport New South Wales and Google will let you know whether your train or bus is full and if you will get a seat or not.

Spotify, Apple Music and Google PlayMusic will also feature within Google Maps so that you can even listen to music and your favourite tunes, making your commute to work more pleasant.

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