Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

Is it going to be Apple Maps or Google Maps?

We all use the maps app in our phones or whatever other devices, a lot, but which one is our default- go- to map app? Will it be Apple maps or Google maps? For a long time Google maps was the go- to map app but only till 2012 after that Apple came out with its own version of the app which truth be told wasn’t that great. It became a PR nightmare to be exact.

The nightmare had to do with complaints in the form of wrong directions, bugs, glitches and lack of public transport support. Of Course this has all been a while back and since then Apple has worked out these various problems but has Apple maps replaced Google maps on iOS devices or does Google maps remain the de facto app?

What you see on both apps?

Both apps are similar when it comes to cost and other stuff but other than a few key features they are mostly the same.

On first opening up the Apple maps app you will notice that the interface is much simpler and cleaner to use. You would also notice that the map looks much flatter than the Google maps app. Searching for places is easy too, all you have to do is use the search bar at the bottom of the screen you could also change the mode of the map like satellite or transit.

With Apple maps you also get to see landmarks for places like the empire state building and you even get the weather at the location you are checking out.

Coming to Google maps now, you get a lot more options, like change the type of map from satellite to transit or for driving mode or biking or…. you get the picture.

Google maps also gives you more 3D models for landmarks and although Apple maps has this too you don’t get to see them as often.

Navigation with both map apps:

Again Apple maps gets the simplicity award when it comes to navigation. When choosing the driving option, Apple maps has less icons and consequently less distractions. On the other hand if you were to select the walking option you would get to see a bit more in terms of locations.

Driving with Google maps has a lot more options but mostly in terms of parking lots or gas stations keeping in mind that you might need these places often while driving. With walking mode, you again, like Apple maps, will see a lot more locations.

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