My Special Aflac Duck Helps Kids Living with Cancer

The New Care Giver: My Special Aflac Duck

At the CES held recently in Las Vegas, saw many companies showcase the new and innovative gadgets. Although most of these products may not see the light of day, the CES is still a place where tech companies can get a feel of the market for their gadgets. So it was surprising to see an insurance company as one among the many tech companies at the CES to showcase their gadget, the “My Special Aflac Duck”.

What’s more, the My Special Aflac Duck won the best unexpected product at the CES. All in all this endeavor of the insurance company was well received by all those present at the CES.

More about the My Special Aflac Duck:

Aflac is a company that deals in voluntary insurance. This social robot developed in collaboration with Sproutel, is a companion to a child suffering from cancer. The My Special Aflac Duck was developed in order to make health care more playful and less stressful for the wee ones.

Taking a year to develop the My Special Aflac Duck and with four patents to back it up the My Special Aflac Duck is all set to offer care and comfort to the small cancer patients.

The My Special Aflac Duck is focused on bringing comfort to children suffering from cancer. With the My Special Aflac Duck’s naturalistic movements and interactive tech, the My Special Aflac Duck is a good comfort factor for children. The My Special Aflac Duck also comes with an app that allows children to use augmented reality in which the My Special Aflac Duck is seen to mirror the child’s life in the form of feeding and even enduring the same painful therapy as the child.

The My Special Aflac Duck also imitates the child’s moods, dances, quacks and also cuddles up to the child when they need it the most. Aflac and Sproutel are all ready to deliver the product to the center at Atlanta later in this year for further testing and are all set to launch the product nation- wide in 2018-19. Backed by four patents and 1 hard year of research, the My Special Aflac Duck has no wonder taken up the hearts and minds of all those present at the CES.

The brains behind the My Special Aflac Duck:

Aflac is the leading voluntary insurance provider in the US that gives payouts quickly when a patient falls sick. These payouts are normally within the same day as when the patient needs the money. The company has taken the minds of family from financial strain to healthcare in their most trying time. The company has also taken root in Japan by being one of the leading providers of insurance there. They provide insurance to one in every 4 households in Japan. Aflac is the short form of American Family Life Assurance of Columbus.

Sproutel on the other hand is a research and development workshop who’s main focus is developing products that can provide emotional support to patients in need. It has collaborated with many non- for profit organizations and companies alike to come out with products such as the “My Special Aflac Duck” and “Jerry the Bear.”

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