Debussy: Next Generation Smart Headphones with Touchscreen

Debussy: Next Generation Smart Headphones with Touchscreen

Debussy Touch Screen Headphones So if you’re in the market for a pair of headphones and if you have the budget to go along with it, you might want to check out the new Debussy touchscreen headphones. While companies are scrambling to make the latest wireless headphones, Debussy has taken it a step further with a touchscreen LCD on the side of the ear cup. Debussy is bringing out these premium headphones with gold plating at the Consumer Electronics Expo this year. Coming in at a whopping $5000, these headphones are the height of luxury headphones and if you can burn a hole through your pocket, you would definitely want to flaunt these where everyone can see.

Touchscreen Debussy Headphones:

These days in order to use wireless headphones or Earbuds, you would require your phone or laptop or some other device with wireless connectivity. But with these Headphones you need none of the smart paraphernalia.


The headphones come with Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity and a LCD screen on the side of the ear cup. So there is really no need for the smart something with Bluetooth connectivity to listen to your favorite tunes.

The LCD screen on the Headphones allows you to browse through your favorite playlists and pause tracks when you have to take a call. But, is having a screen on the side of your head a good idea? I mean trying to scroll through the screen while listening to music seems to be a little difficult don’t you think? Well of course, you don’t need to pull out your phone to change the tunes and all but still….

For those who feel these headphones are great, these Debussy Headphones developed by a French startup claims to offer a “musical life without limitations”. Maybe so when it comes to listening to tunes on these Debussy headphones but the only but serious limitation that comes to mind when getting these Debussy Headphones is the PRICE.

Features on the Debussy Headphones:

These gold plated Headphones come with Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity, which is good for wireless music streaming. These headphones also come with their own 4GB storage and a 20 hr battery life.

Coming to the voice control part, you can stop songs and take a call by accessing the in- built voice control. The Headphones have an in built mic that lets you record music and ambient sound.

The Design of these headphones may change along with the price but the main software will remain the same claims the company.

Reality of the Debussy Headphones hitting the market:

The CES is a place to be when it comes to checking out the latest and newest in gadgets. It is also a place for companies to showcase various prototypes but many of them don’t really come out for sale.

At present the Headphones are in prototype version with the startup Debussy planning on a kickstarter funding in the month of March. Debussy plans on launching their premium headphones within 18 months.

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