How to Make Cheap Earbuds Sound Like $200 Headphones

How to Make Cheap Earbuds Sound Like $200 Headphones

Smart way to turn any Earbuds sound like a high-end headphone

Earphones or headphones people just cannot live without them. Either due to peer pressure or the need of gets better music to the ears people tends to go for high end headphones which costs hundreds of dollars. The major reason for buying expensive earphone or headphone is that it offers better sound quality than the cheap offerings.However, it has also been found that the expensive tend to work better indoors than outdoors. The reason for this can be explained by the fact that the bass in the headphone works extremely hard at pumping the music that the users do not perceive the outside noise and it helps in offering a satisfying experience.It would come as a surprise that the bass obliterating noise feature in present in headphones isn’t an expensive technology. Here are few smart ways to turn any of your Earbuds into a good headphone.

Step: 1

First find a good pair of Earbuds which can easily fit inside your canal without causing any discomfort. It does not matter what kind or type of Earbuds you are using just ensure it does not leads to aggravated discomfort when listening to music longer hours.

Step :2

Now use place the Earbuds into your ear and loop it around your ears like a Bluetooth device. This will ensure that Earbuds remains in place without falling out while listening to the music. In case you are not happy with this arrangement or this leads to any kind of discomfort then leave it.

Step: 3

Now place a pair of noise protection earmuffs over your ears and ensures it completely covers your ear in order to block out the outside noise. It is better if you run the cords right behind the back of each ear muff as it will be help in keeping it pressed to your ears firmly.

Your job is done. Now you can enjoy the similar quality of sound listening experience on your cheap Earbuds without spending huge amount of money.  The only thing, which might be difficult for you, is to find the best kind of earmuff, which does not cost like hell.

You can go for Peltro Sport Shotgunner II, which comes at a price of just $26 and happens to be an extremely lightweight product. It has a high portability quotient and comes with a large amount of comfortable padding which does not causes any discomfort or heaviness even after longer music listening sessions. It is available in black & grey colour, which is quite tradition and a thin strip of fluorescent green runs round it to lend a modern look.

You can also consider the Howard Leight QM24+, which costs just $9, and it is available in bold red colour. It works like the traditional pair of headphone, which can be either over the top of the head or behind the neck. But it also offers incredible comfort and helps in elevating the quality of the sound to a great extent.

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