Innovative Earbuds Keeping Track of Audio Histories

The music-holics are always keen about earbuds. Earbuds are their ultimate asset, as it helps them to tune in to their favorite song, music stations or channels. Fujitu and Yamaha has revolutionized the whole idea of earbuds by unveiling a new technology in this domain and have consummated artificial intelligence that will grasp the ambient music and will keep on pumping you by geo tagging it and enabling you to play backwards even if someone returns back to the same location. This invention is sure to turn the whirlwind by creating a sensation in the audio pragmatics, but specifically for certain desired locations.

This new development in the field of audio histories is capable of creating a developed version of Google Maps in which all its users will be able to replay songs, conversations and ambient noise from their past and preferred locations.

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Japan is famous for its technology and is always first in the race to shock the entire world with its every take on technology. This advanced version of earbuds is built by Fujitsu in collaboration with Yamaha. The system incorporates a pair of earbuds which would be wireless and will also substantiate its innovation by fitting in built-in GPS, Bluetooth and microphone. Thus, these earbuds are multi-tasking through which you can simultaneously tune in to your favorite music audio or use it for conversing and GPS tracking.

You can automatically record your preferred sound and can upload it to an artificial intelligence platform which would be cloud-based with the help of a Smartphone. So, in this way you can switch over to all your previous location (obviously one at a time) and listen to your past songs and even you can keep a track of your audio histories. All the songs would be tagged in your geo location and it begins to play automatically when someone wears your earbuds irrespective of which location he or she crept in.

This whole idea behind enabling the users to revisit their audio histories is about providing emotional services to the customers, this was a very important move in the process of marketing its products by attracting both their old and new customers to get hold of this innovation. Fujitsu has proved that it can not only manufacture a new product, but can also force the audience to grab it and the earbuds are designed in such an intelligent manner that it allows you to focus on every changing beat in the music as per the song desires. So, it will adjust to the quality of sound depending upon the music that is being played.

The whole idea is very fresh and no work of this sort had been previously, so Fujitsu is a bit confused whether they want to sell this product to some specific customers by keeping it private or they should make the product viral. They are still venturing on figuring out what features to make public and what to keep private.

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