Wildly Popular Nintendo NES Classic Mini will Return in the summer of 2018

Wildly Popular Nintendo NES Classic Mini will Return in the summer of 2018

Wildly popular retro console NES Classic Mini will be back in 2018!

Nostalgia is a very powerful sales weapon in these days, and Nintendo has always managed to handle it with wisdom. Proof of this has been the launch of the Nintendo NES Classic Mini, sold out worldwide and will return to stores during 2018.
A Nintendo NES Classic Mini console that is still a recreation of a console thirty years ago, but has caused such a furor that has been exhausted since it hit stores in different waves and may have in emulation the secret of its success.Nintendo has not tired of playing with our nostalgia. First, he has us at the top, then he drops us down and then we rise to the sky. We have seen it with the arrival of console Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition, which generated great excitement in gamers because it was a new mini version of the classic console NES. However, the company left it available very little time in the market, causing multiple resellers to take advantage of the situation and nostalgia in Nintendo lovers.
 Wildly Popu Nintendo NES Classic Mini controller

No, this is not a rumor, but it has been Nintendo itself has ensured through tweets that their Nintendo NES Classic Mini will be available again in 2018, so it confirms that it has not been discontinued as it had come speculating in recent months. In fact in the tweet from Nintendo say that they will launch the Nintendo NES Classic Mini again in Europe during the summer of 2018, so it will be necessary to wait a few months yet to be able to play it at a decent price, and not for the real barbarities that are currently playing with this console.Unfortunately, during April, the company announced that it would no longer be on sale, so consumers should adjust their monetary resources to save and have the possibility to purchase this attractive Nintendo NES Classic Mini console. This situation caused great disappointment in those people who had contemplated buying this Nintendo NES Classic Mini, but everything seems to indicate that the company understood that their decision was not the best, please again the gamers.

Nintendo NES Classic Mini front

So, if you are one of those who looked forward to getting your mini console at a fair price, it is important that you know that Nintendo will market the Nintendo NES Classic Mini again next summer of 2018. It’s still a long time, but at least it’s already official and we will not have to stick to a high number on the part of the resellers.

Unfortunately, the return of Nintendo NES Classic Mini will be available in Europe only but in the beginning. It is likely to then expand globally or at least in the same countries where the first litter was present. Through the official Twitter account, the company published this great news.

As it will still be a long time, many will not want to wait so long, but to calm the wait, we have the possibility of acquiring the next Nintendo NES Classic Mini version that will also reach the market soon. It will include games like Donkey Kong Country, EarthBound, Final Fantasy III, Kirby Super Star, F-ZERO, among others.

While the exact date has not been specified, Nintendo will return to the market for its new version of the Nintendo NES Classic Mini console to make us happy again.

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