A Guide for Every TikTok User

Most of the people today must have come across a TikTok video either on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter. It is a short video which has become quite addictive. Users may join up or may even want to create their own videos.

The user can recreate dance routines or lip-sync to a song or portray TV actors. It can even be addictive just watching such videos that have been recreated on TikTok.

There are a few tips that can help a user with the TikTok app whether it is on Android or iOS. It will be useful in case you want to safeguard your account or in case of any interaction.

TikTok videos can be downloaded and viewed offline.

The TikTok app has a sharing option which can be used in case you come across a video that has caught your attention and you want to share with your friends. There is also the option of downloading a video you like and view it offline at a later time. You need to tap the share icon on the video, then click ‘Save Video’ in order to download it to your device. The video will now appear in the default photos app.

TikTok videos can be turned into GIFs

If you want to turn your videos into GIFs, tap on the share icon on the video, then ‘Share as GIF’ todownload the video to your default photos app. Once the download is complete, the GIF can be shared via a text message, WhatsApp or anything in the share menu.

The videos could be used as a Live Wallpaper

Any of the videos that you fancy, can be changed into a Live Wallpaper that works on the Android or iOS devices. You will get an animated TikTok background for your home and/or lock screen.

You can stop others from saving your videos

To stop others from saving your videos, tap the profile icon in the navigation bar and then on the ellipsis in the top right side. Select ‘Privacy and Safety’ and then click the ‘Allow Download’and select ‘Off’.

You can connect with other TikTok users

Using TikTok codes, you can connect with your friends, other users or brands. Go to your profile and on top is the code icon. By tapping on it, you see your own TikTok code, which can be saved on your device or sent to others. To scan another user’s code, tap on the ‘Scan’ at the bottom and your phone’s camera will begin scanning.

Maintain the privacy of yourTikTok account

To maintain privacy, tap the profile icon, then the ellipsis on the top right. Select ‘Privacy and Safety’ and click on the ‘Private Account’. Only those who you have accepted as friends can view your videos.

Delete any of your videos

In order to delete any of your videos and stay live on the service, select the video, tap on the ellipsis icon and select ‘Delete’.

Option of viewing your favorite Songs and Videos

Tap on the profile icon and select the favorite icon next to the ‘Edit Profile’. All your favorite videos, hashtags and songs will be stored in ‘My Favorites’.

Actions you can take when pressing on the TikTok video

When viewing a video, you can long press anywhere on the video. You have a choice of saving the video, adding it to your favorites or not interested in seeing other videos like the one you are watching.

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