WhatsApp Finally Lets Users Unsend Messages They Regret


The most sought after feature for all Whatsapp users is here – the Delete Feature or Unsend Feature.

This feature has been eagerly awaited for a long time by the Whatsapp users to unsend embarrassing messages or messages sent to a wrong group or individual.

There are already apps like Google’s Gmail that have been using the unsend function.

What does the WHATSAPP Delete feature entail?

First of all, the sender and the receiver of the Whatsapp messages should have the latest version of Whatsapp, where the Delete function is available. To obtain the latest Whatsapp version, you need to go to PlayStore and download the same.

Another criteria is that the iOS or Android or Window phone users should have the latest Whatsapp version for the delete feature to function. On a blog post by Whatsapp, the delete feature will also be made available to Whatsapp for desktop users too.

If the sender is not too happy with the message he has sent which may cause him some embarrassment or if he has sent it to a wrong group, he can unsend the message or delete the message.

The option to delete the message is open to him for only seven minutes of him sending the message. It is also possible that the message he wants to delete can be read by the receiver within the seven minutes or before he has got a chance to delete it, then in that case, there is no option for the sender.

The option the sender has, is to “delete messages for everyone” in a chat within seven minutes only, of his message being sent.

Considering that he has managed to delete the sent message, all the receivers of the message will get a notification “this message was deleted” appearing in place of the original message.

This “Delete” feature of Whatsapp is slowly becoming functional and one can check it out by following the Whatsapp’s FAQ page.

How does the “Delete” Whatsapp feature work?

For Android users:

After the message has been sent, the sender can delete the message within 7 minutes by tapping, holding and selecting the message. Several options appear on the top of the screen. Click on the delete bin icon. Three options will appear – a)delete for me, b)cancel and c) delete for everyone. Earlier, when selecting the delete bin icon, the message would get deleted automatically. By selecting the “delete for everyone” option, both the sender and the receiver will get this message – “this message was deleted”.

For iOS users:

In the case of iphone users, if the sender wants to use the delete function for a message he wants to delete, he needs to select that message and click on the delete bin that appears at the bottom left of his screen. When he clicks the delete bin, he will get the same three options as the android user.

For Windows phone and desktop users:

The delete feature works in the same manner as the android and iOS users.

This “Delete“ feature of Whatsapp, which was sought after for a long time has finally become a reality, saving users from a lot of embarrassment. Surely, one of Whatsapp’s greatest features!


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