Android Oreo Will Receive Rootless, System-Wide Theme Support

Android Oreo Will Receive Rootless, System-Wide Theme Support

Android Oreo set to receive rootless, system –wide theme support by this weekend

Whenever Google releases the new version of the Android OS then a number of users opt to root their device. Rooting devices isn’t an impossible task for those who know it but it always bring one common problem which relates to enabling the rootless system-wide theme support. This particular aspect was earlier managed using the easy-to-use CynogenMod Theme engine but its demise has brought this task in the hand of the Substratum theme framework.

In the past couple years the team behind Substratum has done an incredible job of bringing support for the widest range of devices. This support has been specifically done on the ROM level which will ensure that users will be able to run its frame without worrying about the root access. Just before the launch of the Android Oreo this team gave themselves of bringing a rootless system-wide theme which can be implemented on any Android device.

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Features of the rootless system-wide theme support by Substratum

In order to make use of the Substratum ADB shell users will be required to make use of its desktop application which happens to be quite light-weight and simple.

This application will help in granting elevated privileges to the Substratum which in turn allows user to manage the installed Substratum themes on their device. The best thing about Substratum is that all the themes will remain installed unless a user wishes to remove it by uninstalling.

While working with Substratum users should keep in mind that the privileges granted to it are transient in nature. In other words all the privileges to Substratum will be lost upon performing a full reboot. This means that users will have to again go through the whole process of running the desktop program, adding, removing or modifying the Substratum theme.

Users can certainly make use of the different themes present in the Substratum by going to the Setting followed by Display then going to the Developer Preview’s theme option. This is the best way to switch between different rootless system-wide themes with ease and simplicity.

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Ramping up the availability of Substratum

The rootless system-wide theme offering Substratum will make its debut on the Android 8.0 devices which currently only includes the Google Pixel and Nexus variants namely Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel and Pixel XL.

These devices will be making use of the Substratum within less than a week but it isn’t guaranteed by the developers as it is still under the development process. At the moment Substratum team is only working on developing the interface exclusively between the Substratum app and unrooted devices.

Development of Substratum app has been taken joyously by the Android enthusiasts but sadly this app will debut as a paid application for the unrooted Android Oreo devices. Pricing has been kept under the wraps by the Substratum team and it will be better to wait for the Google to come with a dark theme for the OS or else users will have to spend some dollars for the app.

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