Google Launches a New Backup and Sync Desktop App

Google Launches a New Backup and Sync Desktop App

Back Up Photos And Files With The New Backup and Sync Tool From Google

Every day we are the ones who face so many challenges in our lives to survive and lead a normal life. But the hard truth is that our lives have been shaped by none other the science and technology. Recently, the latest update from the Google will please everyone as the company has kept its promise which was made last month by launching the latest feature of Backup and Sync from Google tool.The basic objective of the tool is to help the netizens to have their files or necessary documents backed up on their personal computer.

This comes as a replacement for the old software Google Photos desktop app in addition to the google drive for both the PC and the MAC. The features have been combined to give the new tool a spectacular addition which will make the tasks easy for the users. Now they don’t have to use different software or apps for the backing the files onto the cloud. The interface has got an improvised version than the previous ones and using the tool has got easier than before. You just need to sign in to your Google account and choose the files or the folders that you want to move to Drive. The tool will automatically sync with any kind of existing settings on your PC or MAC.

The Working of Backup and Sync App

The new Backup and Sync from Google tool can be used to back up the photos even from the Flash drives or the USB connected drives like the digital cameras or the SD cards. Once the backup is done you can access the files or the folders from the google Drive at any time. The drive can be accessed even from the tablets or mobiles. The photos will be available in Google photos. So even if they gest deleted from the mobiles or the tablets, they would be safe in your Google drive. 

The Software

The software is now a free version for the users and you can easily download it have your PC synced. The business users should not try this at once as Backup and Sync from Google is currently for the normal users. The company is planning to release another enterprise for the business and corporate purposes.

The feature is planned to be released later this year. With the help of the Backup and Sync from Google software, you can set your configuration and choose preferences. The photos that will be uploaded will be uploaded depending on your choice of preferences. You can select the type of quality to be uploaded for the photos and videos. Moreover, you can make changes in the Drive in your own way like managing deletions, editing, making certain changes. The best part is you can upgrade the storage part with the subscription fees which will give access to use more amount of space and save you offload your desktops completely and thus save space.


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