How to Keep the Fight for Net Neutrality Going

Net Neutrality – Killing The Net At The Moment

Sometimes we prefer to have something changed and in order to restore the peace and normal workflow there has to be change in almost every sector. Recently, hell broke loose for the internet users and the internet providers with regards to the net neutrality. Well, the largest and popular websites are also protesting the plan of US to bring the net neutrality into picture.
The top giant companies are trying their best to inspire the users in order to keep the internet usage same for all users and there should not be any sort of limitations or restrictions. Basically, net neutrality is defined as the principle where all the internet services will be delivered to all the users on an equal note by the telecom sectors. The main objective that they should not impose any sort of restrictions or block any kind of services. The services should be open for all and the speed should be same for all the users.

The Discussions About Net Neutrality

There are certain sites like the Netflix, which use a lot of data gets away with the rules. The America’s Federal Communications Commission is trying to cancel the law which got underway during the throne of Obama where it was decided to enforce the net neutrality. It was also decided that different networks should not charge different rates for the internet services. Now the internet service providers have gone against the law.

By doing this, there are many websites who pay huge amount of money to the service providers so that their website and the content gest loaded in a small amount of time. Here the internet service providers play their own cards.

The Critics of Net Neutrality

The websites are protesting against the law. The people are going crazy in the States and it is really matter of great concern for all. The banners have been spread out, messages have been sent out in order to take actions. Their primary objective is to have the net users send a written message to the FCC to have their say. The banners can be seen on the US soil whereas some have been spread world-wide.

The logo of the Reddit has been pixelated which proves that what slow speed of the internet can do. It can seriously affect in many ways. Well, Twitter has gone ahead and have added a hashtag# Net Neutrality. This is a customised image which is breaking the internet recently.

The Changes

The site Spotify has included a banner on its homepage for the US version and the Netflix will follow the same path. The other top giants like the Google and Amazon will also step into their shoes by doing the same thing but the time has not been decided yet. So, it is matter of great concern as it has created a conflict between the internet service providers and the global users. Well, millions have voiced the protest by writing to the FCC. Time will decide the fate.

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