Location Detection When GPS Doesn’t Work

If GPS isn’t working then you can still get location detection with this new approach

In this modern digitalized age we are relying too much on the GPS devices. The sales of the GPS devices has broken all the barrier in the last decade and people had started relying on it way too much even for their daily location detection related needs. Whether it is finding the nearest ATM, petrol pump or a museum or popular restaurant we can’t think beyond the GPS devices or based service. Our location detection needs are fuelled by the GPS based services present in our hand held devices. It is worth noting that GPS doesn’t work so well when used indoors and it isn’t quite precise when it comes to locating smaller objects like equipment or goods placed in a large building or even navigating through the unfamiliar surroundings.

Location detection from wireless signals a possible scientifically

A professor going by the name Moe Win has been extensively investigating whether it is possible to make use of the wireless signals to gauge the location. He is professor of aeronautics and astronautics and he has been researching at it for last ten years. He has been successful at getting a number of papers published in the year 2010 which has helped in establishing the very fundamental limits of any such system utilizing the wireless transmitters. In this case the wireless transmitters is able to provide the precise location detection by taking a wide range of features into account like angle of arrival, power and time of flight.

How Location detection works?

Over the years he had perfected his study and being successful in materializing this concept into reality with the help of some colleagues. In the beginning they were able to show how changing the different parameters of the wireless localization system by altering its fundamental limits. The parameters here in question are the power, duration and bandwidth of its transmission. By tinkering with these parameters these researchers were able to determine the best system configuration which helps in bringing the best and most accurate location interferences which indeed results in one of kind location detection. These researchers have also come up with a number of localization algorithms which helps the location detection exercises in the real world scenarios.

Location Detection Experimentation is under way

Win has stressed that at the moment they are working towards developing a theory which will help in determining the limits of the location detection of this new technology. It can be said that they are trying to offers the best location detection solution to the users with the limited resources. Currently they are actively developing algorithms before going for the experimentation to see whether these algorithms remain true to the theory or not.

Secondly through extensive experimentation researchers will also be able to make this technology as efficient as possible. This whole method is based on taking the different network resource constraints like transmission power, duration and bandwidth as being a single cumulative value. But that wouldn’t be the case in the real world therefore extensive experimentation is the need of the hour to making the wireless transmission based location detection an error free reality.

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