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New Quantum Device Could Make Contactless Payment More Secure

New Quantum Device Could Make Contactless Payment More Secure

The world stands on innovation and technology. Currently, the world is witnessing a revolution in the digital era. It has been able to bridge the gap between the impossible things which we never imagined also. Day in day out, we are stunned by the discoveries in terms of technology and modern gadgets. Recent report from the Oxford University that a prototype Quantum Device has been designed to make payment by using quantum technology.

The Prototype Quantum Device

The Quantum Device sends some sort of secret keys from a cell to a terminal of payment in the form of encrypted manner. The transaction both contactless and wireless. It would enhance the security especially in the UK which is always in the news for theft from this type of transactions. With the collaboration of Nokia and Bay Photonics, the researchers in Oxford University have been able to device a system which helps in transmitting quantum signals maintaining the security of the data.

The Quantum Technology

The Quantum Device uses a very innovative way of transaction. It takes into consideration the light particles to send the encrypted information. This Quantum Device will also maintain the security and thus prevent it from hacking. It uses super-fast movable mirrors and fast LEDs to cover a distance of more than 0.5 metres. The speed is normally 30 kb per second to send a secret pin code. The Quantum Device is made up of a number of overlapping lights which consists of LEDs. They have a different polarisation as well as a polarisation angel. The polarised LEDs are the main source to detect the security of the medium.


The hackers are always ready to bug your device or system in one way or the other. They are always advanced in technology and coding to break into the system of sophisticated devices. However, the team from Oxford University has devised an interesting Quantum Device to keep the hackers away from this transaction device. The key is the quantum which is pretty long and the hackers would be unable to crack the signal. Moreover, the key pattern is also not fixed which would make the task more difficult. One thing that needs to be ensured that the signal reaches its destination in the proper manner.


The research team experimented a lot before coming up with the prototype Quantum Device . They previously analysed on a hand held prototype which was made from a collection of off the shelf materials. In this development, Nokia helped a lot in decreasing the size of the device. They are still worried about the security but with few more tests and experiments round the corner, they are confident that the device would be huge successful in earning the people’s trust. The technology is unique and even if the hackers try to break into the signal, the signal gets altered and it becomes unusable. So, we need to wait before it breaks into the digital market and make a statement among the efficient hackers.

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