Airdog: Programmable Drone Follow You Down the Slopes

Airdog: Programmable Drone Follow You Down the Slopes

Airdog Drones

Whether surfing down in Miami or kayaking in the wild, it would be wonderful to find yourself in action later. Memories made for a lifetime! Drones are the new Airdog in the market. It follows you wherever you take it and wherever you go.The versatility of drones is wide and thus is useful for various actions in routine practices globally. From delivery of various products to rescue missions, satellite signaling and capturing aerial images of the earth and its various places, drones do it all. Having candid images of kayaking in the rough sea or hiking in dangerous summits will no longer be a mystery, nor impossible. The drones ensure that our favorite memories are now being clicked while providing us with supreme updates in the most unexpected places.

Functions of Airdog Drones:

These Airdog super gadgets can fly around and be manipulated to reach out wherever we want it to. Modifications made over the years by various companies allow these Airdog drones to be customized according to our needs.

A unique such company called Airdog has started their own company which has launched a new customized type of drone which allows its users to carry around while filming activities like sports events, activities, adventures, biking etc.

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This function is obviously fulfilled by the usage of GPS, and such innovations have been incorporated into modern day wrist bands and gadgets. Airbag has named it AirLeash. This allows for accuracy and programming before, after or during a flight. This cuts down on the necessity of using a phone or other gadgets. Such devices are particularly exciting for modern day vloggers as well as professionals.

The Airdog drone has gone through various modifications and updates, one such being setting the time, altitude and other specifications before starting the filming/flying process. This is easily synced with Google Earth, making life easier and faster. This also enables the Airdog drone to avoid dangers and thus damages. A super cool gadget indeed! Many versions of the devices have been modified according to terrain, for examples water, mountains, etc.

The Airdog device is foldable and portable, very easy to carry and move around with. Although it is not equipped with an attached camera yet, the GoPro Hero 5 can be used instead. Better and modified versions are yet to release. The initial price that it s available for is $999 and with time it will shoot up to $1500. Even though it is a financial crunch, but it is most definitely worth the investment.

Such products may not be for satellite imaging and high profile accuracy as required for such services, but it definitely is an intelligent device which enables the user to simplify their life and professionally work without much hindrance.

Drones have a bright future of development and will only get better, simples, perhaps more expensive with time, but worth every penny. The Airdog stands by its name and does justice to the product by giving its customers the best product performance.

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