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Google Photo Books App – Quicker/Less Troublesome

With the help from Google Photo Books app, one can now make physical albums. Creating photos albums now tends to get much quicker and less troublesome wherein the price seems to be reasonable and the end result is amazing. Google Photo Books which had been announced this spring has come up with this fabulous process of creating it with ease. Uploading of photos tends to be time consuming and sorting them out could be troublesome.
Google Photo Books tends to reduce this process wherein one could just sort through the digital photo pile utilising the Google’s AI search chops, and choose 20 photos one would desire to feature. You can order them according to your choice. A 20 page softcover comes at a price of $10 with 35-cents for additional page and the hardcover at $20 with extras at 65-cents a shot.
Google Photo Books

The feature had gone live recently though only on desktop. Google had mentioned that Google Photo Books would come to the smartphone app shortly. Creation of soft and hardcover albums from online photos was made available from firms such as Shutterfly, Mpixes and many others, for years. However Google Photo Books process is amazing with regards to its speed and decision.

Google Photo Books Utilises Facial Recognition

Google Photo is an app that tends to back up photos from your smartphone and computer automatically so that the user is ahead of starting the creation process of the album since they need not have to upload a collection of photos to get started.


The amazing two year old Google Photo Books now tends to have around 500 million users. It utilises facial recognition to sort the people automatically of those people whose photos are taken the most and which one can tweak by tagging also. According to the Google, around 1.2 billion new photos have been backed up on Google Photos each day. To get started, one could begin with a search for mom, dad, brother, son, daughter and more or rather a place or an event.


Then opt for the ones you want to utilise for the album and thereafter click `+’ sign towards the top of the menu and select `Photo Books’. Once you arrive at the layout page, you will get some options here. You have the choice of changing the title of your book, delete photos from the layout as well as move them to another page.

Innovative Sharing Tab of Google Photo Books

One photo per page is offered in the layout and it is what sets Google apart from photo giant Shutterfly offering several more options ending in slowing down the process. The books of Shutterfly seems good, however there were several options which were time consuming in completing.


An innovative Sharing tab is said to be added to Google Photos, providing a means of sending out photos of dear ones and friends from one’s photo sessions. Product manager, of Google Photo Books , David Lieb had commented that when one lives their life and do things, a bunch of photos are created though only a small fraction tends to get shared. The challenge is how Google could apply machine learning in resolving the issue? The solution is that they can figure out which photos one should take for sharing with friends and vice versa

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