15 ‘OK Google’ Commands You will Want to Try ASAP

15 Cool OK Google commands to try out

When Google launched its awesome digital assistant with the Pixel devices last year then it left everyone amazed by its sheer quality and functionality. However Google has brought a huge number of upgrade to the Assistant by infusing capability to control more number of devices as smart speakers, applications and others with new OK Google commands. Here are top 15 OK Google commands which you should try out with your Android or iPhone device.

  1. Play your favorite podcasts by simply asking the Google Assistant and you can even control the playback as well volume with your voice. Say, OK Google, Play’.
  2. Google can tell you jokes and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Just say, OK Google, Tell Me a Joke’.
  3. Stay updated with latest news and headlines from all across the world by saying ‘OK Google, Tell Me the News’.
  4. If you missed a major game or wonders who won last night then you can get the sports news, score, schedules and even the team standing by simply asking the assistant. Say, OK Google, Did [Team Name] Win?’.
  5. One of the handiest features is the ability to set timers for wide array of tasks like cooking, painting, studying or anything else without even touching the phone. Simply say, OK Google, Set a Time for [state a task].
  6. If you love watching shows on your TV wither through Chromecast, Netflix or any other streaming service then this command will help a lot. Say OK Google, Play [Show name] on My TV.
  7. If you conscious about the calories intake then assistant will be of great help in finding the right amount by saying ‘OK Google, How Much Sugar is in a [Name of the food, meal or drink]’.
  8. For those who love to cook their meal then Google Assistant can help in providing the step by step guidance of the popular food dishes and cocktails. Simply say OK Google, Let’s Make [Food or Drink name].
  9. Shopping on ecommerce sites is based on clicks Google Assistant is set to empower you with voice controlled buying experience. Say OK Google, Buy [Product Name]’.
  10. If you are looking forward new language or to translate text or phrases from other languages then you can do it without the need of typing anything. Just say ‘OK Google, Translate [text or phrases].
  11. Getting up on right time might be a difficult task for some. Google Assistant is just trying to help those by making it easier to set alarms by simply saying ‘OK Google, Set an Alarm’.
  12. For those who dabble with the stocks then Google Assistant can play a key role in checking the stock prices instantly through voice. Simply say the command 0K Google, What’s the Stock Price of [Stock/Company name]’.
  13. Perform basic unit conversions by saying the command OK Google, How Many Cups in a Quart?’.
  14. If you have a smart home with smart lighting solutions then you can dim the lights by voice command. Say ‘0K Google, Dim the Living Room Lights’.
  15. If you are baffled by an unknown word then get to know the meaning by finding its definition as well as learn how to spell them correctly. Say 0K Google, What Does [word] Mean’.
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