Hands on With Google  Visual Search for Android

Google Visual Search: Google Launches for Mobile Phones and Real-Time Search on the Internet

Google’s search has been the focus of the company since Google was founded – and Google is still using the most energy on its development. Today the search engine specialist in California has presented two particularly innovative extensions to the Search tool family: a “Google Visual Search” baptized visual search for mobile devices and a “Latest Results” function for real-time results.Google Google Visual Search (Labs) is a new search application for mobile devices with Android operating system, which allows to search with images instead of with words. The application detects objects captured with a mobile camera and provides corresponding search results. For example, you can use Google Google Visual Search to locate unknown places by means of a photograph or to search further information about the objects in an illustrated time article. Especially when traveling, this search is a practical service. Business cards can be saved quickly and information about attractions can be called up immediately.

How Google Google Visual Search compares parts of an image with Google Image Search. If a match is found, the application prints keywords that relate to the founded image. Google Visual Search currently detects several million objects. These include places, famous art works and company logos. To search for places, you do not even need to take a photo. After turning on Google Visual Search, the mobile phone is held in the direction of the desired location. Google Visual Search uses the GPS function and the device compass to identify the location and display its name in the camera’s viewfinder. For example, click on the name of the company for more information. From now on, Google Visual Search is available worldwide in English and can be downloaded as a free application in the Android market.

“Sometimes a picture says more than 1000 words,” says Shailesh Nalawadi, a product manager for Google Visual Search. “With many search queries, it is easier and more sensible to search for a picture, and not just through the use of text input, especially when it comes to mobile use. Google Visual Search still shows the potential of the children’s shoes, A future in which the visual search is just as normal as pointing a finger to an object is quite conceivable. ”

In addition to Google Visual Search, Google has introduced the introduction of a “Latest Results” feature at With this new feature, which is also available in other languages, search results are brought to life by a dynamic stream of real-time content from the entire Internet. Immediately after performing a Search, users can now track updates of people on popular sites such as Twitter or Friendfeed in real-time. This also applies to headlines from news and blog posts that have been published just seconds before. All these updates are classified so that “Latest Results” always lists the most recent results that are relevant to the search.

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