Does Britain Big New Warship Still Run Windows XP?

Does Britain Big New Warship Still Run Windows XP?


We often come across the term “old is gold” and many believe in that as well. Well, the same is the case with the Royal Navy of Queen’s fleet of UK which has built the largest ship till date. The most iconic and surprising fact is that Queen Elizabeth runs on Windows XP. The impressive ship can carry 1600 crew members. The latest vessel also has the potential to carry 40 aircrafts. This new ship will strengthen the naval fleet along with the “Prince of Wales”. There are F-35 Joint Strike Fighters in order to add more strength to the fleet.


The latest vessel has left its shelter last Monday. The recent reports state all the PC present on the ship are running the old operating system. People are wondering that why Windows XP are being used which was released way back in the 2000s. Microsoft has stopped selling this OS way back in the year 2008 and few years back it has also ceased providing updates. The media spotted the Windows XP during the carrier tour. The Windows XP had many glitches and faults so the end users opted for higher versions like Windows 7, 8 or 10. Recently the world became victim of the ransomware and the main target was the machines which was running Windows XP.

HMS runs windows xp


Well, still the matter is not clear that how the Operating system of Windows XP are present on board of the latest vessel. There is a speculation that they might have been boarded the year it was being built. Well, the year of building was 2008 and unfortunately it is the same year when MS has stopped selling the Windows XP. With this OS, many controversies are also attached and the submarines dealing with nuclear weapons were also running windows XP.


Despite the fact that the OS is old enough, the commander is confident that it won’t create a problem as they have right measures to counter hacking or any sort of cyber threat from the hacking world. The matter is not only weird but a bit shocking that Britain being one of the strongest and powerful countries of the world is relying on the older versions of OS when the company itself has stopped rolling any updates for the OS.

The matter is really confusing that how can the naval fleet depend on such an old and obsolete OS when all the world has move to the latest versions of the Windows for using as the OS. However, we are getting to know that there is a team which is always present on board to counter any cyber threat from the hacking world. Well, this 3.5 billion Euro ship has so much to offer for Britain as it promises to serve for life time. However, the Defence Secretary General has a different say about this as he is pretty confident that the 16-year-old OS will not be the victim of any attacks from the cyber world.


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