YouTube Paid Services Come to UK

YouTube Paid Services make their way to Europe

Google is gradually moving into the markets and fields which wasn’t its focus in the initial phase. This include the doing away of the Nexus line up and coming up with own hardware line-up and giving a stiff competition to the establish players with the Pixel smartphones. Similarly Google has rolled out the YouTube paid services in the form of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium subscription model in the Europe in a bid to bring challenge to the established players like Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify. The best thing about the YouTube Music is that it brings a free ad supported option which isn’t available on the premium music platforms like Apple Music.

YouTube Paid Services is rebranding to cover lost ground

Google’s YouTube is already set itself as number one in the video sharing arena and the subsequent launch of the YouTube Red didn’t turn to be as good as it hope for. Therefore Google has brought the rebranded version of this YouTube Paid services with the name “YouTube Premium”. This service will allow users to stream the music through YouTube Music as well as some of the exclusive video series ordered by the YouTube. Secondly users will also get the chance to play the videos off-line by simply downloading it. It should be noted that these services had made its way in the US last month where it has received lukewarm response so far. YouTube Premium is simply based on the small but commendable library of the original content produced for the YouTube Red service in the last two years. With YouTube Paid services, Google is trying to place the YouTube Music as a favourable and best option against the market players like popular Apple Music and Spotify.

YouTube Paid services is designed to offer more

YouTube Paid Services aimed at offering the best experience to the users regardless of the device they use. YouTube Music Premium will work effortlessly both the Android and iOS phones as well as tablets. It will also work with the Google Home smart speakers but no support will be extended to the Amazon Echo devices. YouTube Music Premium plans are set to do away with the existing Google Play Music app and Google has stated that the YouTube Paid service will everything in the same place altogether. In other words users will be able to enjoy the live recording, covers, remixes and mashups at a single place.

Secondly a lot of effort has been given towards enhancing the search facility on the app in YouTube Paid services. Users will be able to find the exact song even if they end up typing muddled up lyrics of the sing in question. Users will also be able to enjoy their favourite tacks and songs even when there is no internet with the offline downloading option. However at the moment there is no desktop app for it and YouTube Paid services makes use of the location data in order to provide valuable recommendations.


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