5 Smart Wi-Fi Range Extender to Boost Your Home Connectivity

5 Smart Wi-Fi Range Extender to Boost Your Home Connectivity

Top 5 Wi-Fi Range Extender to eliminate the dead zones in home or office

Living a life without an internet connection that also which works well enough is a thing which we simply can’t imagine. Internet is just keeping us connected with loved ones, informed with latest happening in around us, entertained with the vast amount of media to consume and even more. We are relying on the internet to get things and works done by few click on the device sat our disposal. In we can’t live without internet but we certainly can’t live with slow and bad internet connections. We need high speed without any question. Secondly the menace of the dead zones while using Wi-Fi connection is most frustrating. Wi-Fi Range Extender come to our rescue by enhancing the Wi-Fi range to all the corners of the home or office.

It works by receiving the Wi-Fi signals, amplifying it and transmitting the boosted signal within the surroundings. Here are some of the best Wi-Fi Range Extender which you can buy from the market to resolve your internet signal and connectivity issues within home or office.

TP Link AC1900 with Touch Screen, Wi-Fi Range Extender


TP Link AC1900 with Touch ScreenNowadays firms are putting touch screen on almost every other gadget but nothing is as cool and interactive as having one on the Wi-Fi range extender. TP Link Wi-Fi Range extender devices are known for their incredible power and even this devices load up enough capacity to beam a range up to 10,000 sq feet. This feat is achieved by the presence of the 700wW amplifiers in the TP Link ACC 1900. It is aptly suited for large offices and homes or for those who want to use it in the outdoor.

It also features a cool touchscreen panel right on the front which makes the device excessively user friendly. This Wi-Fi range extender has cool and nifty features like support for the 4K HD streaming capabilities along with simultaneous gaming.

Xfnity xFi Wireless Wi-Fi Range Extender Pods

Gone were the days when you have to buy ugly looking Wi-Fi devices or extenders here comes the new age design. The unique pods offered by the XFinity can easily resolve the internet issues within any household or office with ease. It can easily penetrate multiple stories and can beam signals to four rooms at a time without any issues.

Xfnity xFi Wireless Wi-Fi Range Extender Pods

This Wi-Fi range extender comes with its own xFi pods which enables it to eliminate the dead spots and offer a reliable and cohesive coverage within the rooms. These pods comes together to create a mesh network which works like a charm with the xFi gateway and brings one of the best internet experience to the users.

Netgear AC 1200 Dal Range Wi-Fi Range Extender

Wi-Fi Range Extender

If you are in market looking for a powerful and robust Wi-Fi range extender then Netgear AC 1200 is right choice for you. It is a dual band Wi-Fi range extender which is designed to offer incredible power and service to the demanding users. It has 700mW high power design which enables it offers maximum Wi-Fi performance. It is aptly suited to handle your demanding chores and multiple devices ranging from the iPads, smartphones, laptops and whatever you connect it with. Apart from the home or office you are even able to get quality and reliable connection outside. It works through boosting the existing network range upto a massive 1200 Mbps and it is easily compatible with any standard Wi-Fi Router. Such a massive capability allows user to consume demanding media like live streaming or online games with ease on variety of devices.

Keewifi Kisslink – Wi-Fi Range Extender

 Wi-Fi Range Extender

We need internet fast but we don’t to wait to connect with it. Therefore Keewifi came up with the Kisslink Wi-Fi range extender which makes it easy, simple and quick to connect with the internet with enhanced performance in just few odd seconds. The plug and play mechanism of the KeewifiKisslink makes use of its proprietary KISS technology which helps in the Wi-Fi range extender in automatically connecting with the secure Wi-Fi network. This works like a charm and doesn’t even require pass, NFC or even Bluetooth technology. In other users doesn’t have type in anything or connect their device with any other prevalent technology. So you can connect with in less than 30 by simply kicking the Wi-Fi range extender in action.

Keewifi has got the pricing right and it becomes the most affordableWi-Fi range extender in the market with enhanced performance capability. When it comes to design it has a simple, modern and elegant look of the premium device in the market.

TP Link 4K Wi-Fi Range extender

If you are looking for high power, extreme performance then TP Link 4K Wi-Fi range extender is for you. It comes with three different antennas which looks awkward but does the job with perfection. All of these antennas works together in order to offer a really strong connection which can be utilized from any corner of the house without any issues. The best thing about this Wi-Fi range extender is that it does away with kind of dead zones in the home or office. Rather than placing different plugs or multiples part of the devices in order to create a mesh network you can easily get the job done with the unique antennas protruding out of this Wi-Fi range extender.

It also works with any kind of standard router or gateway and requires just few seconds to setup and start working. It is aptly suited for watching 4K content as the name suggests. It is incredibly fast with next to lag during video streaming even at the top notch 4K streaming. It allows users to do two things with their Wi-Fi connection ether they can extend the performance and range of their present connection or they can go ahead and create a new Wi-Fi access point.

All these Wi-Fi range extenders are great at eliminating the dead zones and bring the best of internet connectivity within a household or office premises.

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