Google Wi- Fi Network Check Now Tests Multiple Device Connections

Google Wi- Fi Network Check Now Tests Multiple Device Connections

No More Dead Zones with Google Wi- Fi Network Checks!

Everyone needs to stay connected these days whether it’s through mobile data when you’re out or Wi- Fi when you’re at home and any problems to those connections means some really bad tempers all around. At home we depend on Wi- Fi connectivity and not only the devices like smart phones or tablets or computers, nowadays with smart homes you would need to connect those smart TVs or smart security or washer to the Wi- Fi too. Getting all these connected to one Wi- Fi too can be a pain if one or more devise doesn’t get the required connectivity. Remember that irritating buffering? But now no more with Google Wi- Fi network checks.

Google Wi- Fi has already got network checks in place that measure the speed of the network as well as the quality of connection between the Google Wi- Fi and various access points in the house if you have more than one that is. Now Google is also planning to add a feature whereby the network check would now also check the quality of network going to each connected device in the household.

New Feature to Google Wi-Fi’s Network Check:

Google Wi- Fi has added another feature to it’s network check, whereby the Wi- Fi shows you how each device is performing on the network, that is if each device is getting adequate connectivity or not.

After that all you need to do is either move that device closer to the Google’s Wi- Fi or move the Google Wi- Fi closer to it. This feature just shows the bottle neck and helps you identify which devices can be rearranged in the house so as to get maximum connectivity.

You can view all the devices connectivity quality through the Google Wi- Fi app. As many as 18 devices can be connected to one Wi- Fi router and with that many devices on a network one or two or maybe even more devices will not be getting adequate network connectivity.

So with this new feature in Google’s Wi- Fi, users can know how much connectivity each device is getting.

When is this new feature on Google Wi- Fi coming?

This new feature on the Google Wi- Fi will be coming as an update to the system in the coming weeks and to all units worldwide. After the update all that the user has to do is start seeing each individual device’s connectivity through the Google Wi- Fi app.

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