Google’s Open Source Fuchsia OS: The Mystery Linux Distro

Is Google’s mysterious Fuchsia OS has open source backbone?

How many operating systems are there in the world? The answer is ‘too many’ but only has found wider acceptance and popularity on global scale. Google has suddenly decided that it will be developing a new major operating system in a bid to give competition to Apple and Microsoft. Google started working on developing a mysteriously new platform way back in February 2016 and some codes were published for the awkwardly titled Fuchsia OS.

Officially very little has been revealed by Google on the development of Fuchsia OS. The best thing about the Google upcoming major operating system is that will be made available as an open source project much like Linux platform. This will mean that the source code for Fuchsia OS will remain entirely open for anyone to view after its launch and certainly people round the world will be to download and run it without paying anything.

Fuchsia OS

Is Google moving away from Linux within Android?

Since the time Google has started publishing the code for the Fuchsia OS a number of people has started raising questions. Most important question is whether Google will move away from Linux for its Android platform in later stages with Fuchsia OS success. But as per the Google the major reason toward developing the Fuchsia OS is to scale it up in later stages from the Internet of Things devices to smartphones as well as PC. There is no concrete evidence that Google will shun the tested Linux platform for its Android anytime soon.

Google has two operating systems already

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Google already two consumer operating system which is the Chrome OS and the Android. Google’s Android is predominately used in the smartphones and tablets and happens to be most widely used operating system in the world on the small scale devices. While the Chrome OS is specifically designed for the PCs which is much more secure and advanced than the Android. It helps in providing a highly simplified computing environment to the users which is great boost for the educational market. Quite incidentally people make use of the Android OS for internet usage mostly than any other operating system present in the world at the moment.

All the good things of Fuchsia OS

The major reason why Google is aggressively working on the development of the Fuchsia OS as an open source operating system is that it is looking forward to correct the shortcoming associated with the Android. Google has already set forth the engineering goals for this project which includes a secure deign with enhanced performance and it is set to get timely updates. Another good thing about Fuchsia is it will have a friendlier and highly flexible developer API which will be a boon for the developers.

For any operating system the heart stays in the kernel which essentially a program is keeping the hardware and software controls fully functional and precise. Fuchsia OS kernel has been named Magenta. So it douses all the concerns that Android will be a thing of past with the launch of the Fuchsia.

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