5 Google Maps Tricks That Make Travel Easier

5 Google Maps Tricks That Make Travel Easier

Some Useful Features of Google Maps

One of the useful features of smartphones is the navigation apps and Google Maps has been extensively considered the best of the lot.  Most of the users are not aware that there are some useful features in Google Maps which would make mapping on their next holiday much easy or even enhance their daily travel.  We present some google maps tricks which would be beneficial to iPhone and Android users.

  1. Download Offline Maps

If the user desires to save the mobile data or check map without access of the internet, Google enables you to save maps to be viewed offline. Users could zoom the map according to their details and type OK Maps in the search option to save the map.  Another alternative for google maps tricks is that one could explore for a precise location select it to get the information car and click the menu icon towards the top-right area and bring up the `save offline map’ option.

  1. Launch Navigation Mode Faster

Detailed directions are provided on Google maps which are very helpful while navigating and these google maps tricks could be beneficial.It tends to take a few clicks to launch the feature though one can get started on Android instantly on holding down the blue transportation icon towards the bottom left area of the app.  The icon is seen by default as a person, car, train or a bicycle based on the mode of transportation Google would assume to be suitable.

  1. Zoom in With One Hand

Users could pinch and zoom on a location with Google Maps and if the user tends to have only one hand free then you could double tap the screen for zooming instantly.  Should you hold your finger on the screen after the second tap you could swipe up or down to smoothly zoom in or out.

  1. Star Popular Place

Starring places tends to be useful while making plans and one can have their own personal directory whenever the need arises.  It separates the contents one would be interested in and helps in identifying places of interest like restaurants, coffee shops, dentist, your favourite stores, movie theatres, galleries, museums, a friend’s apartment which would be complex to reach if forgotten.

  1. Save Work & Home to Save Time

Though it seems fundamental it is essential to save your home and office wherein instead of having to enter your address each time one attempts to reach home you would only have to type HOME and you can be on your way.  While driving, Google Maps would lead you through the fastest route to reach your destination.  Should the user avoid the beaten path and come across winding back road, ensure to head to your setting and switch on `Avoid Highways’ and `Avoid Tolls’. Thus the user will not get delayed in driving through long highways and find interesting pit stops en route.

  1. Speed up Searches

Chrome enables text shortcuts to various search tools and Maps is said to be one of them.  In order to create the shortcut one can click on the menu icon – three vertical dots towards the top right area of Chrome window and opt for Setting.  On Scrolling down to – `Search Engines’, click `Manage search engines’. Scroll to the bottom of the `Other search engines and one will come across three boxes to add new search engine.

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Finally Facebook Creator App Unveiled Just Made for the Video Creators

Finally Facebook Creator App Unveiled Just Made for the Video Creators

Facebook Creator app for Video Creators

Just a few months ago Facebook made it clear that it is looking forward to establishing its social media platform as dedicated video sharing platform. Facebook simply wanted to give YouTube a stiff by banking on its massive active user’s base and it is trying to woo the video creators on its platform on a serious note with the launch of the Facebook Creator app. It brings a wide range of tools which helps in streaming videos, messaging people on varied Facebook platform as well as for updating stories.

Facebook had already other apps

This isn’t the first Facebook brought a dedicated app for a particular function or feature available on its platform. In the past, people had made use of the Facebook Pages app in order to manage varied pages present on the platform. It even had dedicated app for celebrities which helped in community building. But Facebook Creators app is different from the usual apps as it brings hard-core features for the users to actively manage the videos on the Facebook like never before. But this Facebook Creators app isn’t an original concept rather it is an updated and to be more precise a rebranded version of the app which was set to be named Facebook Mentions.

Exciting features in the new Facebook Creator app

Facebook Creator App boasts some special features which is designed for the Facebook Live. Using this app, users will be able to add intro as well as outros to their live videos and they can even add interactive stickers and custom video frame to make the video more punchy and individualized. This app can even be used for capturing and editing photos which can be posted later on in the Facebook Stories or on other platforms like Instagram.

Facebook has given a priority towards enhancing the communication with it new app. Facebook Creator app brings a unified inbox for the comments having both Facebook, Instagram & Messenger messages in a single place. This ensures that users don’t have to jump in between different apps to respond to other people messages, responses, and requests. Facebook Creator App isn’t free from glitches and shortcoming it happens to be a right step in the direction of efficiently managing to message within the varied Facebook services.

Facebook Creator app: Everything is thought of by Facebook

Since  Facebook Creator app is an app directed towards the video creators then it is essential to bring analytics functionality embedded into to understand the performance of the videos. Keeping this thing in mind Facebook has brought analytics feature in this app so creators can make the best use of their video. Facebook is making this app available at first on the iOS platform followed by the Android platform roll out in the coming months.  Facebook Creator app will certainly help the video creators towards making active use of the Facebook platform to take their video to a massive user base and with it will be strong enough to give stiff competition to the YouTube.

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Seamless Google Street View Panoramas

Seamless Google Street View Panoramas

Google Street view was first launched in 2007.It is a technology used to capture and provide panoramic views of streets, places, towns and even museums.

Google street view was first launched in a number of cities in the US and then susbsequently it has moved to other places as well. Google is still in the process of mapping and photographing various places but it has achieved its presence in all the seven continents.

It is not an easy task to provide a series of panoramic images of places and this is seen in the process of making Google’s street view possible.

Equipment used in The Google Street View:

Taking pictures in rocky, snowy terrains or even underwater is no easy feat for any person. Considering that you cannot take a car ride to such places, the only other option is to take the a photography trip by foot. Google has come out with a backpack that has a 360 degree camera attached to it for such excursions. It is called the Street View Trekker.

Google has the Street view Trolley for all it’s indoor sightseeing. To fit through narrow doorways and not bump into any objects that may be lying about such as a statue in a museum, google has introduced a versatile mobile known as the street view trolley.

For those snow covered slopes, google has the street view snow mobile and for those places with narrow alley ways, Google has introduced the street view trike so that the Google team could pedal along zoos, campuses, UNESCO world heritage sights and more, capturing amazing photographs on the way.

Google’s Street View Publishing Process:

The first step in the venture is of course clicking photographs. For this Google has to see the time and place to click photographs in a particular place. They do this by first checking out the population density, weather and various other factors in a particular place.

The next step in the process would be to align the images according to their geographical location on the map. Google achieves this by using various sensors on their google street mobiles. These sensors measure the speed, direction and the GPS location of the image. The images are then adjusted according to their position on the map.

The third step in the process is to turn the images into 3D images. Whenever a picture is taken, the adjacent picture is taken with a slight overlap, Google then stitches the images to gather for a seamless 360 degree view using various algorithms.

Finally, there are lasers which are used when the pictures are taken. These lasers are used to gauge the distance of various objects in the image. Google then uses this info in making their 3D panorama.

Problems in 3D Panorama in Google Street View:

There are many problems that could come up when taking a picture. The rosette camera which is used to take pictures could be mis-calibrated, there could be timing differences in taking pictures and parallax. While parallax can be still taken care of by using more approximate geometry, other problems could still occur.

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Six Gestures You Need to Learn for iPhone X

Six Gestures You Need to Learn for iPhone X

Getting Accustomed to iPhone X New Gestures

One of the things any new iPhone X owner would have to get used to is the fact that there is now no home button. Right from the time when the first iPhone was released to now there has always been a home button. This absence of a home button actually changes things up a bit.

It may take a couple of days to get used to the new gestures and ways to interact with your new iPhone X without a home button, but many of the tap, swipe, pinch and other functions remain the same as compared to previous models.

The Power button in the new iPhone X takes up some of the functionality of the home button that is where Face identification and a few tactile interactions are concerned. But in the end it is important to know how to navigate the interface without a home button.

 Going Home on the iPhone X:

If you are on a page or an app and are looking for ways to get off the current content and want to land the home page, then all you have to do is swipe the bar that appears on the bottom part of the screen, up and lift your finger off from there. That will take you directly to the home screen. The bar appears white or black depending on the matter you are reading.

Moving to different apps in the iPhone X:

To get to the apps that are at present running on the phone all you have to do is swipe right, this brings you to an app that is already opened. You can then swipe right or left depending on the app that you want to see. An important feature to note here is that if you pause at an app for a few seconds, the app moves to the rightmost position.

Swiping and getting rid of apps while multi- tasking in iPhone X:

To get rid of some of the apps that are running, you can access the multi- task list of apps by swiping the bar at the bottom to the top and hold it there, this is different form the home gesture as you remove your finger from the screen once the bar is dragged to the top. Once you get to a list of the apps running, it is then a simple task of tapping and holding on an app to get the minus sign on it that allows you to get rid of the app.

Swiping for Notification and Control center on the iPhone X:

To get to the notification center all you have to do is swipe down from the time that is displayed on the top of the phone, this then brings you to notifications that you can click on normally to go to the respective app.

Unlike previous models, the control center can be reached by swiping down from the WiFi, Cellular and battery usage icon.

Swiping to get Spotlight in the iPhone X:

All one needs to do in order to get the spotlight search is to swipe down from anywhere on the home screen.


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5 Google Drive Hacks That Will Transform the Way You Work

5 Google Drive Hacks That Will Transform the Way You Work

5 simple tricks to use Google Drive

Google Drive is an indispensable work tool for many companies and individuals and offers us an ever-expanding range of possibilities and tools to make our work faster and easier, as well as free. We have selected five Google Drive functions that you may not know about. With them, you can have the work better organized and carry out a more fluid communication between colleagues.

Change the color of the folders of Google Drive

If you have many folders, or especially if you share the Google Drive account with colleagues or study, this feature of personalization of folders will suit you very well. In Google Drive, you can choose the color you want it to have, and thus visualize it and locate it before. What do you have to do? Simple. Just put your cursor over the folder you want and use the right button. When you do this, you will be presented with a menu with a series of actions. Under “Undock” you will find a painter palette and the phrase “Change Color”. Click there and another menu will open with 24 colors to choose from. Mark whatever you want and it’s done. For the Google Drive mobile version you just have to press your finger on the folder, and you will have the option to open the same menu mentioned above.

Voice Writing in Google Drive

Known by few, this functionality allows you to dictate words in Google Drive using the computer microphone. You just have to enter a text document, go to Tools and there to search for Voice Write. It will open a microphone icon, and you can choose the language in which you want your words to be recognized. You click on the microphone, you speak, and almost at the moment, you will see how your words become written lyrics. When you finish, press again and you already have your paragraph. A very dynamic and useful feature that is missed in the mobile version, which is precisely where it may be more uncomfortable to write a long paragraph.

Scan and save option of Google Drive

A function still only existing in the Android version, allows us to scan a text using the mobile camera, the system then converts it directly into a PDF file and saves it to Google Drive. Once there you can share it quickly with other partners. Scanning documents have always been a tedious process that can now be speeded up thanks to this feature. And also without worrying about having a computer or a printer at hand.

Comment and edit live in Google Drive

Working live with other colleagues who are not present often requires reformulation of sentences or content, and it is good to have feedback at the time. Sure, you can use a messaging service like Skype or Facebook Messenger but, would not it be better if you could do it from the same Google Drive? Well you can. In a file that is shared with more users, you just have to give the Comment button, which appears right next to Share, in the upper right area. You can also mark a word or phrase, and comment it, using the right button and checking Comment.

How to Make forms in Google Drive

This feature in Google Drive allows you to make forms in shared folders. Depending on the security level of the file, it will be open to all types of users or only those who have permissions. You have the possibility to do test forms or with short answers. Either way, the answers to these formulas will not be public, only the administrator of the account will receive them. Perfect for assessing your bosses and employees ensuring the privacy of the participants. To do this you have to enter the main menu of Google Drive, give New, and then down to More. That will open a new tab, and the first option is the forms.

We hope these simple tricks will make work and communication much easier.


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The Best Apps through Which You Can Make Easy Money

The Best Apps through Which You Can Make Easy Money

Smartphones are getting smarter by the day, and as a result, many people are getting more attached to their phones and spending more time on them. A lot of time is wasted browsing various social media pages and playing games, but did you know that you can make better use of your smartphone time and earn good money from it? There are many apps through which you can earn money either part-time or fulltime.


Part-Time Money Making Apps


If you enjoy travelling and taking photos, this app is for you. Through Clashot, you can take pictures of cities, food, art, or anything else and sell them. You can make as much as $80 for a single shot. You need to create an account with Clashot to be able to sell your photos. Your photos need to be original and high-quality if you want to make good money from them.


It is very easy to earn money using this app. All you have to do is watch app trailers on your phone. The videos are usually not longer than 30 seconds.You can also upload videos and get rewarded for the number of likes your videos get. The rewards are in form of points which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. 10 points are worth 1 cent and the minimum number of points you can get is 500 points. AppTrailers can be used on both android and iOS devices.


This app rewards users for completing various assignments such as taking pictures of a meal, or the clothes or shoes that one is wearing, or other consumer products. You then have to review the item in your picture and upload the photo and the review. The rewards are in form of points which can be redeemed for cash and withdrawn via PayPal.


With Ebates, all you have to do is download the app to your phone. You stand to get up to 40% of your cash back every time you shop online from any of the participating stores if you have this app on your phone. There are almost 2,000 participating retailers. You can also earn money by referring people to the app. The minimum number of people you can refer is 2 if you want to earn from your referrals.

Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the Go pays users to complete various surveys. Some of the topics include sports, health, politics, technology, entertainment, and so much more. You can earn anything between 25 cents and $5 per survey, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $10.


Fulltime Money Making Apps

CMC Markets

This online trading platform has developed an application for android and iOS devices. Through this app, you can trade in forex, stocks, CFDs, financial derivatives, and other financial instruments. The app has a great user-friendly design and the best thing about using the app is that you can trade from wherever you are, whether you are stuck in traffic, on a business trip or on vacation. You stand to make a lot of money from online trading using this app.


Through BookScouter, you can sell your old books and earn quite some money from them. You just have to register to be able to start selling your books. The app can give you a reasonable price point by checking how much the books you are selling normally go for. You then get to choose who to sell your books to by comparing the prices offered. Shipping is absolutely free.


This app enables you to connect with businesses that are in need of the skills you have to offer in your locality. You can get many contract jobs through Gigwalk. Payments are made via PayPal.


The above are just some of the most popular apps through which you can earn money. Others include Field Agent, Money Machine, Shopkick, and Slidejoy. Some of these apps give you the option of donating your earnings to charity if you do not want to redeem them. People have made millions of dollars through these apps and you should not be left behind. They are a great way to supplement your income. If you did not know how much you can achieve using that smartphone that you so love, now you know.

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Say Farewell to Old Google Drive Desk Top App

Say Farewell to Old Google Drive Desk Top App

Google Drive Desktop app is dying or more appropriately phasing out

Every great thing ultimately comes to their end whether you like it or not. Google has brought a number of great things for its users but rather than growing upon their popularity Google rolls over it. Google Drive is dead or nearing its demise in near future. Google has left everyone confused and shocked by stating that it will be ending the support for Google Drive on Mac and PC from Dec 11. 12th March 2018 has been set as the date when Google Drive finally stops working for once and all.

This isn’t the first time Google is doing away one of its successful product or feature altogether. For example just a few years ago Google pulled the plug under the GTalk and supplemented it with the Google Hangouts. Hangouts are good but it isn’t as simple and straight forward as the GTalk. Hangout is a feature rich messaging which even allows video conferencing to the users along with a plethora of features and functionalities.

A new product set to take  place of Google Drive

As just stated there is nothing to worry for the usual users as Google is set to bring two products in place of the Google Drive desktop app. First of the users should understand Google is doing away with desktop application of the Google Drive but it will not affect the usual Google Drive. All your documents, spread sheets and multimedia files will remain stored in the cloud storage offered by it. Google Drive cloud storage services are going to go away rather its desktop app is set to stop working from March next year. Google is planning to bring ‘Backup and Sync’ and ‘Drive File Stream’ for the home consumers and enterprise users which happens to be highly enhanced and improved version of Google Drive for Desktop.

What should Google Drive users do now?

Users with Google Drive Desktop app present on their desktop there is nothing to do at the moment. They are expected to start getting warning in the month of October notifying them that it will be going away by March 2018. Therein you will get the chance to upgrade to the ‘Backup and Sync’ or ‘Drive File Stream’.  If you are restless and need to get into the groove right now then go ahead and download ‘Backup and Sync’.

Enterprise users who make use of the G Suite will be able to make use of the Drive File System in order to manage their cloud storage. But this functionality will not be provided to them until September 26.  Google’s Drive File System will be turned on for all the customers and it will only appears as the download links in the Drive interface. If any user has both Drive Files System and Back & Sync installed on their system then Google will ask them to stop using the Backup & Sync in order to save the disk space.

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The First ARKit Apps Reveal How Apple AR works

The First ARKit Apps Reveal How Apple AR works

ARKit Software – Ready-for-Primetime Feel

WithApple’s announcement of its ARKit software less than three months ago, in enabling users to make a Pokemon Go-style augmented reality app running on millions on millions of iPhone and iPad when iOS 11 tends to show up this fall, the ARKit seems to have a ready-for-primetime feel about it.
It’s been the enthusiasm which had led the developers together with several other independent ones to build a complete host of ground-breaking ARKit experiments in a few weeks. The interest has been mounting and one can imagine that `there is an AR app for that – `could be a usual phrase’.
It is not surprising that Google has now announced its own ARKit competitor – ARCore, recently. Some of the not-so-secret issues behind ARKit are that it can notice flat surfaces such as tables, floors together with tops of chairs, enabling virtual object to seem like they had been realistically sitting on top and have observed that it even tends to work on glossy and reflective floors.
However ARKit presently does not tend to identify complex surfaces such as curved couch cushions or vertical surfaces like walls.  One would be capable of replacing a virtual IKEA couch in one’s room though would not be able to hang a virtual flat-screen TV, at the moment.

Utilising Camera/Motion Sensor Data

On current supported devices like the iPhone 6S and later, the ARKit tends to make use of the rear cameras. With regards to front-facing cameras to enable Snapchat-like advance AR effect or improved tracking for hand-free AR headset, Apple has refrained from commenting though maybe, the hardware of iPhone 8 would be answer.

The actual remarkable element about the augmented reality of Apple is utilising camera and motion sensor data in establishing the kind of continuous awareness which needs extra progressive AR and VR hardware.

This is utilised to some extent in the iOS public beta for a VR type mode in Apple Maps link,  We observe identical usages in 3D apps and there is no reason why it cannot be utilised for some games which are not technically AR at all.

There is really nothing unusual in the new processors of Apple which enables AR Kit to operate.  Though the dedicated image process in future iPhone is helpful, the main reason of restricting to fresh phones and tablets is that they will have adequate extra processor for developers in designing immersive experiences around it.

ARKit – Flexible

Single-lens iPhones tend to function well on ARKit as in the case of dual-lens Plus models in spite of the fact that the latter could ideally see complexity with ease.

Apple is said to be anxious regarding scale, enabling developers to address the maximum people possible rather than disintegrating them with various technologies.Apple has no intention of ARKit for hands-free visitors which the iPhone could pop into such as the Mira Prism.

ARKit seems to be quite flexible.  Combining the sensing of ARKit with hand-free iPhone visor could lead to some thought-provoking concepts. The iOS 11 is likely to arrive this fall and more information would be coming up when Apple has its next iPhone event, probably occurring on September 12.

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File Edge Apps Review: The 10 Best Fitness Apps

The 10 Best Fitness Apps

If you are aiming to be more physically fit, increase your daily steps or aiming to burn more calories, there are various fitness apps to achieve your fitness goals. After searching through various fitness apps, a list consisting of the best has been made on the basis of their usability, user ratings, design, capacity and their update frequency.

Exercise has many advantages that have never been fully explored. It is free of cost, really easy to start, has few or no side effects when done properly and does not require a prescription. If exercise were a drug, it would prove to be the most gainful medicine ever.

Exercising daily brings many benefits along with it, such as it helps you maintain a healthy weight, makes your heart stronger, brings an improvement in your lung function and cuts down your risk of coronary heart disease drastically. In addition, physical activity also lowers the risk of depression, diabetes, cognitive decline and cancer.

As per the guidelines by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for physical activity, it is recommended that for considerable health benefits from exercise, you should partake in a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week, although indulging in at least 60 minutes of aerobic workout can also do you good.

Physical activity comes in various forms, such as high-intensity running and cycling or doing yoga stretches leisurely. Medical News Today has listed down the top 10 fitness app to help users achieve their physical activity goals with a little ease.

Fitness Apps: RunKeeper

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Fitness apps RunKeeperThe Fitness Apps RunKeeper keeps a track of your walks, runs and any other physical activity. From people taking a casual stroll to the 5k runner and those working towards taking part in the marathon, this GPS-based app shows an impressive community strength of 50 million users and is apt for everyone. To make your workout interesting, you can save, discover and build new routes with the help of GPS.

RunKeeper can help you in achieving your goals, whether it is to train for a race, to lose a few kilograms or to reach a particular pace target. The My Plan dashboard provides training plans that can be customised according to your needs, on the basis of your answers to a series of questions. You can also select from a range of ready-made schedules.

You can stay motivated and challenge yourself to reach your fitness goals, win rewards for the workouts you carry out and share your achievements with your friends using this Fitness Apps. You are able to create your own challenges too and invite friends to join you and encourage you on the way to achieve your goal in this Fitness Apps.

The Fitness Apps Strava

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Fitness apps StravaFitness apps Strava aims to connect athletes throughout the world by providing a motivational experience without junk posts and ads that are seen on other social networks. You may join Strava for the Fitness Apps tracking ability but it’s inspiring and competitive community will make you stay. It is one of the top pick for social training purposes.

Strava’s community consists of millions of active adventurers, runners, cyclists and pros that keep a record of their activities. Strava has activity tracking that makes key statistics available such as pace, distance, elevation gained and calories burned as a result of the exercise. Also displayed is an interactive map pertaining to your activity.

You can also make a comparison of your performance with other those of other users and connect with the Strava community using this fitness apps. You can share the high points of your activity, stories and even publish photos of the top moments from your ride or run. You will be motivated and encouraged through the comments. In order to also indulge in a bit of friendly competition in your workout, you can aim for the best time on the leader board of the apps.

The Fitness Apps Yoga Studio

Android: $4.99

iPhone: $4.99

Fitness Apps Yoga StudioYoga Studio is the most suggested yoga and fitness apps and for a valid reason. There are more than 70 standard and pre-programmed yoga and meditation classes with stages varying from beginner to advanced and lasting for a time period of 15 to 60 minutes. This Fitness Apps ensures there is something for everyone.

You can customize your class as per your need and can select on which aspect you want to focus on such as strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance or a mixture of all four. The explanation provides clear and easy to understand instructions on how to do a pose and how to transition from one to another flawlessly.

With instructions at every step for more than 280 poses, along with their benefits, variations, modifications and care to be taken for each of the poses, it provides you with an instant yoga library easily accessible from your pocket. You can also practice yoga regularly and fit it in your busy schedule by syncing classes with your phone’s calendar.

The Fitness Apps Sworkit

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Fitness apps sworkitAmerican College of Sports Medicine has rated Sworkit as the number 1 workout app for quality of instructional exercise standards and it is simple and customizable. Sworkit has brought more than 40 million workouts to people belonging to all levels of fitness. You can select your goals and aims to make sure you utilise every second after entering in your personal data into the fitness apps. The workout dashboard shows various exercises meant for cardio, stretching, strength and yoga demonstrated by your coach. You can view individual exercises by making use of the custom dashboard to assemble your own personalized workout.

You can select workout plans on the basis of your fitness goal such as to become leaner, fitter or strongerin this fitness apps. Each of these categories consists of workouts that are free of cost for seven days and are available at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Once you upgrade to Premium, you get full access to workouts that are guided, intervals that you can set for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and Tabata and endless custom workouts.

The Fitness Apps J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Fitness apps JJA workout method based on science, the J&J Official 7 Minute Workout is designed by Chris Jordan, director of exercise physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. The fitness apps is based around research on HIIT and circuit training that demonstrates that small spans of hard exercise with short recovery time can develop aerobic fitness rapidly.

The setup is quick and you can indulge into a 7-minute workout, or 9.07 minutes with a warm-up. You can swipe between workout views with ease with the help of the slick interface which displays time, video or music that can be selected from your own music library in your phone. Based on your likes and dislikes you can give thumbs up or thumbs down for exercises in this fitness apps.

To learn how to perform every one of the 72 exercises securely and efficiently, there are video tutorials available which you can browse through. You can keep a track of your progress in the performance dashboard which indicates the days, amount of cycles completed, and work done. You can also share a snapshot of yourself with your friends while you are training to help keep you driven or perhaps to indulge in a little healthy competition.

The Fitness Apps Couch to 5K

Android: $2.99

iPhone: $2.99

Fitness Apps  Couch to 5kCouch to 5K enables you to transform from a couch potato to running 5K in a small span of just 9 weeks by following their fun and easy training strategy. This app is ideal for beginners to motivate them to devote about 20 to 30 minutes to exercising, thrice per week to make them be 5K ready.

This tool, which helps in race training, allows you to keep a log of your workouts and share your development on Facebook. Your distance and pace growth can be observed in the graphs section, and workouts can be entered yourself if you have worked out on a treadmill.

You can chose from four interactive and inspiring virtual coaches that have audio cues as well to direct you throughout each workout and help you stay on track. You can also sync your phone’s playlists with this fitness apps so that you can listen to your choice of music while exercising.


Fitness Apps JEFIT: Workout Tracker Gym Log

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Fitness apps JEFITThis fitness apps is very helpful for gym-goers as it’s easy to log weight and track repetitions on each machine with just one click. JEFIT allows you to keep a track of your workout routines and your respite time, and log and chart all of your body measurements as you improve.

If you are a beginner at the gym, JEFIT makes available more than 60 routines for its users, specially designed by the JEFIT team themselves. In addition, there also 2,000 plans which are created by the community that you can uses to get started. An exercise dashboard shows a surplus of 1,300 exercises for cardio machines and equipment for weightlifting and also provides visual instructions on each step on how to perform the complete exercise along with useful tips.

JEFIT’s workout community is pretty active and you can connect with millions of other users or can add friends to keep yourself motivated. You can also share the progress you have made in your training with the community and compare the statistics.

Fitness Apps Zombies, Run!

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

fitness apps Jombies RunZombies, Run! is an engrossing running game and an audio adventure. After installation, a story is presented to you with details such as after a zombie epidemic you have to run and make it to the last remaining outpost meant for humanity’s survival. You aim on the way is to collect supplies, rescue survivors and secure and defend their homes.

You can save hundreds of lives and also discover the actuality of the zombie apocalypse by running in a park, walking on trails or even by jogging on a treadmill. Your mission and music channels will be conveyed to you through your headphones and you need to speed up if the zombies are after you.

The first four missions are free of cost and each week a new mission can be unlocked. Upgrading to Pro helps unlock unrestricted access to more than 260 missions and interval training plans. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush and an adventure, this fitness apps is just for you.

Fitness Apps Charity Miles

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Fitness Apps Charity MilesIf you want to make a real difference with your training, Charity Miles is the best fitness apps to use. You can help charities benefit from you being physically active, simply like going out to get coffee, taking your dog for a walk, riding your bike in your neighbourhood or shovelling some snow. Users have helped raise more than $2 million for charity with this app.

You can choose from more than 40 charities to show your support, on initial setup. Once you begin you activity, you get sponsored by a particular brand to finish your task. The dashboard displays your activity, duration, distance and the entire amount earned by the community for the charity that you chose.  You will be motivated to put in extra efforts as all physical activity eventually contributes to charity. On the plus side, you will improve your fitness levels and overall health.

Fitness Apps CARROT Fit

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Fitness apps Carrot fitCARROT Fit is an enjoyable way to get fit with your strict coach which is computer-generated. CARROT has just one goal of transform your unfit body into a perfectly physically fit one and stops at nothing to make you achieve this goal. CARROT  fitness apps uses bribery, inspiration, threats and ridicules to get you moving.

This fitness app is based on the same principle as the J&J Official 7 Minute Workout which is the 7-minute science-based method. The difference is that these 7-minutes involve sweat and pop culture, consisting of activities such as Celebrity Face Punches, Dragon Mating Dances and Mt. Doom Climbs. The routine is intense and you can take part in 30 seconds of hardcore and punishing exercise, followed by rest time of 10 seconds.

CARROT also tracks the number of steps you have taken and the amount of weight you have lost. It also displays your workout sessions on a calendar. CARROT will then evaluate your progress and if it is not satisfied with it, the feedback she gives is pretty harsh. However, if CARROT finds your progress impressive, she will present you with app upgrades as rewards. It is available in Google Playstore.

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File Edge Review: Google Photo Books

File Edge Review: Google Photo Books

Google Photo Books App – Quicker/Less Troublesome

With the help from Google Photo Books app, one can now make physical albums. Creating photos albums now tends to get much quicker and less troublesome wherein the price seems to be reasonable and the end result is amazing. Google Photo Books which had been announced this spring has come up with this fabulous process of creating it with ease.  Uploading of photos tends to be time consuming and sorting them out could be troublesome.
Google Photo Books tends to reduce this process wherein one could just sort through the digital photo pile utilising the Google’s AI search chops, and choose 20 photos one would desire to feature. You can order them according to your choice.  A 20 page softcover comes at a price of $10 with 35-cents for additional page and the hardcover at $20 with extras at 65-cents a shot.
Google Photo Books

The feature had gone live recently though only on desktop.  Google had mentioned that Google Photo Books would come to the smartphone app shortly.  Creation of soft and hardcover albums from online photos was made available from firms such as Shutterfly, Mpixes and many others, for years. However Google Photo Books  process is amazing with regards to its speed and decision.

Google Photo Books Utilises Facial Recognition

Google Photo is an app that tends to back up photos from your smartphone and computer automatically so that the user is ahead of starting the creation process of the album since they need not have to upload a collection of photos to get started.


The amazing two year old Google Photo Books now tends to have around 500 million users. It utilises facial recognition to sort the people automatically of those people whose photos are taken the most and which one can tweak by tagging also.  According to the Google, around 1.2 billion new photos have been backed up on Google Photos each day. To get started, one could begin with a search for mom, dad, brother, son, daughter and more or rather a place or an event.


Then opt for the ones you want to utilise for the album and thereafter click `+’ sign towards the top of the menu and select `Photo Books’.  Once you arrive at the layout page, you will get some options here.  You have the choice of changing the title of your book, delete photos from the layout as well as move them to another page.

Innovative Sharing Tab of Google Photo Books

One photo per page is offered in the layout and it is what sets Google apart from photo giant Shutterfly offering several more options ending in slowing down the process. The books of Shutterfly seems good, however there were several options which were time consuming in completing.


An innovative Sharing tab is said to be added to Google Photos, providing a means of sending out photos of dear ones and friends from one’s photo sessions. Product manager, of Google Photo Books , David Lieb had commented that when one lives their life and do things, a bunch of photos are created though only a small fraction tends to get shared.  The challenge is how Google could apply machine learning in resolving the issue?  The solution is that they can figure out which photos one should take for sharing with friends and vice versa

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