10 Best Security Apps for Android which aren’t Antivirus Apps

10 Best Security Apps for Android which aren’t Antivirus Apps

Are you striving to install the best security apps for Android that aren’t Antivirus Apps? Then check out this post.

Here you can have a look at the 10 best security apps for Android which aren’t Antivirus Apps. Usually, whenever we think about the security apps people always get Anti-virus app suggestions.

But there are lots of other apps then antivirus apps which can help to be secured.  As people often get tons of antivirus and malware apps listing when they search on google they believe these are the only apps. But, practically there are other security apps which helps you to safeguard your phone with its special features.

In this post, we’ll learn about those tons of apps that can boost your security with ease. The apps listed on this list are easy to download and use. So, let’s get into this list of best security apps for Android.

In this list, we have included all kinds of security apps which helps you to maximize your security and ensure you stay on top.

Let’s get into the list

10 Best Security Apps for Android which aren’t antivirus apps:

This list of best security apps for android is filtered from lots of security apps. You’ll not find any antivirus or Anti malware apps in this because we have just focused on Security of Android device only.

If you’re eager to learn about the best antivirus apps for Android then do check out my older posts.

Best Security Apps – Applock from Do Mobile Labs:

Applock is one of the best security apps for Android. With this app, you can lock down your apps and keep your information secure. This app lock is created by Do Mobile Lab and it’s one of the most popular app which is used by millions of people.

As the name itself, app lock always keep your apps behind a password lock or PIN lock. With the help of this app, you can lock down your gallery, message app, social media, and whatnot. You can lock all your apps with this effective app.

Even though this app has some glitches and can be tricked by expert mobile users. But this app can be helpful for users to keep their phone away from kids, and some adults who don’t have many ideas about the working of the app.

This app is having a free version where it will so some ads to generate their income. In case, you want ads means you have to pay them.

Price: Free / Premium


  • Can help you lock apps with password, pin, fingerprint or pattern lock.
  • It’s having a secured vault in which you can hide pictures and videos.
  • Log in multiple accounts.
  • This app takes intruder selfies.
  • You can set different app backgrounds.
  • Use time lock to unlock your app according to the time.
  • Easily hide Applock icon from your phone.

Security App for android- Google’s Find My Device App:

Google’s find my device is a most prominently useful app. This app will help you locate your lost Android device and you can lock it until you get back your device.

So, this is one of the vital security apps you should use to safeguard your mobile. Previous, this app is used to be an Android Device manager but later on, it has changed its name. This app does the same thing and works as an Android device manager. it simply tracks the location of your phone.

Apart from that, it can stop intruders to access your phone by locking it down. This app can also sound alarmed or play sounds for easier finding. In case you can’t retrieve your phone you can erase your device total memory including your messages, photos and more remotely from your phone itself.

This google’s find my device app is entirely free so you don’t have to purchase anything from it. That makes this a very good option to be on this best security apps for Android list.


  • You can quickly find your phone, watch or tablet on the map.
  • In case if you can’t trace current location you can track out its last known location.
  • You can use indoor maps features to help you find out your device in malls, airport and so on.
  • Can quickly navigate your device with google maps.
  • You can play the sound at full volume even when your phone is on silent mode.
  • This app helps you to erase all your messages & contacts.

Firefox Focus One of the Best Security Apps:

Firefox focusBrowsing is one of the vital parts of our day to day life. So, if you want to secure your browsing then you have to use a secure private browser. When you search for the best and secured private browser then firefox focus will help you. This is one of the essential apps for Android and it doesn’t log your activities for a longer period.

Users can quickly delete them at any moment. So, it’s quite a handy application for privacy factors. This app can also help you to remove the trackers which track your data and advertising as well. Firefox Focus is a free android app which has no in-app purchases or premium plans. So, use it effectively to protect your browsing activities.


  • Protects your browsing activities and help you to be secured.
  • You can quickly remove trackers and advertisements.
  • Easily delete your history at any movement.

Glass Wire Data Usage Monitor:

Monitoring your mobile data usage has been easier with tools like Glass Wire. This special app helps you to monitor both wifi and mobile data usage. In this app, you can also check why the apps are slowing down and whether you are using your internet connection properly or not.

This app is one of the newest security apps which lets you see which apps are consuming more data. When you open the app you will see the live graph which shows how much your apps are consuming data.

Along with that, you will also get alerts to know which app is sucking your data quickly. Glasswire is one of the best security apps which helps you to monitor and save your data pack perfectly.


  • This app helps you to save your data pack by monitoring the data usage.
  • Glasswire will alert you to keep your data limit and save your valuable money.
  • You can see a real-time graph about which apps are consuming data.
  • Glasswire helps you to protect your privacy and reveal suspicious app activities.

LastPass Password Manager:

Password managers often play a vital role in this digital world. Usually, people love to use password managers because they often can’t remember all the passwords at a time. So, they often use password managers to save their passwords.  When it comes to the best password manager for Android LastPass will come into that list. Mainly because of its advanced features and strong encryption.

Lastpass is one of the best security apps for Android. This special app will help you to store all your sites passwords, Sensitive information, PINs and more on it. All you have to do is type the master password and manage your passwords in a single place.

This tool is a safer tool which has good protection. If you want to have more protection then you can use LastPass Authenticator feature.


  • Quickly safeguards your passwords at a single place in a secured encrypted vault.
  • It automatically saves usernames and password to your vault.
  • It has free syncing option so if you save on one device it instantly available on the other devices.

Proton VPN:

VPN’s are often important for your security. If you’re searching for the best security apps for Android? then Proton VPN will be the perfect find for you. Because this VPN is one of the most popular VPN services which have a larger community.

This VPN is brought to you by the world’s largest encrypted email service ProtonMail. With this VPN, you can keep your IP address private and you can protect your internet connection on all the public wifi networks.

You can even access the Geo- Restricted Content as well. Proton VPN has the best free version of VPNs in the present market. It offers unlimited browsing via three secured servers in 3 countries for free users. Apart from that it also has a strict no-logging policy and no sharing policy of the network encryption.

Premium version of this app has more advanced features but to have fun and be safe free version is more than enough.


  • Porton will never log users activities with third parties.
  • You can access Geo-location pages.
  • It has perfect forward secrecy and has encrypted traffic.
  • Free users can access 3 servers from 3 countries.

 Resilio Sync:

Resilio Sync is one of the most useful Android security tools. This special tool helps you to transfer files directly from one device to another device securely.

Apart from that, this tool helps you to create your own private cloud. You can connect devices and sync your files securely between your NAS, PC, Mac and other servers.

You can use Sync on your mobile to simply access the files of the work computer or laptop with ease. Resilio sync will encrypt all the files during transfer so it never stores any of your information and shares with third-party servers. that means your data is safe and protected.

This app is a perfect option for people who don’t believe in online cloud storage. As this tool is entirely free you can make use of this tool.


  • Transfer files from one device to another device easily.
  • Sync your files through all your devices.
  • Safer and secure way to access files.

Orbot Tor:

If you’re striving to be more secure than others? Then you have to think out of the box and use the Orbot Tor project. This is one of the free proxy apps which empower the other apps to use your internet more securely in a controlled way.

Orbot Tor often users encryption and will encrypt your internet traffic and will hide your identity by bouncing through a series of computers from all corners of the world. As its bouncing, no one can find a trace of you. That’s why you will be in safe hands.

The Orbot Tor is a free and open-source software which can help you defend against all the surveillance threats.


  • It’s the safest way to use the internet of Android devices as it encrypts the traffic.
  • Tor has a private web surfing option which helps to access all sites which are blocked.
  • This app is having a private chat messaging option which secured.

 And OTP:

AndOTP is one of the newest players in the two-factor authentication apps but its features has made my list in this best security apps for Android list. This is an open-source tool which is free to install. This app will support the TOTP protocol so it’s one of the decent apps.

With this AndOTP, you can have features like multiple backup options, and two-factor authentication and dark mode options as well.


  • It’s a free and open-source tool which requires minimal permissions.
  • Encrypted backup storage
  • Multiple backup options with this tool.

Signal Private Messaging App:

In general, millions of people are using messaging apps with at least some form of encryption. But some of the popular options such as WhatsApp, telegram, and the signal private messenger has different levels of encryption. If you are keen to chat with someone with a high range of security and encryption? then you have to check out the Signal private messaging app.

This app helps you do the stuff similar to the other tech giant apps like WhatsApp, telegram but it also has a high level of encrypted messaging option. With this app, you can send and receive high-quality messages, video calls, and even explore new features.

The signal’s Advanced Privacy-preserving technology will always help you to focus on sharing the moments which really matter with the people who are close for you.


  • State of the art encryption with End to End Protection.
  • The fast and secure network which delivers messages quickly.
  • Its an independent and non-profit app which having no trackers, no ads etc.

These are the best security apps for Android which aren’t Antivirus and Anti malware apps. But these apps are quite helpful for you because they have their own importance.

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