10 Best Prank Call App for Android in 2019

10 Best Prank Call App for Android in 2019

Are you searching for best Prank call app for android? Then in this post, you’ll find out 10 best Prank call app for android.

Usually, these Prank call app provide lots of fun and enjoyment for people at the same time they can be annoying in some situations. If you’re trying to time pass by having fun with your friends then you can make use of these best Prank call app for Android.

Generally, the prank call has been there since the arrival of the phone. But it has taken to the next level by the launch of Smartphones. These days, many of us are using Smartphones to share almost everything with their friends and family.

So, people feel making fake and prank calls as a hilarious activity when they do it to their friends. Although you should do this only with your friends if you do it with other means you’ll again fall into trouble.

Now, most of you might be wondering what can prank calling apps can do? if you’re the one then check that below.

What can Prank call app can do?

Prank calling apps can change your voice or it can make a prank call which appears as it’s from a private and unknown number. In some apps you can even change your voices into female or mens voices.

Generally, there are a hell lot of apps around the prank calling in the google play store. it has a large variety of prank calling apps which are specially designed for android. You can make use of those apps and get some fun.

Most of you might be confused to choose the best prank calling app? So, in that case this best Prank call app for android list will help you out. As we have researched a lot and find out some popular prank calling app especially for you.

In this list, you’ll only find out free prank calling apps for android. Although these might include in-app purchases but there are free to install and use. These give you hours of fun and help you get enjoyment.

So, what are you waiting for lets get into the list of best Prank call app for android.

Prank Voice Changer Effects:

Download: Android

Prank Voice Changer EffectsIf you’re searching for the best prank caller app? then prank voice changer app will be the best pick for you. This special app can change your voice. By using its voice modifier and the funny sound effects you can change your voice for free.

In this app you can also record some voice and then change it into the sound such as alien effect, slow or too fast, monster, echo effect and helium effect as well.

Along with these you can find many other effects which you can try out. This app is easy to download and install. With this app you can always have fun because it has lots of prank voice changer features.

So, if you’re interested in modifying your voices then make sure you use this special app. As this app will make your voice unrecognizable so you can have lots of fun with your friends by pranking them. Its interface is pretty easy to use so you will love this best Prank call app for android.


  • Quickly change your voice with its advanced voice modifier.
  • Different types of voice changer effects.
  • Easy to edit recordings with editing tools.
  • Can make funny ringtones and sounds.
  • Easily share audio on social media networks.

Prank Call App- Jokes Phone:

Download:  Android.

Prank Call App- Jokes PhoneJokes Phone is one of the coolest pranks calling apps in Android. This app helps you to laugh out loud by prank calling your friends through the jokes phone. You can capture there reactions and you can share them on social networks as well.

This is a free app which lets you to have fun by prank calling. Here all you have to do is login into your jokes phone app using your fb account and recommend it. Then you can get a hell lot of free joke calls but here to do the joke calls you have to be linked with them through this app.

The calls are usually launched from your phone systems. So, you will not be charged. Within a few minutes your joke will be available and you can share it with the rest of your family and friends. As the calls are made from third party services so the calls are not traceable. Apart from that each call is recorded for giving you fun and amusement as well.


  • Do prank calls and have some fun.
  • Get jokes soon and record the audio as well.
  • Have fun with joke calling third party untraceable calls.

Prank Call Voices-Prank Call (My Phone Robot):

Download: Android

Prank Call Voices-Prank CallPrank call app is one of the most popular prank and hoax apps from the myphone robot website.

This app helps you to send funny phone pranks calls to your friends mobile. You can prank call them with a simple click of a button.

Prank call app will allow you to quickly send a predefined prank call to your friends to have fun. Here your friends might believe this as a real person but actually, you are sending the imaginary conversation to have fun.

In reality, your friend will listen to an automated voice message which is properly recorded by giving enough gap between words. So, you will enjoy this a lot. This app is one of the best Prank call app for android because of its specialized features. So, just laugh happily with this special app.


  • Quickly prank calls your friends and have fun.
  • Send recordings to your friends and make them believe that you are a real person.
  • Record the audio and enjoy a lot.
  • It hides your phone number and will make your friend frustrated to find out who is on the phone.

Fun Calls – Best Prank Call Voices Changer & Call Recording:

Download: Android.

Fun Calls - Best Prank Call Voices ChangerCalls are yet another prank caller app which helps you to change your voice. This app allows you to quickly change your original voice during the real-time phone conversation.

This will confuse your friends because at the start they will hear your voice then again they will hear other one voice. Similarly it will change according the minutes you talk.

During this conversation you can quickly record audio and share it on social media networks as well. When you open this app you will find out a call function. So, you can click on call function to quickly call others.

You can find out different volumes on the call such as Dog, Moo, Werewolf, Boom, or Fart etc. Make sure you have proper internet access before using this app. As all the calls are made through the VOIP using the internet.


  • You can change your voice with different sounds.
  • Can record prank call audio.
  • You can share the audio on all social media networks.

Prank Caller- Prank Call App:

Download: Android.

Prank Caller- Prank Call AppPrank caller is another simple prank caller tool. This special app will help you call your friends with tons of scripted pranks. You’ll also get the prank caller ID so your friends cant track you.

Your friends don’t know that it’s not a real person and you can quickly listen to their conversation as well. Prank Caller is usually the best app in prank caller but as it is having some in-app purchases I am listing out in this position.

This special app takes the requests for pranks and will send you the mail when the prank you requested is ready. Here all you have to do is select a prank caller and simply dial your friend’s number to send a prank call.

Similar to the other tools you can listen to your friend’s conversation as well.  The problem is free users only get 3 free calls per day to prank your family members or friends.


  • Call friends with automated prank scripts.
  • Listen to your friends and record their voice.
  • Share them on your social media networks with ease.
  • Call your friends anytime.

Prank Call Free – Ownage Pranks:

Download: Android.

Prank Call Free - Ownage PranksPrank call Free is one of the best prank calling apps for Android. This special tool offers lots of pre-recorded pranks scripts. Along with that, it provides you with the option of recording. So, you can record the prank calls as well. After recording the prank call you can share them on all social media networks.

This app has features like save my pranks, environmental sounds, free daily pranks access and so on. Along with that, you can send calls from different phone numbers so you won’t get caught. All these calls are made through the WIFI connection. So make sure you have a proper wifi connection.

The specialty of this app is it has lots of pre-recorded pranks so you can pick the best one you love.


  • Lots of prank call scripts and practical jokes you can choose from.
  • You can record calls and voices with professional recorders.
  • Share social feeds with the help of ownage prank community.
  • Earn free credits and get more free prank calls every day.

Prank Call App: Bluff My Call

Download: Android.

Prank Call App Bluff My CallWhen you’re looking about the Prank call app for android you should choose to bluff my call app. This is one of the best and reliable apps you should try out. In this app, you can easily make prank calls to have fun with your friends and family.

This app can change your caller ID from one number to the other number so you don’t have to worry about your phone number. To keep your number away all you have to do is enter a fake number which you want to display as your caller ID. You can even convert your voice to male or female voice as well in this app.

If you use this app your targets will not believe that it’s your voice because your voice will be changed. This app is easy to download and you can install this for free.


  • Easily do a prank call to your friends.
  • You can enter a fake number to display on your friend’s caller ID.
  • Quickly change your voice to male version or a female version with ease.

Fake Video Tool: Fake video messenger

Download: Android

Fake Video tool is a simple android app which makes imitation calls with the selection of 8 pre-loaded apps. This app uses its front camera of the device and will display your face on the fake video chat screen.

This app shows fake caller ID with fake video chat with highquality video. With this effective app, you can make a fake call, schedule a fake call and even record the screen as well. With this app, you can add fake caller name, picture, video or even the number as well. This app supports the youtube embedded video.


  • Shows fake caller ID with fake video chat.
  • Has 8 pre-loaded video chat scenes.
  • Supports youtube embedded video.

Fake Call – Prank Call App:

Download:  Android

If you’re searching for fake call prank app then you have to check out Fake Call. This is one of the best Prank call app for android. In this app, you can quickly call fool your friends with fake call type simulation.

In this app, you have to click on the call now button to quickly activate fake call prank. Then you have to schedule the timer for the fake call prank. Then the rest process will be continued. You can record the voice with this app.


  • Quickly set caller name.
  • Set caller number for that.
  • You can choose caller picture & characters as well.
  • Along with these you can set a ringtone or use default ringtone.
  • Record voice of prank call.

Free Prank Calls Unlimited:  Fake Caller Prank

Download: Android.

Fake Caller Prank-Prank Call App Fake caller prank is yet another best free Prank call app for android. This is one of the professional and effective apps which perfectly fakes both the calls and SMS as well.

To get out of trouble you should give yourself a fake caller ID. In this app, you can give yourself a fake ID and also simulate fake calls as well.

This App is free and it won’t’ charge you a single penny while installing and using it. Around 3 million active users use this app every day. So, you can trust this app for having fun without getting caught.


  • Simulate all the incoming and missed fake calls & SMS.
  • You can create a fake SMS for incoming and outgoing SMS as well.
  • Schedule a fake call & SMS at a specific time and you can repeat that for a number of times.


This is all about the best Prank call app for Android. Hope you loved this list of best prank calling apps. If you are searching for the best list of Prank call app for iphone then you can soon have that list. Stay tuned to our blog updates.

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