10 Best grammar Apps for Android 2019

Grammar is one of the most important aspects of the present world. Its is vital because it lays the groundwork for all the effective communication. So, people always strive to be perfect with their grammar. But, they often can’t be proper with it because we are people and we do some mistakes. Here  are few best grammar apps for android which can help you while do your work online.

If you’re the one who often has grammar issues or having less knowledge of grammar? Then you don’t have to worry about it because there are a lot of apps which are readily available to check grammar.

If you are eager to check the grammar on your android devices then don’t worry, in this post, I have covered 10 best grammar apps for Android in 2019. You can make use of this list to avoid your grammar mistakes and improve yourself.

Let’s get into the post of best grammar apps for android 2019.

10 Best Grammar apps for Android 2019:

In this post I’m going to cover both the free and premium version of apps. So, just go through them and choose the best one which fits you.

Best grammar Apps for Android Grammarly:

One of the best and most peoples favourite grammar tool. Most of you might definitely hear about it because it’s that popular online. Grammarly is a free grammar app which checks all the grammar issues.

grammar Apps for Android

Although it’s a fresh tool than other grammar apps but it has the charm and functionality which we really like to use. Grammarly is very similar to the Gboard or Swiftkey. This has some features like auto-correct functionality and more.

The backdrop of this tool is it corrects your spellings even before you complete that. This tool will show all the error recommendations such as commas, verb forms, missing words, confusing words, Spelling mistakes and more.

This app is free with no ads so you can install the app on your Android and use it effectively. Even though this app has some minor bugs but those are rectified. So, you can use the app seamlessly.

Basic English Grammar tool:

Basic English GrammarIf you’re looking for the best grammar tool which helps you out with basic English grammar? Then you can use this basic English grammar app.

It is one of the basic grammar apps you can find on Google Playstore. This has a variety of lessons and tests on its app for better grammar as well.

You can find over 230 grammar lessons and over 480 tests with best user interface and experience. This app acts as the teacher for you in learning the grammar and at the same time find out your mistakes and how to resolve them.

This special app also supports over 100 languages with the translator as well. You can find out two versions of this one is the free version which has advertising and the other one is pro. In the free version, you will find in-app purchases in pro you’ll not find them.


  • Helps to improve your grammar with specialized lessons on your android devices.
  • You can click on the word to find out the meaning of words you don’t know.
  • The app will translate any word into your native language.
  • It often adds new words to your vocabulary.
  • A user-friendly tool which is very easy to use.

Another Best grammar Apps for Android English Grammar Book:

Do you want to learn English grammar with ease? then use this English grammar book android app. English grammar book is an older grammar app which has various grammar rules. This app has special features like examples, explanations, and other improvement aspects.

English grammar book allows you to bookmark some lessons for quick recall as well. Its also having a medal system to encourage the users. Its clean UI makes users to use this app with ease. This app is free with ads but it’s also has a premium version as well.

Main Features:

  • This app rewards users with a points system for each level.
  • Has different colour medals depending on the score.
  • People can bookmark any lesson for quick recall.

English Grammar in Use Android App:

English grammar in use is one of the best grammar apps for android in 2019. It is a basic yet effective app which was made by grammar professor Raymond Murphy. This special app is the outcome of the best-selling book of the ” English Grammar in use”.

Best grammar Apps for Android

The best features of this app are it has a variety of activities and different lessons about the grammar. This app is having a free and premium version. Coming to its premium version it’s costlier than other grammar apps but it’s worth the cost.

Main features:

  • This app lets you mark the words automatically for your reference.
  • You can listen to the different examples seamlessly.
  • In this app, you’ll find different grammar explanations.

English Grammar test:

Are you curious to test your grammar and learn something from your own mistakes? Then English grammar test app is the perfect fit for you. This app helps you to find out your grammar skills and help you in improving them.

english grammar test

English grammar test is one of the widely popular grammar apps in 2019. This has some amazing features such as tons of content, including a total of 1200 exercises. You can keep track of your status in this app and you can improve your grammar.

This app is free so you don’t have to buy this app but sometimes it’s ads might be frustrating for a few members other than that it’s cool and very useful app.

Main Features:

  • This app has more than 1200 English exercises which are amazing for newbies to learn.
  • App has decent UI with good performance.
  • You will find 20 English grammar units in all the tests.
  • Get your scores and track your progress with its analytics.

Best grammar Apps for Android: English Grammar:

English grammar is another best grammar apps on Android. If you are eager to study the grammar then you can make use of this excellent app.

Best Grammar apps for Android

This app guides you through the sentences by giving a proper explanation. You can make use of this application and improve your English grammar with ease.

Main features:

  • This app has a cool user interface and lessons.
  • You can quickly practice English grammar on this app.
  • Users can find out different exercises to practice and improve their grammar.

Learn English Grammar Rules – Grammar Test

Do you want to find out the best grammar app to learn the English grammar rules? Then you can make use of this useful app.  This app helps you to learn the grammar rules and move forward with them. You’ll find out different exams on this app and its very useful for your grammar improvement.

This app also covers the important grammar rules which are used in international tests like IELTS, TOIEC and TOEFL. So, if you are striving to check your grammar and have a shot at the test then you have to look at the best grammar app. Its main features have impressed me so I have listed this on the list of best grammar apps for android.

Main Features:

  • This app has great English grammar tests which are useful for international exams as well.
  • Special grammar lessons help you to learn grammar with ease.
  • You will find out some attractive grammar quizzes.
  • Track your study history with its decent analytics.

Merriam Webster Dictionary:

When you think about the grammar you’ll often require a dictionary with you. If you are searching for that then Merriam Webster is one of the most useful dictionary grammar apps.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

This app shows you the definition of words, examples, pronunciations and more. Along with that it also has vocabulary puzzles , thesaurus, voice search and more interesting features. You can find this app with two versions one is a free version and the other is pro version. Its free version comes with full for basic features and its paid has more typical features like proper nouns, foreign terms and more.

Main Features:

  • This app has new vocabulary building quizzes.
  • You can use voice search for having a look at the word.
  • Learn new words every day with its word of the day feature.
  • Find out all the synonyms and antonyms in this app.

Oxford Grammar and Punctuations:

Oxford Grammar and PunctuationIf you are striving to check your grammar and punctuation? Then you can check out this amazing oxford grammar and punctuation tool. As this app has over 250 grammar and punctuation rules. This simply uses all kinds of examples and other aspects to enhance the user experience.

For better learning, you can make use of its examples and supplementary lessons as well. This app has a free version and a pro version. If you’re a beginner then the free app is more than enough for you.  As punctuation is crucial for your grammar I have listed this tool on the best grammar apps for android in 2019 post.

Main features:

  • You’ll find over 250 grammar and punctuation rules in this app.
  • Make use of the examples to learn grammatical points.
  • This app has special longer entries on different subjects.


Udemy is not a grammar app but it helps you learn grammar lessons with its free online course. You can definitely use udemy free courses to learn proper grammar.

10 Best grammar Apps for Android 2019Usually, this app covers all topics from science, business, cooking, tech information, languages and more. This udemy has different types of courses on Grammarly all you have to choose is the best free course to learn the grammar and apply it when you are writing. I’ve included udemy in this 10 best grammar apps for Android 2019 mainly because of its free grammar courses.


This is all about the best grammar apps for Android 2019. If you are curious to learn proper grammar then try these android apps. Eager to read more interesting apps then checkout our website.


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