Using Youtube to Promote Sites

This idea was in my marketing/advertising arsenal the minute i started car sites, wrote article about custom grilles br t rex, but to widen the markeable niche here I’ll give out a few tips on how you can use youtube to promote almost any kind of sites, Recently i saw a post on tc that showed a youtube video of microsoft promoting vista, which by the way is an awesome idea overall.

Here are the stats for it, although it was blogged about on techcrunch the video did not get many views but still you can use SMM to get traffic tot he videos, even if your video knocks out around 100 views thats a good thing because now 100 mainstream users know about your website.


Figuring out just what to promote..

If its the anime/video streaming niche, then you probably already know what to do but if you have a product website or a niche that isn’t really “video” friendly then you’ll need to be a little creative.

  1. Promoting an activity is a good way to get people’s attention too, the best example for this should be this site : Pimp My Walk they either create their own videos or find videos using p2p programs and upload them to their youtube as a resource to their own users at their site and on every video page they link to themselves which gives them some kick ass traffic.
  2. Promoting a service can be tricky stuff, i mean “ebooks” and “how to books” when i say services because thats the most popular niche in the how to topic, this one is tricky because here you will have to either upload testimonials or case studies of people with the problem or whatever the niche suggests, it has to be genuine and moving and this can be really hard because you can’t just find these videos you’ll have to make them (record them) using real people.
  3. Promoting a blog, this is my favorite part because bloggers can make or upload (showcase) videos just about anything as long as the video gets tons of views no one cares where it was retrieved from, the bloggers such as Shoemoney and Johnchow are examples of this one, Jeremy has videos on his personal life which features him and videos on SEM by Pam, whereas Johnchow loves to make videos on cars, past time activities, food, movies anything that will float his boat. When bloggers make videos and showcase them on their blog its the best marketing tactic ever because it makes your users feel like they are a part of the blogger’s life!

Including your link..

Including your link on every video is crucial and its better if you can somehow make an intro that you can add to every video, something really really flashy that shows your site’s name and address, you can also add your link to the description and/or on your youtube profile page that will definitely help bring in people to your site as well as give you some link love, not that it would be all that great but keep in mind the whole objective here is to bring in excessive traffic.


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