How to Make The Most of Google Maps

Google Map – Best Navigation App on Android/iPhone

The best navigation app on Android and iPhone is Google Maps but taking into account that most of the users tend to use it while driving, it could miss out on some of its features. Irrespective of the user being new or experienced we could check on the best options of getting the most out of it.

Save Home/Work Addresses in Google Maps

Google Maps could be a bit pleasant by adding in your work and home address since it tends to simplify navigating to each place.  On tapping the three-line menu bar in the search box, followed by Place and add your home and work address.

Google Maps

Addition of multiple destinations

Setting up multiple destinations tends to make it easy.  However there are two types of adding multiple stops.  First plan the direction to the final destination and then tap the three-dot icon towards the top right area > Add Stop.  Then enter in the next location and the Map would then navigate you between them.  The user could add up to nine various stops at this point. On the other hand you could also add a stop midway along the route.  This could make up for a snack or a cup of coffee on a road trip.  You could start up navigation to your last destination.  Once Maps starts navigating, tap the big search button and search for what is essential.  Maps would only portray your choices along your existing route.

Save Your Parking Spot in Google Maps

Google has the facility of saving your parking spot with the latest version of Google Maps. When the parking is done, one would see a pop-up which prompts you to save your location which you can do so and then can also add more information such as what lot one is in or how much time is on your meter.  This is a new feature and if it is not seen, you could check for it at a later stage.

Using Google Maps for Saving Locations of One’s Choice

Based on how Google Maps is utilised, you tend to have convenient options of saving locations.  Generally, My Maps has always been the go-to though it needs you to have access to desktop computer.  Go to the My Maps site from your computer and create a private or public map which is accessible in Google Maps on the phone.  It would be convenient if one is developing an itinerary for a vacation or intending an event or working on a combined map with colleagues. New lists of features are available when one is on the go wherein you could look for locations on Google Maps and tap the Save Button.  You will then get a list of your locations inclusive of defined lists known as Favourites, Want to go and Starred Places.

Google Maps

Look at History to See Trips Undertaken

Google Maps, by default tends to keep history of every trip undertaken which could be useful or not.  You could tap the three line menu button, Settings > Map History where you can view all the various places navigated. You have the option to disable it by flipping the toggle towards the top of the screen to `off’.

Download Maps for Offline Viewing

Offline maps are essential if one tends to have a bad data plan with their phone or while travelling internationally.  You could search for a city or place name and tap the name or address towards the bottom bar.  Tap the Download button to save the map.  What is saved can be viewed by tapping the three line menu button in the search bar and then tap Offline Areas. In some of the case, one can still navigate and search for location in this mode.

Send Directions from Your Computer to Phone

If one has been viewing directions to a place on a computer and prefers to do the real navigation on their phone, you could send the data to your phone till you are logged in Google account on both the devices.  You could first search for a destination and locate a route. Once done you will see a possibility to send the directions to your phone if it supports Google Maps

Dig Deeper in Transit Directions

Google Maps is said to be an amazing way of getting around if using public transit where Google tends to do a good job of providing plenty of search factors in modification of search effects. You could search for a destination in Google Maps and tap the public transportation button where you will get a list of the options to get to your destinations. Should you desire to change the time around, you could tap the Depart at button and alter that to the options of your choice.  Moreover you could also tap the choice button in fine-tuning your results plus the choice of public transportation needed.

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