Best Language Learning Apps  for 2019

We all had language classes at school, which we forced to learn. That may have been one of the reasons why we didn’t really excel at it, because we never wanted to learn any in the first place. But after being years out of school, you say it won’t be bad to pick up a new language. So how do you go about it? Especially if going back to school is not for you? Well, there are always apps out there that are just right for learning a new language. Here are the best language learning apps to go through on your mission to learn a new language.

Miss the School Front But don’t want to go to school again then this one is for you- Babbel

This is one app that reads like an online school curriculum which in a way it is. The app also laid out in such a way as to make things as simple and conducive enough for anybody to learn.

Lessons take you through translations, variations in a word or phrase, whether it is formal or informal and also helps you learn via pictures.

The words you are learning in the language are also put into sentences which you could then use in conversations, you could even listen to them being spoken, put on repeat, and learn about verb groups.

Babbel is available for free or you can take the paid version with a few added features. This app will cost you around $12.95/ month or $27/three months or alternatively $84 for a year.

This is one of the best language learning apps to Learn Multiple Languages- Duolingo

The game-like colorful interface of the Duolingo app is great when it comes to learning a new language. The app also allows you to learn as many languages as you possibly can. But we advise sticking to two languages if you want to retain anything.

This is one of the best language apps that has a user-friendly interface. Besides this, it also includes a ‘Streak’ feature, which allows you to monitor your progress towards a point structure over several days. If you happen to use the app online, you’re also given access to audio stories that allow checking your comprehension skills as you go along.

The premium version will cost you $10/ month which allows you to chat with an online tutor from the country whose language you are learning.

Learn to Casual speak with Memrise:

This is one of the more unique language learning apps out there. One of the most uncanny features that this app possesses some short videos that show you how a particular phrase or words are spoken by different locals.

From your first lesson onwards, you’re given a video in how words are spoken so that you get a hang of pronunciations and nuances. Besides this, you also get a course on translations and gendered usages. Leaning anything becomes easier when there is a trend to what you’re learning. This app helps you in identifying what that trend is, making for a more comfortable learning experience.

You get a few videos for free, but to unlock the app’s full potential, you’d have to go premium with plans costing you $9/ month, $30 for a year, or $18 for three months.

One of the Best Language Learning apps for goal-oriented users- Busuu:

Who comes up with these names anyway?

More to the point, this app comes with a feature that determines how far you want to go to learn a new language, what you’ll use it for, why you want to learn it, and to what level do you want to get mastery over it. From there on out, you’ll be given a study goal, ensuring you learn how much you have to in a set period. Say, for example, if you start now studying for 10 minutes three times a week, you’ll be fluent in the language by June 2020.

You can get some cool features for free, but if you want to go all the way, there is always the premium version, which will cost you $5.83/month.

Learn Spanish Musically with Lirica:

One of the best ways to learn anything is through a song. Have you ever had a song stuck in your head, I know I have, well that’s great when it comes to learning a new language.

The app allows you to learn Spanish through songs, which is excellent because Spanish songs are catchy. Popular music by Latino artists and reggaeton artists help you learn Spanish as well as grammar.

Besides learning a new language, you also get a heads up in the culture behind it, as well. The app comes with a one week free trial period, and then it will cost you $4.49 a month.

Learn Specific Phrases with Mondly:

This is one of the more fun apps on this list of best language apps. Its colorful interface takes you through some cool features that you can try out even if you don’t subscribe to premium. One of the many features that stand out, is its ability to show different conjugations of verbs. The app also gives you a combination of learning tools such as audio tools, pictures, and translations to get the learning style of a new language, just right.

Also, tutoring done in such a way that the instructor guides you in a melodic way which helps you remember the particular instruction.

This one of the best language learning apps will cost you $ 480, annually which for a limited period, is available at $48 per year.

Best Language Learning Apps for Visual learner- Drops:

This app takes your alphabet vise through a new language. Its fun and colorful interface makes it great when it comes to learning a new language. When it teaches you, a word it shows you an image of it to create a lasting impression in your mind. Access to the premium version will cost you $10 per month.

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