Best Android Internet Browser for Your SmartPhone

Best Android Internet Browser for Your SmartPhone

One of the most important apps to have on any device has to be an internet browser. If your internet browser has the right features and settings then that could really be a game changer for you. Getting the right one is the question. As with anything in today’s world, there are a lot of options. As with internet browsers there are a lot of options too. So which ones to choose from and which is the right for you? In this post we’ll being going through some of the best android internet browser in the face of a changing internet. Here are some of the Best Android Internet Browser to use

Brave the Internet with this Brave Browser:

Best Android Internet Browser This is one of the latest browser to hit the internet. This browser released back in 2016 and has a host of pretty admirable features. One such feature has to do with ad blocking. It also has features to block third party cookies, block scripts and besides that it has HTTPS literally everywhere. This browser also has settings that you can adjust per site as well. Not only that, the app also comes with optimizations for speed and performance.

If you’re really concerned with what it blocks, especially if you find it important, then you can also track what it blocks. Besides these special features it also comes with the normal stuff such as privacy or incognito mode, history and bookmarks. Also this is one of the best android internet browser that comes absolutely free without any ads or in app purchases.

Check out this best android internet browser – Dolphin Browser:

Dolphin BrowserDolphin browser is one of the highly successful apps that can be found on Android. It has some basic features such as incognito mode, history and others. Besides this it also comes with ad blocking, flash support and other features such as gesture control. You can even get add on support or extension support, this comes in addition to a native ad blocker. It might not be the best when it comes to android internet browsers, especially when there are so many other options available. But it is still good enough to give a try and worth a mention on this list.

Ecosia Browser a Step towards Protecting the Environment:

Best Android Internet Browser Ecosia BrowserYou can say that this app is more geared towards the environment. But a little bit on that later.

This app started as an open source project from Chrome. So it looks and feels a little like Chrome but with its own character. Just like all browsers this one too comes with the standard- multiple tabs, history, incognito mode.

However the biggest reason why you should use this browser is its cause. This is one browser that donates 80% of its profits to plant trees. It may be completely unrelated to the internet but is still a more than worthwhile cause.

In short this is one android browser that is still good enough. It is meant for those who don’t do that much internet surfing but is still a good option. Plus it’s free!

Security with Firefox:

Firefox Browser Best Android Internet Browser

Firefox comes out with a lot of good browsers. That is why they find a mention on our list of best android internet browser. This Firefox browser comes with some cool stuff such as cross platform syncing, tracking protection, a password manager, and overall a solid browsing experience. It’s Google’s chrome biggest competitor. Need I say more after this? There is pretty much nothing that the other does not have.

If privacy and security is your thing and well, today whose is not? Then Firefox Focus is a good option for you to try out. It has a ton of privacy and security features. All in all these are some of the best android internet browser to use.

Google’s best android internet browser Chrome:

Best Android Internet Browser for Your SmartPhoneYou can also say it is one of the best android internet browser to use hands down. It certainly is the most used one. One of the reasons why this browser is the most popular is that it comes pre- installed in all android devices. Many people just keep it after that. With this browser on board you get features that are in line with the desktop version of it, the latest material design, browsing tabs to no end, deeper integration with Android and a host of other features suited for both power users as well as the more basic kind.

There are four different Chrome browsers to use. They are Google Chrome, Chrome beta, Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary. These are in descending order. Google Chrome always gets the latest android features first and well before other browsers too.

Kiwi Browser as one of the best android internet browser to give a go:

Kiwi BrowserThis internet browser is one of the more latest internet browsers to come along. It has Chrome as its base. Meaning a lot of the features and settings options will be something you have seen before. This is a browser that loads internet pages well too. Besides that it also comes with ad blocking, a pop up blocker, night mode that has a 100% contrast mode for AMOLED screens as well as cryptojacking protection.

The user interface is a little different too. It has the search bar resting on the bottom of the screen instead of in the top and other minor differences too. And It also has the usual browser tools too. It is nice to use and makes for a delightful experience. The only downside with this browser is that is does not come with desktop syncing tools that other browsers have. If you find you don’t really need that, then this browser makes for a really good option.

These are some of the best android internet browser to use. Most of them have similar features that we’re all used to at this point like privacy browsing, history, multiple tabs browsing and more. It is the minor differences that make for a varied internet surfing experience.

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Best Ways to Fix “Improve Location Accuracy Popup” in Android

Best Ways to Fix “Improve Location Accuracy Popup” in Android

People always strive to get an accurate location to ease their stress of going to the wrong places. Usually, the navigation apps are great tools for travelers because they seek the locations from the navigation apps. These apps show them the way to reach their destination, no matter where you are in the world.  To Improve Location Accuracy Popup of your Android Apps follow this post.

But unfortunately, some travelers have to face some bad days where they stuck in the wrong location. This is because of location accuracy. Lots of users have been plagued by the “Improve Location Accuracy Popup’, which they get for days. But, tapping on that and agreeing doesn’t help them in these situations.

This makes it harder to use the GPS feature, and it can also be the most annoying thing. Have you ever thought about how many times do you have to give the same permission?

In this post, you’ll find out how to resolve this issue and fix Improve Location Accuracy Popup in Android. Let’s get into the best ways to fix the location accuracy popup.

Best ways to fix “Improve location Accuracy Popup” in Android:

As you are striving to Improve location Accuracy popup in Android, let’s check its best ways to fix them.

Quickly Turn OFF and Turn ON GPS and Mobile Data:

This is one of the primary and most natural tricks you should try out to fix this “Improve location Accuracy Popup in Android” issue. Most of the time, this tip works like a charm.

  • To use this, open the notification center.
  • Find mobile data and GPS buttons.
  • Tap on them and off both the mobile data and GPS.
  • Then wait for a couple of minutes and later on them again.

If you’re lucky, then you can resolve the issue in the first step only. If not, then you have to try the below steps to improve location accuracy pop-up in Android.

Update your Android OS to Improve Location Accuracy Popup:

It’s always best to stay up to date because it will resolve all the bugs. As you are facing this issue, you can try out this process by updating your Android OS.

To update your Android OS, you have to follow the below steps.

  • Firstly head over to settings page and click on About Phone.
  • Then click on System update.
  • There you should be able to see all the newly available updates.
  • Click on Install updates on your device and wait till the updates are installed.
  • Reboot your phone and check whether you still have that issue or not.

Maybe it’s caused due to App Conflict:

Usually, we’re not happy in trying one app. People always try different apps at the same time, such as  Google Maps, Waze, and so on. In some cases, these navigation apps can conflict with each other, and it will be resulting in errors such as these which you are facing. So, its always best to check by uninstalling all navigation apps except one which helps you perfectly.

It’s a brave option to try out different apps, but never try them all at once. If you are using google maps, remove waze, or if you are using Waze force, stop google maps. By doing these, you can find out the perfect results.

Check the problem is resolved or not by uninstalling all the navigational apps which you have on your Android Device.

Signal and Cell Tower:

Check out are you getting a decent signal strength on your smartphone. Usually, when you use navigation apps, it requires a strong signal to guide you correctly. It’s always best to download the apps which detect the network coverage.

Open Signal App is one of the renowned apps which can check network coverage for different telecom operators across the world with ease. By using this information on a map, you can check the nearest tower and also find out whether you are getting enough signal or not. You can check connection quality and more aspects with this app. The best part is you can even test bandwidth speed and the latency of wifi and mobile as well.

Check all these elements to find out whether you are receiving good or bad signals from your telecom partner. If you have a lousy signal, then contact your telecom partner for assistance or head over to the location where the signal strength is stronger.

GPS Accuracy Settings to Improve Location Accuracy Popup:

In general, your GPS is always set to the battery saving mode by default. It works perfectly and gives you the best accuracy as well. But, this can cause GPS related issues such as improve location accuracy pop-up, Accuracy settings, and more.

To change GPS Accuracy Settings follow the below process:

  • Firstly open the notification center and then long-press on the GPS icon.
  • Then click on GPS Settings and tap on high accuracy mode.
  • This mode will improve location detection and will get rid of all the annoying pop-ups such as improve location Accuracy pop-up in Android.

Some users might be lucky because they already had this option set at high accuracy. They will find relief when they set the device to the normal mode. If you want to try to resolve your issues, just try all the three options and see they can help you or not. These all depend on the model of your Android device. So, be cautious in dealing with that.

Turn OFF your Location History to Improve Location Accuracy Popup:

It’s best to turn off your location history when you are getting issues with navigation apps. Google Maps tracks all your moves and even sends a monthly report to your mail containing your location history. So, if you already may use or may not use this feature, its best to turn it off.

Turing this feature off may be a great idea. I’m saying this because it helps you resolve both errors and privacy as well.

  • To do this, head over to the “GPS Screen,” as we discussed in the above point click on Google Location history option.
  • Then turn off the location history option off.
  • Check the pop-up persists or not then move to the next step.

APP Permissions:

Navigation apps often require lots of permissions to access your location data. If you don’t give proper permissions, then you can’t get accurate information. As a result, you will get all these errors.

All the apps ask for app permissions, not only the apps looking for your Location; apps such as food, shopping, and more apps use your location data.

So, its best to check the permissions section once.

  • Go to the settings page and click on permissions, which will be right under the Apps.
  • Click on Location here — To find out which apps have access.
  • If you have permitted all your apps means you should spare some time to clean them.
  • It’s always best to give permissions to the apps which you use, not all the apps.

Clear your Map App’s Cache Data to Improve Location Accuracy Popup:

Clearing apps cache data is always useful to run the app perfectly. So, clear your map app’s cache data right now.

  • Open your settings page and click on Apps
  • Then tap on manager apps.
  • Search for Google Maps and open it.
  • Then select clear data at the bottom of the screen.
  • After that, select clear all data and also clear cache to get rid of all the corrupted data.
  • Then repeat the same process for other navigational apps you are using in your Android device.

Delete Caches of Google Play Services to Improve Location Accuracy Popup:

This problem, “Improve location accuracy pop-up in Android,” might be caused due to the Google Play Services as well. Usually, lots of apps rely on Google Play Services to function entirely on the Android device. So, just remove caches of the Google Play Services and as well.

This can help you to function perfectly and remove all the corrupted data about the apps.


  • Open your settings page and click on Apps
  • Then tap on manager apps.
  • Search for Google Play Service and open it.
  • Then select clear data at the bottom of the screen.
  • After that, select clear all data and also clear cache to get rid of all the corrupted data.
  • Force stop and reboot your phone after resting it for 10mins.
  • Click the GPS on, and you will see lots of pop-ups from different apps asking for access to the location.
  • Tap on the pop-ups to update the play service app.
  • Enable the play service app and can see the improve location accuracy pop-up in that list.
  • Click on it and hit the agree option.

That’s it; with this, you can Improve Location Accuracy Popup in Android phones.

UN-Install / Re-Install Apps:

If you are not finding a solution to any of the above tricks? Then it’s best to uninstall the app. This will clear old data, and then you can reinstall the navigation app freshly from the play store.

The main reason I am recommending to uninstall apps is after clearing cache data; some data will not be cleaned or will remain hidden. So, to remove all i recommend you to uninstall the app.

The reinstall it by downloading the latest version of the app from the play store.

Try other Map App:

If you’re frustrated with the improve location accuracy popup error? Then uninstall that map app and try out a new app. I might work good sometimes. As most of the people love to use Google Maps, they won’t go to other apps, but there are some good alternatives in the market as well.

Finally Factory Reset:

Ultimately, after trying all these still improve location accuracy popup in Android is showing up means you have to Factory RESET the device. But before that, take the back up and double check everything before going with the Factory reset option.

This is all about how to fix, improve location accuracy popup in Android. If you have more ways in your mind, then do let them know in the comments section.

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Best Language Learning Apps for 2019

Best Language Learning Apps  for 2019

We all had language classes at school, which we forced to learn. That may have been one of the reasons why we didn’t really excel at it, because we never wanted to learn any in the first place. But after being years out of school, you say it won’t be bad to pick up a new language. So how do you go about it? Especially if going back to school is not for you? Well, there are always apps out there that are just right for learning a new language. Here are the best language learning apps to go through on your mission to learn a new language.

Miss the School Front But don’t want to go to school again then this one is for you- Babbel

This is one app that reads like an online school curriculum which in a way it is. The app also laid out in such a way as to make things as simple and conducive enough for anybody to learn.

Lessons take you through translations, variations in a word or phrase, whether it is formal or informal and also helps you learn via pictures.

The words you are learning in the language are also put into sentences which you could then use in conversations, you could even listen to them being spoken, put on repeat, and learn about verb groups.

Babbel is available for free or you can take the paid version with a few added features. This app will cost you around $12.95/ month or $27/three months or alternatively $84 for a year.

This is one of the best language learning apps to Learn Multiple Languages- Duolingo

The game-like colorful interface of the Duolingo app is great when it comes to learning a new language. The app also allows you to learn as many languages as you possibly can. But we advise sticking to two languages if you want to retain anything.

This is one of the best language apps that has a user-friendly interface. Besides this, it also includes a ‘Streak’ feature, which allows you to monitor your progress towards a point structure over several days. If you happen to use the app online, you’re also given access to audio stories that allow checking your comprehension skills as you go along.

The premium version will cost you $10/ month which allows you to chat with an online tutor from the country whose language you are learning.

Learn to Casual speak with Memrise:

This is one of the more unique language learning apps out there. One of the most uncanny features that this app possesses some short videos that show you how a particular phrase or words are spoken by different locals.

From your first lesson onwards, you’re given a video in how words are spoken so that you get a hang of pronunciations and nuances. Besides this, you also get a course on translations and gendered usages. Leaning anything becomes easier when there is a trend to what you’re learning. This app helps you in identifying what that trend is, making for a more comfortable learning experience.

You get a few videos for free, but to unlock the app’s full potential, you’d have to go premium with plans costing you $9/ month, $30 for a year, or $18 for three months.

One of the Best Language Learning apps for goal-oriented users- Busuu:

Who comes up with these names anyway?

More to the point, this app comes with a feature that determines how far you want to go to learn a new language, what you’ll use it for, why you want to learn it, and to what level do you want to get mastery over it. From there on out, you’ll be given a study goal, ensuring you learn how much you have to in a set period. Say, for example, if you start now studying for 10 minutes three times a week, you’ll be fluent in the language by June 2020.

You can get some cool features for free, but if you want to go all the way, there is always the premium version, which will cost you $5.83/month.

Learn Spanish Musically with Lirica:

One of the best ways to learn anything is through a song. Have you ever had a song stuck in your head, I know I have, well that’s great when it comes to learning a new language.

The app allows you to learn Spanish through songs, which is excellent because Spanish songs are catchy. Popular music by Latino artists and reggaeton artists help you learn Spanish as well as grammar.

Besides learning a new language, you also get a heads up in the culture behind it, as well. The app comes with a one week free trial period, and then it will cost you $4.49 a month.

Learn Specific Phrases with Mondly:

This is one of the more fun apps on this list of best language apps. Its colorful interface takes you through some cool features that you can try out even if you don’t subscribe to premium. One of the many features that stand out, is its ability to show different conjugations of verbs. The app also gives you a combination of learning tools such as audio tools, pictures, and translations to get the learning style of a new language, just right.

Also, tutoring done in such a way that the instructor guides you in a melodic way which helps you remember the particular instruction.

This one of the best language learning apps will cost you $ 480, annually which for a limited period, is available at $48 per year.

Best Language Learning Apps for Visual learner- Drops:

This app takes your alphabet vise through a new language. Its fun and colorful interface makes it great when it comes to learning a new language. When it teaches you, a word it shows you an image of it to create a lasting impression in your mind. Access to the premium version will cost you $10 per month.

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How to Create a Playlist on YouTube and Add Videos

How to Create a Playlist on YouTube

YouTube is a one-stop destination for most of your video needs. Be it cooking channels or learning to braid or even learning basic DIYs, YouTube has got you covered. To understand all your video needs in one spot, you can always playlist them. In this article, we’ll be teaching you- How to create a playlist on YouTube.

First of all, do you really need a YouTube Playlist?

If at a time you prefer to watch videos of the same type, then YouTube playlists are your best bet. Playlists are basically as the name suggests- they are a list of videos that you would want to watch in a particular order. If the order is not you’re a thing, then you can always shuffle the videos too. When the video you’re currently watching gets over, the next one in the list automatically starts playing unless you’ve shuffled the list, to keep things lively.

How to create a playlist on YouTube- Tutor

YouTube’s Playlists also come pre-made. If you’re up for a laugh, then there’s always vines playlists, or if you want to listen to a country, then there are those playlists too. If it’s learning you’re after, then for that too, there is the playlist. Anything you can possibly think of has a playlist.

Why to Get Your Own Playlist:

As a consumer, you can create a YouTube playlist for just about anything you’re interested in. Say, for example, if you like fitness, you can compile a series of videos that best fit your workout regime.

When it comes to marketers, Playlists seem to be the ultimate marketing tool. If you happen to be a marketer, you can always use a playlist to highlight various product features and the like. This will not only build your audience’s interest but will also place all the related content in one place.

Now, to How to Create a Playlist On YouTube?

First things First, you have to decide where you’d like to host your playlist. Mostly, they get uploaded to the channel that you’re logged into. So you will have to log in to the right channel, to avoid any later inconveniences.

The second step in Creating a YouTube Playlist is to go on to the “Customize Channel” button. This will allow you to access YouTube’s video manager and enable you to start creating YouTube Playlists.

At this juncture, you’ll be able to manage your YouTube channel- information about yourself, channels you follow, videos you’ve uploaded, and more to the point for us, Playlists. From the menu, on the screen, you’ll get a playlist option, click on it. From there, you’ll have the option of Create a Playlist, click on it.

Once this is done, you’ll be asked to give a title to your Playlist. After that, you need to click on the edit button to start adding videos to your curation. Once you do this, you’ll have a host of options for managing your playlist. But we’re more interested in adding videos at this stage.

There are multiple ways of doing this, but the most popular is by simply searching for the video in the search bar. After this, you’re pretty much done. If you’d like to share the playlist with the world, you can do so by pressing share and Voila! You now know how to create a YouTube Playlist.

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Android Recycle Bin: Top 5 Recycle Bin You Should Use in 2019

Android Recycle Bin: Top 5 Recycle Bin You Should Use in 2019

We’re living in the digital world, where there is always a possibility of making some mistakes such as deleting important stuff unintentionally. You can retrieve them if you are using any Android Recycle bin.

For example, if your working on a document for months and you have unintentionally clicked on delete then restoring that document is quite difficult in the good old days. But in this modern world, recovering files is somewhat easier. It’s easier when you’re using the recycle bin apps.

That’s why lots of people love to install the best android recycle bin apps on their mobiles. These apps will help them to rectify their mistakes by restoring the documents, images, or other files which you have deleted from your Android device.

If you’re striving to check out the best android recycle bin apps? then you can find out the best recycle bin apps for Android in this special post.

Top 5 Android Recycle bin apps you should use in 2019:

By using these best Android Recycle bin apps you can recover accidentally deleted files and save your time. Now, let’s check out the top 5 best recycle bin apps for Android which you can use in 2019.

Recycle Master – Professional Recycle bin and File Recovery App:

recycle masterDo you like to safeguard your photos and files from your Android device? Then you have to install recycle master. The recycle master is a professional recycle bin app which is best in securing and restoring the files after those are accidentally deleted.

With this Recycle master, you can quickly save all your deleted files at any time and you can restore them back to your device hassle-free. This app works as a recycle bin for Android devices.

Recycle master is having regular recovery feature and Deep Recover feature as well. In deep recovery feature, this app will search your internal storage location for the missings files and detect the file with ease. With all these features we can definitely say that this tool is one of the best Android Recycle bin apps.


  • Lock your app with password
  • The auto-clean feature can help you clean useless backup files
  • This app will be used as a files dumpster similar to recycle bin in PC.
  • Instantly retrieve all your files, pictures, videos, audios and more.
  • You can effortlessly backup your photos and videos.

Disk Digger:

DiskDiggerDisk Digger is one of the best recycle bin app for Android. This app can recover your lost photos and images from your Android phone internal memory hassle-free. The best part of the recycle bin app is you don’t need to root your device.

This special app is having some powerful features which help you to recover your pictures instantly. In a rooted device, you can use the deep scan option to dig deeper into your phone internal storage.

The special part of disk digger app is you can easily delete all the unnecessary restored files with a single tap. Other best feature of this special app is it gives users choose which file to restore or to delete. If you’re not satisfied with the results you can then opt for the DiskDigger pro for more advanced features.

But, frankly speaking, you don’t have to use a pro version unless are a big-time client who stores lots of data on your device.


  • Quickly upload recovered files directly to your Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • You can save files in a different local folder with this app.
  • App has two options “limited scan” which search for deleted pics on cache and thumbnails of your device.
  • It also has a “Deep Scan” feature which searches for all the internal storage files.
  • You can wipe free spaces with its wipe free space feature.

Most Downloaded Android Recycle Bin  Dumpster:

Android Recycle Bin DumpsterThe dumpster is another awesome recycle bin app for Android.  If you’re the one who asks ” Does Android have a recycle bin” then the perfect answer for your question is Dumpster.

The dumpster is one of the popular recycle bin app for Android. It has plenty of advanced features which helps you to protect your pictures, images, files and more. If you have unintentionally deleted any files from your Android device? then you can easily restore then through this app.

This app is pretty fast in restoring the deleted files. It has similar features like the other major recycle bin android apps but it’s slightly different than those because of its speed. The only concern of this dumpster is sometimes it can’t restore all the files even when you use its  “Deep Scan Recovery” feature. But this happened very few times but overall this is the faster way to restore files.


  • Dumpster lets you backup your Android media files, apps and more effortlessly.
  • You can instantly restore all your important photos, images, and documents.
  • The auto-clean feature is one of the notable features in Dumpster.
  • This app has support for 14 languages and no need to root your Android device.

Best Recycle Bin App

Recycle Bin is one of the most popular and interesting apps which is used to restore the deleted files. With the help of this app, you can recover all the deleted files but the sad part is that it can’t recover the files which are deleted previously.

In this app, you can select the file which you want to delete with ease. With this app, you can share and send it to the others. In this app, you can configure the list of files and folders. Along with that, it has a special feature that is “Permanently delete the file”. You can take backups and store it on the app as well.


  • Quickly restore all the files which you want to restore
  • This supports file explorer so you can easily send files.
  • It has a special feature that helps you to generate automated backups.
  • Easily configure the list of files types.

Cx File Explorer:

Cx File ExplorerCx File Explorer is another recycle bin app which mostly acts as the file explorer for your Android but it has the robust recycle bin features. In this app, you can find out the built-in recycle bin which works perfectly for your device.

With the help of this recycle bin, you can quickly restore all your deleted files with a single tap. If you’re eager to delete all the restored files then you can delete them as well.

This android recycle bin is quite similar to the other apps and has the same features like auto clean, deep scan and more. The main thing about this app is it won’t work perfectly with the deep scan feature. That’s the reason why I have listed this app in the last place.


  • This app helps you to organize your files and folders
  • It can restore your files and images with ease.
  • You can access files on cloud storage
  • Easily access files on NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Wrap up:

These are the best android recycle bin apps which you can use to safeguard yourself from accidentally deleted photos and images. If you want more useful information like this then you have to check out our blog.

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Google Docs Tips: Use These Tips to Make Google Docs More Productive

Google Docs Tips: Use These Tips to Make Google Docs More Productive

Here are some best Google Docs tips to make it more productive. When it comes to work and documents, besides MS Office, another popular choice seems to be Google Docs. For those doing work related stuff, you may even have the paid G- Suite version. Google Docs seems to be the go to place when it comes to sharing, editing and general working on documents related stuff. The reason why it’s so popular is that it can be used just about anywhere form any device that has an internet connection. Your work gets synced no matter which device you decide to do it on.

Google Docs becomes the popular choice as everyone nearly has a Google account and has access to an internet connection. So doing work related activities becomes easier when on Google Docs. But another factor at play, is do you have sufficient knowledge about the tools on Google Docs? There are various tools in place to make working on Documents easier on Google. So sit back and relax while we take you through the various Google Docs Tips we know.

Keep Track of Your Work Count On Google Docs as the First of the Google Docs Tips to Know:

If you’re a student or even working in a place where submitting reports is commonplace then here’s a fantastic tip to know. If you’re one of the above, you know how important it is to stick to the word count. With Google Docs it is easy to check your word count so you do not lose track of how much you need to type.

It’s a simple question of going on over to tools and then word count to get an idea of the threshold you’ve reached. You can get a break up by page, the words per page and even characters.

This all great and all when you have to keep the word count within a certain limit for the entire document. But what about knowing how much you’ve written per paragraph? That’s simple enough too.

All you have to do is select the section you’d like to analyze and repeat the steps mentioned above. The only thing different now is that you’ll get the word count per section highlighted. This will help you in deciding whether you have enough words left to finish the entire content or not.

Superscripts made Easier:

The next in the series of Google Docs Tips to know is using superscripts. This one is for the scientist, mathematician and students who have a difficult time placing superscripts or subscripts within their text. Here’s a tip you can lay your hands without the frustration of looking through an entire catalog of characters.

All you have to do is select the text where you’d like to place the superscript or subscript in question and then choose format and then text. Then just choose the superscript or subscript you want.

An alternative route is to use your keyboard instead. Just press on “Ctrl –“ or “Cmd-“ to get to where you need to go.

Have Your Pick of Google’s Awesome Fonts as another in the Series of Google Docs Tips:

So straight of the bat you have some dozen or so fonts to choose from. But if that still doesn’t please you we’ve got you covered. For more fonts you’re just a few more clicks away. So stay tuned..

There is a huge collection of fonts available on Google Docs. To access it you simply go to the drop down menu and select more fonts. You’ll then be taken to a whole collection of fonts to which you can scroll through and use. You can even download them for any future use too.

If you don’t know what you’re really looking for then you can head on to Google’s Font site. Here you can do a search for the type of font you need and much more.

Need a Transcription Tool Google Docs is here to Help:

Transcription may be a pretty boring thing to do especially when you have to listen to yourself or another drone on for three hours straight. Well now no more. With this Google Docs tip in mind you’ll never have to bore yourself out of your mind doing transcription work ever again.

You can use Google’s built in dictation tool to transcribe whatever you need to without you having to go to the hassle of typing it all out by yourself. Besides needing a Chrome browser, all you need are a pair of headphones, to not confuse the tool, and you’re done.

But before you go ahead and start using the tool there are a few tweaks to settings you need to do. Go on to File, Language and then tools and Voice Typing. After that hit on microphone and talk to get your work transcribed for you.

Go Offline With Your Work:

Here’s a Google Docs Tip to know if the internet proves to be a distraction for you. You can work on you documents without the internet too. This is especially crucial when it comes to meeting that all important deadline.

Before you can go on ahead and switch off your Wi- Fi, you’ll have to first follow these simple steps. To work offline you’ll have to first download the Google Docs Offline extension. Once installed, go to the document you’re working on and select File and make available offline.

Once this is done all your work will be done locally and then synced when you’re back online. To know when you’re offline, you’ll notice a small lightening bolt at the side of your document name, indicating that you’re offline.

Create a Link to Everything with this Google Docs Tip:

Ok, referring to a link in your document is pretty simple. All you have to do is press on “Ctrl- K” or “Cmd- K” and type in the URL you want. This you have to do after you’ve highlighted the text where you’d like to place the URL.

But this is not the end of the tip too. If you’re working on multiple documents with multiple people, you can always refer to a particular document you’re working on by following the same tip. Simply select and copy the URL of the document you’d like to share. Then paste it, following the same steps above.


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10 Best Security Apps for Android which aren’t Antivirus Apps

10 Best Security Apps for Android which aren’t Antivirus Apps

Are you striving to install the best security apps for Android that aren’t Antivirus Apps? Then check out this post.

Here you can have a look at the 10 best security apps for Android which aren’t Antivirus Apps. Usually, whenever we think about the security apps people always get Anti-virus app suggestions.

But there are lots of other apps then antivirus apps which can help to be secured.  As people often get tons of antivirus and malware apps listing when they search on google they believe these are the only apps. But, practically there are other security apps which helps you to safeguard your phone with its special features.

In this post, we’ll learn about those tons of apps that can boost your security with ease. The apps listed on this list are easy to download and use. So, let’s get into this list of best security apps for Android.

In this list, we have included all kinds of security apps which helps you to maximize your security and ensure you stay on top.

Let’s get into the list

10 Best Security Apps for Android which aren’t antivirus apps:

This list of best security apps for android is filtered from lots of security apps. You’ll not find any antivirus or Anti malware apps in this because we have just focused on Security of Android device only.

If you’re eager to learn about the best antivirus apps for Android then do check out my older posts.

Best Security Apps – Applock from Do Mobile Labs:

Applock is one of the best security apps for Android. With this app, you can lock down your apps and keep your information secure. This app lock is created by Do Mobile Lab and it’s one of the most popular app which is used by millions of people.

As the name itself, app lock always keep your apps behind a password lock or PIN lock. With the help of this app, you can lock down your gallery, message app, social media, and whatnot. You can lock all your apps with this effective app.

Even though this app has some glitches and can be tricked by expert mobile users. But this app can be helpful for users to keep their phone away from kids, and some adults who don’t have many ideas about the working of the app.

This app is having a free version where it will so some ads to generate their income. In case, you want ads means you have to pay them.

Price: Free / Premium


  • Can help you lock apps with password, pin, fingerprint or pattern lock.
  • It’s having a secured vault in which you can hide pictures and videos.
  • Log in multiple accounts.
  • This app takes intruder selfies.
  • You can set different app backgrounds.
  • Use time lock to unlock your app according to the time.
  • Easily hide Applock icon from your phone.

Security App for android- Google’s Find My Device App:

Google’s find my device is a most prominently useful app. This app will help you locate your lost Android device and you can lock it until you get back your device.

So, this is one of the vital security apps you should use to safeguard your mobile. Previous, this app is used to be an Android Device manager but later on, it has changed its name. This app does the same thing and works as an Android device manager. it simply tracks the location of your phone.

Apart from that, it can stop intruders to access your phone by locking it down. This app can also sound alarmed or play sounds for easier finding. In case you can’t retrieve your phone you can erase your device total memory including your messages, photos and more remotely from your phone itself.

This google’s find my device app is entirely free so you don’t have to purchase anything from it. That makes this a very good option to be on this best security apps for Android list.


  • You can quickly find your phone, watch or tablet on the map.
  • In case if you can’t trace current location you can track out its last known location.
  • You can use indoor maps features to help you find out your device in malls, airport and so on.
  • Can quickly navigate your device with google maps.
  • You can play the sound at full volume even when your phone is on silent mode.
  • This app helps you to erase all your messages & contacts.

Firefox Focus One of the Best Security Apps:

Firefox focusBrowsing is one of the vital parts of our day to day life. So, if you want to secure your browsing then you have to use a secure private browser. When you search for the best and secured private browser then firefox focus will help you. This is one of the essential apps for Android and it doesn’t log your activities for a longer period.

Users can quickly delete them at any moment. So, it’s quite a handy application for privacy factors. This app can also help you to remove the trackers which track your data and advertising as well. Firefox Focus is a free android app which has no in-app purchases or premium plans. So, use it effectively to protect your browsing activities.


  • Protects your browsing activities and help you to be secured.
  • You can quickly remove trackers and advertisements.
  • Easily delete your history at any movement.

Glass Wire Data Usage Monitor:

Monitoring your mobile data usage has been easier with tools like Glass Wire. This special app helps you to monitor both wifi and mobile data usage. In this app, you can also check why the apps are slowing down and whether you are using your internet connection properly or not.

This app is one of the newest security apps which lets you see which apps are consuming more data. When you open the app you will see the live graph which shows how much your apps are consuming data.

Along with that, you will also get alerts to know which app is sucking your data quickly. Glasswire is one of the best security apps which helps you to monitor and save your data pack perfectly.


  • This app helps you to save your data pack by monitoring the data usage.
  • Glasswire will alert you to keep your data limit and save your valuable money.
  • You can see a real-time graph about which apps are consuming data.
  • Glasswire helps you to protect your privacy and reveal suspicious app activities.

LastPass Password Manager:

Password managers often play a vital role in this digital world. Usually, people love to use password managers because they often can’t remember all the passwords at a time. So, they often use password managers to save their passwords.  When it comes to the best password manager for Android LastPass will come into that list. Mainly because of its advanced features and strong encryption.

Lastpass is one of the best security apps for Android. This special app will help you to store all your sites passwords, Sensitive information, PINs and more on it. All you have to do is type the master password and manage your passwords in a single place.

This tool is a safer tool which has good protection. If you want to have more protection then you can use LastPass Authenticator feature.


  • Quickly safeguards your passwords at a single place in a secured encrypted vault.
  • It automatically saves usernames and password to your vault.
  • It has free syncing option so if you save on one device it instantly available on the other devices.

Proton VPN:

VPN’s are often important for your security. If you’re searching for the best security apps for Android? then Proton VPN will be the perfect find for you. Because this VPN is one of the most popular VPN services which have a larger community.

This VPN is brought to you by the world’s largest encrypted email service ProtonMail. With this VPN, you can keep your IP address private and you can protect your internet connection on all the public wifi networks.

You can even access the Geo- Restricted Content as well. Proton VPN has the best free version of VPNs in the present market. It offers unlimited browsing via three secured servers in 3 countries for free users. Apart from that it also has a strict no-logging policy and no sharing policy of the network encryption.

Premium version of this app has more advanced features but to have fun and be safe free version is more than enough.


  • Porton will never log users activities with third parties.
  • You can access Geo-location pages.
  • It has perfect forward secrecy and has encrypted traffic.
  • Free users can access 3 servers from 3 countries.

 Resilio Sync:

Resilio Sync is one of the most useful Android security tools. This special tool helps you to transfer files directly from one device to another device securely.

Apart from that, this tool helps you to create your own private cloud. You can connect devices and sync your files securely between your NAS, PC, Mac and other servers.

You can use Sync on your mobile to simply access the files of the work computer or laptop with ease. Resilio sync will encrypt all the files during transfer so it never stores any of your information and shares with third-party servers. that means your data is safe and protected.

This app is a perfect option for people who don’t believe in online cloud storage. As this tool is entirely free you can make use of this tool.


  • Transfer files from one device to another device easily.
  • Sync your files through all your devices.
  • Safer and secure way to access files.

Orbot Tor:

If you’re striving to be more secure than others? Then you have to think out of the box and use the Orbot Tor project. This is one of the free proxy apps which empower the other apps to use your internet more securely in a controlled way.

Orbot Tor often users encryption and will encrypt your internet traffic and will hide your identity by bouncing through a series of computers from all corners of the world. As its bouncing, no one can find a trace of you. That’s why you will be in safe hands.

The Orbot Tor is a free and open-source software which can help you defend against all the surveillance threats.


  • It’s the safest way to use the internet of Android devices as it encrypts the traffic.
  • Tor has a private web surfing option which helps to access all sites which are blocked.
  • This app is having a private chat messaging option which secured.

 And OTP:

AndOTP is one of the newest players in the two-factor authentication apps but its features has made my list in this best security apps for Android list. This is an open-source tool which is free to install. This app will support the TOTP protocol so it’s one of the decent apps.

With this AndOTP, you can have features like multiple backup options, and two-factor authentication and dark mode options as well.


  • It’s a free and open-source tool which requires minimal permissions.
  • Encrypted backup storage
  • Multiple backup options with this tool.

Signal Private Messaging App:

In general, millions of people are using messaging apps with at least some form of encryption. But some of the popular options such as WhatsApp, telegram, and the signal private messenger has different levels of encryption. If you are keen to chat with someone with a high range of security and encryption? then you have to check out the Signal private messaging app.

This app helps you do the stuff similar to the other tech giant apps like WhatsApp, telegram but it also has a high level of encrypted messaging option. With this app, you can send and receive high-quality messages, video calls, and even explore new features.

The signal’s Advanced Privacy-preserving technology will always help you to focus on sharing the moments which really matter with the people who are close for you.


  • State of the art encryption with End to End Protection.
  • The fast and secure network which delivers messages quickly.
  • Its an independent and non-profit app which having no trackers, no ads etc.

These are the best security apps for Android which aren’t Antivirus and Anti malware apps. But these apps are quite helpful for you because they have their own importance.

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10 Best Prank Call App for Android in 2019

10 Best Prank Call App for Android in 2019

Are you searching for best Prank call app for android? Then in this post, you’ll find out 10 best Prank call app for android.

Usually, these Prank call app provide lots of fun and enjoyment for people at the same time they can be annoying in some situations. If you’re trying to time pass by having fun with your friends then you can make use of these best Prank call app for Android.

Generally, the prank call has been there since the arrival of the phone. But it has taken to the next level by the launch of Smartphones. These days, many of us are using Smartphones to share almost everything with their friends and family.

So, people feel making fake and prank calls as a hilarious activity when they do it to their friends. Although you should do this only with your friends if you do it with other means you’ll again fall into trouble.

Now, most of you might be wondering what can prank calling apps can do? if you’re the one then check that below.

What can Prank call app can do?

Prank calling apps can change your voice or it can make a prank call which appears as it’s from a private and unknown number. In some apps you can even change your voices into female or mens voices.

Generally, there are a hell lot of apps around the prank calling in the google play store. it has a large variety of prank calling apps which are specially designed for android. You can make use of those apps and get some fun.

Most of you might be confused to choose the best prank calling app? So, in that case this best Prank call app for android list will help you out. As we have researched a lot and find out some popular prank calling app especially for you.

In this list, you’ll only find out free prank calling apps for android. Although these might include in-app purchases but there are free to install and use. These give you hours of fun and help you get enjoyment.

So, what are you waiting for lets get into the list of best Prank call app for android.

Prank Voice Changer Effects:

Download: Android

Prank Voice Changer EffectsIf you’re searching for the best prank caller app? then prank voice changer app will be the best pick for you. This special app can change your voice. By using its voice modifier and the funny sound effects you can change your voice for free.

In this app you can also record some voice and then change it into the sound such as alien effect, slow or too fast, monster, echo effect and helium effect as well.

Along with these you can find many other effects which you can try out. This app is easy to download and install. With this app you can always have fun because it has lots of prank voice changer features.

So, if you’re interested in modifying your voices then make sure you use this special app. As this app will make your voice unrecognizable so you can have lots of fun with your friends by pranking them. Its interface is pretty easy to use so you will love this best Prank call app for android.


  • Quickly change your voice with its advanced voice modifier.
  • Different types of voice changer effects.
  • Easy to edit recordings with editing tools.
  • Can make funny ringtones and sounds.
  • Easily share audio on social media networks.

Prank Call App- Jokes Phone:

Download:  Android.

Prank Call App- Jokes PhoneJokes Phone is one of the coolest pranks calling apps in Android. This app helps you to laugh out loud by prank calling your friends through the jokes phone. You can capture there reactions and you can share them on social networks as well.

This is a free app which lets you to have fun by prank calling. Here all you have to do is login into your jokes phone app using your fb account and recommend it. Then you can get a hell lot of free joke calls but here to do the joke calls you have to be linked with them through this app.

The calls are usually launched from your phone systems. So, you will not be charged. Within a few minutes your joke will be available and you can share it with the rest of your family and friends. As the calls are made from third party services so the calls are not traceable. Apart from that each call is recorded for giving you fun and amusement as well.


  • Do prank calls and have some fun.
  • Get jokes soon and record the audio as well.
  • Have fun with joke calling third party untraceable calls.

Prank Call Voices-Prank Call (My Phone Robot):

Download: Android

Prank Call Voices-Prank CallPrank call app is one of the most popular prank and hoax apps from the myphone robot website.

This app helps you to send funny phone pranks calls to your friends mobile. You can prank call them with a simple click of a button.

Prank call app will allow you to quickly send a predefined prank call to your friends to have fun. Here your friends might believe this as a real person but actually, you are sending the imaginary conversation to have fun.

In reality, your friend will listen to an automated voice message which is properly recorded by giving enough gap between words. So, you will enjoy this a lot. This app is one of the best Prank call app for android because of its specialized features. So, just laugh happily with this special app.


  • Quickly prank calls your friends and have fun.
  • Send recordings to your friends and make them believe that you are a real person.
  • Record the audio and enjoy a lot.
  • It hides your phone number and will make your friend frustrated to find out who is on the phone.

Fun Calls – Best Prank Call Voices Changer & Call Recording:

Download: Android.

Fun Calls - Best Prank Call Voices ChangerCalls are yet another prank caller app which helps you to change your voice. This app allows you to quickly change your original voice during the real-time phone conversation.

This will confuse your friends because at the start they will hear your voice then again they will hear other one voice. Similarly it will change according the minutes you talk.

During this conversation you can quickly record audio and share it on social media networks as well. When you open this app you will find out a call function. So, you can click on call function to quickly call others.

You can find out different volumes on the call such as Dog, Moo, Werewolf, Boom, or Fart etc. Make sure you have proper internet access before using this app. As all the calls are made through the VOIP using the internet.


  • You can change your voice with different sounds.
  • Can record prank call audio.
  • You can share the audio on all social media networks.

Prank Caller- Prank Call App:

Download: Android.

Prank Caller- Prank Call AppPrank caller is another simple prank caller tool. This special app will help you call your friends with tons of scripted pranks. You’ll also get the prank caller ID so your friends cant track you.

Your friends don’t know that it’s not a real person and you can quickly listen to their conversation as well. Prank Caller is usually the best app in prank caller but as it is having some in-app purchases I am listing out in this position.

This special app takes the requests for pranks and will send you the mail when the prank you requested is ready. Here all you have to do is select a prank caller and simply dial your friend’s number to send a prank call.

Similar to the other tools you can listen to your friend’s conversation as well.  The problem is free users only get 3 free calls per day to prank your family members or friends.


  • Call friends with automated prank scripts.
  • Listen to your friends and record their voice.
  • Share them on your social media networks with ease.
  • Call your friends anytime.

Prank Call Free – Ownage Pranks:

Download: Android.

Prank Call Free - Ownage PranksPrank call Free is one of the best prank calling apps for Android. This special tool offers lots of pre-recorded pranks scripts. Along with that, it provides you with the option of recording. So, you can record the prank calls as well. After recording the prank call you can share them on all social media networks.

This app has features like save my pranks, environmental sounds, free daily pranks access and so on. Along with that, you can send calls from different phone numbers so you won’t get caught. All these calls are made through the WIFI connection. So make sure you have a proper wifi connection.

The specialty of this app is it has lots of pre-recorded pranks so you can pick the best one you love.


  • Lots of prank call scripts and practical jokes you can choose from.
  • You can record calls and voices with professional recorders.
  • Share social feeds with the help of ownage prank community.
  • Earn free credits and get more free prank calls every day.

Prank Call App: Bluff My Call

Download: Android.

Prank Call App Bluff My CallWhen you’re looking about the Prank call app for android you should choose to bluff my call app. This is one of the best and reliable apps you should try out. In this app, you can easily make prank calls to have fun with your friends and family.

This app can change your caller ID from one number to the other number so you don’t have to worry about your phone number. To keep your number away all you have to do is enter a fake number which you want to display as your caller ID. You can even convert your voice to male or female voice as well in this app.

If you use this app your targets will not believe that it’s your voice because your voice will be changed. This app is easy to download and you can install this for free.


  • Easily do a prank call to your friends.
  • You can enter a fake number to display on your friend’s caller ID.
  • Quickly change your voice to male version or a female version with ease.

Fake Video Tool: Fake video messenger

Download: Android

Fake Video tool is a simple android app which makes imitation calls with the selection of 8 pre-loaded apps. This app uses its front camera of the device and will display your face on the fake video chat screen.

This app shows fake caller ID with fake video chat with highquality video. With this effective app, you can make a fake call, schedule a fake call and even record the screen as well. With this app, you can add fake caller name, picture, video or even the number as well. This app supports the youtube embedded video.


  • Shows fake caller ID with fake video chat.
  • Has 8 pre-loaded video chat scenes.
  • Supports youtube embedded video.

Fake Call – Prank Call App:

Download:  Android

If you’re searching for fake call prank app then you have to check out Fake Call. This is one of the best Prank call app for android. In this app, you can quickly call fool your friends with fake call type simulation.

In this app, you have to click on the call now button to quickly activate fake call prank. Then you have to schedule the timer for the fake call prank. Then the rest process will be continued. You can record the voice with this app.


  • Quickly set caller name.
  • Set caller number for that.
  • You can choose caller picture & characters as well.
  • Along with these you can set a ringtone or use default ringtone.
  • Record voice of prank call.

Free Prank Calls Unlimited:  Fake Caller Prank

Download: Android.

Fake Caller Prank-Prank Call App Fake caller prank is yet another best free Prank call app for android. This is one of the professional and effective apps which perfectly fakes both the calls and SMS as well.

To get out of trouble you should give yourself a fake caller ID. In this app, you can give yourself a fake ID and also simulate fake calls as well.

This App is free and it won’t’ charge you a single penny while installing and using it. Around 3 million active users use this app every day. So, you can trust this app for having fun without getting caught.


  • Simulate all the incoming and missed fake calls & SMS.
  • You can create a fake SMS for incoming and outgoing SMS as well.
  • Schedule a fake call & SMS at a specific time and you can repeat that for a number of times.


This is all about the best Prank call app for Android. Hope you loved this list of best prank calling apps. If you are searching for the best list of Prank call app for iphone then you can soon have that list. Stay tuned to our blog updates.

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10 Best grammar Apps for Android 2019

10 Best grammar Apps for Android 2019

Grammar is one of the most important aspects of the present world. Its is vital because it lays the groundwork for all the effective communication. So, people always strive to be perfect with their grammar. But, they often can’t be proper with it because we are people and we do some mistakes. Here  are few best grammar apps for android which can help you while do your work online.

If you’re the one who often has grammar issues or having less knowledge of grammar? Then you don’t have to worry about it because there are a lot of apps which are readily available to check grammar.

If you are eager to check the grammar on your android devices then don’t worry, in this post, I have covered 10 best grammar apps for Android in 2019. You can make use of this list to avoid your grammar mistakes and improve yourself.

Let’s get into the post of best grammar apps for android 2019.

10 Best Grammar apps for Android 2019:

In this post I’m going to cover both the free and premium version of apps. So, just go through them and choose the best one which fits you.

Best grammar Apps for Android Grammarly:

One of the best and most peoples favourite grammar tool. Most of you might definitely hear about it because it’s that popular online. Grammarly is a free grammar app which checks all the grammar issues.

grammar Apps for Android

Although it’s a fresh tool than other grammar apps but it has the charm and functionality which we really like to use. Grammarly is very similar to the Gboard or Swiftkey. This has some features like auto-correct functionality and more.

The backdrop of this tool is it corrects your spellings even before you complete that. This tool will show all the error recommendations such as commas, verb forms, missing words, confusing words, Spelling mistakes and more.

This app is free with no ads so you can install the app on your Android and use it effectively. Even though this app has some minor bugs but those are rectified. So, you can use the app seamlessly.

Basic English Grammar tool:

Basic English GrammarIf you’re looking for the best grammar tool which helps you out with basic English grammar? Then you can use this basic English grammar app.

It is one of the basic grammar apps you can find on Google Playstore. This has a variety of lessons and tests on its app for better grammar as well.

You can find over 230 grammar lessons and over 480 tests with best user interface and experience. This app acts as the teacher for you in learning the grammar and at the same time find out your mistakes and how to resolve them.

This special app also supports over 100 languages with the translator as well. You can find out two versions of this one is the free version which has advertising and the other one is pro. In the free version, you will find in-app purchases in pro you’ll not find them.


  • Helps to improve your grammar with specialized lessons on your android devices.
  • You can click on the word to find out the meaning of words you don’t know.
  • The app will translate any word into your native language.
  • It often adds new words to your vocabulary.
  • A user-friendly tool which is very easy to use.

Another Best grammar Apps for Android English Grammar Book:

Do you want to learn English grammar with ease? then use this English grammar book android app. English grammar book is an older grammar app which has various grammar rules. This app has special features like examples, explanations, and other improvement aspects.

English grammar book allows you to bookmark some lessons for quick recall as well. Its also having a medal system to encourage the users. Its clean UI makes users to use this app with ease. This app is free with ads but it’s also has a premium version as well.

Main Features:

  • This app rewards users with a points system for each level.
  • Has different colour medals depending on the score.
  • People can bookmark any lesson for quick recall.

English Grammar in Use Android App:

English grammar in use is one of the best grammar apps for android in 2019. It is a basic yet effective app which was made by grammar professor Raymond Murphy. This special app is the outcome of the best-selling book of the ” English Grammar in use”.

Best grammar Apps for Android

The best features of this app are it has a variety of activities and different lessons about the grammar. This app is having a free and premium version. Coming to its premium version it’s costlier than other grammar apps but it’s worth the cost.

Main features:

  • This app lets you mark the words automatically for your reference.
  • You can listen to the different examples seamlessly.
  • In this app, you’ll find different grammar explanations.

English Grammar test:

Are you curious to test your grammar and learn something from your own mistakes? Then English grammar test app is the perfect fit for you. This app helps you to find out your grammar skills and help you in improving them.

english grammar test

English grammar test is one of the widely popular grammar apps in 2019. This has some amazing features such as tons of content, including a total of 1200 exercises. You can keep track of your status in this app and you can improve your grammar.

This app is free so you don’t have to buy this app but sometimes it’s ads might be frustrating for a few members other than that it’s cool and very useful app.

Main Features:

  • This app has more than 1200 English exercises which are amazing for newbies to learn.
  • App has decent UI with good performance.
  • You will find 20 English grammar units in all the tests.
  • Get your scores and track your progress with its analytics.

Best grammar Apps for Android: English Grammar:

English grammar is another best grammar apps on Android. If you are eager to study the grammar then you can make use of this excellent app.

Best Grammar apps for Android

This app guides you through the sentences by giving a proper explanation. You can make use of this application and improve your English grammar with ease.

Main features:

  • This app has a cool user interface and lessons.
  • You can quickly practice English grammar on this app.
  • Users can find out different exercises to practice and improve their grammar.

Learn English Grammar Rules – Grammar Test

Do you want to find out the best grammar app to learn the English grammar rules? Then you can make use of this useful app.  This app helps you to learn the grammar rules and move forward with them. You’ll find out different exams on this app and its very useful for your grammar improvement.

This app also covers the important grammar rules which are used in international tests like IELTS, TOIEC and TOEFL. So, if you are striving to check your grammar and have a shot at the test then you have to look at the best grammar app. Its main features have impressed me so I have listed this on the list of best grammar apps for android.

Main Features:

  • This app has great English grammar tests which are useful for international exams as well.
  • Special grammar lessons help you to learn grammar with ease.
  • You will find out some attractive grammar quizzes.
  • Track your study history with its decent analytics.

Merriam Webster Dictionary:

When you think about the grammar you’ll often require a dictionary with you. If you are searching for that then Merriam Webster is one of the most useful dictionary grammar apps.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

This app shows you the definition of words, examples, pronunciations and more. Along with that it also has vocabulary puzzles , thesaurus, voice search and more interesting features. You can find this app with two versions one is a free version and the other is pro version. Its free version comes with full for basic features and its paid has more typical features like proper nouns, foreign terms and more.

Main Features:

  • This app has new vocabulary building quizzes.
  • You can use voice search for having a look at the word.
  • Learn new words every day with its word of the day feature.
  • Find out all the synonyms and antonyms in this app.

Oxford Grammar and Punctuations:

Oxford Grammar and PunctuationIf you are striving to check your grammar and punctuation? Then you can check out this amazing oxford grammar and punctuation tool. As this app has over 250 grammar and punctuation rules. This simply uses all kinds of examples and other aspects to enhance the user experience.

For better learning, you can make use of its examples and supplementary lessons as well. This app has a free version and a pro version. If you’re a beginner then the free app is more than enough for you.  As punctuation is crucial for your grammar I have listed this tool on the best grammar apps for android in 2019 post.

Main features:

  • You’ll find over 250 grammar and punctuation rules in this app.
  • Make use of the examples to learn grammatical points.
  • This app has special longer entries on different subjects.


Udemy is not a grammar app but it helps you learn grammar lessons with its free online course. You can definitely use udemy free courses to learn proper grammar.

10 Best grammar Apps for Android 2019Usually, this app covers all topics from science, business, cooking, tech information, languages and more. This udemy has different types of courses on Grammarly all you have to choose is the best free course to learn the grammar and apply it when you are writing. I’ve included udemy in this 10 best grammar apps for Android 2019 mainly because of its free grammar courses.


This is all about the best grammar apps for Android 2019. If you are curious to learn proper grammar then try these android apps. Eager to read more interesting apps then checkout our website.


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15 Best Chrome Extensions That People Love and You Will Too

15 Best Chrome Extensions That People Love and You Will Too

When it comes to the browsers the one name which people often remember instantly is Google Chrome. It’s mainly because of its tons of features which makes it’s so popular. Google Chrome is the best browsers which are available today. It’s far ahead from other browsers like Safari, Firefox and other browsers. Now it has the Best Chrome Extensions too.

Google has put lots of efforts in chrome to craft this clean interface which is so smooth in performance. The chrome’s extensions ability has enhanced its functionalities and helped lots of users to be more productive while using Google Chrome.

In this article, I will let you know about the 15 Best Chrome Extensions that people love and you will too. Usually, there are a hell lot of extensions in Google Chrome which often blows the users mind. Mainly because there are lots of options and alternatives so most of the users get confused about what to pick.

So, in this article, I will help you out to get the best chrome extension you would love to have. While installing chrome extensions always remember one thing that you shouldn’t have more extensions on google chrome as it can affect the performance of your browser. Hence, you should keep only useful extension that you need.

Let’s get into the post,

15 Best Chrome Extensions that people love and you will too:

In this best chrome extensions list, I will let you know about the chrome extensions according to the category to make your work much more easier.

Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity:

This is one of the crucial categories when it comes to extensions. people always search for best productivity extensions just to stay productive in what there are doing. Productive tools can save you a hell lot of time from taking note to password managers all will make a huge difference in making your digital life easier.

  1. Evernote Web Clipper:

 Best Chrome Extensions Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is the best and most robust chrome extension which is loved by lots of people. It’s the best tool when it comes to productivity. Evernote web clipper does a great job while you save web page clippings. This can even save a webpage which includes your email. You can highlight text from the article and then send it the Evernote. Organizing your notebooks and adding tags is also easy for you when you do the job with Evernote Web Clipper.

Best features:

  • You can clip all the pages to Evernote web clipper.
  • Evernote allows you to Highlight and Annotate text.
  • Quickly take Screenshots.
  • You can easily bookmark Pages you love.

Download:  Evernote Web Clipper

  1. StayFocusd:

Best Chrome Extensions StayFocusd

StayFocusd is another best productivity extension for Google Chrome. This special extension enhances your productivity by limiting the amount of time you spend on time passing websites. With this extension, you can quickly check how much time you have wasted on the internet.


  • Set time for particular sites to stop wasting time on the Internet.
  • Stay focused by blocking unwanted sites which you explore.
  • Quickly have a glance at the time stats.
  • Customize your settings to increase concentration on the work.

Download: StayFocusd.

Best Chrome Extensions for Gmail Productivity:

Do you want to more organized when it comes to the mails? Want to monitor all your mailing results. Then there are some special google extensions for you.

  1. MailTrack:


I personally use mail track to stay organized and be more productive on Gmail. This mail track has a special feature that identical to WhatsApp. I am speaking about the popular double-green check marks features which say whether message read or not.

Mail track applied the same thing for Email. With mail track extension you can monitor your email reply whether your email is read or not. This is free to use service which you have to use when you want to be organized.


  • Check out which email has been read and how long it took for users to read your mail.
  • Access the dashboard and filter emails that have been “Read” or “Not Read”.

Download: Mailtrack.

Best Chrome Extensions for VPN:

Almost all people love to use VPNs mainly to secure their browsing patterns. Some browsers mainly install VPNs to escape from the eyes of Google and also to access blocked websites from different servers as well. So, if you are the user who loves using a VPN means you can check out these recommended VPN Extensions.

  1. ZenMate VPN:

 Best Chrome Extensions ZenMate VPN

If you love to use VPNs means you have to use ZenMate. It is one of the best VPN Extensions for Google Chrome. The best thing about ZenMate is it offers an unlimited free plan for a lifetime. This special VPN has everything for free. It offers Good Speed, multiple servers, security features like webRTC Blocking, NAT Firewall and more.


  • ZenMate VPN encrypts browser traffic to provide Total Security & Privacy
  • This special VPN allows you to change Geolocation to view blocked sites.
  • ZenMate is one of the fastest VPN Application.

Download: ZenMate VPN

Best Chrome Extensions for Reading News:

There are literally a number of websites on the internet. So, visiting each and every news site takes hell lot of time. So, we have done that for you, in this post you can check out best chrome extensions for news which help you get the latest updates.

  1. News Tab:

News Tab

News Tab is one of the best Google Chrome Extension. We can quickly say it as People’s Choice Extension because it is hugely popular. This special tool automatically curates all the trending news from popular journals and other reliable sources and delivers them at a single place for you.

The good thing about this extension is it lets you select specific topics just to add it to your feed. All the headlines will flash on your screen every time when you open a new tab. So, its a perfect extension for you.

Download: News Tab

Best Chrome Extensions for Reading Articles:

If you had a habit of reading online articles regularly, then you must have come across the distracting ads or other elements present on the webpage.

So, to improve your reading experience, Google Chrome has some special extensions which help you get rid of annoying ads, Videos and pop-ups.

  1. Easy Reader:

Easy Reader is one of the best chrome extension which helps you customize the user’s readability. With this extension, you can quickly open up a new interface with no distracting elements. The best thing is you can get rid of annoying pop ups as well.


  • Get rid of annoying popups and ads.
  • Remove all the distractions and improve your readability.

Download: Easy Reader

  1. Pocket:

Best Chrome Extensions Pocket

Pocket is the best chrome extension people love to install on their browser. Its a read it later service extension which allows users to save all their articles offline for reading them later in their free time. If you love reading articles online then you will Pocket.


  • Save online articles to read them online.
  • Easily gain offline access to all the articles.

Download: Pocket.

Best Chrome Extensions for Developers:

If you are a developer who is striving to do your development tasks hassle-free? Then you should have these extensions to make your process far easier.

  1. UserSnap:

Best Chrome Extensions UserSnap

The UserSnap extension is a special extension which is helpful for developers. This extensions helps developers to test their application and can capture screenshots, or even collect feedback on different prototype apps. This is one of the best tools for the daily workflow of the developer.


  • UserSnap has in-browser Screenshot features which can take screenshots of what users see.
  • Track bugs on your website with bug tracking feature in UserSnap.
  • You can invite your colleagues into using Usersnap and can discuss screens and different solutions which works.
  • JavaScript Error Recording helps you to track log client-side errors.

Download: UserSnap

  1. Checkbot:


Checkbot is another web development extension which helps you analyze both the optimization & safety of the website. Usually, web developers often take web security seriously, so this tool is helpful.

Checkbot helps you to run & test hundreds of web pages at once for Security, speed and broken links as well.


  • Perform test for webpages to find out about the security glitches.
  • Find out duplicates, invalid codes, unsafe password and more errors with this special extension.

Download:  CheckBot

  1. Speed Test:

People often want to check out their net speed. If you are one of them then install SpeedTest Extension. This will give access to the information about the ping, download and upload speed. This is a useful tool for web developers so that they can check their website performance while having a glance at the current speed of the internet.


  • Check the download speed and upload speed.
  • Quickly find out the information about pings.
  • Check the performance of the website by having a look a speed of the net.

Download: Speed Test

Best Chrome Extensions for Web Design:

If you a web designer who loves to do all the design works on Google Chrome? Then you also have some handy google chrome extensions. Check out those best chrome extensions for web design below.

  1. Design Grid Overlay:

Design Grid is a useful chrome extension for designers. They can customize the display grids to fit their specific design needs by using grids.

This makes it more easier to achieve aesthetic look across the visual content.


  • You can set grid specifications and display the grid during the design stage.
  • Align the grid in different positions to get perfect alignment on the webpage.

Download: Design Grid Overlay

Best Chrome Extensions for Instant Previews:

If you love to install a chrome extension which helps you show instant previews? Then you can check out the best chrome extension for instant previews below.

  1. HoverZoom:

Best Chrome Extensions HoverZoom

HoverZoom is a small extension which provides some useful features. It’s a special tool which makes it easy to preview images, videos and the thumbnails on the web.  This useful extension shows instant previews for the objects on the web. With the help of this special tool, you can start exploring the galleries, videos and more with instant preview option.


  • Instantly previews videos, images and thumbnails
  • Disable & Enable Zooming for specific sites.
  • Adjustable delay and fading effect.
  • Quickly zoom images when you hover over the mouse on the object.

Download: HoverZoom

Best Chrome Extensions for Tab Management:

Are you frustrated with the lots of tabs on your browser? Want to organize them in a clear way to stay cool. Then this chrome extension for tab management will help you out.

  1. SuperTabs:


Most of you might get frustrated with open tabs of your browser. I Personally, got frustrated because of 20 or sometimes 30 opened tabs on the browsers. Presently, i don’t have to worry about them because I have a cool extension call super tabs. This extension allows you to quickly list and search current open tabs and you can also switch them quickly.

You can find out tabs based on titles, and also see the badge counter and monitor other tabs as well.


  • Badge counter helps you find out how many tabs are opened.
  • Quickly switch through the tabs.
  • Find out tabs using their names.

Download: SuperTabs

Best Chrome Extensions for Screenshots and Media:

Previously, I often used to think about the screenshots and how to take them hassle-free. Now, with the help of google chrome extensions, I can take a lovely screenshot with ease. Check the recommended screenshot extension below.

  1. Awesome Screenshot:

Awesome Screenshot is one of my favourite extension. This special extension has a built-in screenshot tool which takes high-quality screenshots of your browser. With this tool, you can capture a screenshot of your whole webpage within seconds. You can even add annotations, comments and do more with this Awesome Screenshot extension.


  • Take high-quality screenshots of your webpage.
  • Add annotations, comments in your screenshot.
  • Blur sensitive information in your screenshot.

Download: Awesome Screenshot.

  1. Privacy Badger:

Privacy Badger

If you are worried about your privacy? then privacy badger is a perfect extension for you. This tool protects your online privacy while you are browsing the web. Privacy Badger stops and blocks all the spying ads and invisible trackers and ensures your privacy.


  • Stops all spying ads and invisible trackers.
  • Block all the malicious ads and gives healthy browsing.

Download: Privacy Badger.

These are the 15 best chrome extensions that people love to install. Not only these 15 this list go on so deep as there are few more chrome extensions which are helpful for specific category people. In our, upcoming posts you can check them out.

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