5 Google Drive Hacks That Will Transform the Way You Work

5 Google Drive Hacks That Will Transform the Way You Work

5 simple tricks to use Google Drive

Google Drive is an indispensable work tool for many companies and individuals and offers us an ever-expanding range of possibilities and tools to make our work faster and easier, as well as free. We have selected five Google Drive functions that you may not know about. With them, you can have the work better organized and carry out a more fluid communication between colleagues.

Change the color of the folders of Google Drive

If you have many folders, or especially if you share the Google Drive account with colleagues or study, this feature of personalization of folders will suit you very well. In Google Drive, you can choose the color you want it to have, and thus visualize it and locate it before. What do you have to do? Simple. Just put your cursor over the folder you want and use the right button. When you do this, you will be presented with a menu with a series of actions. Under “Undock” you will find a painter palette and the phrase “Change Color”. Click there and another menu will open with 24 colors to choose from. Mark whatever you want and it’s done. For the Google Drive mobile version you just have to press your finger on the folder, and you will have the option to open the same menu mentioned above.

Voice Writing in Google Drive

Known by few, this functionality allows you to dictate words in Google Drive using the computer microphone. You just have to enter a text document, go to Tools and there to search for Voice Write. It will open a microphone icon, and you can choose the language in which you want your words to be recognized. You click on the microphone, you speak, and almost at the moment, you will see how your words become written lyrics. When you finish, press again and you already have your paragraph. A very dynamic and useful feature that is missed in the mobile version, which is precisely where it may be more uncomfortable to write a long paragraph.

Scan and save option of Google Drive

A function still only existing in the Android version, allows us to scan a text using the mobile camera, the system then converts it directly into a PDF file and saves it to Google Drive. Once there you can share it quickly with other partners. Scanning documents have always been a tedious process that can now be speeded up thanks to this feature. And also without worrying about having a computer or a printer at hand.

Comment and edit live in Google Drive

Working live with other colleagues who are not present often requires reformulation of sentences or content, and it is good to have feedback at the time. Sure, you can use a messaging service like Skype or Facebook Messenger but, would not it be better if you could do it from the same Google Drive? Well you can. In a file that is shared with more users, you just have to give the Comment button, which appears right next to Share, in the upper right area. You can also mark a word or phrase, and comment it, using the right button and checking Comment.

How to Make forms in Google Drive

This feature in Google Drive allows you to make forms in shared folders. Depending on the security level of the file, it will be open to all types of users or only those who have permissions. You have the possibility to do test forms or with short answers. Either way, the answers to these formulas will not be public, only the administrator of the account will receive them. Perfect for assessing your bosses and employees ensuring the privacy of the participants. To do this you have to enter the main menu of Google Drive, give New, and then down to More. That will open a new tab, and the first option is the forms.

We hope these simple tricks will make work and communication much easier.


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