Google Wallpaper Adds New ‘Art’ and ‘Solid Colors’ Categories

Google Wallpaper Adds New ‘Art’ and ‘Solid Colors’ Categories

Google Wallpaper: Many new Wallpaper images and two new categories ‘Art’ and ‘Solid Color’

When the pixel smartphones came onto the market in the fall of last year, the pre-installed Google wallpaper and the app for changing the pictures was become very popular. Probably also Google has the app shortly afterwards in the play store outsourced and for all users to the released downloads. Now the app has got a big update with many new Google wallpapers and two new categories.

There are a lot of wallpaper collections in the Play Store, but most of them consist only of a collection of countless images with more or less good quality. Google’s app, on the other hand, offers a range of high-quality and selected background images, sorted by categories. From there, you can partly display information about the picture and also make it directly from the app as a background image on the smartphone.

The selection is huge, growing more and more. If you like, you can set the Google wallpapers at fixed intervals. Thus there is always variety on the wallpapers offered. In addition, users who already have Android can also use their app to pimp their screen.

Very recently, the app has received a major update that has brought new Google wallpaper in many categories. An exact list of Google is not available, so you can simply open the app again and search for new matching works. Since few days ago, there was now another update on the server side, which also brings two completely new categories filled with many more pictures.

The first category in Google Wallpaper is called “art” and contains corresponding artworks or Google wallpaper inspired by works of art. In fact, at first sight, you can get the impression that these are real masterpieces – even if probably Google’s designer or guest designer hand. The second category is called “Solid Colors” and contains simply backgrounds consisting of a single color. If you want to adapt your smartphone minimalist, here is exactly the right thing. There are all basic colors in different gradations.

Google may have released the update to version 1.1 so that new Google wallpaper can be executed directly on the server side and brought to the app – because otherwise you can not explain that just days after the update, new categories and new pictures Pop up. Unfortunately, there is no official announcement and no change log, so it can always be worthwhile to open the app. 🙂

In the individual categories there is also the possibility to get a new Google wallpaper from this category daily. Unfortunately, there is still no chance to be surprised every day by a new wallpaper from all categories.

Google has brought some partners into the bottom line for this project to make a large selection available. The update has already been completed for a few days and should now have arrived with all users. If you are still on version 1.0, the app can also download directly at APK Mirror and either install or reinstall it over the existing one.

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