How to Clean Your Laptop Inside and Out

Are you wondering how to clean your Laptop safely? Then you should check out this special cleaning guide that teaches you how to clean your Laptop properly.

In this article, you will learn how to clean your laptop screen and keyboard Safely. Usually, most of the people don’t just clean their laptops and use them for more extended periods. But, due to the coronavirus pandemic, almost all people are staying at home. They are searching for different ways to spend their time.

If you’re searching for that, means it’s ideal for spending some quality time cleaning your Laptop as it can help you. It’s that moment where you have to clean your Laptop inside and out to remove dust from your Laptop. This helps in this pandemic season you never know when and how this virus comes. It’s better to be safe by cleaning your Laptop as well.

Let’s check out how to clean your Laptop safely in this post. By using the ways in our post, you can keep your laptop germ-free and even make it shine. Not only that, but you can also get rid of debris that’s been residing between your keypad keys since years. By sanitizing it, you don’t need to worry about the spreading bacteria.

Before heading into the article, I do like to say one important thing that is “Unplug & Turn off your device”. This is a vital step you have to do before even cleaning your Laptop.

If you don’t follow this, then it might lead to severe damage to its hardware resulting you might spend some amount on repairing it.

Now, let’s get into the article How to Clean your Laptop.

How to Clean Your Laptop:

To perfectly clean your laptop follow the below points and make your laptop dust-free and grem-free. I have listed all the points which you need to clean your laptop, sanitize your laptop as well.

Carefully Vacuum Clean your Laptop:

Getting rid of dust is the external dust is the first thing you should do to clean your Laptop. So, to get rid of the dust particles carefully vacuum clean every part of your Laptop except Screen.

Never use a vacuum cleaner brush on your laptop screen as it can scratch your screen and make it look worse. Generally, LCD screens in the Laptop are very fragile and can be scratched by the vacuum brush bristles. So, never do vacuum cleaning to the screen.

To vacuum clean your Laptop, you need to use a vacuum cleaner on a very low setting. As you’re just picking up the debris and dust from your laptop setting, its low setting is good. If you’re setting it too higher or medium means, it can cause you trouble by damaging your keyboard keys. So, make sure you never use a vacuum cleaner in a high setting.

While Vacuum cleaning always makes sure you vacuum speaker holes and vents on your Laptop as these can build up lots of dust.

How to Clean Your Laptop with Soft Cloth:

After vacuum cleaning your Laptop take a soft cloth to clean your Laptop. Taking a microfiber cloth is best to clean effectively. After taking that cloth, just damp it with water slightly and start scrubbing your Laptop.

Always be careful while you are cleaning around ports as you should want any liquid to get into the ports as it can damage your Laptop.

How to Clean Your Laptop Screen:

After cleaning exterior parts, start cleaning your laptop screen by simply wiping it down with a dry cloth. Remember to always start cleaning your screen wiping with a dry cloth first and then use dampen cloth.

As you have finished cleaning with a dry cloth, now take the cloth and dampen it with some water to clean your screen. In case if you don’t want to use water to get your job done, then you can replace water with a cleaning solution.

However, using cleaning solutions also has a few dont’s so be cautious and go with water or use vinegar and water combination. Also, remember one thing if your cloth is dripping wet don’t clean the screen with that wet one. If you want you can wipe in wax on & wax-off motion but never overdo it as it can damage the screen.

Clean your laptop keyboard:

As you have already vacuum cleaned your laptop, it’s now time to clean your laptop keyboard. However, your keyboard will be dust-free to some extent because of vacuum cleaning.

Now, you should clean your laptop using a sticky and rubbish substance that can roll over the keyboard and quickly pick up all the debris that’s stuck between your keys. Don’t forget to roll putty over the holes of the speaker to remove dust.

Take the microfibre cloth, and then wipe your laptop keyboard again to apply more pressure to remove stains that are tough to get rid off.

Safely Clean Your Laptop Ports:

If you are striving to clean your laptop ports? Then you should check out cleaning it with a cleaning putty. It’s a great way to clean your laptop ports. This will remove the hotbed of debris and all the overlooked dirt as well.

In this process, you have to squish the cleaning putty into the various laptop ports and pick the debris out from them. Take a cotton bud stick and dip it on the isopropyl alcohol and then stick it into your laptop ports.

This stick will help you pull all the debris out of the ports, and it will sanitize them as well. After using this, you don’t have to worry about it because it evaporates the moisture instantly from your laptop ports.

Isopropyl is one of the best solvents that’s used to disinfect surfaces so you can use this to kill bacteria. Using 75% of isopropyl is more than enough to kill the bacteria in your system. This breaks down the microorganism cells, and it always takes longer to evaporate as it increases the exposure time.

Carefully Clean Laptop Screen:

With water, you might have cleaned the screen, but as we are sanitizing the laptop, you need to clean the laptop screen again with isopropyl alcohol.

Take a microfibre cloth with some isopropyl alcohol and then wipe the screen gently in a circular motion or even in straight line motions. This can help you clean your laptop screen correctly. But, if you have a touch screen laptop, then do avoid this method as it may slowly deteriorate the layer over time.

For touch screen laptops you should use a mild non-alcoholic screen cleaner. Once the isopropyl evaporates take an extra wipe and clean it with that. If you want, you can use screen cleaners such as Whoosh or Ecomoist. These screen cleaners are alcohol-free and are specially designed to get rid of the smudges.


In case you use an external mouse for your laptop? Then you should clean that as well. Optical mice, which generally use light to detect surface area, don’t require internal cleaning, but you should clean it outside.

Usually, the mouse is more susceptible to the dust particles, and as you use the mouse mostly for your operations, you should clean it when you are cleaning your laptop.

To clean your mouse, unplug the mouse from your computer and remove batteries if you have any. Then take a clean cloth with a bit of alcohol wipe to clean the mouse outside.

Always be careful with liquid, if it gets inside your mouse then it might not work perfectly. In case, if you have a mechanical mouse, then you should give it a quick clean by placing a piece of paper and rolling it. This might take some dust particles for the mouse.

For deeper cleaning, you should be using alcohol dampened cloth and clean both the ball inside the mouse and other areas of it.

Finally, you should sanitize your laptop.

Sanitize Your Laptop to be Safe:

As we’ve spoken about isopropyl alcohol, it’s a perfect solution for you to sanitize. This isn’t just the screen cleaning solution; this is an all-round surface cleaner which helps you to clean your laptop.

Take a microfibre cloth and dip it on isopropyl and simply wipe it down all over your laptop that includes keyboard, speaker holes, ports, vents, mouse and more.

The alcohol content in the solution of isopropyl will help you remove all the stubborn and tough stains and smears on your laptop. Along with that, you will be bacteria-free as well. Just rub it a little harder on tough stains that can clear the stains with ease.

Soon after wiping your laptop you isopropyl will evaporate soon, and it does kill all the dust and bacteria to make your laptop a germ-free laptop. It’s the best time to sanitize your laptop now because the COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire so you can protect yourself from that by sanitizing it.

As an extra measure, you should be washing your hands before and after you clean your laptop as well. It’s best to use these wipes at least two times a month at least in this coronavirus crisis.

This is all about how to clean your laptop and how to sanitize your laptop safely with ease.

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