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Google Introduce DialogFlow ChatBot Builder

Google Introduce DialogFlow ChatBot Builder

Dialogflow previously known as API.AI, provides the building blocks for any conversational apps.  Developers could use it to create interfaces that were natural and offered a richer experience to their clients when using their apps.

Developers have used conversational apps and hence dialogflow to provide customer service, productivity, commerce, IoT devices and more. One constant demand, is to have it more suitable for enterprises and their applications. So Google is doing just that.

Google is releasing the beta version of dialogflow for enterprises. Not only is this enterprise version going to have all the current capabilities of dialog flow but it is also going to build on these to provide more benefits and to meet the need of a large- scale and growing business.

What Dialogflow Does?

Since Dialogflow is an interface for conversational models, it tries to predict what user’s responses to questions might be and then builds a dialogue model based on these responses. Besides this, it can also extract information from the client that is necessary. Dialogflow takes into account various languages and can also be used across various interactive platforms. With this new version of Dialog flow, users will now be able to inculcate voice commands into their chatbots.

More on what Dialogflow can do for an enterprise…

Dialogflow comes under the preview of Google’s cloud. What this means is that enterprises can avail of Google’s cloud services and updates.It allows an enterprise to customize their chatbots according to their needs, it is not a one size fits all kind of thing. It can be scaled up or down depending on scale of operations. While the previous version of it remains free for now, the enterprise version includes a pay-as-you-go service which offers companies 24/7 service and help.

Users experience with Dialogflow:

A Japanese retailer UNIQLO uses it to integrate a chatbot onto its mobile app. This chat feature on the app allows customers to ask questions about products such as availability of products and more and to get answers in real time. The retailer has reported that 40% of their users use this feature on a weekly basis.

Policy Bazaar, a leading insurance comparison market in India, used Dialog flow to create a chat bot known as PBee. Users can use his chatbot to enquire about various insurance products. The chat has also been used to track top customer requirements and also fulfilling various requests. Policy Bazaar has resulted in 40% sales of auto insurances. It has also recorded a five- fold increase in customers using the chatbot.

The current version of Dialogflow is still free, but the enterprise version may involve some costs in the form of pay as you go voice services. But companies don’t mind spending the extra buck when it comes to 24 /7 services and their customers.

With the new version of Dialogflow, google is also introducing a voice recognition feature. Previously developers had to go to Google cloud speech API in order to access such a service. This move has undoubtedly speeded up the process for many developers.

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Top 5 French SEO Expert You Should Be Following to Stay on Top

Top 5 French SEO Expert You Should Be Following to Stay on Top

If one intends to be really serious and remain on top on SEO strategy they could seek the services of SEO assistance.  Several of them tend to manage their online business successfully assisting others in maintaining high traffic websites. They are the ones with great expertise in the online business.  The principles on website architecture enable to design technologies wherein guidance and expression of issues on some precise varieties are met.  It is the planning as well as designing of the functional, technical and visual components of a website prior to its design, development and deployment. With regards to content marketing, it is another intentional marketing concept which is targeted in developing and distributing valuable, relevant as well as consistent content to draw and maintain distinct audience and eventually lead to profitable action plan.  In website Search Engine Optimization, netlinking is utilised frequently.  The backlinks also known as incoming link is said to be a hypertext link displayed on a web page that tends to come from external website which aims to a page of one’s website.

Conversion Optimization

The netlinking policy comprises of obtaining backlinks from excellent external websites. Frederic Jutant – French SEO expert has the skill in providing the essential support.    In order to develop the sales in your business, SEO tends to play an important role in the digital market scenario. is another joint, community function withthe purpose of creating, maintaining and promoting systems for structural data online on web pages, in email texts and much more.

Another open-source initiative with the aim of enhancing the web is the AMP project which empowers the creation of websites together with ads that tend to be reliably quick, striking as well as performs well across devices and distribution platforms. Substantial prospects for businesses of any magnitude are achieved through conversion optimization wherein scientific method   optimization of websites is done enabling businesses to convert visitors to customers.  The following five French SEOs could be helpful in enabling clients in enhancing their businesses:

  1.   Nicolas Robineau (Studioclick)

Nicolas Robineau is the founder of Studioclick, a speaker at CELSA-Paris Sorbonne, and the webmaster of

  1. Oliver Andrieu (Abondance)

Oliver has dedicated more than 20 years in search engines and SEO conducting various consulting, training, audit as well as project support of many French businesses together with main accounts in optimizing their presence on the internet.

  1. Frederic Jutant (Splendia – Voyage Prive)

With passion for the web, Frédéric Jutant, french SEO expert established a real proficiency in online marketing. SEO Manager at Splendia (Voyage Privé group), Frédéric Jutant is working for SEO industry for now more than 6 years. He is also travel & high-tech blogger and has been speaker at SEO Camp Day and for Webikeo

  1. Kevin Richard (SEObserver)

Founder of SEObserver, tool specialized in analysis of competition; Kevin has been separating data of his tool for two years.  This was done with the intention of attracting stimulating conclusions on the level of SEO.

  1. Walid Gabteni (Light on SEO)

And the fifth of this top is Walid Gabteni, a SEO consultant who has won the Wix SEO contest “SEO Hero” last year. He is specialized in Google visibility, editorial strategy and netlinking.”


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Google Unwrapping New Innovations For Holiday Shopping and Beyond

Unwrapping New Innovations For Holiday Shopping and Beyond

Google Makes Holiday Shopping a lot Easier

With the holidays just around the corner, it is no surprise when you see an increase in purchases. Consumers are looking to gift their near and dear ones. In recent years there has been an increase in online shopping with people looking at reviews and various product categories online. Consumers these days not only want goods at a good deal but they also look for quality in their purchases. Google has taken steps to provide an easier holiday shopping experience for consumers this holiday season.Today’s shoppers do most of their holiday shopping from their mobile phones. A smartphone has become the go to in anyone’s holiday shopping journey. Google has taken initiatives to push physical stores inventory through ads on their search platform.

Holiday shopping and show case ads:

Many consumers looking to gift someone this holiday season, look for items online. Many consumers know exactly what they want to give too. But there are some who still want to browse through various options. Showcase ads is for them. Google now shares various retail stores products online as an ad. So when you search for something or something based on your lifestyle various ads pop up in the search findings to give you an idea of what is out there. This then helps a consumer narrow down their search and makes their holiday shopping easier.

Holiday Shopping for Apparel:

For those shoppers looking for just the right outfit this holiday season, Google has introduced an apparel search page where you can browse various outfits according to their price range, size and many other filters. Google also uses your previous searches to give you a personalized offering.

holiday shopping _2

Holiday Shopping online and offline:

If you’re one of those consumers who never get the time to buy all your gifts early in the season, you don’t have to worry anymore. Google now gives you the option of finding out what is available near you. By asking a simple question of google assistant, you can now know what is available near you and where you can find it. You can now even browse a local shop’s inventory online provided that the shop has its product listing on google.

How Google has increased store visits:

With a number of unboxing videos and videos containing a consumer’s shopping in a store  gaining popularity on the net, Physical stores are now seeing an increase in their sales as a result of this. Consumers not only want to buy the stuff bought by their favorite youtubers but also are made aware of sales taking place in various stores and then visit it in case of sale haul videos.

Google has recently introduced location history as a way of identifying and measuring whether a click on one of their ads has translated into a purchase or not. Google has introduced the above measures in light of the increase in demand for holiday shopping. In the future Google also plans on introducing ads whereby a consumer can get to know of a sale or discounts on products previously searched by them.


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Monitoring CO2: Measuring Volcanic Emissions from Space

Monitoring CO2: Measuring Volcanic Emissions from Space

Measurement of Volcanic Eruption by Monitoring CO2

Volcanic eruption is a severe concern towards the very existence of our planet. NASA has recently figured out that by monitoring CO2 emissions one can figure out the gases which get released into the world because of human and volcanic activities and which are the major green house gases which lead to drastic climate changes.

Before evolution of volcanoes mere signs are delivered. Sometimes water vapour evolves from the crater and then finally volcano begins to come out from the underlying world and touches the Earth’s surface. But when you see gases like carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide coming out, you can expect the volcanic eruption to be imminent. It is an undaunted fact that getting close to volcanic openings can be really fatal. So, it is always preferable to use a machine like remote sensing equipments to figure out the gas which is being evolved from the volcano opening. It is always advisable that the examiners do not go in person to figure out which gas is being evolved to judge the intensity of the volcanic eruption; otherwise it can be life risking. So, remote sensing machines will help to prevent humanitarian destructions while figuring out the emission of a volcano.

Monitoring CO2 is widely used technique, to figure out the gases which cause greenhouse effect. The scientists have developed a kilometer scale through which they can measure the level of emission of CO2. In the recent research, it was found that the data which was received after measuring of CO2 depicts the actual sources of carbon dioxide, i.e. the actual causes of emission of CO2 is found. Due to monitoring of CO2, the reasons of its inflation in the atmosphere are found.

With the increase in the level of CO2, degradation of atmosphere increases. The atmosphere being a protective layer is at threat due to the constant increase in the level of Carbon dioxide. With high-resolution, sensitive space-borne measurements of atmospheric carbon dioxide at the kilometer scale has solved this gruesome issue to a huge extent. Through this scale, localised sources of carbon dioxide formation are figured out, which is a big achievement when it comes to saving our planet from degrading.

There are certain rays which get captured in this machine but are impossible to detect with our naked eyes. This ray gets denoted through this scale and helps to figure out the source of the problem, which otherwise would have been left unaddressed and the problem to this serious problem might not have been figured.

Thus, to save our atmosphere from depletion, it is necessary that these sources of carbon dioxide should be kept in check by monitoring CO2. We being the inhabitants of this planet, it is our duty to save our home from such major concerns. Greenhouse effect is also a major issue and since the sources of those gases which adds up to the greenhouse effect is also revealed from this machine, so optimum measures should be taken to at least diminish the consequences.

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Google Advance Protection, for Those Who Need It Most

Google Advance Protection, for Those Who Need It Most

Google Advance Protection: Google set to protect special people who are at high risk of targeted online attacks

Online world appears to be calm and peaceful environment where trends and trolls are happening at every given moment for the joys and entertainment of millions. Security of the people has become a major concern for every tech firm on the planet and Google is going to do something about it. Google has come up with a secure log in process which will protect high profile users from the risky online attacks. This feature is simply titled Google Advance Protection which specifically focuses on defending users against variety of prevalent online attacks like, accidental sharing, phishing and unwanted access to the accounts.  Google is introducing this feature for a specific group of users such as journalists who requires protecting their communication or election campaign staffers during the grueling election season.

Google Advance Protection _1

How Google Advance Protection works?

Google Advanced Protection will make use of the Security Keys which are simply some small USB or wireless devices specifically required to log-in to the accounts. Google has stated this is the most secure version of its popular two-factor authentication system wherein it makes use of public key cryptography along with the digital signatures. Both of these signatures help in confirming person’s identity thereby allowing the access to the account.

Security Keys in the form of physical devices might be too much for some users as carrying more and more gadgets wouldn’t be the ideal choice for some. In Google Advance Protection defense Google has stated that Security Keys is meant for those who don’t mind having to carry around some physical gadget to boost their security. This Security Keys can be used with the Chrome browser on desktop and for using the Google apps but it will not work with iPhone’s very own apps such as mail, contacts and calendar.

Heightened security is core of the Google Advance Protection feature

Google Advanced Protection feature gives its due focus on the security of the user’s profiles and accounts by adding extra layers. For instance people making use of this feature will get some extra steps embedded in the account recovery process in order thwart any attempt at unwanted access to the account by manipulating account recovery options. The extra layers here will consistent of additional reviews as well as requests generating questions over how the user lost the access to the account in the first place. Google Advanced Protection automatically limits the users’ complete access to some of the specific Google apps like Gmail and Drive.

Google has boosted the Gmail security feature in the past and had even introduced the two-factor authentication tool way earlier to counter growing online attacks on the users. After the much publicized John Podesta’s Gmail account hack in the year 2016 during the election campaign Google has decided to upgrade its two-form authentication tool to the next level. Google Advanced Protection is a result of those efforts and this feature is available to every user with a regular account.

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Technology Uses Mouth Gestures to Interact in Virtual Reality

Technology Uses Mouth Gestures to Interact in Virtual Reality

A virtual reality device reads your Mouth Gestures: how could this technology improve?

New technology allows users to interact with each other in the virtual reality environment using mouth gestures.

Facebook, HTC, Microsoft and PlayStation are some of the top players in the game of virtual reality device marketing with competitive pricing and designs for the mass market. But what Oculus, Vive, HoloLens and PlayStation VR have in common is that by offering immersive visual experiences in their viewers, they hide the upper half of a user’s face and prevent facial recognition of the entire face.

Lijun Yin, leader of the Binghamton team, points out that to solve this aspect, the new framework that construe mouth gestures as a means of physical phenomenon within virtual reality in real time.

The device has been tested by graduate students, who played with it a game whose aim was to guide an avatar around a forest and eat as many cakes as possible. The players had to select their direction of movement using the head rotation, move with mouth gestures and could only eat a cake smiling.

The system was able to describe and classify the movements of the user’s mouth gestures, and achieved high recognition rates.

Yes, we know that it may seem like a technology without much innovative potential to change the gaming and immersive experience of virtual reality devices, but the truth is that these not only have applications in the world of video games. “The virtual world is not just for entertainment. For example, health care uses VR to help patients with disabilities,” said Yin. “Medical professionals or even military personnel can undergo training exercises that can not be experienced in real life. This technology allows the experience to be more realistic.”

Even communication tools such as Skype can make the experience more real with these advances: “Imagine feeling as if you were in the same geometric space, face to face with your Skype partner, and the computer program can effectively represent your facial expressions, mouth gestures and replicate them to make it look real.”

The Yin people tested the application on a group of third graders. Once a user put a viewer in the form of a viewer, presented them with a simplistic game; the goal of the game was to lead the player avatar around a forest and eat as many cakes as possible. The players had to select their direction of movement using the main rotation, move using mouth gestures and they could only eat cake smiling. The system could describe and classify movements of the user’s mouth, and achieved high types of correct recognition. The system has also been proven and validated with a real-time virtual reality application.

Although the (mouth gestures) technology remains at the prototype stage, Yin believes its technology is applicable to a plethora of fields.

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Bringing Google Earth to Expeditions with Seurat

Bringing Google Earth to Expeditions with Seurat

Bringing Google Earth to Expeditions with Seurat: A solution for the techno-virtual world.

Seurat is a tool originally developed by Google, to help us see the high-quality graphics or images in mobile VR systems, and is very well serving the purpose. This Seurat has been mainly developed so that it enables everybody to enjoy a view of a place of his choice in the most amazing manner that is HD manner, where you actually feel like you are standing there enjoying more of a real view than a virtual one.Its main aim is to enable the students to have a view of different places of a World Map so that it helps them know a place much better, thoroughly helpful towards the learning process and channeling it towards exploring purpose as well. We are constantly working so that this tool can be effectively utilized by schools, helping millions of students around the globe.

As this Seurat tool works only with Mobile VR Systems, so you also need to know some features about it. With Google Earth VR, you have the power to go anywhere, any place you always wanted to go to in a virtual  reality. We have enabled this sense of possibility to help People like you virtually enjoy the sightseeing of so many beautiful things that belong to the globe.

As this VR system can be easily used by any person who has a good knowledge of phones and its individual features, which is the reason why we have to use Occlusion Culling to make Google Earth VR formulate the frame rates often required on mobile VR. Because of which Seurat does the job of easing the view of already occluded scenes.

Seurat takes images that have depth in layers in an input method and delivers textured output optimizing the geometry and textures of the scene, that is it is basically a scene simplifying technology. It targets on the number of triangles and size of the texture, as having a control on the number of triangles is an important advantage for the Google Earth VR. And the reliability of the geometries a scene has a direct effect on the budget of the various other elements.

In the current time, a mobile VR only supports a 360-degree view which is usually technically referred to 3DoF as far as rotation is concerned, yet this feature has been keenly utilized by the people in the environment, giving so many better results.

Seurat is one powerful tool to help organize so many good features at one simple go, helping so many people with so many purposes at the same time. Seurat is also environmental-friendly and student friendly. The best thing remains that you will always enjoy high-end graphics with absolutely no quality issues. You can enjoy or utilize this Awesome tool by downloading it from Google Expeditions Application on android phones and also on iOS operating handsets, either in Cardboard view or a Day-dream one.

This Seurat tool was launched by Google Earth scenes in Expeditions to help so many students to experience and learn something new every time. This Seurat tool is still in progress, it is still developing. This tool is a solution for high-quality graphics as well as for a mobile VR. But for more updates, you need to keep the focus, so stay tuned.

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Toyota to Premiere Tj CRUISER at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Toyota to Premiere Tj CRUISER at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

With an SUV like appearance and the utility of a cargo van, Toyota is all set to unveil it’s new in the line cruiser at the Tokyo motor show 2017. The new TJ cruiser is like a toolbox as it has a number of uses as well as enjoying the ride and the places you do visit in the car. Hence the name TJ, where T stands for toolbox and J stands for joy. The Toyota TJ cruiser will be next in the Japanese automobile manufacturer’s cruisers lineup. Toyota’s TJ cruiser is the company’s attempt at a crossover for SUVs and the space of a cargo van.

As the name suggests, the Toyota TJ cruiser is meant for people with a busy lifestyle and inspite of their heavy workload don’t want to give up on their fun and entertainment. The automobile allows the seats to be reclined completely thereby allowing storage of some huge items such as bikes and even surf boards.

The Design of TJ cruiserThe exterior of the vehicle is nothing compared to the automobile manufacturers previous cruisers. Its bulky size and shape may mean that it would not be suited for all types of roads and places. The TJ cruiser has a box like appearance. The shape of the automobile is reminiscent of a cabin that affords the owner a lot of space. This automobile was intended for high use and durability as it’s roof, hood and fenders are all resistant to dirt and scratches and even objects that are accidentally collided with like the occasional loose pebbles on a gravel laden road.


Storage Available in TJ cruiser The rear of the automobile can be opened completely to allow for storage of large items as well as loading and unloading of these items. The back of the seats behind and the side of the driver can be reclined completely to allow for storage of large as well as small items alike. The automobile also allows for the strapping down of the items stored, thereby ensuring security of the passengers as well as the items.

Toyota has gone all out in coming up with an automobile with a lot of space. The passenger seat directly behind the driver can be flipped in front, leaving room for storage of items such as grocery shopping. In addition to the rear door, the side passenger doors swing open completely, thereby leaving room again for transporting large items as well as easy entry and exit of passengers.

The Size of TJ cruiser- Getting technical, the automobile spans 4300mm in length, 1620mm tall and 1755mm wide. It has a seating capacity of four and a 2750mm wheel base. Each individual alloy wheel spans 20 inch in diameter covered with Bridgestone tires.

TJ cruiser Engine- This SUV is loaded with a 2.0 liter gasoline engine that is powered by a hybrid system. The automobile is said to run on a four cylinder electric motor and a battery pack. The standard model will come in a four wheel drive while AWD will depend on the model.

As of now the automobile giant is unsure of taking the TJ cruiser into production.

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A Stanford Sodium-ion Battery May Offer More Cost-Effective Storage Than Lithium

A Stanford  Sodium-ion Battery May Offer More Cost-Effective Storage Than Lithium

Over a period of years, scientists have been looking for a replacement for the lithium-ion battery.  They have concluded that the sodium-ion battery are safer and cost effective for large scale storage as compared to the lithium-ion batteries. The anode has been incorporated into the sodium-ion battery allowing  for 83 percent capacity over 900 cycles.

Lithium-ion battery technology has improved the standard of living conditions all over. A lot of our daily needs are based on storage technologies and energy production. The Lithium-ion batteries have come to the fore in its use in zero-emission electronic vehicles as well as in most of the cell phones. The drawback, however, is the sparsely available lithium and its consequent price rise. The increasing demand for energy storage applications and sustainability of lithium needs to be considered. To overcome this hurdle, scientists are considering alternative energy storage systems. The sodium-ion battery fit into the scheme of things. They are the best power sources, as sodium is widely available and shows similar chemistry as that of Lithium-ion batteries.  The sodium-ion battery is an addition to the list of renewable energy and clean technology.

The sodium-ion battery use sodium ions as charge carriers. They are rechargeable batteries. Sodium is cheap, non-toxic and found in plenty. A bit of a problem in the sodium-ion battery has been encountered and that is why we do not have sodium batteries today. The cathode in a typical battery consists of metal and oxygen ions that are placed in layers.  On exposure to air, the metals in the sodium battery’s cathode can get oxidized. Hence, the  performance of the battery decreases rendering it ineffective.

The Brookhaven National Laboratory has come out with an energy storage breakthrough with the sodium-ion battery.  Along with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, they are taking this technology one step closer to commercialization.

They  have come out with the sodium-ion battery breakthrough. They tweaked the cathode by introducing  various materials and placing them at various intervals. The National Synchroton Light Source II (NSLS-II) was used for a comparison of the latest and conventional sodium batteries. The NSLS-II provides various types of beamlines. The samples were analyzed using the Inner-Shell Spectroscopy beamline. This beamline helps to track the absorption of light and re-emission by hitting the materials with an ultra bright  x-ray beam. This beamline helps to see the change in oxidation states of the metals in the cathode material and its consequent efficiency and lifetime of the battery. To check the energy storage, it checks the changes in the battery regarding its charging and discharging. The results of the study by the Chinese research team showed a more stable battery.

In the new sodium-ion battery, there is an increase of 20 times its stability on the period of exposure to air and 9 times in capacity retention after 500 cycles. To top it all, they found that when the battery was put in water, there was no loss of capacity.

This sodium-ion battery, energy storage breakthrough, is good news for the US wind and solar industries. The energy planners like the idea of the sodium-ion battery as compared to the lithium-ion battery as sodium is cheap and plentiful. A sodium-ion battery can store the same amount of energy as a lithium-ion battery for less than 80 percent the cost.



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See Now Buy Now: Amazon to Test One Hour Catwalk to Doorstep Deliveries at Nicopanda Show

See Now Buy Now: Amazon to Test One Hour Catwalk to Doorstep Deliveries at Nicopanda Show

Amazon Fashion, together with the Japanese-Italian fashion label Nicopanda, has developed its own exclusive streetwear collection for the first time with See Now Buy Now option. It consists of six parts and is to be launched during the London Fashion Week in September. Nicopanda will be there for the first time this year with their own catwalk show. Right after the show, all styles of the ” See Now Buy Now ” collection can be hopped at As the official sponsor of the show, Amazon Fashion hosted the event in its European fashion photo studio in London’s Hoxton district.

The exclusive unisex see now, buy now collection consists of a hoodie, a long-sleeved shirt, a bomber jacket, an oversized scarf, a clutch and leggings and is available from the middle of September on the five European Amazon fashion pages.

“Nicopanda designs twist people on the streets proverbially, and are also particularly popular with stars like Rihanna or Lady Gaga,” said Susan Saideman, vice president of Amazon Fashion Europe. “We are very happy to be able to present such an exceptional brand of see now, buy now collections to our customers at London Fashion Week in our own European photo studio.”

The label Nicopanda was founded by the award-winning Italian-Japanese creative director Nicola Formichetti, who is known for his work with Diesel and Uniqlo as well as his collaborations with Lady Gaga.

Amazon advances with a slow pace but unstoppable in the fashion industry, a sector that until now was not among its main objectives, was in the spotlight of Jeff Bezos. However, for a few months, the news about this not so new niche market for the ecommerce giant succeed. After the revolution caused by the sale of Sarah Jessica Parker shoes, the company announced another action: the association with the firm Nicopanda.

It is a much more complete action that goes beyond selling see now, buy now collection online. To begin with, it is based on a concept that is taking more and more force in the industry and that can turn upside down the gateway as we had known it so far, that of See Now Buy Now. This means, basically, that when a company presents its new collection on the catwalk, it can be bought instantly without needing to wait six months.

Nicopanda, one of those companies whose designs will remain engraved in the memory and the taste of Rihanna or Lady Gaga, among others, parade for the first time on September 16 at London Fashion Week and will do it by the hand from Amazon. The Bezos ecommerce will become its sponsor and, once the show is finished, the see now, buy now collections can be purchased directly on their website. In this way, and at the marketing level, Amazon takes a step that already in its day advanced others like Mercedes Benz or Inditex itself. Although, everything is said, this is at European level, since in Asia, Amazon already has its own catwalk: Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo.

With this action, the signature launched in 2015 by Nicola Formichetti will be available to everyone. “I am delighted to have joined forces with Amazon Fashion, as it is synonymous with fast delivery and great selection: the perfect choice for this exclusive capsule collection.” True to Nicopanda’s DNA, the see now, buy now collection is unisex with an aesthetic that combines the ‘street- culture. “Each piece includes the graphic motifs characteristic of Nicopanda, accompanied by its color palette in bright tones,” explained Formichetti.

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